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					                                                                                                                           P 634
                     FIREARMS REGISTRY
                     Film/Television/Theatrical Production Permit

When firearms are required for a film, television or             NOTE: Persons under 18 years of age can only be
theatrical production, either a Theatrical Armourer is           authorised to possess or use firearms with written
employed to supervise the possession and use of firearms         permission from a parent or legal guardian and the
during the production OR a person may make application           approval of the Commissioner of Police.
for a permit to authorise them to control and supervise the
possession and use of firearms for the production.
                                                                 What safe storage is applicable to firearms for this
This FACT sheet provides information on the
requirements for obtaining a Film/Television/Theatrical          Level 1 storage is required for category A & B firearms.
Production Permit - clause 52 of the Firearms Regulation         Level 2 storage is required for category C, D & H
2006.                                                            firearms.
                                                                 Prohibited Firearms require differing levels of storage
What does a Film/Television/Theatrical Production                appropriate to their type.(see Related Information over).
Permit authorise?
This permit authorises the permit holder to possess and use      What do I need to send with my application?
firearms for purposes connected with a nominated film,           * If you do not hold a current firearms licence or permit,
television or theatrical production. The permit holder is          you must provide proof of identity totalling 100 points,
responsible for the control, supervision, safe handling and        and
security of firearms at all times.                               * Name & address of the production company, and
                                                                 * Name and location of the production, and
The permit may also authorise other persons, directly
                                                                 * Commencement date of rehearsals and date on
involved in the production and listed on the permit, to
possess and use firearms in connection with the production,        which the production is to cease, and
but only under the direct supervision of the permit holder.      * Provide the name and licence number of the
                                                                   Theatrical Armourer supplying the firearms, and
When would I apply for a Film, Television or                     * A letter from the Theatrical Armourer confirming the
Theatrical Production Permit?                                      permit holder has received instruction in the security
A person, on behalf of a film, television or theatrical            and safe handling of firearms or a certificate of
production, would make application for this permit if it was       completion of a firearms safety training course, and
not practical to engage the services of a Theatrical             * Provide reasons why there is a requirement for the
Armourer to remain on-site to supervise the possession and         possession or use of firearms for the production, and
use of firearms for the duration of the production.              * Provide information on the security and safe handling
                                                                   measures for firearms, and
All firearms used in a production must be certified by the
                                                                 * Provide information on the safe storage of firearms.
licensed Theatrical Armourer as capable of using blank
cartridges only.
                                                                 Provide from the Theatrical Armourer:
How much will my permit cost?                                    * Certification from the Theatrical Armourer that any
The prescribed fee for this permit is $75. Payment must            firearms used for the purposes of this permit have
accompany your application.                                        been modified to accept blank cartridges only.
What is the term of the permit?                                  How do I complete the application form?
The permit will be issued for the duration of the production
                                                                 The P634 'Application for a Firearms Permit' form
                                                                 applies to this permit. Application must be made no
What about actors or employees?                                  later than 21 days prior to the commencement of
Other persons to be listed and authorised by this permit (in     rehearsals.
addition to the permit holder) must complete an
'Application for a person to be authorised on a Firearms         Do not send a photocopy of the form, print within the
Permit' P635 form.                                               boxes, do not mark boxes that do not apply. Use
* A separate P635 form must be completed by each                 CAPITAL LETTERS and BLACK INK. DO NOT USE
  person;                                                        STAPLES.
* The employer must complete Section E of the P635 form
  to establish proof of employment status;                       Place an 'X' in the box on the top of the form which
* If persons to be listed on this permit do not hold a current   applies to your application.
  firearms licence or permit, proof of identity totalling 100
  points must be provided.

                                                                                                        Vers 1.2   March 2010
Section A- Personal and Contact                  By signing the declaration you are
Details                                          confirming that:                                 Firearms Registry
The 'Last Name' & 'Given names' box              * You understand the safe keeping
should show your full legal name. This             requirements of the Firearms Act
should be the name on your birth                   1996 and Regulation; AND                       Address
certificate, marriage certificate, change of     * You understand it is an offence to             Locked Bag 1
name certificate or passport. Complete             supply false or misleading                     Murwillumbah NSW 2484
your date of birth, drivers licence, contact       information; AND
details including, mobile phone number           * All the information provided on the
and email address.                                 application is true and correct and            Telephone
                                                   you authorise the release of your              1300362562
List any other names by which you have             personal information to any third
been known and supply details.                     party deemed appropriate by the
                                                   Commissioner of Police; AND
Section B - Residential Address                  * You agree to the NSW Police Force              Interstate
Insert your full residential address here.         making enquiries to establish that             02 66708590
                                                   the information you have supplied
Section C - Postal Address                         in relation to the application is true
If your postal address is the same as your         and correct.                                   Fax
residential address mark the box with an                                                          02 66708558
'X', otherwise, insert your postal address       Section I - Credit Card Authority
here.                                            If you wish to pay by credit card ensure
                                                 you complete the amount to be debited
Section D - Business, Club,
                                                 from your credit card, indicate whether
Government Agency Details                        Mastercard or Visa; fill out cardholder          permits@police.nsw.gov.au
Complete Business, Club or Government            details in full, sign and date.                  OR
Agency name, trading name, business                                                               firearmsenq@police.nsw.gov.au
                                                 Related Information
address, phone numbers and postal
                                                 See FACT Sheets:
                                                 '100 Point Identification',
                                                 'Safe Storage Level One - Category A & B
Section E - Permit Type                                                                           Website
Place an 'X' in the box Film, TV or Theatrical                                                    www.police.nsw.gov.au/firearms
                                                 'Safe Storage Level Two - Category C, D &
                                                 H Requirements',
                                                 'Safe Storage Prohibited Firearms'.
Section F - Safekeeping Address of
Firearms                                         Checklist
This section should be completed providing           Completed P634 form
the address at which the firearms will be
                                                     Proof of ID (if applicable)
stored and details of the arrangements for
the safekeeping and storage. (attach a               Production company name, address,
separate sheet if there is insufficient              name, dates and location of production.
                                                     Theatrical armourer name & licence
Section G - Personal History                         number
Please answer all questions by marking the           Letter from Theatrical Armourer
appropriate 'Yes' or 'No' box. If you                confirming instruction in safe handling of
responded 'Yes' to any of the questions,             firearms has been received & details of
please provide an attachment with details.           firearms including certification that
                                                     firearms fire blank cartridges only.
Section H - Declaration                              Storage facilities & location
The application form must be signed and
dated by the applicant in the presence of a          P635 form for each person nominated in
witness. The witness must be 18 years of             addition to permit holder , proof of
age or over.                                         employment status & proof of ID.

                                                     Payment with application

Where can I find more information?

The information provided in the FACT Sheet is for general guidance only.
Applicants and licensees should familiarise themselves with the Firearms Act
1996 and the Firearms Regulation 2006, which are available on the NSW
Legislation website - www.legislation.nsw.gov.au.

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