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Pentecost Shauvot


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									Shavuot – Pentecost
    First Fruits
      May 31, 2009
Historical Overview
The Exodus
Festivals created as reminders
and illustrations for Israel
Help Israel Remember God:
   Our Need and What He Did
Understand the Purpose and
Plan of God
Understand Transformation
 Historical Overview
Pesach / Passover
  Salvation and Deliverance
Shavuot / Pentecost
  Wheat Harvest - Bread
  Gift of the Word and the Spirit
Succoth / Tabernacles
  Grape Harvest - Wine
  Communion with GOD
 Pesach / Passover
Feast of Unleavened Bread
Remove Sin and Be Forgiven
God Will Give His Son
Transformation from Slavery
to Freedom
Enter the Land of Promise
Gift of GOD
 50 Days after
 7 Weeks Later
 Torah is given
 to Israel at Mt.
 Sinai w / FIRE
 Shavuot / Pentecost
Feast of Weeks – First Fruits
Harvest of Abundance
Gift of the Word and the Spirit
God Gives the Bread of Life
Planted Seed is Harvested
Jesus – First Fruit – the Best
Holy Spirit Given with FIRE
 God Gives

7 x 7 + 1 = 50
  Perfect Gift
Pesach / Passover
   Small Barley Harvest Begins and
   Lasts for 7 Weeks
   Counting the Omer – Bring the
   Tithe – give out of your Need
Shavuot / Pentecost
   Begins Abundant Wheat Harvest
   Give Your First Fruit – the Best
   Give out of your Abundance
God Wants to Transform Us
  From Slavery to Freedom
  From Death to Life
  Prepare us for Eternity
Passover – Salvation
Pentecost – Transformation
Tabernacles - Communion
Passover – Salvation
  Saved – But …
  Walking in the Grumpies
  Full of Fear
  Lack of Power & Confidence
  Lack of Passion and Fire
Pentecost – Transformation
  Saved – Filled
  Walking in Joy and Peace
  Full of Power and Confidence
  Full of Passion and Fire
Jesus Planted the Seed
After Resurrection Jesus
Watered the Seed
Pentecost - Full Harvest
Abundant and Overflowing
Harvest Came with FIRE
    Acts 2:16- 20
This is what was spoken by
the prophet Joel: 17 " 'In the
last days, God says, I will pour
out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will
prophesy, your young men
will see visions, your old men
will dream dreams.
    Acts 2:16- 20
18 Even on my servants, both
men and women, I will pour
out my Spirit in those days,
and they will prophesy. 19 I
will show wonders in the
heaven above and signs on
the earth below, blood and fire
and billows of smoke.
    Acts 2:16- 20
20 The sun will be turned    to
darkness and the moon        to
blood before the coming      of
the great and glorious day   of
the Lord.
 The Later Harvest
The Wheat – The Bread
The Word – The Spirit
Strength for The Later Harvest
Grape Harvest – Wine of God
Grapes of Wrath
 The Later Harvest
Wheat Will Be Threshed
Chaff Will Be Removed
Tribulation – Hard Times
Do You Have What it Will
Take to Make it Through ?
Are You Prepared ?
  Matthew 25:1-5
1 "At that time the kingdom
of heaven will be like ten
virgins who took their lamps
and went out to meet the
bridegroom. 2 Five of them
were foolish and five were
   Matthew 25:1-5
3 The foolish ones took their
lamps but did not take any
oil with them. 4 The wise,
however, took oil in jars
along with their lamps.
  Matthew 25:1-5
5 The bridegroom was a long
time in coming, and they all
became drowsy and fell
If Prepared – Wise
  Can Sleep in Peace During
  the Long Night
If Unprepared – Foolish
  One Can Sleep, but …
Make Sure You are Prepared
      Last Days
Are Here !
Such a Time as Never Been
Seen on Earth
For those Prepared – No Fear
For those Prepared – Peace
The Time to Prepare for the
Long Night is NOW !
  Full of the Word
  Full of the Oil – Holy Spirit
  Full of the Presence
Walking in the Full Power of
Pentecost – the Holy Spirit
God has Given His First Fruit
Are You Giving
  Your Omer / Tithe ?
  Your First Fruit ?
  Everything to Him ?
  Control to God or Holding
  Out ?
Give it All to Him
He Will Transform You !
He Will Give You More Than
You Can Possibly Hold !
Abundant and Overflowing
A Harvest With FIRE
Your First Fruit
Give it All to God

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