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English Language Courses

Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education, The University of Queensland (ICTE-UQ)

English is becoming increasingly
important in our global society and is
often the key to a successful career.
The Institute of Continuing & TESOL*
Education at The University of
Queensland (ICTE-UQ) in Brisbane,
Australia, has been actively engaged
in the design and teaching of English
to non-native speakers for over 25
years and has established a strong
reputation for quality teaching and
                                                    IT’s all aboUT ThE ExpErIEnCE
The decision to study English abroad
is an important one and is influenced               A once in a lifetime opportunity to develop your
by many factors, including
preference of country and city,                     English skills for further study, work and travel or
quality, length and purpose of study,               career development.
and price. Most students only have
one opportunity in their life to study
                                                    - Experience the benefits of ICTE-UQ friendly, qualified and experienced
abroad so it is critical to choose
wisely. At ICTE-UQ we believe the                     language teachers and support staff
decision to study abroad should be                  - Make friends and study with students from over 40 countries
‘All About the Experience’ in terms
of English language immersion, the                  - Study in a new state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment on
ease and enjoyment of fitting into the                the St Lucia campus of The University of Queensland
local society and culture, meeting                  - Experience life at one of Australia’s leading universities and enjoy the
new friends, experiencing new                         many benefits of its beautiful and well-equipped campus
adventures and maximising your
improvement in English language                     - Live in Brisbane, Queensland - Australia’s fastest growing city which
fluency.                                              offers a sub-tropical climate and a vibrant, relaxed and multicultural
ICTE-UQ, The University of                            lifestyle
Queensland and Brisbane,
Australia, are in our view a winning
combination and we would be
very pleased to welcome you to
one of our courses. I invite you to
take some time to read through
our brochure and to consider
ICTE-UQ as your preferred choice
for your English language training

Christine Bundesen, Director ICTE-UQ

* Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
                     The University of Queensland & ICTE-UQ
                                                 at a Glance
The University of Queensland (UQ) is consistently ranked           The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing &
amongst the world’s best universities and is one of Australia’s    TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) is recognised within Australia and
premier teaching, learning and research institutions.              internationally for its quality and excellence.
Internationally renowned for its highly-awarded teaching staff,    - First English language institute in the state of Queensland
acclaimed researchers, campus facilities and environment, UQ         and the sixth in Australia: ICTE-UQ has over 25 years
has a longstanding reputation for quality and excellence.            experience in the design and delivery of a broad range of
- Ranked amongst the top 50 universities in the world by the         English language, English teacher training and professional
  UK Times Higher Education Supplement (2008): UQ is the             development programs for individuals and groups of students
  only Queensland university to be ranked by the Times Higher        and professionals
  Education Supplement within the elite top 50 universities in     - Strong network of international partners: ICTE-UQ has
  the world and is one of only six Australian universities to be     longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s leading
  named in this group                                                universities and government and corporate organisations
- Home to Australia’s most awarded teachers: UQ has won            - Government registered: ICTE-UQ is registered with the
  more prestigious national Australian Learning and Teaching         Australian Government Commonwealth Register of Institutions
  Council (ALTC) awards than any other Australian university         and Courses for International Students (CRICOS)
- World leader in research: As one of Australia’s leading          - Accreditation by the National ELT Accreditation System (NEAS):
  research universities UQ constantly pushes boundaries to           ICTE-UQ is accredited by NEAS, established to uphold high
  achieve world-acclaimed breakthroughs including the recent         standards of service provision in English Language Teaching in
  vaccine for cervical cancer                                        Australia
- Diverse sporting and recreational facilities: UQ has over 135    - Member of English Australia (EA): ICTE-UQ is a member of EA,
  student clubs and societies, with a combined membership of         the national peak body and professional association for the
  over 16,000 students                                               English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students
- Large, multicultural student population: More than 38,000          (ELICOS) sector of international education
  students, including more than 6,900 international students       - Award Winning Institute: ICTE-UQ has received numerous
  from approximately 120 countries study across three south-         awards at state and national level, including being named the
  east Queensland campuses at St Lucia, Ipswich and Gatton           2005 Centre of Excellence by IELTS Australia                                           

                                                                                              ICTE-UQ multi-million dollar UQ St Lucia campus premises

    World Class Facilities & Resources                                    Dynamic Learning Environment
    ICTE-UQ classes are delivered in a new, state-of-the-art teaching     ICTE-UQ has a large, diverse student population with an average
    and learning environment.                                             sessional enrolment of over 500 students from Asia, the Pacific,
                                                                          Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Class sizes
    Students have access to:
                                                                          range from 12 to 18 with an average class size of 14-15 students.
    - modern teaching and learning technology in all classrooms
                                                                          Classes are delivered in an interactive learning environment that
    - quality study resources and materials                               utilises the latest print and audio-visual materials, purpose-built
    - spacious break-out and self-study areas                             computer laboratories with digital language learning software
                                                                          and course materials from a variety of real-world and academic
    - free Internet and computer access including wireless Internet
                                                                          sources. Under the guidance of their language teachers, students
      and quick access email terminals
                                                                          frequently work in pairs and small groups to maximise the
    - the ICTE-UQ Learning Centre with:                                   opportunities for speaking, listening and for sharing ideas.
       - three modern Internet and multimedia computer labs with
         digital language learning software                               Experienced Teachers
       - an extensive range of books, magazines, journals,                ICTE-UQ language teachers are qualified, supportive and
         newspapers, CDs and DVDs as well as IELTS preparation            experienced. They have diverse educational professional
         materials                                                        qualifications and teaching backgrounds, many with well-
    ICTE-UQ students also have access to all general use computer         developed cross-cultural knowledge from experience teaching
    and Internet terminals and significant borrowing rights at UQ St      English in other countries. Some have specialist skills in areas
    Lucia campus libraries. ICTE-UQ students can also use all UQ          such as drama, music, technology and sport, and use these skills
    sporting facilities and join recreational clubs and societies for a   in their teaching, as well as for activities outside the classroom.
    small fee.                                                            Some ICTE-UQ language teachers also have specific business
                                                                          and industry skills and use these to develop and deliver course
                                                                          content. ICTE-UQ students benefit from a range of teaching styles
    Quality Courses                                                       and are taught by a minimum of two different language teachers
    ICTE-UQ course content is engaging, modern and designed to            during the week.
    provide students with the English language and communication
    skills they will need to:
                                                                          First-Rate Student Services
    - succeed in future university or other studies
                                                                          ICTE-UQ provides students with a wide range of support services,
    - open up career and professional opportunities at home or            including airport reception and homestay accommodation
      abroad                                                              placement as well as an exciting program of cultural, sporting
    - expand their travel horizons                                        and tourist activities. Students also enjoy a range of free activities,
                                                                          including regular end of session BBQ’s, free Friday afternoon
    - undertake a working holiday                                         sports and Movie Club.

 General English
 English for International Business Communication
 Advanced English Communication Skills
 English for Academic Purposes
 ESP: Bridging English Program
 ESP: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages                                           Spacious break-out spaces & wireless Internet access
 ESP: Tourism & Hospitality

Enrolment                                                               Assessment & Class Progression
ICTE-UQ courses are delivered in five and ten week teaching             Tests are administered at the end of each five-week teaching
sessions with 25 hours of face-to-face teaching each week.              session so that students can assess their progress and in
Students can choose to enrol in a short five or ten week program        consultation with teaching and management staff, move to a
or plan a longer period of study up to 45 weeks.                        more advanced level of study. Students usually spend ten weeks
                                                                        at each level of study.
Class Placement
All ICTE-UQ students are tested during Orientation on their first
day to determine their course and class level.                          Students receive a Certificate of Results at the end of each ten-
                                                                        week teaching session detailing their level of achievement across
The ESP: Bridging English Program has strict entry requirements
                                                                        each language skill (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) as
which must be met in order to enrol in the course. More
                                                                        well as an overall grade. Students also receive a formal Certificate
information about these requirements and the application process
                                                                        of Attendance on completion of their full period of enrolment.
is detailed on Page 9.

             General English                          General English                  General English                         Work, travEL or
              Levels 1 - 5                               Level 6                          Level 7                              furthEr studiEs

                                                         English for                      English for
                                                   international Business           international Business
                                                      Communication i                  Communication ii

                                                                                     advanced English                          Work, travEL or
                                                                                    Communication skills                       furthEr studiEs

                                                                                                                                         uQ dEGrEE
                                                        English for                     English for                         iELts
                                                                                                                                         or othEr
                                                    academic Purposes i             academic Purposes ii                     test

                                                                                   iELts EsP: Bridging                       assurEd uQ dEGrEE
                                                                                    test English Program                      ProGram Entry*

                                                   EsP: teaching English            EsP: teaching English                       furthEr tEsoL
                                                      to speakers of                   to speakers of                           studiEs/CarEEr
                                                    other Languages i                other Languages ii                          dEvELoPmEnt

                                                      EsP: tourism &                   EsP: tourism &                       WorkinG hoLiday or
                                                       hospitality i                    hospitality ii                      CarEEr dEvELoPmEnt

                                                                                            * Students must successfully complete all ESP:BEP exit requirements
    EnGlIsh (GE)
    General English (GE) courses are designed for students who want
    to improve their ability to communicate in English in social and work
    GE also provides students with a solid foundation to progress to ICTE-
    UQ specific purpose and advanced English courses.

                                                                                                                            Small class sizes and interactive learning

    Course Outcomes
    GE enables students to:                                       GE is offered at 7 levels. On completion of     Level 4 - Intermediate
    - use English with greater confidence                         each of the following levels students will be   Use speaking and listening skills to play
                                                                  able to:                                        an active part in conversations. Students
    - develop their ability to understand
                                                                                                                  will be able to understand some of the
      real-life conversations and television                      Level 1 - Pre-elementary
                                                                                                                  differences between formal and informal
      programs                                                    Use speaking and listening skills to            language and use this in their own writing.
    - read with greater understanding                             communicate simple information about            The GE Level 4 course teaches students
                                                                  themselves and others as well as                to use English more confidently in everyday
    - speak with increasing fluency, clarity &
                                                                  descriptions of objects. Students will          situations and to understand newspapers
                                                                  also be able to read and write simple           and television programs.
    - develop and extend their existing                           sentences.
      grammar skills                                                                                              Level 5 - Higher Intermediate
                                                                  Level 2 - Elementary
    - understand both formal and everyday                                                                         Participate in complex conversations about
      English.                                                    Use speaking and listening skills to            social and educational topics. Students will
                                                                  communicate more detailed personal              be able to communicate with a reasonable
                                                                  information about themselves as well as         level of fluency using appropriate
                                                                  familiar and general subjects. Students will    vocabulary and grammar. The GE Level
                                                                  also be able to read and write short texts      5 course teaches students to understand
                                                                  on everyday subjects.                           longer spoken and written texts and to
                                                                  Level 3 - Pre-intermediate                      research, prepare and deliver their own
                                                                                                                  presentations and written reports.
                                                                  Use speaking and listening skills to
                                                                  maintain longer conversations and express       Level 6 - Pre-advanced
                                                                  and understand personal opinions.               Sustain conversations on a variety of
                                                                  Students will develop writing skills to         formal and informal topics and be able to
                                                                  describe experiences and events and             use a range of vocabulary and expressions
                                                                  develop reading skills such as the ability to   to add precision to meaning when
                                                                  guess the meaning of unfamiliar words.          speaking and writing. The GE Level 6
    Sample Timetable (Level 4)                                                                                    course teaches students to critically read
                                                                                                                  and analyse a variety of authentic texts
                                                                                                                  including textbooks on different subjects
         monday                  tuesday          Wednesday             thursday               friday
                                                                                                                  and to develop structured written and
                         speaking, Listening,                       speaking, Listening, speaking, Listening,     spoken responses.
       reading skills     reading & Writing       options Class      reading & Writing reading & Writing
                                skills                                     skills               skills            Level 7 - Advanced
                                                     Break                                                        Engage confidently in extended spoken
    11:15-1:15                                                                                                    and written communication on a wide
                         speaking, Listening,
                                                  options Class
                                                                    speaking, Listening, speaking, Listening,     range of general and specific topics with
        Writing skills    reading & Writing                          reading & Writing reading & Writing
                                                                           skills               skills            a high level of fluency and accuracy.
                                                                                                                  Students will be able to understand
                                                     Break                                                        complex and lengthy listening and reading
                                                                                                                  materials and respond with their own
                                                speaking, Listening,
       options Class            audio-visual     reading & Writing
                                                                     Computer assisted
                                                                                           free afternoon         opinions and analysis.


                          State-of-the-art multimedia laboratories                                                      ICTE-UQ Learning Centre

Course Content
GE classes are topic based, interactive         - Reading Skills: students read stories,       Course information
and use a mixture of course materials,            reports and news articles to understand
including books, television, radio, CDs,          and practise useful language and             Entry requirements
DVDs and computer software.                       develop new vocabulary                       There are no entry requirements for GE.
Course content focuses on the                   - Writing Skills: students complete            Students are tested on the first day of their
development of communication skills with          different tasks to learn how to write        course to determine their class level.
a balance of speaking, listening, reading         sentences, paragraphs and essays             duration
and writing tasks.                              - Audio-Visual: students watch and             5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 weeks
Students learn through class activities,          discuss Australian, American and British     (students usually study for 10 weeks at each
individual, pair and small group work.            television programs to learn to listen for   level)
Each class has a main speaking, listening,        general and detailed meaning
reading & writing skills teacher as well as     - Computer Assisted Learning: students         Full-time (25 hours per week)
2-3 other teachers for Options and other          use computer language learning
classes.                                          programs to develop vocabulary and
Course modules include:                           other English language skills

- Speaking, Listening, Reading and              - Options Classes: students in GE Levels
  Writing: these four core skills are             4-7 can choose from the following:
  practised along with grammar using a            Academic or Business English;
  weekly class topic                              Conversation; IELTS Preparation;
                                                  Movies or Songs

                                         The teachers at ICTE-UQ                                                 Studying at ICTE-
                                         are helpful and friendly                                                UQ I have had the
                                 and are always available to help.                                       chance to meet people from
                                 I can feel my English getting                                           lots of different countries. I
                                 better and better every day and                                         really enjoyed the classroom
                                 I strongly believe that when                                            environment. There was lots of
                                 I return to Brazil my English                                           conversation and opportunities
                                 language skills will be of an                                           to share opinions.
                                 excellent standard and will help                                         The GE Options classes let
                                 me secure employment with a                                              me choose an area to focus
                                 large multinational company.                                             my studies on. I want to study
                                   Being part of the UQ campus                                            the English for International
                                   is a great experience and the                                          Business Communication
                                   perfect way to be surrounded                                           course and the business
                                   by English everyday. The                                               options classes are a good way
 facilities are excellent and I have even been able to join the UQ                                       to prepare for this. They also
 Capoeira club.                                                          provide variety which I think is important.
 Studying at ICTE-UQ has been a total experience for me. It
 has opened my mind to the possibilities of my future.

                                   Tathiane Viudes Santos, Brazil                                    Kyung Dal (Fred) Kim, South Korea

    EnGlIsh For
    InTErnaTIonal bUsInEss
    CommUnICaTIon (EIbC)
    English for International Business Communication (EIBC) is offered
    at two levels and is designed to develop students’ confidence to use
    English to communicate with both native speakers and speakers of
    English as a second language in real world business situations.
    EIBC teachers are highly experienced and have a keen interest in
    business English teaching. Many of them have worked in a number
    of business industries including IT, aviation, banking, real estate,
    advertising, retail sales and agriculture.                                                                                                     UQ computer labs

    Course Outcomes                                               - Business Correspondence: including           Course information
                                                                    reading and writing resumes, letters,
    EIBC enables students to:                                       memos, faxes, emails and promotional         Entry requirements
    - write business correspondence and                             materials as well as appropriate             EIBC I          IELTS 5.0
      reports                                                       language for business reports                                (5 in Speaking and Writing)
    - actively contribute to business meetings                    - Audio-Visual: development of listening                       or successful completion of
                                                                    skills and business vocabulary using                         ICTE-UQ GE Level 5
    - deliver formal business presentations
                                                                    current television programs                  EIBC II         IELTS 5.5
    - gain knowledge of current business                                                                                         (5.5 in Speaking and Writing)
                                                                  - Business Presentation Skills:
      terminology and communication                                                                                              or successful completion of
                                                                    development of speaking, research
      practices.                                                                                                                 ICTE-UQ GE Level 6
                                                                    and computer skills through preparing
                                                                    and delivering group and individual
    Course Content                                                  PowerPoint presentations
                                                                                                                 or equivalent as determined by ICTE-UQ
    Class exercises and projects are based
                                                                  - Case Studies/Business Meetings: class        5, 10 or 15 weeks at each level
    on a weekly theme such as Setting up
                                                                    role-plays and case studies using the
    a Business, Team Building, Negotiation,                                                                      tuition
                                                                    weekly course theme to simulate real-
    Marketing or Customer Service.                                                                               Full-time (25 hours per week)
                                                                    life business experiences
    EIBC classes use modern course books
                                                                  - Grammar in a Business Context:
    as well as real-world listening and reading
                                                                    grammar instruction based on class
    materials from the media, the Internet and
    business journals.
                                                                  - Business Visits: a visit to a workplace or
    Course modules include:                                                                                                                             I am
                                                                    trade show to meet and speak with real
    - Business English Skills: development                          businesses and business people (one
                                                                                                                                               satisfied with
      of speaking, listening, reading & writing                     visit per 5-week session)                                                  my choice to
      skills using class activities related to the
                                                                  - Listening & Notetaking: a business                                         study EIBC
      weekly course theme
                                                                    lecture given by a university lecturer,                                    because I
                                                                    business professional or business                                          finally found
                                                                    English teacher (three lectures per 5-                                     what I was
                                                                    week session)                                                              looking for
    Sample Timetable                                                                                                                           - a course
                                                                                                                                               that focused
         monday                   tuesday       Wednesday             thursday              friday                                             completely
    8:45-10:30                                                                                                                                 on business
     Presentation skills
                            Business English   Business English      Grammar in a      Business English                                        English and
                                 skills             skills          Business Context        skills
      (Computer Lab)                                                                                                                          could give me
                                                                                                                 the skills I need to apply for a job in any
                                                                                                                 business field.
         Business           Business English   Business English                          Case studies/           The teachers are excellent and very
     Presentation skills         skills             skills                             Business meetings         supportive. I believe that my EIBC
                                                                                                                 course filled one of the gaps I had:
                                                   Break                                                         business. I would surely recommend
    2:00-3:30                                                                                                    this course.
     Business English                             Business             Business
                              Listening &                                               free afternoon
          skills                               Correspondence       Correspondence
                           3:45                                                                                                           Diana Motta, Italy

aDVanCED EnGlIsh
CommUnICaTIon sKIlls
Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS) is designed to
challenge students with advanced language skills and has a strong
focus on the development of speaking and listening skills.
The AECS course uses a wide variety of study materials including
advanced English course books, real-life television, radio shows and
movies, magazines, journals, books and the Internet. Students also
undertake a class project which can involve writing and performing a
live play, directing and filming a documentary or producing individual                                                                   UQ Library study space
video diaries (digital stories).

Course Outcomes                                                 increased reading fluency and increased        Course information
AECS enables students to:                                                                                      Entry requirements
                                                              - Advanced Writing Skills: planning and
- improve their ability to understand                           writing complex texts                          IELTS 5.5
  native-speakers                                                                                              (6.0 in Speaking and Listening, 5.0 in Reading
                                                              - News and World Affairs: newspapers,            and Writing) or successful completion of
- increase their vocabulary and                                 magazines, the Internet, TV and radio          ICTE-UQ GE Level 6 with strong speaking
  knowledge of common English phrases                           are used to develop listening, reading         and listening skills
- refine their ability to use English                           and discussion skills and to increase
                                                                                                               or equivalent as determined by ICTE-UQ
  grammar accurately                                            knowledge of current world issues
- improve the accuracy and fluency of                         - Project Work: the class works together
                                                                to write and produce a group project.          5 or 10 weeks
  their pronunciation
                                                                This class is particularly useful for          tuition
- expand their general knowledge of
                                                                building confidence in using English and       Full-time (25 hours per week)
  world issues and current events
                                                                improving pronunciation
- understand a range of real-world
                                                              - Film Appreciation: by watching short
  listening and reading materials.
                                                                film segments or one film over the
                                                                course, students develop their listening
Course Content                                                  skills and their ability to discuss films in
Course modules include:                                         depth
- Core Skills: development of speaking,                       - Lecture/Guest Speaker/Visits: lectures                                                The
  listening and grammar skills using a                          given by a university lecturer or visits                                              AECS
  wide variety of academic and real-world                                                                                                             class
                                                                outside the University which are relevant
  course materials                                                                                                                             project is
                                                                to course content
                                                                                                                                               a really
- Advanced Reading Skills: outcomes                                                                                                            important
  include improved reading speed,                                                                                                              opportunity
                                                                                                                                               to work in
                                                                                                                                               with other
Sample Timetable                                                                                                                               and build up
     monday                 tuesday        Wednesday               thursday            friday
                                                                                                                                               in using
                                                                                    news and World
    advanced                Core skills      Core skills          Project Work
                                                                                                               especially for speaking.
   reading skills
                                                                                                               It is very good to study at ICTE-UQ
                                               Break                                                           not only because of its location on a
11:15-1:15                                                                                                     university campus but also the teachers
     advanced               Core skills      Core skills          Project Work      Public speaking
                                                                                                               are experienced and of a high standard.
    Writing skills                                                                                             ICTE-UQ provides students with
                                                                                                               excellent course materials and facilities.

       drama            Lecture/Guest     film appreciation     film appreciation   free afternoon

                                                                                                                                Hala Hejazi, Saudi Arabia

    EnGlIsh For aCaDEmIC
    pUrposEs (Eap)
    English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is offered at two levels and is designed
    to prepare students for success in academic study and in the IELTS test.
    EAP develops academic language as well as study and research skills.
    Course materials and assessment reflect the type of activities and learning
    environment students will experience in a degree or academic study program,
    such as attending lectures, note-taking, writing extended essays, reading
    academic texts, giving presentations and participating in group discussions.
    Students can complete an IELTS test at the end of their EAP course to
    demonstrate that they meet the English language proficiency requirements for
    UQ degree program entry.                                                                                                       ICTE-UQ 200-seat Auditorium

    Course Outcomes                                            Course Content                                    Course information
    EAP enables students to:                                   Course modules include:                           Entry requirements
    - understand spoken English in                                 - Academic Reading & Writing: a variety       EAP I           IELTS 5.0
      conversations, discussions and lectures                        of texts are used to develop reading                        (no sub-bandscore less than
      and to take notes                                              and note taking skills. Written work                        5.0) or successful completion
    - speak clearly and confidently                                  develops students’ abilities to construct                   of ICTE-UQ GE Level 5
                                                                     complex sentences, paragraphs and           EAP II          IELTS 5.5
    - apply a range of reading skills in order                       essays. EAP II students use computer                        (no sub-bandscore less than
      to understand and make notes on a                              labs for researching and writing an                         5.5) or successful completion
      variety of written texts                                       extended assignment                                         of ICTE-UQ GE Level 6
    - express facts, ideas and opinions in                         - IELTS Preparation: practise in all areas    or equivalent as determined by ICTE-UQ
      writing using correct and appropriate                          of the IELTS test, including test-taking
      vocabulary, grammatical structures and                                                                     duration
                                                                     strategies and timed practice
      other features of academic writing                                                                         5 weeks (January only), 10, 20 or 30 weeks
                                                                   - Audio-Visual: students watch and
    - apply the skills and language studied to                                                                   tuition
                                                                     discuss documentary-style programs
      the IELTS test                                                 to develop listening comprehension          Full-time (25 hours per week)
    - use a range of study skills (including                         skills and improve vocabulary. Group
      research skills) in order to gather and                        discussions about these programs
      connect information and ideas from                             also develop speaking skills in group
      different sources.                                             situations                                                                           I’m still
                                                                   - Formal Talks (speaking skills): practise                                             in my
                                                                     in organising, writing and delivering a                                     EAP course
                                                                     spoken presentation                                                         and I have to
                                                                                                                                                 say that it is
                                                                   - Listening & Notetaking: a live or video-                                    exceptional.
                                                                     taped weekly lecture to give students a                                     I like the
                                                                     large class university experience                                           interactive
                                                                                                                                                 approach to
                                                                                                                                                 learning and
    Sample Timetable                                                                                                                             the class
        monday                  tuesday         Wednesday               thursday             friday                                              use real
    8:45-10:30                                                                                                                                   academic
        academic                                  academic              academic                                 resources and examples.
                         iELts Preparation                                                 audio-visual
     reading & Writing                         reading & Writing     reading & Writing
                                                                                                                 Now that I have sat my IELTS test I can
                                                                                                                 also see how useful and relevant the
                                                                                                                 IELTS practice was in the course.
        academic                                  academic              academic                                 I would like to take a postgraduate
                            formal talks                                                 iELts Preparation
     reading & Writing                         reading & Writing     reading & Writing                           course in an English speaking country
                                                                                                                 and in my opinion ICTE-UQ provides the
                                                    Break                                                        academic language level that I need to
    2:00-3:30                                                                                                    reach my goals.
         Listening       Lecture: Listening,       focus on
                           notetaking &                              iELts Preparation    free afternoon
       & notetaking                                Grammar
                                                                                                                           Matias Gonzalez Buttera, Mexico

Esp: brIDGInG EnGlIsh
proGram (Esp:bEp)
The English for Specific Purposes: Bridging English Program (ESP:
BEP) is an English language pathway for entry into undergraduate and
postgraduate programs at The University of Queensland. The course is
designed to develop the specialist English language and study skills needed
for UQ degree program studies.
To be eligible for the ESP:BEP students must:
- have a UQ Package Offer conditional on English only
- meet the ESP:BEP IELTS or TOEFL English language entry requirements.
                                                                                                                 ICTE-UQ quick access email and Internet terminals

Course Outcomes                                          - Communication in Academic Contexts                        Course information
ESP:BEP enables students to:                             - Conversation in a University Setting
- research and analyse information and                   - Pronunciation Workshop                                    10 weeks
  opinions                                               - Computer Assisted Learning                                tuition
- take accurate and concise notes as well                - Academic Writing                                          Full-time (25 hours per week)
  as understand information presented in
  lectures and tutorials                                Assessment
- read, understand and critically analyse               Assessment tasks and tests are                              Application Deadline
  information from academic books and                   administered throughout the course to                       The deadline for confirmation and payment
  journals                                              evaluate the development of individual                      for the ESP:BEP is six weeks prior to the
- speak about information and opinions in               speaking, listening, reading and writing                    course commencement date. ICTE-UQ
  seminar and tutorial format                           skills. Students’ end of course results are                 can not guarantee that places will be
                                                        forwarded by ICTE-UQ to UQ International                    available after this deadline.
- write extended academic essays and                    as a statement of eligibility for UQ degree
  reports.                                              program entry.                                              More information about processing times
Students who successfully meet all ESP:                                                                             for ESP:BEP + UQ Degree Package Offers
BEP exit requirements do not need to sit                Application Procedures                                      is available from UQ International.
an IELTS test at the end of the course to               Students who wish to apply for a Package
gain entry to their UQ degree.                          Offer consisting of the ESP:BEP and their
                                                        primary UQ degree program must apply
Course Content                                          directly to UQ International.
Course modules include:                                 More information about UQ degree                                                                    The
- Oral Presentation Skills                              program and package offer applications is                                                           ESP:
                                                        available from:                                                                                     BEP
- Research & Reading Skills
                                                                                                                helped me
                                                                                                                                                     to prepare
                                                                                                                                                     for my UQ
                                                                                                                                                     degree and
English Language Entry & Course Exit Requirements                                                                                                    to know
                                                                                                                                                     what to
   uQ degree Program                        EsP:BEP English                       EsP:BEP Exit                                                       expect from
    English Language                         Language Entry                    requirements for uQ                                                   university life.
 Proficiency requirement                      requirement                      degree Program Entry
                                                                                                                                                 The teachers
                                                                                                                                                 were very
        Academic IELTS 6.5                  Academic IELTS 6.0                  ESP:BEP completion with                                          helpful and
     (minimum 6.0 in Writing)         (no sub-bandscore less than 5.5)          minimum overall grade of             gave me detailed feedback on my work.
                OR                ►                   OR                 ►       4 (minimum Satisfactory             Being able to use real course books
            IBTOEFL 90                            IBTOEFL 83                  Achievement in all 4 skills) and       and materials in the UQ library was
      (minimum 21 in Writing)            (no skill score less than 19)         minimum 80% attendance                invaluable. My time at ICTE-UQ was also
                                                                                                                     a great chance to meet many people
                                                                                                                     from different countries and to make
UQ degree programs with an English language proficiency requirement of Academic IELTS 7.0 with specified sub-
                                                                                                                     friends before starting my degree.
bandscore requirements will have ESP:BEP English language entry and exit requirements determined on a case by
case basis.
                                                                                                                                        Pricia Horas, Indonesia

     *Teaching English to speakers of other languages
     English for Specific Purposes: TESOL (ESP:TESOL) is offered at two levels and
     is designed for students who are considering becoming a teacher of English as
     a second language (ESL) or who are already ESL teachers in their own country.
     ESP:TESOL focuses on developing English language skills through topics of
     general interest and TESOL-related content.
     ESP:TESOL also prepares students for selected modules of the Cambridge
     ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). The TKT is not a teaching qualification
     but an assessment tool that aims to:
      - increase the confidence of students considering becoming English language
        teachers as well as those already working in the TESOL field
      - enhance future job and training prospects.
                                                                                                                     Experienced and supportive teaching staff

     Course Outcomes                                           - Practice Teaching Session: assisted            Course information
                                                                 preparation for and guided feedback
     ESP:TESOL enables students to:                              on a Practice Teaching Session (ESP:           Entry requirements
     - improve their English communication                       TESOL II includes 2 Practice Teaching          ESP:TESOL I      IELTS 5.0
       skills                                                    Sessions)                                                       (5.0 in Speaking & Writing)
     - develop their knowledge and                             - Guest Speaker/Visits: a teaching                                or successful completion of
       understanding of current English                          observation activity or presentation from                       ICTE-UQ GE Level 5
       language teaching methods                                 a specialist in the TESOL field                ESP:TESOL II     IELTS 5.5
                                                                                                                                 (5.5 in Speaking & Writing)
     - learn practical activities which can be                 - TKT Preparation: familiarisation and
                                                                                                                                 or successful completion of
       used for teaching English                                 practice for the TKT. Each level of ESP:
                                                                                                                                 ICTE-UQ GE Level 6
                                                                 TESOL prepares students for two
     - develop English language and                                                                             After submitting an enrolment form all ESP:
                                                                 different modules of the TKT
       classroom management skills through                                                                      TESOL applicants are required to sit an entry
       practice teaching sessions                                ESP:TESOL I
                                                                                                                test before being accepted into the course.
                                                                 - Module 1: Language and background
     - become familiar with and have practice                                                                   duration
                                                                   to language learning and teaching
       for the TKT.
                                                                 - KAL: Knowledge About Language                5 or 10 weeks (5 weeks at each level)
     Course Content                                              ESP:TESOL II                                   tuition
                                                                 - Module 2: Planning lessons and use           Full-time (25 hours per week)
     Course modules include:
                                                                   of resources for language teaching
     - Integrated Language Skills: speaking,                     - Module 3: Managing the teaching
       listening, reading and writing skills                       and learning process
       development using topics of general as
                                                               The TKT is held on the Saturday after each                                               I want
       well as TESOL-related themes
                                                               5-week ESP:TESOL course. Students                                                        to be
     - English for Specific Purposes (ESP):                    taking the TKT will need to register for                                                 an
       analysis and discussion of current                      the test with their course enrolment. TKT                                        English
       methods for teaching English                            payment should be made with tuition fees.                                        teacher when
                                                                                                                                                I return to
     Sample Timetable                                                                                                                           Taiwan and
                                                                                                                                                this course
          monday                 tuesday     Wednesday               thursday              friday                                               as well as
     8:45-10:30                                                                                                                                 the TKT
                           tkt Preparation
                                                                   EsP: Grammar
                                                                                         integrated                                             certificate
       Language skills                       Language skills                           Language skills                                          will be really
                                                                                                                                                useful for me.
     11:00-12:45                                                                      11:00-1:00                The ESP:TESOL course has improved
       EsP: Classroom                         EsP: Lesson          Preparation for
                                                                                                                my knowledge of English as well as
                           EsP: Phonology                                              tkt Preparation
         Language                              Planning           Practice teaching                             knowledge of how to teach English.
                                                                                                                The practice teaching was valuable and
                                                 Break                                                          very interesting. Through this activity
                                                                                                                we can learn different teaching skills
       Preparation for                       EsP: vocabulary
      Practice teaching
                                                                 EsP: Pronunciation    free afternoon           between different countries and learn
                           Language skills
                                                                                                                from each other.

     Please note that while ESP:TESOL contains content related to teaching English the course is not a formal                        Ru-Yunn Yan, Taiwan
     teaching qualification.

Esp: ToUrIsm &
hospITalITY (Esp:T&h)
English for Specific Purposes: Tourism and Hospitality (ESP:T&H) is offered
at two levels and is designed for students who are interested in developing
English language skills for a working holiday, professional internship or a
career in the tourism or hospitality industries.
The course focuses on developing English language skills through topics of
general interest as well as through themes related specifically to the tourism
and hospitality industries.

                                                                                                                              Student support services

Course Outcomes                                     - Communication Skills for Tourism               Course information
                                                      & Hospitality: lessons are based on
ESP: T&H enables students to:                         themes such as:                                Entry requirements
- improve their overall English                       - English skills for hotel, bar, restaurant    ESP:T&H I        IELTS 5.0
  communication skills                                  and other short-term work                                     (5.0 in Speaking & Writing)
                                                      - customer satisfaction                                         or successful completion of
- develop English language skills for
                                                      - writing resumes and application                               ICTE-UQ GE Level 5
  working in the tourism and hospitality
                                                        letters                                      ESP:T&H II       IELTS 5.5
                                                      - tour guiding                                                  (5.5 in Speaking & Writing)
- develop their knowledge and                         - handling bookings and reservations                            or successful completion of
  understanding of tourism and hospitality            - marketing and promotion                                       ICTE-UQ GE Level 6
  in Australia and the communication skills           - managing customers and staff
  needed to work in these industries                                                                 or equivalent as determined by ICTE-UQ
                                                    - Case Studies/Projects: group projects,
- participate effectively in job interviews           role plays and case studies to simulate
  conducted in English.                               real-life situations and practise English      5 or 10 weeks (5 weeks at each level)
                                                      skills for working in the tourism and          tuition
Course Content                                        hospitality industries                         Full-time (25 hours per week)
Course modules include:                             - Guest Speaker/Site Visit: an institutional
- English Language Skills: development of             visit or presentation from a professional
  speaking, listening, reading and writing            in the tourism or hospitality industries
  skills through topics of general interest

IElTs TEsTInG & onlInE TEsT prEparaTIon

ICTE-UQ is an International English Language Testing System                BroadLEARN™ IELTS is an online test preparation program. It is
(IELTS) test centre for Brisbane and was named by IELTS Australia          highly recommended for anyone considering undertaking an IELTS
as the 2005 Centre of Excellence for outstanding levels of service         test.
in the administration of the test.                                         Designed by experienced ICTE-UQ language teachers and
ICTE-UQ usually administers two to three IELTS test dates per              digital publisher Mediasphere, this innovative program provides
month and results are available on the 13th day after each test.           comprehensive online IELTS test preparation focused on
IELTS testing is in strong demand and students are advised to              developing the specific speaking, listening, reading and writing
apply well in advance of their requested test date.                        skills assessed in the IELTS test.

Test fee: AUD$ 280*                                                        The online BroadLEARN™ IELTS program allows students
                                                                           to access training and comprehensive real-life exam practice
*current as at January 2009 but subject to change                          independently either before or during a course of study, in their
For more Information visit:                                                own time and at their own speed.                                            For more information and for a free trial visit:
      Homestay Accommodation Placement
      Airport Reception
      Personal & Academic Support
      Group Program Services
      Campus Services
      Activities & Excursions                                                                                                   ICTE-UQ Activities Office

     Homestay Accommodation                                                   Airport Reception
     Homestay accommodation is a great way to learn about                     Many students arriving in Brisbane for the first time choose to use
     Australian culture and way of life as well as to practise English in a   the ICTE-UQ airport reception and transfer service to help make
     friendly and relaxed environment. We recommend that all students         their arrival and journey to homestay (or other accommodation) as
     choose to stay in homestay for at least the first five weeks of their    smooth and stress-free as possible.
                                                                              Airport reception is available for an additional fee and can be
     ICTE-UQ has a network of over 500 welcoming homestay                     booked with course enrolment. Students should provide their
     families. ICTE-UQ visits all families in their home before they are      full flight arrival details as soon as their travel arrangements are
     accepted into the homestay program. Students are matched                 confirmed.
     with a homestay family by experienced Accommodation Officers.
     Homestay accommodation includes:                                         Personal & Academic Support
     - private bedroom with bed, desk, chair and wardrobe                     TESOL senior management staff are available to speak with
     - access to all family areas of the home                                 students about any aspect of their studies and to offer academic
                                                                              counselling and support.
     - breakfast and dinner on weekdays
                                                                              ICTE-UQ Accommodation Officers are available to speak with
     - breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends                                students who require assistance with homestay or other personal
     Homes are typically located within a 10 kilometre radius of The          matters and professional counsellors are also available on campus
     University of Queensland. Transport to and from the UQ St                through ICTE-UQ if required.
     Lucia campus is usually by bus, train or express river catamaran
     (CityCat) and on average takes thirty minutes to one hour.               Group Program Services
     Homestay check-in is available on the weekend prior to course            ICTE-UQ has extensive experience in coordination of English
     commencement. The minimum booking period is five weeks.                  language group programs for university students and government
                                                                              or private industry participants. In addition to the high level
                                                                              of support services available to all students, ICTE-UQ group
                                                                              program participants receive further program support through a
                                                                              network of program management, coordination and support staff.
                                                                              Group program services can include:
                                                                              - coordination of pre-departure information
                                                                              - airport transfers
                                                                              - homestay or apartment-style accommodation
                                                                              - customised group cultural, tourist and/or professional
                                                                                development/academic activities outside of regular class hours
                                                                              - detailed transcripts for academic or professional credit.

                                                                              Campus Services
                                                                              The UQ St Lucia campus is widely regarded as one of Australia’s
                                                                              best equipped. It offers comprehensive services for students
                                                                              including a University Health Service (free for holders of a valid
                                                                              OSHC card), pharmacy, optometrist and dentist, accommodation
                                                                              services as well as retail, international banking, post and diverse
                                                                              food outlets. The UQ St Lucia campus is also home to two major
                                                                              travel agencies and comprehensive sporting facilities.
                                                UQ St Lucia campus
Activities & Excursions
Being an ICTE-UQ student is not all about study and the Institute
has an Activities Officer to ensure that students are able to make
the most of their time at ICTE-UQ and in beautiful South-East
Students can choose to join in one of the many regularly
scheduled weekend group activities or book their own
independent or small group activities, many of which are offered                                             Skydiving over Byron Bay
at specially negotiated ICTE-UQ student prices.
Activities include sand tobogganing, snorkelling, diving,
parasailing, sea-kayaking, jet-skiing and surfing on some of
Australia’s most beautiful beaches; cuddling a koala, handfeeding
wild dolphins and getting up close and personal with Australia’s
native wildlife at animal sanctuaries and zoos; day trips as well as
overnight bush, rainforest, island and beach trips and sightseeing
tours of favourite tourist destinations.
ICTE-UQ students are also able to join in some great whole-of-
Institute activities including a staff and student BBQ each session
and free Friday afternoon sports or Movie Club on the UQ St
Lucia campus. Students can also join the ICTE-UQ soccer team,
choir or one of UQ’s many sporting or special interest clubs.

                                                                                                 Sand tobogganing on Moreton Island

                          QUEEnslanD aUsTralIa
Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and is one of               Brisbane Fast Facts
Australia’s most popular study and travel destinations. It offers
students and course participants an exciting, multicultural lifestyle   Brisbane        Capital city of the state of Queensland
with a diversity of food, celebrations and customs, sporting            Population      1.8 million
events, museums, art galleries, trendy weekend markets, clubs,          Average Annual Temperatures
bars and live entertainment in a clean and safe environment. Many
people choose to live and study in Brisbane because it offers:          Summer (December - February)        20o - 30o celsius
                                                                        Autumn (March - May)                12o - 28o celsius
- sub-tropical environment
                                                                        Winter (June - August)              8o - 21o celsius
- vibrant, city culture
                                                                        Spring (September - November)       12o - 26o celsius
- one of Australia’s lowest costs of city living
Brisbane is Australia’s fastest growing city with a population of 1.8
million and offers convenient, simple to navigate, reliable public
transport services including train, bus and ferry systems.
Brisbane is also the gateway to the famous Gold Coast and
Sunshine Coast, three of the world’s largest sand islands and
sub-tropical hinterland rainforests – all of which are under two
hours travel away and most are accessible by public transport.

Useful websites:
                                                                                                                                          Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland

                                                                                                                          Brisbane City
 CoUrsE DaTEs
       & FEEs
                                                                                                                                                      Great Court, UQ St Lucia campus

                                                                                                                                      EsP:                EsP:            EsP:
                                                             GE                EiBC             aECs               EaP
      session                                                                                                                         BEP                tEsoL            t&h

      1 12 January - 13 february 2009                      5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks*                                5 weeks

      2 23 february - 27 march 2009                        5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks
                                                                                                                 10 weeks
      3 30 march - 1 may 2009                              5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks
                                                                                                                                    10 weeks
      4 11 may - 12 June 2009                              5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                            (6 April-12 June)      5 weeks         5 weeks
                                                                                                                10 weeks*
      5 15 June - 17 July 2009                             5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks

      6 27 July - 28 august 2009                           5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks
                                                                                                                 10 weeks
      7 31 august - 2 october 2009                         5 weeks           5 weeks           5 Weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks

      8 12 october - 13 november 2009                      5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks
                                                                                                                 10 weeks           10 weeks
      9 16 november - 18 december 2009                     5 weeks           5 weeks           5 weeks                                                   5 weeks         5 weeks
     * EAP is offered on both the UQ St Lucia and UQ Ipswich campus in January and May. EAP UQ Ipswich campus courses run subject to demand.
     Public Holidays: Please note that ICTE-UQ will be closed on the following public holidays: 1 January, 26 January, 10 April, 13 April, 4 May, 8 June, 12 August, 25 December
     Christmas and New Year Holidays: There will be no scheduled courses held during the Christmas/New Year Holidays 21 December 2009 - 8 January 2010 and ICTE-UQ will
     be closed from 25 December 2009 - 1 January 2010 inclusive.

     How do I apply to study at ICTE-UQ?                                                     How long do I need to study English?
     1. Complete the enclosed Enrolment Form indicating the course                             Current Score                Estimate of weeks to reach IELTS score
        and number of weeks that you would like to study and return                                                         required
        it to the ICTE-UQ Enrolments Office. Students applying for the
        ESP:BEP must apply directly to UQ International.                                         IELTS         TOEFL
                                                                                                               Paper/         5.0           5.5          6.0       6.5       7.0
     2. The ICTE-UQ Enrolments Office will send you an Offer Letter                                             IBT
        confirming the dates of your enrolment together with an
                                                                                                   3.0        377 / 25        40+          45+          45+        45+       45+
        invoice for the fees to be paid. ESP:TESOL applicants who
        have elected to undertake the TKT will also have their TKT fee                             3.5        425 / 38         30           40          45+        45+       45+
        included in their Offer Letter.                                                            4.0        450 / 45         20           30           40        45+       45+
     3. After receiving full payment for all fees the ICTE-UQ Enrolments                           4.5        477 / 53         10           20           30        40        45+
        Office will send you a Letter of Acceptance. If you are applying                           5.0        500 / 61                      10           20        30         40
        for a Student Visa, the Enrolments Office will also send you
        an electonic Confirmation of Enrolment (e-CoE) so that you                                 5.5        530 / 71                                   10        20         30
        can lodge this with your closest Australian Embassy, High                                  6.0        557 / 83                                             10         20
        Commission or Diplomatic Mission to apply for your Student                                 6.5        577 / 90                                                        10
        Visa. For information about which visa you will need to study in
        Australia and to locate your closest Australian Visa office visit                    The information above is a guide only and is based on average                                                                      student progress.
     4. Information about your homestay placement as well as
        confirmation of your airport reception arrangements (if you have
        requested these services) will be sent to you by the ICTE-UQ
        Accommodation Office 2-3 weeks before the start date of your
     Please note: the deadline for confirmation and payment for all courses, including the
     ESP:BEP, is six weeks prior to the course commencement date. ICTE-UQ can not
     guarantee that places will be available after this deadline.
English Language Studies Enrolment Form 2009
Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) CRICOS Provider No: 00091C

► Please complete both sides of this form in CAPITAL letters in English                   My application is through an ICTE-UQ representative Yes               No
► Read and SIGN the conditions of enrolment
► Return to: TESOL Enrolments Officer                                                     Representative
             Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education
             The University of Queensland                                                 Representative Contact
             Brisbane Qld 4072 Australia
                                                                                          Representative Email
                  Tel: +61 7 3346 6770 Fax: +61 7 3346 6771

1 PERSONAL DETAILS                                                                        4 COURSE INFORMATION
Title   Mr           Ms           Mrs         Other                                       Preferred course start date     DD     /   MM    /   YYYY

Family Name                                                                               Course duration

Given Name                                                                                5 weeks                     20 weeks                   35 weeks

Date of Birth       DD       /   MM   /   YYYY    Male          Female                    10 weeks                    25 weeks                   40 weeks

Nationality                                                                               15 weeks                    30 weeks                   45 weeks

Passport Number                                                                           Course name

Home Address                                                                                    General English

                                                                                                English for International Business Communication

                                                                                                Advanced English Communication Skills

Australian Address (if any)                                                                     English for Academic Purposes        (St Lucia        Ipswich    )
                                                                                                ESP: Bridging English Program

Telephone Number                                                                                ESP: TESOL        (Teaching Knowledge Test [TKT]         )
Email                                                                                           ESP: Tourism & Hospitality

Do you take any medication or have a medical condition?
                                                                                          5 FURTHER STUDIES IN AUSTRALIA

              ► Details                                                                   Do you intend to continue your studies at UQ after your ICTE-UQ course?
2 VISA INFORMATION                                                                        Yes       ► Please complete the questions below

Do you already have a visa that will allow you to study at ICTE-UQ?                       Have you already submitted an application to UQ International?

No           ► What type of visa are you applying for?                                    No

              Student Visa            Extension to Student Visa                           Yes

              Tourist Visa            Working Holiday Visa                                Have you been issued with a UQ Student Number?

              Other (type of visa)                                                        No

Yes          ► Type of visa                                                               Yes       ►

3 HEALTH INSURANCE                                                                        6 ARRIVAL AND HOMESTAY ACCOMMODATION
Student Visa applicants MUST have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
for the duration of their studies in Australia. ICTE-UQ will organise OSHC on             Do you require an airport pickup on arrival?
your behalf with OSHC Worldcare, its preferred provider of OSHC. If you are
bringing your family to Australia you must have a family OSHC policy.                     No

                                                                                          Yes         ► please complete the airport pickup application overleaf
I would like ICTE-UQ to arrange:           Single OSHC
                                                                                          Do you require ICTE-UQ homestay accommodation?
                                           Family OSHC
Students arriving on a Tourist or Working Holiday Visa are advised to arrange their own
health insurance cover prior to travel.
                                                                                          Yes         ► please complete the homestay application overleaf
All students are recommended to purchase travel insurance to cover their personal
belongings when travelling to, around and from Australia, whilst staying in homestay or
other accommodation for the duration of their course of study and time in Australia.
                                                                                                                             PLEASE TURN FORm OvER
7 AIRPORT PICKUP APPLICATION (if required)                                         10 REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY
                                                                                   •	 A full refund of tuition fees and other charges will be made if an ICTE-UQ
Date of arrival       DD   /   MM   /   YYYY                                          course is fully booked, is cancelled, or an application for a Student Visa is
                                                                                      rejected (proof of visa rejection is required within two weeks from the date
Airport    Brisbane International          Brisbane Domestic                          of notice).
                                                                                   •	 Notification of cancellation of a course must be made using the ICTE-UQ
           Gold Coast (Coolangatta)                                                   transfer/cancellation form or submitted in writing to the Deputy Director
                                                                                      (Administration), ICTE-UQ.
Flight arrival time                         Flight number                          •	 A written response will be provided within seven working days. Any refund
                                                                                      that may be granted will be paid within four weeks from the date of the
                                                                                      notice of cancellation. Please note that your course is considered to be the
8 HOMESTAY APPLICATION (if required)                                                  total number of weeks in which you have enrolled.
                                                                                   •	 Cancellations received more than four weeks before the course
Family Name                                                                           commencement will normally receive a refund of tuition fees, OSHC and
                                                                                      airport transfer fees less a cancellation administration charge equivalent to
Given Name                                                                            one week of the current published tuition fee.
                                                                                   •	 Cancellations received less than four weeks before the course
Date of Birth         DD   /   MM   /   YYYY    Male         Female                   commencement will normally receive a refund of tuition fees, OSHC, and
                                                                                      airport transfer fees less a cancellation fee of up to five weeks of the current
Nationality                                                                           published tuition fee.
                                                                                   •	 Cancellations received after course commencement will not be eligible for a
Religion                                                                              refund of tuition fees.
                                                                                   •	 The Enrolment Fee and Homestay Placement Fee are not refundable. No
Date I would like to move in to homestay                DD   /    MM   /    YYYY      Enrolment Fee is charged on re-enrolments (re-enrolment is defined as an
                                                                                      extension of the original period of study without break).
Date I would like to move out of homestay               DD   /    MM    /   YYYY
                                                                                   •	 This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals procedures,
                                                                                      does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s
What is your level of English?              Beginner             Elementary           consumer protection laws; neither does it remove a student’s right to pursue
                                                                                      other legal remedies.
                                         Intermediate            Advanced

What other languages do you speak?
                                                                                   11 CONDITIONS OF ENROLMENT
                                                                                   •	 I understand that I must be 18 years or older at the time of course
Do you smoke?                                                No         Yes*          commencement.
                                                                                   •	 I understand and accept the terms of the ICTE-UQ Refund/Cancellation
* If yes, you may still be placed in a non-smoking home
                                                                                      Policy and the ICTE-UQ Homestay Payment Information.
Do you like children?                                        No             Yes    •	 I understand that ICTE-UQ EIBC, AECS, EAP, ESP:BEP, ESP:TESOL and
                                                                                      ESP:T&H courses require a prerequisite level of English for entry.
Do you like pets such as dogs and cats?                      No             Yes    •	 I understand that I will be tested on commencement of my course and
                                                                                      placed in a class at the appropriate English language level.
Do you have any special dietary needs (eg vegetarian)? No                   Yes    •	 I understand that I must complete all class work, assignments, activities and
                                                                                      assessments in order to maintain satisfactory progress.
Details                                                                            •	 I understand that I must attend at least 80% of my course and that if I
                                                                                      am studying on a Student Visa and I fail to do so I can be reported to the
Do you have any allergies?                                   No             Yes       Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
                                                                                   •	 I understand that if I change my Brisbane address I must notify ICTE-UQ
Details                                                                               within three working days.
                                                                                   •	 I understand that information provided by me may be made available to
Do you take medication or have a medical condition?          No             Yes       Australian, Commonwealth and State agencies pursuant to obligations
                                                                                      under the ESOS Act and the National Code. This may include personal and
Details                                                                               contact details, course enrolment details and changes and circumstances
                                                                                      of any suspected breach of my Student Visa conditions.
Please describe yourself and include something about your hobbies and
                                                                                   •	 I agree that ICTE-UQ can share information about my course and progress
interests which will help match you with a suitable homestay family.                  with my university or college, my sponsor or educational representative.
                                                                                   •	 I am aware that school-aged dependants accompanying me will be required
                                                                                      to pay full fees at a private or government school in Australia.
                                                                                   •	 I understand I am fully responsible for my educational and living expenses
                                                                                      while studying at ICTE-UQ.
                                                                                   •	 I understand that if I hold a Student Visa, by signing ICTE-UQ’s Enrolment
                                                                                      Form, I agree to enter into and be subject to the terms and conditions of the
                                                                                      OSHC Worldcare policy (
                                                                                   •	 I acknowledge that ICTE-UQ has the right to change its fees and conditions,
                                                                                      cancel or defer courses, and to alter course timetables and class locations
                                                                                      at any time without notice.
                                                                                   •	 I understand that by providing my personal email address on this enrolment
9 HOMESTAY PAYMENT INFORMATION                                                        form I am giving permission to ICTE-UQ to use this to communicate with
                                                                                      me on any matters relating to my enrolment at ICTE-UQ.
 •	 Homestay is available the weekend prior to course commencement.                •	 I give consent to ICTE-UQ to make reasonable enquiries to DIAC on my visa
 •	 Homestay is available for a minimum of five weeks.                                and to these details being shared with Government and Health Insurers for
 •	 Where possible all homestay fees for the entire period booked should be           the purposes of ensuring that I maintain my visa conditions for staying in
    paid to ICTE-UQ in full and in advance.                                           Australia.
 •	 Payments not made in full will incur a AUD$50 administration fee for each      •	 I agree to abide by the regulations of ICTE-UQ and The University of
    additional payment.                                                               Queensland.
 •	 Where a student wishes to extend their original booking period and is able     •	 I understand that more information about my student rights and
    to remain with the same homestay family a AUD$50 administration fee per           responsibilities under the the Australian Government ESOS Act 2000 and
    additional payment made to ICTE-UQ will apply.                                    National Code 2007 is available online at:
 •	 Where a student wishes to extend their original booking period and is not
    able to remain with the same homestay family the Homestay Placement            •	 I understand that by signing this form I am agreeing to the terms outlined
    Fee of AUD$210 will apply to place the student with a new homestay                above and enter the basis of an agreement between myself and ICTE-UQ.
 •	 Where a student wishes to leave homestay early they are required to            Name (please print in English)
    provide their homestay family with a minimum one week notice period.
    Any unused homestay fees will be refunded in full to the student within two    Signature
    weeks of submitting a refund request form.
                                                                                   Date   DD    /   MM    /   YYYY
TUITION FEES                                                                             TEST DATES & FEES
 EnroLmEnt fEE                             AUD$ 190 (non-refundable)                      tkt test fee
                                                                                          AUD$ 72 per individual test module = AUD$ 144 x 2 test modules
 GE, EiBC, aECs, EaP, EsP:tEsoL and EsP:t&h
                                                                                          tkt test dates
 5 weeks              AUD$ 1,725           30 weeks              AUD$ 10,350
                                                                                          Saturday 14 February 2009                  Saturday 29 August 2009
 10 weeks             AUD$ 3,450           35 weeks              AUD$ 12,075
                                                                                          Saturday 28 March 2009                     Saturday 3 October 2009
 15 weeks             AUD$ 5,175           40 weeks              AUD$ 13,800              Saturday 2 May 2009                        Saturday 14 November 2009
                                                                                          Saturday 13 June 2009                      Saturday 19 December 2009
 20 weeks             AUD$ 6,900           45 weeks              AUD$ 15,525
                                                                                          Saturday 18 July 2009
 25 weeks             AUD$ 8,625

 EsP:BEP                                                                                  iELts test fee
                                                                                          AUD$ 310 (current as at July 2009)
 10 weeks             AUD$ 3,800
                                                                                          iELts test dates
                                                                                          For IELTS test dates in 2009 visit:
OVERSEAS STUDENT HEALTH COVER                                                   
Students coming to Australia on a Student Visa are required
to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). If you
are bringing your family to Australia you must ensure that you                           STUDENT SERVICES
purchase a family policy. More information about OSHC is
                                                                                          airPort rECEPtion
available from:
                                                                                          Brisbane International/Domestic Airport                    AUD$ 99
 Enrolment Period            student only                student & family                 Coolangatta Airport                                        AUD$ 180
                             Cover                       Cover
 10 weeks                    AUD$ 127                    AUD$ 254                         homEstay
 15 weeks                    AUD$ 158                    AUD$ 316                         Placement Fee                                              AUD$ 210
 20 weeks                    AUD$ 222                    AUD$ 444                         Weekly Fee (minimum 5-weeks)                               AUD$ 210
 25 weeks                    AUD$ 253                    AUD$ 506                         Instalment Fee                                             AUD$    50
 30 weeks                    AUD$ 285                    AUD$ 570
                                                                                         To ensure that student homestay arrangements are as simple
 35 weeks                    AUD$ 348                    AUD$ 696                        as possible, all payments are managed by the ICTE-UQ
 40 weeks                    AUD$ 380                    AUD$ 760                        Accommodation Office. The following payment arrangements
 45 weeks                    AUD$ 391                    AUD$ 782                        apply:
                                                                                          - where possible all homestay fees for the entire period booked
Students arriving on a Tourist Visa, Working Holiday Visa or other                          should be paid to ICTE-UQ in full and in advance
visa are advised to arrange their own health insurance prior to                           - payments not made in full will incur a $50 administration fee for
travel.                                                                                     each additional payment made
All students are recommended to purchase private travel                                   - if a student wishes to extend their original booking period
insurance to cover their personal belongings when travelling to,                            and is able to remain with the same homestay family a $50
around and from Australia, while staying in homestay or other                               administration fee per additional payment made to ICTE-UQ
accommodation for the duration of their course of study and their                           (for the whole extended period or per instalment) will apply
time in Australia.                                                                        - if a student wishes to extend their original booking period
                                                                                            and is not able to remain with the same homestay family the
                                                                                            Homestay Placement Fee of $210 will apply to place the
                                                                                            student with a new homestay family
                                                                                          - if a student wishes to leave homestay early they are required
                                                                                            to provide their homestay family with a minimum of one week
                                                                                            notice. Any unused homestay fees will be refunded in full to the
                                                                                            student by ICTE-UQ.
 Expenses per week                                Example of student living in homestay                           Example of student living in private rental
 Homestay fee / Rent                                                 AUD$ 210                                                     AUD$ 130 - $ 270
 Electricity / Gas                                                         -                                                        AUD$ 10 - $ 25
 Phone                                                                AUD$ 20                                                           AUD$ 20
 Food / Groceries                                       AUD$ 50 (weekday lunches only)                                             AUD$ 90 - $ 150
 Weekly bus ticket (2-3 zones)                                AUD$ 23.20 - $ 27.20                                              AUD$ 23.20 - $ 27.20
 Recreation / entertainment                                      AUD$ 50 - $ 200                                                   AUD$ 50 - $ 200

The costs and expenses quoted in the table above are a guide only - they will vary depending on location, lifestyle and personal choices.
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The University of Queensland (ICTE-UQ)
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