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									Varying from optimal heating or cooling settings by 1° or more can increase your energy costs by more than 10%

WHAT cAn i do?                                                21 degrees and coolers to 24 to 27
                                                              degrees (every extra degree of
Making small changes to your home can
                                                              heating or cooling will add up to
help the natural energy in the sun to heat
                                                              10% to the cost).
your home in the winter and the breeze
to cool your home in summer. Be smart                      •	 Turning heaters and coolers off over
about the way you use heaters and air                         night and when you are out.
conditioners and you can have a more                      Gain more savings by:
comfortable home and lower bills.                          •	 Sealing the gaps around windows
                                                              and doors (a draught stopper for
HoW do i do iT?                                               under doors, sealant around window
Smart solutions to cut your                                   frames and plastic/ foam weather strip
heating and cooling bills in half.                            inside door frames).
Make the biggest savings by:                               •	 Closing internal doors so that you
•	 Installing or upgrading ceiling insulation                 heat/ cool only the rooms that you
   and reduce heat loss/gain by                               are using.
   around 30%.
• Installing shade on the outside of
   your windows (eaves provide smart
                                                                                     Tanya Ha
   shade for north-facing windows, but east                                          an expert in
   or west windows will require adjustable                                           environmental living and
   external blinds or shade cloth) - This                                            the author of Greeniology
   keeps out the summer sun but lets it in                                           and The Australian
                                                                                     Green Consumer Guide
   during the winter and reduces the need                                            provides advice on
   for heating and cooling your home.                                                energy saving in
•	 Setting heater thermostats to 18 to                                               your home.
Exterior blinds or shade cloth can cut out the equivalent of a 1 bar electric heater from a large window

 •	 Using a fan to circulate air inside                          Take extra actions in winter by:
    a room (many ceiling fans can be                             Opening blinds and curtains during the
    reversed for a warm winter airflow).                         day to let in the warmth of the sun.
 •	 Dressing for the season (warmer
                                                                 Reduce the need for heating your room
    clothes in winter and light clothes in
                                                                 by switching on an electric blanket before
                                                                 you go to bed. Switch it off before you go
 •	 When buying heaters or coolers look                          to sleep.
    for the most energy efficient model
                                                                 For more information on efficient home
    that is the right size for your room (see
                                                                 comfort go to: or look out for
    star rating stickers on products).                 
                                                                 or call the Sustainable Energy
Take extra actions in summer by:                                 Development Office Energy Smart Line
Closing all windows and doors in the                             on 1300 658 158.
early morning to block out the summer
heat (closing curtains and pulling down                          WHY?
exterior blinds will also help).                                 Around a quarter of the energy used
When it cools down outside,open all                              in most WA homes is for heating and
windows and use a fan to circulate                               cooling. This can cost you more than
cooling breezes (security screens and                            $200 per year and generate 1,500kg
window locks help you to secure your                             of greenhouse gas.
home whilst letting in the breeze).
Do jobs like ironing and cooking (which
produce heat and steam) in the cooler
parts of the day.

The Living Smart brand has been developed by The Meeting Place Community Centre, the City of Fremantle, Murdoch University
and Southern Metropolitan Regional Council to support a suite of programs developing capacity in community sustainability
Published by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure, Perth , Western Australia. February 2008. The information provided.
in this brochure is provided in good faith. However the accuracy or appropriateness of the information is not guaranteed.
                                                                                             PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER

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