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									Effective Stakeholder Relationship
Management Workshop
Wednesday 2 September

Developing leaders, teams and
organisations to be their best for the world.
   EffEctivE StakEholdEr rElationShip
   ManagEMEnt WorkShop |

   Developing leaders, teams and organisations to be their best for the world.

   This highly interactive workshop covers both the theory and             Benefits of Attending
   practice of effective stakeholder management from both a ‘do-               · An understanding of stakeholder relationship manage-
   ing’ and ‘managing’ perspective as well as addressing key is-                 ment including the stakeholder management process.
   sues such as the need for stakeholder management to be incor-               · An ability to identify stakeholder types and how to
   porated in the organisations strategic plan development and                   prioritise those types.
   ways to ensure consistency.                                                 · Develop skills to meet the needs of effective
                                                                                 stakeholder management.
   This workshop has two principle elements;                                   · Understanding of tools that allow performance with
     1. The first part of the workshop develops and enhances                     regard to stakeholder management to be measured
        participants’ knowledge of stakeholder relationship                      and monitored.
        management. This includes an understanding of the                      · Skills for working with stakeholders, eg Emotional
        stakeholder relationship process, how to identify and                    intelligence and Facilitation and presentation skills
        prioritise stakeholder groups, and how to manage the                     and the media
        stakeholder process to ensue its effectiveness.                        · The ability to monitor and measure stakeholder
     2. The second element of the workshop focuses on the                        management performance.
        skills necessary to meet stakeholder expectations. This
        includes using emotional intelligence to improve one on            Who Should Attend
        one communication, facilitation skills, presentation skills        This workshop is suitable for all staff who have contact with
        and suggestions on managing media contacts.                        stakeholders; those with leadership and/or management
                                                                           responsibilities that include a need to have regard for stake-
   When combined, these elements will ensure that participants             holders, strategic planning specialists etc.
   have both the understanding and ability to improve their man-
   agement or delivery of effective stakeholder outcomes.                  Presenter
                                                                           John Mitchell is a senior consultant for Integral Development.
   Topics Include                                                          John has a valuable range of work experience in the private
   Topics that will be covered during the workshop will include:           and public sectors that enables him to bring a meaningful and
     · An understanding of stakeholder                                     strategic perspective to organisational performance and plan-
        relationship management;                                           ning, with clear insights into the commercial, operational and
     · Stakeholder engagement;                                             people needs of organisations. John holds a Masters degree in
     · The stakeholder relationship process;                               Leadership and Management and has held a number of senior
     · Understanding and prioritising stakeholder                          management positions including CEO of the Rottnest Island
        types and groups;                                                  Authority. In his previous roles, especially as CEO of Rottnest
     · Skills for working with stakeholders,                               and General Manager of the Central Great Southern Health
        eg Emotional Intelligence                                          Authority provided John with extensive experience in the prac-
     · Facilitation and presentation skills                                tice of stakeholder relationship management.
     · The media
     · Stakeholders and strategy development
     · Monitoring and measuring stakeholder
        management performance.

1 | Effective Stakeholder Relationship Management Workshop            *Integral means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole, at its deepest root.
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