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                                 ♦18th March 2008                Limited places
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                                 ♦28th August 2008
                                 ♦28th October 2008
                      at The Melbourne Business School
                         200 Leicester Street, Carlton
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                         PLG        PROCUREMENT LEADERSHIP GROUP
    Key Business Benefits
    How to get the most out of your contract
    Set up risk reward models for win-win solutions
    Strengthen relationships with suppliers/customers
    Best ways of measuring monitoring and reviewing contracts
    Maximise contractual performance
    Minimise contractual nonperformance
    Enhance and streamline sourcing and procurement processes
    Establish procurement definitions across your company
    Standardise and automate the contract management process
Ms Beverley Honig, BA., LLB., MBA
                   Beverley Honig is well known in industry circles as a strategic manager and
                   business developer, and a lawyer with qualifications and experience in Australia,
                   England and Israel. She has had many years of General Management experience
                   at Coles Myer, where she gained unique experience working with and growing an
                   asset portfolio worth $1.5 billion, with responsibilities for the redevelopment of 30
                   shopping centres around Australia.

                   As an internationally qualified lawyer with experience in the UK and the Middle East ,and since
                   completing her MBA at Melbourne University's Business School she has been invited on many
                   government, public and private boards to apply her people and property experience to enable
business improvement and growth. Her diverse portfolio of board appointments includes, Director Centre for Adult
Education, Director Melbourne Markets Authority, Chairman Occupational English Testing Board, Director AICC, and
Presiding Panel Member Essential Service Appeals.
Beverley is an expert in the field of business planning and development, and advises a long list of clients, from private
and public companies and Government bodies, on how to focus and develop their business through good business
planning and practice. Within her portfolio of services she also specialises in strategic procurement, venture creation,
and opening new markets for global companies.

With her focus on people and place, and her expertise in change management, she is adept in facilitating consultation
across a wide cross-section of Communities and their stakeholders. Beverley’s change management expertise
revolves around people centric models, where she helps businesses take steps to maximise commitment and minimise
resistance to change, through effective change management programs. Beverley is a proficient public presenter, and
a sessional lecturer at Monash University in the area of business management, and quality and productivity
management. She speaks at many public and international business forums.

In 1997, Beverley was honoured for her achievements by being nominated for the awards of IWFCI/Drake International
Businesswomen of the year, presented by The Federal Governments Treasurer, The Honourable Peter Costello, and
Telstra Business Women of the Year. In 2004 , 2005, and again in 2006 Honeylight Enterprises received the
prestigious Trade Award bestowed by the Prime Minister of Israel, in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the
forging of international trade links.

            Who the course is designed for
  ♦   managers from any organisation who play a part in managing contracts
  ♦   those responsible for implementing change programs within an organisation
  ♦   managers working with/ responsible for managing contractors and suppliers
  ♦   technical specialists and professionals
  ♦   procurement, relationship and account managers
  ♦   project managers

                      PROGRAM FORMAT
This highly participative workshop style program blends a variety of different
methods, including presentations, facilitated group discussion, live examples,
project team work groups, exercises and case examples. The format allows
participants to openly discuss issues from within their own organisation and
benefit from the collective experience of participants and presenters.

      Understanding the Stakeholder Relationship Model™
                       End User Needs

Financial performance                                        Supplier Needs


Contract Manager

performance                                Sub Contractor


Learning Outcomes
The Who (the stakeholders)
o   Buyer, supplier and customer perspectives
o   roles and responsibilities of contract management
o   Adjusting communication styles to contract and its players
o   Stakeholder and communication management

              The What (Strategy)
              o   fundamental elements of a contract, basic terms & conditions
              o   Linking contracting requirements to business strategy
              o   Working in the context of the big picture
              o   The CEOs and CFO’s perspective

The Why (Planning & negotiating)
    o   The objective and the bottom line
    o   What is important to manage and measure
    o   implications for contract performance management

                  The How (Governance and oversight)
                  •   Establishing governance processes
                  •   authority for managing the contract and its variations
                  •   identifying dispute resolution techniques
                  •   managing contract risk
                  •   Quality control

Whatever business you are in, you will be met at some point with the need to make a
procurement decision. Whether you are a business owner, finance business executive,
IT manager, contract manager or purchasing officer, you will be faced with a barrage of
demands which are part and parcel of the procurement process.

Contract Management is the process of managing contracts, deliverables, deadlines and
customer satisfaction. Public agencies and private companies know that the purchasing
process doesn't end when the contract is awarded. Effective post-award management is
essential to the seamless acceptance of supplies and services.

Contract Management impacts many areas within an organisation and can significantly
influence its budget, operations, customer service and public image.

This course will provide you with a set of strategies and standards that you can use as a
roadmap in the journey of contract management. It is intended as much for those with
years of experience in sourcing as it is for those seeking the practical fundamentals of
contract management. The course facilitator draws on her years of experience as a
senior contract negotiator supported by a sound background as an international lawyer.

                                   Course Testimonials

“Logical, practical, presentation which can be readily applied to “own” situation.”
                                                          J.Convey, AirServices Australia

“Do IT! A great support for those who need to know more about contract negotiation and
management and who need some clear guidelines on how to achieve the best outcomes”.
                                                                       S. Godwin, KPMG

Very informative and worthwhile course. New tools learnt and others reinforced which will be a
benefit both in the short term and long term with my company and also my career.”
                                                                        S. Nesbitt, Victrack

“Very interesting course. Finally a management course I can use in the workplace.”
                                                                        V.Scotland, NEC

“Excellent placement against real world and business framework; practical examples and
anecdotes.”                                                    M. Darling, MSX International

“Excellent concepts beyond traditional management, well presented in an entertaining and
engaging manner.”                                                      K. Verma, Ericsson

 “Good networking. Excellent reinforcing tools. Group discussions generated interesting
                                                                           T. Unsworth, RACV
“An excellent course that provides insight into conceptual issues impacting the success of a
project, and an important tool for all project managers”
                                                                    H. Bulmer, Southern Health
“An engaging mix of presentation, group work, and applied case studies. Thank You”
                                                           G.O’Connor, Curriculum Corporation

“Great to hear other companies face the same issues we do – enjoyable course.”
                                                      C. Bartie, AirServices Australia

 ‘Provided valuable tools and processes to utilise within my own organisation and enhanced my
personal development.”
                                                           David, Geelong Grammar School

“Good value. Just enough theory for practical hands on project work.”
                                                        M. Prazeus, National Australia Bank

The registration fee applicable for attendance at this course is:
     • AUD$1,250+GST per participant
     SPECIAL CORPORATE RATE: 3 participants for the price of 2 from the same company
(in house customised courses also available on request)

This registration fee includes attendance at a full day program session (9am to 5.00pm), course
materials, refreshments on arrival, morning and afternoon teas and lunch.

Closing date for registration: 30 days prior to course commencement (tick box to select dates)
        18th March 2008                   Number of participants________
        28th May 2008                     Number of participants________
        28th August 2008                  Number of participants________
        28th October 2008                 Number of participants________

A discount of 5% per participant will apply to all fully paid registrations received by Honeylight
Enterprises Pty Ltd 21 days prior to closing date.
To enrol, please complete and return the form below by fax (03 95328550) or email to
info@honeylight.com.au, sending original together with cheque made payable to Honeylight
Enterprises Pty Ltd, and mail to:
Honeylight Enterprises Pty Ltd, 459 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
(Invoices including EFT payment details can be furnished on request)
If by credit card, please fill in details below and email or fax to (03) 95328550:
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Cancellation Policy - Cancellations less than 5 working days prior to course commencement will
not be eligible for a refund. A substitute participant is acceptable


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