DUSA Principles of Mutual Respect

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					DUSA Principles of Mutual Respect

1. Preamble

DUSA is a diverse and complex organisation made up of people from a range of
backgrounds with differing values, beliefs and experiences. As an organisation, we
aspire to best practice. This aspiration extends to all relationships, including our
behaviour towards one another, and the members we serve. These Principles of
Mutual Respect are designed to encourage all individuals who make up DUSA to
work together in an environment where shared values are supported and diversity
is embraced.

2. Statement of Commitment

Under it Constitution, (C1.2 Purpose) “the purpose of DUSA is to advance the
education of members by:
      (a) promoting the interests and welfare of its members;
      (b) promoting equality of opportunity for members and prospective
      (c) representing members within and outside the University;
      (d) co-ordinating the activities of members: on campuses, across
      campuses, and off campus; and
      (e) providing amenities and services, principally for members and
      incidentally the University community and others.”

DUSA can achieve its purpose only in an environment where each member is
respected and valued. Each member and staff member shares in the responsibility
for creating and maintaining DUSA’s environment of mutual respect. These
Principles should serve to prevent any actions that violate these principles, and
provide a positive impetus to help realise the ideals on which the Principles are
founded. DUSA, its Board, Executive, representatives and staff are committed to
the effective application of this document, and its periodic review.

3. Related information

This statement of principles should be read in conjunction with the following:

   •   The Constitution of the Deakin University Student Association Inc.
   •   The Regulations of the Deakin University Student Association Inc.
   •   Campus Consultation Policy (DUSA)
   •   Equity and Diversity Policy (DUSA)
   •   Privacy Policy (DUSA)
   •   Discipline and Complaints Policy (DUSA)
   •   Vision and Values (DUSA)
   •   Deakin University Student Association Enterprise Agreement 2003 (EA)
   •   DUSA HR policies (DUSA Staff)

Additionally, DUSA is bound by a variety of Victorian and Commonwealth
legislation, the most pertinent of which are detailed below.

   •   Equal Opportunity Act 1995 (Vic.)
   •   Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 (Vic)
   •   Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Aust.)
   •   Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (Aust)
   •   Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Aust)
   •   Equal Employment Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999
   •   Work Place Relations Act 1996 (Aust)
   •   Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Aust)
   •   Racial Hatred Act 1995 (Aust)
   •   Affirmative Action (Equal Opportunity for Women) Act 1986

4. Principles

4.1 We demonstrate openness and fairness in all our dealings with

   •   DUSA staff and elected student representatives perform the functions of
       DUSA in an impartial and professional manner.
   •   DUSA maintains a policy of transparency of process, and is openly
       accountable for its actions, within the framework of management
       accountability, to the DUSA Board, the DUSA Executive, and the members
       of DUSA through the DUSA Representatives.
   •   We act with care and diligence in the course of our DUSA work

4.2 We recognise and value the contributions made by people to DUSA.

   •   We affirm the professionalism of our colleagues and DUSA representatives,
       trusting and empowering them to work constructively for the well being of
       the DUSA community.
   •   We have a strong commitment to the principles of intellectual freedom.
   •   We respect the intellectual property rights of members and staff.
   •   We recognise and respect, although we are willing to question, established
       obligations, systems, policies and procedures.
   •   We encourage and acknowledge a range of contributions that support our
       values and principles.

4.3 We respect the essential dignity of people.

   •   We respect difference and welcome creative or alternative viewpoints that
       are discussed openly and with respect.
   •   We care for, and encourage colleagues, DUSA members, DUSA staff and
       community members in their professional pursuits.
   •   We encourage and support the education, professional and personal
       development of all members, representatives and staff.

4.4 We care for the social and natural environment.

   •   We ensure members and staff have the opportunity to become socially and
       environmentally responsible.
   •   We use our resources responsibly and actively seek to minimise or eliminate
   •   We encourage and value a safe, healthy and creative environment.
   •   We support the well being of communities, both local and global.

4.5 We value and support the right to privacy and confidentiality.

   •   All private information will be kept confidential, unless with consent or as
       required by overriding moral or legal obligation.

4.6 We avoid conflict of interest in all our dealings with DUSA and the

   •   We agree that a conflict of interest may occur when an individual’s
       personal, financial, political or other interests conflict with the performance
       of their official duties.
   •   We agree to avoid situations where there is, or may appear to be, a conflict
       of interest.
   •   Immediately possible conflicts (or apparent conflicts) of interest arise, they
       must be disclosed to a manager or member of the Board.

4.7 We ensure best practice in adherence to equity and diversity

   •   We respect diversity within humanity, including diversity in relation
       to: age; parental status; disabilities; gender; sexual orientation and
       gender identity; spiritual, political and social values; religious beliefs
       or activities; culture; physical features; and seek to provide support
       for this diversity.
  •   We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal land on which our DUSA
      offices are located.
  •   We acknowledge and regret the current and historical injustice to
      indigenous people and so have a particular concern to meet their

4.8 We value a harassment free workplace.

  •   We treat everyone we encounter with respect and courtesy, and without
  •   All members and staff of DUSA have the responsibility to ensure that their
      behaviours do not harass, threaten, bully, belittle or vilify others.

4.9 We work towards building a harmonious working environment in
which we maximise our professional performance.

  •   We maintain honesty, integrity and professionalism in all our work within
  •   We encourage staff, representatives and members to be personally
      accountable for their own performance and behaviour.
  •   We value, and encourage, teamwork.

4.10 We seek to support our members

  •   DUSA acknowledges that some members may need additional support to be
      able to participate fully in the DUSA and University community and gain full
      benefit from their educational experience.
  •   DUSA may employ staff and engage members to deliver non-academic
      support services such as housing, representation, advocacy and other
      various services to members.
  •   DUSA will foster a cooperative team approach to delivery of any DUSA
      support services
  •   DUSA will create a welcoming and supportive environment which is non-
      judgemental, and which offers encouragement and care.
  •   DUSA will seek to provide effective links between members and the Board
      and between members and the university.
  •   DUSA will seek to establish and maintain effective relationships relevant to
      member support needs with organisations external to the University.\
  •   To monitor the changing support needs of students and recommend
      suitable strategies to the Council of DUSA to meet these.
  •   DUSA will foster within members, an attitude of personal responsibility for
      their own decision-making.

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