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                                                       TheMichi-               sisted of  tours, give-aways, refreshments ingcompaniesindefiningtheirpathtosuc-
                                                   gan         Small          and a brief  presentation by Mayor, Pat cess.PaulArsenault,Chairof theRegion1
                                                   Business and               Scanlon,of Ishpeming.                           MI-SBTDCRoundtablesays,“Iampleased
                                                   Te c h n o l o g y                                                            thatMarquetteCountynowhastwobusi-
                                                   Development                                                                   nessresourcelocations.Improvedaccessto
                                                   Center (MI-                                                                   businessserviceswillensurethatstart-ups
                                                                                Michigan’s economic well-being by pro-
                                                   SBTDC), in                                                                   as well as existing businesses have every
                                                                                viding counseling, training, research and
                                                   p a r t n e r s h i p                                                         opportunitytosucceedinourcounty.”
                                                                                advocacy for new ventures, existing small
                                                   with Michi-
                                                                                businessandinnovativetechnologycompa-             TheIshpemingMainStreetstrengthens
                                                   gan Works!
                                                                                nies.                                           existingbusinessbyprovidingresourcesto
                                                   Board, Ish-                     MI-SBTDC Business Resource Coun-
                                                   peming Main                selingCentersprovideaone-stoplocation
                                            Street and the Lake             where current and future small business
                                                                                                                                  a clearinghouse for community activities
                                            Superior Commu-                    owners can receive assistance and advice
                                            nity     Partnership              and contain resources which include the
                                                                                                                                  viabilityof theregion.
                                            (LSCP), celebrated                latest in computer technology, hardware
                                            the grand opening                andsoftwareandanextensivesmallbusi-             “Theopportunitytoprovidecentralized
                                            of  a business re-               ness reference library of  hard copy books businessresourcesforWesternMarquette
                                            source counseling                 andpublicationstohelpentrepreneursplan County is part of  an effort to ensure that
                                            center on Thurs-                  orexpandtheirbusiness.                         local and prospective businesses have the
                                            day, January 17,                                                                   necessary tools to support their ventures.  
                                                                                    With regional, satellite and affiliate
                                            2008, from 9:00                                                                    WorkingwithMI-SBTDCandLSCPgives
                                                                                offices statewide, the MI-SBTDC net-
                                            am to 10:00 am at                                                                us access to regional and statewide ex-
                                                                                work positively impacts the economy by
                                            119 West Division                                                                  perts who can assist in a wide variety of 
                                            StreetinIshpeming.                                                                  areas,”saysDanMitchell,IshpemingMain
                                            The morning con-                                                                    StreetDirector.

         Page 2: Welcome to the UP, NORAMCO; Job Fair Assists McDonald’s in Hiring New Employees
         Page 3: Apprenticeship; Joel Schultz: Region 1 MI-SBTDC Director
         Page 4: A Place Called Jimmy John’s; Northern Michigan University & Marquette General Hospital Working
                 To Meet Industry Occupation Demand
         Page 5: The Up North Lodge: Bigger & Better; Assessments An Invaluable Hiring Tool; Community Events Calendar
         Page 6: Building Entrepreneurial Spirit with Manistique Schools; MI-SBTDC Region 1 Celebrates Succcessful Year
         Page 7: Arsenault Re-Elected Chairman of Board; Marinette Menominee Chamber Supports Business & Industry!

	                                                                                                            		            	           																																													Supplement	to	U.P.	Business	Today
                             	                                     Business	UP-Date	Spotlight	                                                                   Page	2	

                                                                    ity and the promise that together,          CurrentNORAMCOEngineeringprojects
                                                                    mutualgoalswillbeachieved.At            include: providing preliminary engineering
                                                                    NORAMCO Engineering, three                  study documents with capital cost estimates
                                                                    tenets have kept them strong and         to provide boat off-loading capability and
                                                                    growingsince1986;trust,profes-             screeningplantcapacityincreasesatthePort
                                                                    sionalismandperformance.                     Inlandsiteof O-NMineralsinGulliver,MI.       
                                                                         Experiencematters.Whenen-             TheyarealsoprovidingcompleteEPCMser-
                                                                     gineers have in-depth knowledge           vicesfortheCerettepeOreCopper-Zincmill
                                                                     of anindustry,theirabilitytocom-        expansionprojectof CayeliBakirIsletmeleri
                                                        municatewithclients,understandthescopeof            (Inmet) A.S. of  Caveli/Rize, Turkey.  The
                                                        aprojectandchartacourseforsuccessisin-            flow sheet includes semi-autogenous milling,
                                                        creased.NORAMCOEngineeringCorp.has                   two stages of  vertical milling, column flota-
                                                        builtareputationontheirexpertiseinprocess          tionandconventionalflotation.
                                                        and detail design of  mineral benefication,
       NORAMCO Engineering Corporation specialty materials manufacturing, industrial                     NORAMCO Engineering provided detail
    specializes in engineering design of  mineral mineralproductionfacilitiesandtheirrelated engineeringdesignservicestoimprovethere-
    benefication, industrial mineral, manufac- materialhandlingsystems                                 liabilityof theironoreprocessingplantsma-
    turedmineralsandrelatedmaterialshandling                                                          terialhandlingsystemsforSteelDynamicsin
    systems as well as expansion into the wood,     From project planning through project
    pulp/paperandplasticsindustries.NORAM-         management, NORAMCO is structured to
                                                                                                            Ferrominera in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela by
    COhasbeenservingtheirclientsinindustry,     providecompleteengineeringrelatedservices
    businessandgovernmentsince1986andhas         to clients in mineral benefication, manufac-
                                                                                                            vicesforthereliabilityupgradeof theannu-
    recentlyopenedanofficeinMarquette,Michi- turedmaterial,industrialmineral,heat/power larcoolerfortheFMOpelletplantincluding
    gan.NORAMCOEngineeringalsoprovides generation,pulpandpaperandmaterialtrans- developmentof anewdesignforanaircooled
    Asset and Energy Management consultation shipmentfacilities.                                      screed wall with contoured bottom to assist
    services.                                               Over time, they have developed specific with pellet cooling efficiency, installation of 
       ThebasicphilosophyNORAMCOandits proceduresthattheyapplytoallaspectsof a watersealsinlieuof sandsealsandreplace-
    employees follow is that any successful rela- project,nomatterwhatitsscope.Thisproven mentof themovingwallswithprefabricated
    tionship, whether it’s personal or business- approachhelpsensureconsistency,qualityand refractorylinedwallsections.
    related,isbuiltonhonesty,integrity,reliabil- costcontainment.
                                                                                                                                        (Continued on Page 4)

                                                            Priortotheopeningof thenewstore,Len           project, they went above and beyond all of 
                                                         Kasten,HumanResourceManagerforKilian                myexpectationsasabusinesspartner,”Kas-
                                                         ManagementServices,Inc.,visitedtheDick-              tenraved.“MichiganWorks!wasextremely
                                                         insonCountyMichiganWorks!ServiceCen-                 accommodating as to the use of  their facil-
                                                         terforguidance.Tentofifteennewemploy-             ityandwasveryflexibleastothedatesand
                                                         eesneededtobehiredpriortotheopeningof           timeswecouldholdopeninterviews.”
                                                         dlethevolumeexpectedof ournewlyrebuilt
                                                                                                                   stop job fairs are designed for the business
                                                                                                                   to accept applications, host open interviews
                                                             Michigan Works! Human Resource Spe-               and potentially hire employees in the same
       KilianManagementServices,Inc.,current        cialists, familiarized Mr. Kasten with the          day.  Due to the high turnout of  qualified
    owner of  the Iron Mountain McDonald’s,        business services provided through Michi-             candidates, McDonald’s was able to hire 35
    builtabrandnewfacilitythisfall.Thenew      ganWorks!,andsuggestedajobfairbeheld             newemployees.Kastenwentontosay,“The
    facility is ultra-modern with an older chil-   a month before the new building was com-           Michigan Works! Human Resource Special-
    dren’s play area that includes video games    plete. “From the time of  our first meeting       istswereinstrumentalinthesuccessof this
    andafoosballtable.                             lastsummer,throughthecompletionof the              project.”

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                              	                                            Business	UP-Date	                                                                              Page	3	

                                                                        tradesassociatedwithconstruction               Apprenticeshipprogramsareunderthesu-
                                                                        or manufacturing, but there are            pervision of  a journey level or accomplished
                                                                        many fields for which an appren-           individualwhohastheskillsandexperienceto
                                                                                                                        instruct the trainee in all facets of  the trade.
                                                                        skills required for a successful ca-       An apprenticeship program requires a plan
                                                                        reer.                                         that contains all of  the terms and conditions
                                                                                                                        for the qualification, recruitment, selection,
                                                                           Sometimes referred to as the
                                                                                                                        employment and training of  apprentices, in-
                                                                        Other Four-Year Degree, an ap-
                                                                                                                        cluding such matters as the requirement for
                                                                        prenticeship is a combination of 
                                                                                                                        a written apprenticeship agreement.  Regis-
                                                                        on-the-job training and related
                                                                        classroom instruction through
                                                                                                                        withtheU.S.Departmentof Labor’sOfficeof 
                                                                        which workers learn the practical
                                                                                                                        Apprenticeship Training.  The parties to the
                                                                        andtheoreticalaspectsof ahighly
                                                                                                                        apprenticeship sign a written agreement that
                                                                                                                        outlines the terms of  training, including the
                                                                        programs are sponsored by joint
                                                                                                                        specificoccupation,hoursof on-the-jobtrain-
                                                                        employer and labor groups, indi-
                                                                                                                        ing,hoursof relatedclassroominstructionand
                                                                              Apprenticeships began in the
                                                                                                                        egy that produces highly skilled workers to
    (Photo	Courtesy	of	Northern	Waters	Photography/Sean	Depuydt)          Middle Ages as a way for skilled
    Will	Carne		                                                                                                        meetthedemandsof employerscompetingin
                                                                          craftsmen to control who entered
    President		Michigan	Works!	The	Job	Force	Board			                                                                   aglobaleconomy.Itisstandards-based,with
                                                                                                                        training generally ranging from one to six
                                                                          of suchcraftsmenwhobandedto-             years,dependingonthecomplexityof thejob
                                      What do these
                                                                                                                        and the needs of  the program sponsor. Most
                                  careers have in com- gethertoensurethatthetraineeswereprop-
                                  mon? Roofer,  Nurse erlytrainedandthattheyreceivedgoodwages
                                                                                                                        least 144 hours of  related classroom instruc-
                                  Assistant , Chef, Le- for practicing their trade.  This concept of 
                                                                                                                        tionforeachyearof theapprenticeship.Peri-
                                  gal Secretary, Diesel trainingapprenticesisaliveandwelltoday!
                                                                                                                        odicevaluationsaremadepriortoeachof the
                                                                 ItistheOtherFourYearDegreeprogram              apprentice’swageadvancementstoassurethat
                                  Embalmer and Den-
                                                              anditistheonlyonewhichpaysthestudent.          progress is being made and attendance is on
                                                              Apprentices are paid wages while employers          trackforcompletion.
        Theyareeightof the900plusoccupations teachthemstate-of-the-art,real-lifeworkskills
    thatcanbeenteredthroughaRegisteredAp- toenhancecareersuccessbeyondthetimere-                              For more information, visit www.about-
    prenticeshipprogram.Mostpeoplethinkthat quiredtocompleteanapprenticeship.                              masci.organdwww.doleta.gov/OA,orcontact
    an apprenticeship only applies to the skilled                                                                JamesdeMercado,USDOLOfficeof Appren-

                                        Joel Schultz     inthattimeframe.Joellearnedof theopportu- videdtosmallbusinessownersandentrepre-
                                     has always had     nitytohelpothersintheirquestforentrepre- neursacrosstheentireUpperPeninsula.
                                     apassionforen-     neurship,andseizedtheopportunitytoshare
                                     trepreneurship.                                                              Joel,alongwiththeassistanceof partner-
                                     Priortojoining                                                          ing organizations, is continuously searching
                                     the Michigan            As the Director of  Region 1 MI-SBTDC, for ways to attract resources that will foster
                                     Small Business      Joel has had the opportunity to consult with growthwiththeintention of meeting allthe
                                     and Technol-         hundredsof clientseachyear.Heassistscli- demandforsmallbusinessservicesintheUp-
                                     ogy Develop-         ents in determining their needs for SBTDC per Peninsula.  “The newly formed partner-
                                     ment Center         services as well as partnering organizations’ ship with Michigan Works! has opened a lot
                                     (MI-SBTDC)           services,developsbusinesssolutionsandpro- of doorsandlentadditionalresourcestoserve
                                     team, he was       videsaccesstovaluablebusinessresources.         ourmission,”Joelstated.
                                     for about ten         Oneof Joel’smanyaccomplishmentsasthe    Thankyou,Joel,forallof thegreatthings
    years, and owned eighteen different ventures     Directorof Region1SBTDChasbeentocre- you do for entrepreneurs and small business
                                                           atepartnershipsthatenhancetheservicespro- ownersof theUpperPeninsula.

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                             	                                           Business	UP-Date	                                                              Page	4	

    NORAMCO(Cont’d From Page 4)                          APlaceCalledJimmyJohn’s
                                                                                                                                  nerof ThirdStreetand
        NORAMCO Engineering will continue
    to provide outstanding support to invalu-                                                                                CollegeAvenue.Jimmy
    ableironoreandsteelindustryclientssuch                                                                                John’semploys35peo-
    as Cleveland-Cliffs, US Steel, and Arcelor-                                                                              ple; a majority of  the
    Mittal.                                                                                                                       workers are NMU stu-
        NORAMCO Engineering’s President                                                                                        dents.“Ithinkwecre-
    and CEO, Dale Ekmark, commented that,                                                                                   ateawarmatmosphere,
    “Itisapleasureandawonderfulopportuni-                                                                                  afunplacetoworkand
    tyforNORAMCOEngineeringtoopenour                                                                                       a great place to have a
    Marquette Office. The wonderful staff  in                                                                               sandwich,” Dan went
                                                                                                                                  on to say. Another as-
                                                                                                                                  pect which makes Jim-
    insula,aswellasOntario.Welookforward                                                                                 myJohn’suniqueisthat
    torapidlygrowingourclientbaseandstaff                                                                                 theydeliver.
    in both Hibbing and Marquette. For more
                                                   experience. Certainly visual, with bright,      BasedonthepositiveMarquetteexperi-
    information concerning your engineering
    needs,pleasecontacteitherourHibbingOf-   well-placedlightingandstrikingcolors,but encesofar,JimmyJohn’smayhaveplansfor
    fice at 218-262-1093 or are Marquette Of-mostdefinitelyit’sthesmellof freshbaked expansioninotherareasof theUP.
    ficeat906-228-3800.”                         bread.Gourmetsandwichesaretheirbusi-            “We used Michigan Works! conference
       Michigan Works! is assisting NORAM-     ness.                                            rooms for our interviewing process, and it
    COwiththeirsearchforengineersandde-        “We opened at the end of  October this workedoutperfectly.Whenthetimecomes,
    signpersonnelbypartneringwiththeBay pastyear,andbusinesshasbeengreat,”re- wewillcalluponMichiganWorks!again,”
    de Noc Community College CAD depart-
                                                   portspart-ownerandManagerDanTexter. Danconcluded.
    ment, as well as posting current employ-
    mentopenings.                                 ThestoreislocatedinMarquetteonthecor-

         Anewcooperativeeffortisunderwaybe-             One year of  prerequisite courses is fol-
    tween Northern Michigan University and           lowed by two years of  respiratory class
    Marquette General Hospital offering stu-          work and clinical education. Students will
    dents an Associate Degree in Applied Sci-       thenbeeligibletotakethenationalcreden-
    enceinRespiratoryTherapy.“Wearevery           tialing exam given by the National Board
    excited about this program in partnership       for Respiratory Care. Students may opt to
    with Northern Michigan University and            continueforafourthyear,andobtaintheir
    it is an excellent example of  business and   Bachelors degree, which can be completed
    education working together to fill a need,”    entirely on-line. Classes for the School of 
    commented Al Hendra,  Assistant Admin-           RespiratoryTherapybegineachfall.
    and Chair of  the Upper Peninsula Health-          “Northern Michigan University’s work
    careRoundtable.                                      ontheUpperPeninsulaHealthcareRound-
                                                          table, the Job Force Board and its Career
       RT’s specialize in diagnosing and treat-
                                                          Connections Group is commendable,” adds
    ing disorders of  the lungs. From treating
                                                          Will Carne, President of  the Job Force

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                           	                                      Business UP-Date                                                                 Page 5

    The Up North Lodge; Bigger and Better
       The story of the Up North Lodge is a         bar, inlayed with “Woods of The Up North”
    long one, starting in the early 1950’s when     and its carefully crafted stonework.
    the lodge was first known as the Red Horse          On the first day of summer 2006, the        February 2 . 2008
    Ranch. It has survived a number of expan-       doors were opened to the new Up North           Love Affair
    sions and new ownership since that time,                                                        Where: Danforth Place
                                                    Lodge. “We were fortunate to retain almost      Time: Doors Open at 5:30 PM
    but perhaps the biggest threat the business     all of our original staff,” reports Sally. In   Cost: $75.00
                                                                                                    For More Information Call Delta County
    faced to its continued existence came in June   addition, the Up North was able to add some     Chamber of Commerce at 906.786.2192
    of 2005 when the newly refurbished build-       new staff with the assistance of Michigan
                                                                                                    February 6 . 2008
    ing was completely destroyed by fire. “Scott    Works! “Our Michigan Works! Human               Business to Business Showcase
                                                    Resource Specialist really understands our      UW-Marinette Fieldhouse Gymnasium
    and I decided that we needed to rebuild---                                                      Time: 4:00-6:00 pm CST
    we just couldn’t throw it away,” says Sally     particular needs and finds us the right peo-    For More Information Call Marinette
                                                    ple,” she went on to say.                       Menominee Chamber at 715.735-6681
                                                                                                    February 20 . 2008
       This time around, Sally and her husband                                                      Business After Hours
                                                                                                    UP Builders
    Scott decided that they wouldn’t be the only                                                    For More Information Call Lake Superior
    owners of the Up North Lodge. Along with                                                        Community Partnership at 906.226.8591

    new owners Larry and Eunice Bertocchi,                                                          February 21 . 2008
                                                                                                    Summer Employment Job Fair
    Roy Meni, Vince and Mona Jean Rose, and                                                         Where: Great Lakes Rooms, NMU
    Cheryl Wootton, the lodge gained new life                                                       For More Information Call JOBSearch at 906.227.2800
    and a new location; Serenity Drive & County                                                     February 22 . 2008
    Road 557 in Gwinn. A great new feature of                                                       Alger County Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner /
                                                                                                    Michigan Works! 2008 Alger County
    the log building is the 60 foot custom-made                                                     Business of the Year Award
                                                                                                    Where: Sydney’s Restaurant
                                                                                                    For More Information Call Schoolcraft Chamber at

    Assessments an Invaluable Hiring Tool for Systems Control                                       February 23 – March 1 . 2008
                                                                                                    National Entrepreneurship Week

                                                                                                    February 27 . 2008
                                                    attributes such as organizational skills,       Business After Hours
                                                                                                    Sponsored by: Michigan Works! The Job Force Board
                                                    problem solving and the ability to locate       Time: 5:00-7:00 EST
                                                    and process information, along with basic       Where: Location TBA
                                                                                                    For More Information Call Alger County
                                                    aptitude and employee reliability, will be      Chamber at (906) 387-2138

                                                    tested.                                         March 7-9 . 2008
                                                                                                    2008 UP Builders Show
                                                       Dan Davis of Northern Star Indus-            Where: Superior Dome, 1401
                                                                                                    Presque Isle Ave, Marquette
                                                    tries is pleased with their partnership         For More Information Call UP Builders at 906.225.1216
                                                    with Michigan Works! “The assessments           March 12 . 2008
       Systems Control, a division of North-        are invaluable to our organization,” he re-     Business After Hours
                                                                                                    Sponsored by: Michigan Works! The Job Force Board
    ern Star Industries, has linked with the        ports. “It gives us an excellent indication     Time: 5:00-7:00 EST
                                                                                                    Where: Location TBA
    Michigan Works! Service Center in Dick-         of the specific technical abilities that the    For More Information Call Schoolcraft Chamber at
    inson County to conduct assessments dur-                                                        906-341-5010
                                                    candidates actually possess.” The assess-
    ing their hiring process. An estimated 40       ments are scheduled to continue until all       March 15 . 2008
                                                                                                    Dickison Area Partnership “Puttin’ on da Ritz” Dinner
    to 50 workers will ultimately be hired to       positions are filled with skilled workers.      Time: 6 pm - midnight
                                                                                                    Where: Pine Grove Country Club
    join the second shift of production. Ma-        “Sometimes a resume and an interview            For More Information Call Dickinson
    chine operators and welders are the pri-                                                        Area Partnership at 906.774.2002
                                                    just doesn’t give us a complete picture of
    mary focus of the hiring.                       the actual skills a candidate holds; these      March 19 . 2008
                                                                                                    Upper Great Lakes Collegiate Job Fair
       The assessments will assist in identify-     assessments allow us to make better de-         Where: Great Lakes Rooms, NMU
                                                                                                    For More Information Call JOBSearch at 906.227.2800
    ing candidate’s knowledge and skills nec-       cisions in hiring, and ultimately produce
    essary to create a quality product. Worker      higher quality products.”

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                         	                                   Business UP-Date                                                       Page 6

     Building the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Future MI-SBTDC
     Region 1 Partners with Manistique Schools
                                                                                             ness of the economic importance of small
                                                                                             business and entrepreneurs to our commu-
                                                                                             nities. Presentations to local schools are an
                                                                                             excellent way to get the word out. We cer-
                                                                                             tainly appreciated the invite from Mike”
                                                                                              Mike Powers is an active member of the
                                                                                           Michigan Works! The Job Force Board Ca-
       Enhancing student knowledge about the developing of goals and objectives as criti- reer Connections Group and was presented
    world of small business owners and entre- cal elements for business success.
                                                                                           with the “Person of the Year Award” dur-
    preneurs was the topic of discussion at a
                                                  “I really enjoyed the time I spent with ing the Schoolcraft County Chamber of
    recent Region 1 MI-SBTDC presentation
                                               Mike and the students. It was refreshing to Commerce Spring Banquet held earlier this
    at Manistique High School. Joel Schultz
                                               see the drive and enthusiasm that the stu- year.
    provided a presentation to Educator Mike
                                               dents have, and it made me realize that the
    Power’s students on the business planning                                                 If your community is interested in MI-
                                               entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in
    process. During his presentation he empha-
                                               our youth,” commented Joel Schultz. “MI- SBTDC presentations, please call 1-800-
    sized the importance of planning and the
                                               SBTDC is committed to increasing aware- 562-4808 Extension 0.

    MI-SBTDC Region 1 Celebrates Successful Year
                                                                                             ships. Eric Beks, the Engineering Proj-
                                                                                             ects Manager for the Lake Superior State
                                                                                             University Prototype Development Cen-
                                                                                             ter, has agreed to become a part of the
                                                                                             consulting team for MI-SBTDC Region
                                                                                             1. This growing relationship began with
                                                                                             MI-SBTDC agreeing to partner in the
                                                                                             delivery of service for LSSU’s Prototype
                                                                                             Development Center proposal to the 21st
                                                                                             Century Job Fund.

                                                                                                John Diebel is currently a Patent and
                                                                                             Licensing Associate, working in the Tech-
                                                                                             nology and Economic Development De-
                                                                                             partment of Michigan Tech University.
    Jim	Beauchamp,	Joel	Schultz	and	Lance	Wolfe	are	serving	the	needs	of	UP	entrepreneurs	   John will be offering an ongoing presence
    and	business	owners	by	providing	SBTDC	services.
                                                                                             in the Keweenaw area, and will be work-
       The Region 1 Michigan Small Busi-        performance expectations! In a review        ing closely with area MI-SBTDC partner
    ness and Technology Development Cen-        back and comparison to 2003 our region’s     organizations.
    ter (SBTDC) Roundtable Advisory Group       performance categories are at all time
    recently celebrated its performance for     highs,” commented Paul Arsenault, Chair      “We are looking forward to our con-
    the year 2007. The SBTDC finished the       of the MI-SBTDC Region 1 Roundtable.      tinued partnerships across the region,”
    year strong, creating 306 jobs, retaining                                             added Joel Schultz, Regional Manager.
                                                   The MI-SBTDC of Region 1 is fore- “In 2008 we will be continuing to expand
    79 jobs, starting 78 new businesses and
                                                casting another successful year by adding the offering of our products and services
    obtaining $14.5 million in capital forma-
                                                two extremely capable consultants, and across the region to enhance the success
    tion. “We are growing and exceeding our
                                                strengthening two excellent partner- of U.P. business.”

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                           	                                     Business UP-Date                                                           Page 7

    Arsenault Re-Elected Chairman of the Board
                                                   of the Upper Peninsula. The SCEA makes           instrumental in his success. This success can
                                                   regional policy for business and workforce       be directly measured through the economic
                                                   development in the Six-County area in part-      benefit to local communities as a result of
                                                   nership with Michigan Works! The Job             the $71 million in loan funds that his clients
                                                   Force Board.                                     have received over the past 15 years.
                                                      “Paul Arsenault will do great,” said Will        Arsenault has served on the Marquette
                                                   Carne who is the President of Michigan           County Board of Commissioners since
                                                   Works! The Job Force Board. “Paul not            1988. He currently serves as a Director
                                                   only serves on the Six County Employment         for Argonics, Inc., Chair of the Region 1
                                                   Alliance, he is also a Job Force Board mem-
                                                                                                    Michigan Small Business and Technology
                                                   ber and active in business community and
                                                                                                    Development Center, Member of the Ke-
                                                   economic development efforts across our
                                                                                                    weenaw Industrial Council, Charter Mem-
                                                   region. He knows and is very active in our
                                                                                                    ber of U.P. Business Capital, L.L.C., the
                                                   area’s business and workforce development
                                                                                                    Elks and past Chairman of the KI Sawyer
                                                   system. This combined with his knowledge
                                                   and background are sure to direct the SCEA       EDC. Arsenault is also the Chairman of
                                                   to success.”                                     the Small Business and Technology Devel-
                                                                                                    opment Centers, State Advisory Board, and
       Paul Arsenault of Marquette County            Paul Arsenault is President and owner          Member, Michigan Certified Development
    has been re-elected as Chairman of the Six of Concepts Consulting, Inc., a company              Corporation. He was recently appointed by
                                                  that specializes in assisting small business
    County Employment Alliance. The Six                                                             the Governor to the Council for Labor and
                                                  owners to obtain financing for “difficult-to-
    County Employment Alliance (SCEA) is a place” loans. Paul’s “can-do” attitude, loan             Economic Growth.
    board comprised of two County Commis- structuring expertise and his partnerships                  Arsenault currently resides in Ishpeming
    sioners from each of the central six counties with government loan programs have been           Township with his wife, Sandra.

    Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce Supporting Business & Industry!
                                                                            “This group is truly    ideas by bringing in successful entrepre-
                                                                        influential in charting a   neurs to tell their stories. A Small Business
                                                                        course for the future of    Council is also in the planning stages. “That
                                                                        our community,” says        group would be aimed at providing network-
                                                                        Mary Johns, the cham-       ing and learning opportunities for small
                                                                        ber’s Executive Direc-      business owners and managers.” A Wom-
                                                                        tor. “They are putting      en’s Business Network will be re-launched
      The Marinette Menominee Area Chamber down new roots, buying homes, rearing
                                                                                                    in January. The group focuses on network-
    of Commerce (M&M Chamber) has initiat- families and starting new businesses. It is
                                                                                                    ing and giving women the information or
    ed several new programs aimed at engaging our hope that they will help us maintain the
    more people in the community and enhanc- kind of community that attracts more ‘in-              the inspiration they need to start businesses
    ing the economic development process.                                                           of their own, succeed in their current posi-
                                                fluentials’ and is fertile ground for new busi-
                                                                                                    tions and lead healthier lives.
       The Young Influentials Network has re- ness startups. This program is really part
    cently formed, with a group of people in of economic development.”                                  Region 1 MI-SBTDC Counselors hold
    the early stages of their careers. Many are    An Entrepreneurs and Inventors Club,             business counseling sessions twice a month
    young professionals, some new managers, which began several years ago, is being re-             at the M&M Chamber. The energy and pas-
    others entrepreneurs. All want to enhance vived. Johns said the M&M Chamber hopes               sion the M&M Chamber provides in sup-
    the quality of life and work in the Menomi- to draw more creative types with business           porting small business development is ap-
    nee and Marinette area.                                                                         preciated.

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