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                           TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH
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                       Diploma of Printing & Graphic Arts
                             (Digital Production)

This course is ideal for people wishing to gain a broad and thorough knowledge of
Printing and Graphics Arts Industry; this certificate provides students with a wide range
of skills and knowledge to competently perform their daily operations.

By expanding on existing knowledge, participants will gain skills in typography, design
and layout, customer service, preparing files for print, scan image, image outputting,
scheduling basics and a range of software applications used in industry today. This
certificate would be useful for anybody carrying out graphic design tasks, pre-press
operations, desktop publishing or any production and printing position and those who
want to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform the duties of a
pre-press tradesperson. The participants will also learn about the major sectors of the
industry and new developments and techniques.

The participants will also learn how to collect, analyse and organize information to
communicate ideas, information to plan and organize activities. You will develop the
skills needed to work in a team, use mathematical ideas and techniques, problem
solving and the use of relevant technology.


Digital production controllers design layouts and assemble text and graphics into page
formats for using computerized typesetting and image assembly. Graphic Pre-Press
operators may perform the following tasks:

            Develop Visual Concepts
            Prepare layouts and finished artwork; choose type-size and style, line width,
            visual composition of illustrations and photographs.
            Manipulate images and type to meet production and design requirements using
            a variety of computer hardware and software.
            Produce and process photographic images.

Australian Centre For Scientific, Industrial Research and Training Pty Ltd

                         Build an Exciting and Fulfilling Career
                              Both Creative and Technical
      Electronically scan, separate and colour correct images.
      Prepare a variety of printing mediums including letterpress, offset lithographic
      plates, gravure cylinders and flexographic plates or blocks.
      Input, transfer, manipulate and manage electronic data for a variety of output
      devices including systems, scanners and multimedia systems.

Modules for specialization in a sector of the industry can be chosen. Career
Opportunities for work in pre-press sector of graphic arts industry can be obtained.
Applicable occupations to the course are:

      Graphic Designer
      Desktop Publisher
      Binder and Finisher
      Offset Printer
      Pre-press operator
      Pre-press technician
      Production controller
      Digital Application Assistants
      Imaging, Multimedia and Electronic Designer
      Self-employment, as sole traders or in small partnership firms.


Satisfactory completion of year 11 or equivalent, alternatively, mature age applicants 18
years and above with no formal qualification with work experience will also be admitted
on providing of appropriate evidence and documentation.

All the Local and International Students should posses a minimum IELTS score of 5.5
to demonstrate proficiency in English. If the student is unable to show this, the student
will be required to undertake additional English language support training at the School
of Language Services.

Good eyesight with normal colour vision and an interest in art and design is required.


The course offers a Diploma in Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital Production) after two
year of full-time study or the equivalent part-time.


Assessment is based on the elements, performance criteria, key competencies and
dimensions of competence.     Assessment methods may include the following

      Regular class sessions
      Group activities
      Case studies and problem-solving exercises
      Simulated Work Environment
      Presentations/ Seminars

              Build an Exciting and Fulfilling Career
                   Both Creative and Technical
      Workshops sessions
      Supporting audio-video sessions
      Written examinations
      Practical Activities
      Work-based Activities


The course meets all relevant criteria of the Victorian Office of Post Compulsory
Education Training and Employment and the Victorian Qualifications Authority
requirements. Graduates of this course may seek credits to the relevant Certificate IV,
Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree programs at Australian Universities.


This qualification is nationally recognized within the Australian Qualifications
Framework (AQF). The design of this program allows maximum flexibility of entry,
exit and delivery with recognition of current competencies policy to account previous
skills and experience learnt.

This qualification encompasses:

1. Mutual Recognition

 Please Note: AUSBATAR recognises and accepts any Australian qualifications
 framework and Statements of Attainment that are issued by other Registered
 Training Organisations (RTOs). Credit will therefore be given for modules or units of
 competency for which an original certificate or Statement of Attainment is produced.

 If you have successfully completed any units of this qualification at another
 Registered Training Organisation (RTO), then we will recognise this study as partial
 completion of this qualification. Please discuss this with your course coordinator.

2. Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC)/ Recognition of Prior Learning
  (RPL)/ Recognition of Informal Learning (RIL)

 Also known as Skills Recognition, this is the formal acknowledgement of skills,
 knowledge and attitude as a result of work/life experience or informal training. If you
 think you have already acquired the knowledge for any or all of the competencies in
 this qualification please discuss skills recognition with your course coordinator.

3. Flexible Delivery Methods

Alternative or Flexible Delivery Methods may be available. Please contact AUSBATAR
at enquiries@ausbatar.edu.au

              Build an Exciting and Fulfilling Career
                   Both Creative and Technical

To qualify for the award of a Diploma in Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital Production),
learners will need to complete Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Pre-
press) and Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Pre-press) modules
successfully together with completion of Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital
Production) modules:

   ICPSU216B         Inspect Quality against Required Standards
   ICPSU261B         Follow OHS Practices and Identify Environmental Hazards
   ICPSU262B         Communicate in the Workplace
   ICPKN311B         Apply knowledge of the graphic pre-press sector
   ICPMM263B         Access and use the Internet
   ICPPP211B         Develop a basic design concept
   ICPPP221B         Select and apply type
   ICPPP224B         Produce pages using a page layout application
   ICPPP225B         Produce graphics using a graphics application
   ICPPP252B         Output images
   ICPPP321B         Produce a typographic image
   ICPPP322B         Digitise images for reproduction
   ICPPP324B         Create pages using a page layout application
   ICPPP334B         Prepare an imposition format for printing processes
   ICPPP386B         Undertake digital proofing
   ICAB4135B         Create a simple mark-up language document to specification
   ICPMM321B         Capture a Digital Image
   ICPMM346B         Incorporate video into multimedia presentations
   ICPMM322B         Edit a digital image
   ICPMM344B         Manipulate and incorporate audio into multimedia presentations
   AUM2402A          Apply quality assurance techniques – Advanced
   ICPPP352B         Output complex images
   ICPPP311B         Develop a detailed design concept
   ICPPP421B         Compose and evaluate typography
   ICPPP430B         Manage colour
   ICPPP435B         Generate complex imposition
   ICPPP484B         Set up and operate automated workflow
   ICPPP385B         Operate a database for digital printing
   ICPKN320B         Apply knowledge and requirements of information technology
                     systems in the printing industry
   ICPPP485B         Develop a digital data template
   ICPPR481B         Set up and produce complex digital print
   ICPPR484B         Prepare for variable data printing
   ICPSU553B         Prepare production costing estimates
   ICPSU5843B        Troubleshoot and optimise production processes
   ICPMM491B         Create an extensible document
   ICPMM492B         Create an extensible style sheet
   ICPPP395B         Transfer digital files

              Build an Exciting and Fulfilling Career
                   Both Creative and Technical

Courses start the first Monday of each month (Flexible Starting Dates).


This program has been designed to provide students with a working knowledge. Every
effort will be made to make these programs as complete and as accurate as possible,
but no warranty or fitness is implied. The information in this brochure is intended as a
guide for prospective students. AUSBATAR reserves the right to alter or modify the

              Build an Exciting and Fulfilling Career
                   Both Creative and Technical

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