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					Dayspring and Nightfall
Author: He Qi Lin (Chinese man)
Seventh Chapter Dayspring and Nightfall
Hurricane alone with part of wilful presecution, affront to wall of metallike seaside stronghold as helpless called accompanier. One top of
tower of D.Land, a human warrior meeting gentle wind and looked over Sunshine sky. And turned to look forward Starfleet Land. There
was born place himself, is daysdream place. He’s very thirst for go back on the fertile soil of country, would able to take a mass of
soil throw out sky as before. But pity that in few centuries, V.Family still have strong power control there’s rich glebe. Open hands,
continued great crying for far way. The Purple battle armored threw off especial soil smell as his exciting feeling on body. Famous
freedom general Lamdorum who luck ran out from Starfleet Land while youngste that since started to strive for Starfleet Land’s
liberation. He has passed Hundred battles, a human hero. And Lamdorum’s feet steps where human freedom warriors of base area
in the freedom military. With better battle against to V.Family, Lamdorum used ten years to build an enormous size free city near D.L.
shoreline. There’re main living people almost freedom warriors who against V.Family. Free City area 350, established firm
metal stone wall, higher cannon towers, also have contain 10,000 battle ship sea pot. Near Free City many villages or thorps, mostly
living with crop food. Many many tabernacles, small houses such rain water over green Campagna.
Great sound usually brought freedom warriors attentions. A freedom fighter sat near campfire, was talking something with other freedom
fighters,“Ahey, We’re stay here have 10 days, why general still late to go free the Starfleet Land?â€
Other freedom warrior answered,“Don’t hurry, Fater. Generals taking, I think that will be soon.â€
Nater.Fater spoke,“I have came from earth full of 5 years here. Do you think I’m not hurry?â€
Fater asked body side a man,“Hey, Mr. Daobingwei, did you ask a good new about your sister?â€
Fuyi.Daobingwei no mood,“I have seek over every corner, no any key.â€
Fater had a pat Daobingwei’s shoulder,“Don’t down, going on, sure be found.â€
Daobingwei smile said,“Thanks Mr.Fater.â€
An ancient of China costume young had closing them, and greeting,“Excuse me, with politeness.â€
“Mr. QinXunSheng, didn’t say any more, take a sit.†One middle age man said.
QinXunSheng smile talked,“Thanks, thanks uncle Gena.â€
Fater asked,“Sometimes I don’t believe that, ancient man of Earth would dare arrived here ages, do you miss your country?â€
Qin touched on head, then,“I don’t remember the past events, since lost in this place, it’s very worry.†Fater wonder
said,“Y    ou’re right, many people as your forget a lot of past things.â€
Qin great gloomy mood, missing couldn’t controlled, spoke out,“Billow who’s beg,dingring foot mountain. Lost don’t
resume, moon lack bright wish…†People racily listened, together talked good. Gena took a dry wood threw into firepile, strong flames
drive down cold on Qin’s body. Sparking fire spill to their a half old combat coat, then suddenly jumping, then moment slaked. Uncle
Gena was turnning the big red potato at bar, hotting gas. Then softly a bit cut down a mass, and ate.
Loosely and not hurry said,“Now, we’re become a member of freedom military. So we should take cure of future. The occasion
isn’t clear, because of freedom military generals disagree in one view, so have too late late begin to total attack, that’s general
Lamdorum why blusterous of reason on city wall.†then with the big sweet potato bar pointed to top of city wall, then pointed to Starfleet
land’s way. Eating with talking,“Starfleet Land location in senter of Sky Col, end of south is resourceful Ancient God’s
Continent, general Lamdorum suggested to first capture the Continent, as way for military important supply base, not only attacking, but
also rest or living. And a part of D.H. nation chief of freedom military but thinking that first find a suitable freedome military base area in
the Ancient God’s Continent, with chart to big plan. And I usually think the Starfleet Continent shuld be first free place by freedom
military. There is very important battle plan place, always every nation of D.S. want to capture the target. Hundreds years ago,
There’s a human happyness living zone, because V.Family invasion, human nation such fall low step! However, if want to defeat
V.Family, We’re must capture Starfleet Continent.â€
Everybody cried at one time,“Uncle Gena right, We must capture the Starfleet Continent!â€
Qin said again,“Starfleet Continent at distance of same far-fling sea from Sunshine Continent. Base on the sky col, We may be
won’t wishes.â€
Gena a mouth bit again, then haha smile said,“Doesn’t matter, Mr.Qin. We’re invited Astro-Netureism warrior againt them.
We can use their science skills to help us to arrived Starfleet Land.â€
Fuyi.Daobingwei renew,“I went to Starfleet Land before last year, there’s guarding commander is V.Family B.general Aaroncou
of general Pinorbarwi, old opponent of general and a sturmbling blcok. May be we should deal with the man.â€
Fater said,“General Aaroncou well name broad over D.S. Because his army, V. Family also long time tyrannize in Starfleet Land.â€
Uncle Gena threw out serveal hot potato, everybody happy hold, then he’s continued talked,“That’s right, it’s certainly let
us down thing. But don’t forget our freedom military wasn’t guerrilla combat of military every places at ago time, now our power
are infection on everyplace of D.S. As long as we stick to faith, of course won’t lose!â€
General Lamdorum going on called Starfleet Land. He’s a patriot hero In the every freedom warriors eyes,. A freedom warrior had
closing Lamdorum,“General Lamdorum, D.H.nation and D.nation general please you go to military tent for discussion.†He
stopped, and answered,“I see, I’ll go back soon.â€
The genral tents established on a small sidehill where surrounding of freedom warriors tents or houses, countless firepile as land’s
firebugs on plain. Freedom warrior rest here for tomorrow battle preparing. General approach in general tents, just a soldier moving in,
then bethrew out again, and flap sound fell down in front of Landorum, ten and serveal commanders of nations are fury talking about how
to against V.Family. He’s supported him and order to leave, then first find a place and sat down, face that taking way is not easy end.
Sweep sights around, then asked a commander at side,“A.nation commander Terrading, have you see D.H.nation commander
occultfa?†Terrading replied,“General Landorum, I just come here, they’re may be coming.†Those words, occultfa come in
from tent door and said,“Finally you’re come here, I just a little thing go for a walk, so a little late, eveybody don’t mention,
heyhey.†Occultfa has strongback and tall, a lion brown hair, Die Hard mystery lette on forehaead, one suit of disregulation battle
armored especial show his outstanding and spirit fierce, it’s said that Occultfa like to put enemy general weapon and armored
occupied for himself, sometimes will had on body coat because adorned. He’s freedom captain…
He’s sat on the general chair and talked to everyone,“Nations hero generals! Thank your present to the meeting, this meeting
will decide to first attacking goal of freedom military. Ago, we’re talking about such as topic, but couldn’t made a decision…
long …time…, delay army occasion! Hope everybody can talking without limited, don’t want to fitful!â€
General Landorum first talked,“My suggestion have passed to everybody, I strong to need that first goal of freedom military should be
Starfleet Land. Because Starfleet Land location in center of Sky Col ocean, there’s hold-balance of military main position. I hope we
would considering with care, that Starfleet Land important effection at freedom military attacking path.â€
Occultfa asked one commander,“D.nation elder Dma, What are you thinking that?â€
Dma a bit moving crutch, said,“My those words, must be destory the nail of Sea Dragon, that can be faster run. General Landorum is
right in a kind of circses, but once my troops attack to Starfleet Land, Sea Dragon army may be deal with relieve the besieged by
attacking the base of the besieger. Suppose that circs happened, our armies will locat at middle of both enemy units. May I ask how to
capture Starfleet Land.â€
D.nation clan chief Pize called,“That’s good, We can’t do the such suffer losses thing. Demand win V.Family, you’re
young.†He’s again knocked on table, send out the ping ping pong pong sound.
A human commander couldn’t controlled himself, laugh talked,“Ayea, really no thinking chief Pize also can going or play the
drum, at the battlefield without lost. Ah~ah.†Suddenly provoke guffaw. Landorum side warriros want to talk, but he prevented with mean
Occultfa told to Pize,“Enough! Please everybody don’t this manner, listening this chief talk!†Elder Dma glance too, then
he’s stopped to act.
A.nation Terrading said aloud,“Waste the time of our that won’t an idea, I suggestion main goal to Starfleet Land, then both sides
attacking at same action time, that will be fine.â€
Netureism Flolamp with sympathy, asked,“Commander Terrading, please talk what’s good idea?â€
Terrading answered,“General Landroum matter fact, Dma too, Starfleet Land have to deal with will, but We’re need to watch up
Sea Dragon City’s intimidating. So I think that We should put up the confusion action both places, make suit confusion act, delay to
them attacking our units in effective, that we can be get enough time to capture Starfleet Land. But… the arrange of plan time I have not
100% holds.â€
Menbeca made up,“We don’t worry, Netureism have advancing spaceflight technology, must be make up everybody’s chink
on time.â€
Flolamp said again,“Not bad, our Netureism have battle to V.Family serveral thousands years in the history, very clear the point. At
this uprsing of freedom military, we bring Netureism strong attack and defense new style teel teeth battle fleets, I believe sure that with
the fastest speed to accomplish caputre Starfleet Land task.â€
Elder Dma up to talked,“Commander Flolamp, you only bring only only 350 steel teeth battle fleets, one of enemy fleet sizer than you,
may I ask you how to defeat?â€
Flolamp want to say, Menbeca first said,“Elder Dma is not bad, only only 350 steel teeth battle fleets have not enough expectation
ourselves. But don’t forget we also have Netureism elder Hesuner helping! Although has not appearance meeting here, but I
promise to everyone. When we’re total attacking, Netureism space fleets will delay V.Family astro-fleets, let us have enough time to
capture Starfleet Land in control. Once we’re occupy Starfleet Land, have at least power against to V.Family, So, please everybody
cooperate in one idea. I also think commander Terrading talked to point, should be make effective confusion both sides.â€
Occultfa shade talked,“That’s very good idea! Make confusion action, and attacking Starfleet Land, good idea! Hoha~! â€
Star lights brightly water land, everything likes so peaceful. Tomorrow, something will altered. Freedom military will uprising first total
attacking, the first statision great possibility at Starfleet Continent.Dayspring, Fuyi.Daobingwei glanced distance, suddenly recall one of
flash star because pity sisiter, he could not help to control suffering. There’s gun star, sister has lost there. For looking for sister,
Daobingwei spended 7 years at universe ago. Past years with wind and rain, but still appearance rainbow… a freedom warrior closing
to one Daobingwei,“Mr. Daobingwei, Uncle Gena call you go back because together, We’ll depart.†Sea mew skim through
cliff, as row to seaside. Countless freedom warriors were together in the wide seaside of pain. Fleet and fleet battle ship were snail
moving with clarinoes, ready to depart. Uncle Gena had dressed life vest, hands on waist, was standing in front of warriors, and proud
cried,“Brothers and Sisters, we freedom war has arrived to top occasion. Tomorrow, that way Starfleet Land will belong to us
(talking, and with middle fingers pointed to another side of sea. )â€, today begin to morning after dark. At that time, everbody
couldn’t worry that should how to live. We’ll have good days. As long as occupy Starfleet Land. This reason of together today!
Even if havey dark, we’re need to open big eyes! Task unsimple, almost same main army (people were surprise)! However, We
must assure the freedom military to pass Sky Col (people shocked and surprise again.) Don’t look down Sky Col, there’re living
V.Family in-law Sea nation below, they’ve strong army. But don’t worry too, With us (people start to difficult color face)! We also
have strong sea fleets, a great reputation sea robber Uncle Tidak captain, and his sea robber fleet. We’re only work is a capable
sailor! If need, open few guns is right (people final relax a breath).†Fater wondered,“Stranger, self feeling our seems does nothing
man, only sailor, such a bit fault.â€
One ship gently landing on check door of palace. Waken got off from ship and looked over surrounding, palace deffense clearly weaken
down, almost new faces. Fast step to check exit, a team captain went to ask,“Good afternnon, officer. Please show up your
cerfification book.†Waken answered,“Y please waiting a minute.†Team captain saw the book, with tool for checking. Sudden,
a police car arrived from sky, Hedite and Koene walked to safety door, want to speake, team captain have an inpatient to say,“Why
you again, yesterday I told you with clarity. Please go back, police officers. There’s our V.Family’s meeting. No invite no join,
please go back!†Hedite pretended to angry talk,“Doesn’t like manner. Empire many cases happened these days, our police
also very care V.Family inside queston. Wish you can let us join the meeting.†Team captain said, “Darned, are we figure out cases
ourselves?†Keone follow said,“Captain, Don’t annoy.†Waken aside asked,“Excuse me, team captain. Have you
question with my passport?†Team captain as inpatient, quick finish check job, told to Waken,“Thanks for your cooperation, you
can go.†Hedite as sweat talked,“Why he can go, Why we can’t go?†Team captain went to talk Hedite, Waken took a
chance go out the checking door, racket noise far to more far. Palace still magnificence, but pity has lost past energy and spirit vision.
Many places empty and no one, soundless. He’s act to lost way in the palace, straight deep of palace, with contract soldier
experience, fast throught out way and way of small roundabout road, final come to deep of palace. Still soundless and no one had
showed up in eyes. No guards, no anything moving, disenergy. Waken wondered,“Charle.Guan Ⅳ coupe former residence same
as before, bese on no difference place in looking, more than lone and quiet, didn’t say survey. May be after assassinate case
happened, the locale has cleaned. Also easy to here, must be another difference on way. Go out will be a good plan.†When he’s
along way back, Wintergun as ghost standed front him, frighten to Waken jumper than normal in heart. Wintergun looked in mind,
wondered to asked,“Captain Waken, long time no see. What’s wind blowing you’re here?†He’s compose
answered,“Today I’ll attendance to V.Family inportant meeting, the palace real bigger. I’m walking and walking, as lost way. I
felicitate to meet you, else possible I couldn’t attendence the meeting on time.†Wintergun said,“Thank you,Captain Waken.
The palace real huge. Here deep of palace, Charle.Guan Ⅳ former living-house.†Waken said,“Oh, I’m so sorry, I dare run to
here, How to do, I also hurry up to join meeting?†Wintergun answered,“Don’t hurry, commander, this way, follow me.â€
He’s already have another plan, even thinking Waken very possible to investigate murder cases of palace.
With Wintergun guided, Waken final came to the half moon meeting hall. Elder Gonggu and V.Family other people were talking about.
Gonggu does saw him coming, smile said,“Captain Waken, final come. Take a sit, please.†Elder Gonggu usually dress long long
gown, siting on suspend-moving chair go to acitvities in outer or inside of palace.
Waken said,“I’m so apology for you, just I lost in palace, so a bit late.â€
Gonggu smile said,“Doesn’t matter, never mind, We just begin to start. Unless you, also have some people still late. Find a
place and sit down.â€
Waken answered,“Thank elder.†He’s look around enviorment, closing half people have not seen before. Gonggu talked again,
“Waken, I introduce a man for you, this is V.Family military young officer PanZiNeng,just has graduated form D.S. War
Waken did a military salute, and talk,“Nice to meet you, Mr. PanZiNeng, I’m Waken, D.S. Rocks Starfields rubbishs bases
PanZiNeng young and handsome, eyes showed up especially bright. A suit silvery white battle armored more showed up his hero.
He’s saluted,“Nice to meet you too, Waken. I’m so glad to know you.â€
Gonggu continued,“Waken, that’s V.Family biology weapon master YuanSiBu. He’s bend head over at laboratory in the
years and moths. We’re few chance to meet him. Today fortune to appeare our meeting, also for Charle.Guan â…£ case.â€
Waken answered,“Mr. YuanSiBu, greetings, nice to meet you.â€
YuanSiBu said,“Y       ou’re welcome, we’re for V.Family.†Then introduced again,“That’s my student Diligencefi,
autoweapon expert. Come from royalty ancestry T.Family, is higher employee.†Diligencefi had dressed a suit white of frock, disorder
hair below high nose. He’s liberally standed, talked,“Thank you, Teacher Yuan, thank you Captain Waken. With family order
came to here for V.Family transition. I wish would got support and help from everyone in the stay time. Thank you.â€
Waken standed too, and kind shake hand, talked,“Hello, hello.â€
Gonggu continued,“That’s Ms.Bianna, general Bianjia daughter. She’s D.S. Electric Rocks Starfields rubbishs bases
Bianna saluted, said,“It’s better see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, commander Waken heroic outstanding, no
wonder elder Gonggu highly regard to you.â€
Waken hurry supplied,“Ms.Bianna overprise, I’m so touching. would able with Ms.Bianna to serving Six small Planets Zone for
V.Family as my honour.†Three minutes late, attendees saw Zuo Ge, Deco, Pinorbarwi were laugh talking and coming.
Elder Gonggu said,“There generals, good, take sit down please.â€
Ms. Bianna outface looked them, mouth mutter,“If elder over and over please, I look some one still at other side dissolute and
Pinorbarwi beated to council board, and shouted,“If I’m not looking on general Bianjia’s face , must be good straight
educate you.â€
Bianna made a ghost face,“Y old man don’t angry, more urge worse to body.â€
Zuo Ge want but couldn’t do, then stared to them,“Hu†a sound, compatibly said,“Ok, everybody keep silent, Don’t say
other, talk to topic!â€
Gonggo promptly make up,“Thanks for Wisedomer Gue Ge, That’s right, important topic.â€
Deco said,“Now we ‘re disoptimism in the V.Family in circs. Since Onhogo has dead, V.Family power suffered a disastrous
decline. Almost elite-warriors with Onhogo has been immolated at the Universe Empire Star battle, our strength lowing a lot. I thinking
that first get well to recruit job, firm to community stability of D.S.â€
Bianna said,“D.S. have many great immolated soldiers in the battle, who’s families all weep one’s heart out. Society
influence too big? I think that first get well to conciliation job, It’s good.â€
Pinorbarwi shouted,“Little girl, it’s not time to your intersay!â€
Bianna want to talk, Gonggu promptly detered,“Please everybody calm down, We’re talking topic, didn’t mump!â€
Pinorbarwi loosely closing the seat, did a stretch, say,“Ham, I listening elder talking, don’t care.â€
She’s eyebrows closing to together, throught,“V.Family because many guys as your bastard, result of murder to my father.â€
Open the eyes again,“Hum†a voice, then silent.
Elder Gonggu said again,“General Pinorbarwi and Ms.Bianna all right, recruit new soldiers is very important, but conciliation too.
Everyone have question?â€
Waken said,“I want to say some words.â€
Deco observed the young commander in eyes. Minded,“Gonggu Why find a captain here for discussion V.Family big cases? hold a
candle to the sun.â€
Zuo Ge said,“Talking please, Waken.â€
Waken said,“Thank you wisdomer Zuo Ge. Thanks everyone.â€
He’s continued,“According to the circs, We’re need to get well work is stabilization, strengthen border defense and imporve
insdier of public security problem. Just generals have suggeste as same. I only repeated.â€
Gongge asked,“Would you explain?â€
Waken spoke,“First we should get well to stabiliztion for society. Because V.Family in the Empire Star where great injured, D.S.
people’s morale rifeness low. In the case, We’re not only need to save up consciousness everytime, but also need to arm in arm
strive in a mind as better. And next is involved insider of country public security problem. Because V.Family worse than former in
people’s heart. The history educate us, prewar or afterwar in any case, society usually tend to instability. Assort with army and police
works are very inmportant. That will even more benefit social stability, prosperity.â€
Gonggu answered,“Waken right, creditably D.S. suggeston insignia commander.â€
Waken talked,“Not at all, Elder. For V.Family is our underling resporisibility.â€
Zuo Ge,“Ham, Ok, Waken good hope!â€
Waken thanked,“Thanks wisdomer Zuo Ge’s appreciation. Thank you very much.â€
Waken want turned to talking about Charle.Guan Ⅳ problem, Gonggu first talked,“Captain Waken, needn’t humility, I believe
you’re an action man.â€
Waken deglutition of a few saliva, alone said,“Thank’s elder Gonggu. Thank.†Pinorbarwi’s thought,“It’s no fancy
that boy isn’t simple, cunning than needlesharp little girl!â€
PanZiNeng still was sitting and silent, quite listen and attented to everybody talking. Elder Gonggu as discovered a point, asked to
PanZiNeng,“Mr. PanZiNeng, What have you suggestion?â€
He’s firm with right,“Captain is right, but have some questions. I want to make up, May I?â€
Gonggu said,“Talking without limited, We’re for V.Family.â€
PanZiNeng said,“G.I.M.E. is locate in civil war phase, I think overseas problems sould be deal well unless insider of country problem.
Because V.Family has lost in Universe Empire Star. Premier Liyidan is not great believer V.Family than former. And R.Family has
general Gui, must be become the most threaten family of Empire ten familys. We’re should be deal well this side of involved, only do
that can really consideration for all situation. Quite considering from V.Family benefits.â€
Gonggu said,“Thanks PanZiNeng’s supply, very good.â€
Deco next talked,“Great Ten Family only T.Family send science and technology group to here. Other cast V.Family behind back,
really darned. Recall to V.Family proud ages former. They’re faces such let me surfeit!†Meeting suddenly quiet down. Everybody
all considering something.
Faced to specially quiet people, Gongge said,“Now that if we’re keep places of question, it would be better to farther question.
Since Universe Empire Star battle, D.S. peace under first great attacking. And Netureism roles of freedom military increasing, become
our another eyesnail. As for G.I.M.E. V.Family of Ten Family that it’s necessity, earnest, entreat, urgent without stop problem. What
would you have an opinion with the problem?â€
PanZiNeng first said,“I have realize with the problem. G.I.M.E. only face to Galaxies Commonwealth and’s strong
alliance hands, we’re need to manage for days and days worse intrusion of Netureism. Netureism following empire civil war broke
out increase mightiness. There’re have a lot of rebellion starfields with Netureism shadow. When flames of war upgrade to one
phase, I believe enemy will use “Two Tactics Grasp†to accomplish real goal. The grasps will appear up to choosing effective in
win. Our enemy on side use bushfighting tactics destory and embarrass Empire government developping everywhere. Of course
including V.Family area. Another side they’re use, control some parties,organizations or religion for attach and intervene interior.
One hand grasp bushfighting to deal empire army, one hand grasp parties, organizations to control regime of Starfields everyplaces.
Thereby come true to defeat empire army, and establish new country. When we’re looking at whole words, undifficult discover
empire army now main enemy only regular army, but also may be some organizations or against-person, and they’re may be master
in destroy G.I.M.E. economy, and other developping factors. In a kind of degree, defeat G.I.M.E. economy is defeat powerful empire.â€
Zuo Ge likes understood to talked,“I identify with Mr. PanZiNeng’s idea. Netureism’s knife chop big tree against method that
usually give G.I.M.E. Ten Family uneasiness feeling. But, turn the words, How better to against and Windom’s union line?
May be we’re find a real and total heal convulsion of D.S. way.â€
Elder Gonggu turned to Waken,“What’s suggestion from Captain Waken?â€
Waken understood to the question will be ask to Mr. PanZiNeng. But didn’t his thinking. Hurry said,“Thank’s elder Gonggu
considering. And thanks everyone give a chance to me continue. Countries contest expect colligation national power, also have a point
need to special attention. That’s tactical important. With developping and progessing of words increasing, military weapon fly-
developping and devilishness power usually give people’s worry. These hold-blance power enough to destroy anyone existent
civilization word. But only from destroy angle depart to against opponents, bring ruin, also dark century coming, How better to against
and blance terrible military power? Weapon technology developping is never avoid, great size kill and wound weapon probably countries
or militarists and strategists attention thing in mind. Would ability to weigh weapon power way is only tactics, is not countries unstopping
armament and millitary power in the middle. Because when military power arrived to some dgrees, can better to exert functionary is only
tactics. Units can’t deal well to afterwar works, one of main reason is involved tactics handle. We could find inportant basis of tactics
contain weapon from G.I.M.E. some starfields at buristing armred rebellion.â€
After a moment, Bianna bolt out,“Three generals, have you what’s top idea? Does it gun planets?â€
Zuo Ge thinking,“Ae, the little child, with heart look down us.â€
Pinorbarwi shouted,“Good words they’re talked, We’re say any more! Else your talk!â€
Bianna pose like him,“Y old man, your first, I posterity, shoud be manner.â€
Pinorbarwi flames gas above a hole, shouted,“Y         ou…â€
Elder Gonggu hands a waved, laugh, said,“Ho,hoho~, OK,Ok, we’re considering for V.Family, who’s talked is same. The
war bring heave economy burden in the Empire starfields. Also our V.Family osculation, involved problem, everyone don’t forget
submit personal suggestion book tomorrow. In that time then put today involved problem over again, turn to standard orbit.â€
The meeting continued, till to middle days.
Waken went back to the royal guest room, prepare to necessaries for tomorrow meeting. The shades coming, big guest room well
lamplights. A shadow falshed at outside! He’s promptly called,“Who are you outside?†Black shadow intent made down voice,
told to Waken,“Waken, please get out here, your thing was discovered.†Waken first a surprise, glance moment then
asked,“Who’s bawcock outside, why spoke?†Black continued said,“If you don’t believe, quick know at fast, I advice
you get out here at once!†Waken talked,“Thanks bawcock’s regard, but I couldn’t depend you’re a sentence, then
gone. I also have meeting to open tomorrow, and I have not to do something.†Black shadow didn’t say any more, next is hurry
steps, Waken ask,“Who’s outside?†“Excuse me, Captain Waken, I’m WinterGun, also SummerAxe brother.â€
WinterGun polited. Waken put down works on hands, asked again,“Come in, please.†WinterGun and SummerAxe walked in the
mean time. Behind them is 2 team armored Royal Guards. SummerAxe go into with said,“V.Family great pay for you! Why hid
stealth into deep of palace?†Wintergun hurry supplied,“No! No! Captain don’t misunderstand, elder Gonggu call me to meet
you a things for conversation. Please don’t mind to brother SummerAxe, he still has the temper.†Waken seems discovered
something worng, force to say composedly,“Ok, Elder Gonggu called, I go!†SummerAxe ehanced to deep breath, then
said,“Captain Please!†Waken slow and loosely put down meeting data, then fast step out room, two team of Royal guards firm
gazed at him. Although besiged by round and round gurads, Waken without difference color on face, he’s knew depneded on that
only cloudn’t punish himself, Elder Gonggu sould be released him. While the group had passing one and one col, suddenly loud air-
alarm, defense fire were shooting to high air. A fleet straight risk into palace in fire, people very clear know Netureism battle fleet, fiercely
attack defat down the battle fleet, then fell down. Waken want to ask something, and surrounding with gun noise. A team of V.Family
soldiers were straight battle to Royal guards, Waken hurry looking for cover-point because avoided stray bullets. To stealth looked
V.Family soldiers, wonder surprised a soldiers as Colonel Veten, and he’s closing. Waken looked up, and asked to,“Hello, Are
you Colonel Veten?†Veten happy talked,“Y I’m! Waken, I come here for save you!†Waken sudden feeling serious things,
might be an enemy trap. Promptly talked to Veten,“Don’t say any thing first, fly out here then talk!†Wintergun shouted near
distance,“Captain Waken, What’s going on, What’s V.Family in your thinking?†Then said, aside Summeraxe brandish
gigantic axe, rushed on them, a strong heat power raid to their face, Waken and Veten hurry dodge. Gigantic axe flew out and dropped
down beside. With second rocks and dust flying upwards, the axe power force to land showed up many tree cracks, they’re fell by a
wallop. Summeraxe hands bone sounding, strong shouted,“Green Guy, keep back your life!†Salvage action soldiers speed shot to
Summeraxe. He’s hurry brandish another gigantic axe to blocking, bullets and laser bean as rain on his axe. Wintergun with sight,
fast speed to put up the twin guns attacked, rescuring soldiers one by one dying down. Venter hurry cried,“Seek out the cover-point,
collecting fire to the closest enemy!†Soldiers obey without slowing, strong cross fire, enemy’s action forced to cooling down. A
small airship flew out from ruin Netureism battle fleet, then went to Waken and others. The airship flying with shooting, guards under
assult of airship due to hurry up find a hidden place. Missile one after another fell down on heads of Royal guards, sudden bomb sound
over places. A soldier opened the exit module in the airship, said aloud, “Everybody come on!†Netureism battle fleet because
didn’t endure the air attacking, finally fall down beside of small airship, ground as earthquake thumber. Some of palace structions
became ruin place in minute because bounce of dropping fleet. Battle fleet detonation every parts, deep and strong smoke constinuly
emit from battel fleet. Waken and Veten took a chance in the confusion, fast step on small airship then flew to sky. A team of battle planes
after them. Because covering waken and others running. When airship through out the clouds, a lot of empire battle plane flood up, all
appearance to them, Waken shouted out. Veten put communication phone and talk to behind battle plane,“We’ll fly out the
aerosuphere, cover us!†Battle plane pilots order talked,“Y officer!†Battle plane shot up one and one guided missiles, empire
battle plane blasting in air. But empire battle plane too lot, when Waken and Veten dashed out D.S. Life Star, all following battleplane
have falling.
Waken final went back to rubbishs bases with Venter. And Bordear and Elder Holen and some people waiting in the planefield for safety.
Got off airship,
Waken straight to office,“Put†closed door, only talked a words,“Let me calm down!â€
Veten long breath, said,“Luck I heard they’re talking on his battle coat from the meeting on time, if late in step, Waken sure to
become prisoner, even I doubt our will involved that time.â€
Brondear said too,“V.Family person why so blackness!â€
Elder Holen said,“It’s capable to running out from tiger, is a good ting. Real wish this thing never happened again.â€
Steborg talked to Vente,“Colonel Veten should be calmness, the thing has step up, waken will covered revolting accusal, afraid you
and me couldn’t out on the way!â€
Veten way to D.S. and shouted,“This’s V.Family cabal, I never afraid to them, if else dare die in battle!†Hoen said,“I want
to look soldiers for injured?â€
Hofi said,“All right, soldiers very tired, with medicine-chest.â€
Hoen said too,“Me too!â€
Holen said,“Ok, you’re go.â€
Veten a bit shaked dust on body, unhurt. Total hang on plenty closing battle experience.
Brondear inpatient said,“Now the case pitch more after more complex, it’s dummy eating drug, never saying.â€
Steborg said,“If V.Family done is ture, Waken even jump into yellow river couldn’t clean up, only more after more yellow.â€
Elder holen said,“It’s fall low as the thing, everyone diseasy to run involved, We’re should good to sit down and talking about
how to deal future.â€
Brodear said,“Elder Holen, We should how to deal V.Family next trouble cases?â€
Waken silent and considering in the office, don’t believe will had those people such deal him in V.Family. That time, officer computer
sounded,“Hello, Waken, I’m Mr.Consciousness, Have you some free time to talk?â€
Waken tasteless answered,“Hello, Mr.Consciousness, straight words.â€
Consciousness said,“Although I’m a coder, but I have human feeling programme. Now your feeling, I understood.â€
Waken said,“Mr.Consciousness, when happening on this occasion, What do you do?â€
Consciousness said,“My database may be choose 4 things in 3,000 classes. Each thing are: Surrender, but innocence chance only
30 %; second, with some strengthen men for innocence, chance only 40%; third, color case, but possibility very few, because you and
Colonel Veten impertinence action, now D.S. people knew; fourth, to rechoose a new road, however innocence or yes, fast sword cut
confusion. With your power, successful rate above 50%.â€
Waken asked,“Do you think general QuQing will be choose that which road?â€
Consciousness answered,“According to his particular information, undifficult deduce to approach reality result, with 80% choose
Waken’s thinking were impatct himself one and one, no stopped. What should I do, to service for V.Family that it’s hand over to
sea last time, gone for ever. V.Family people must be look him as rebel, especial in this conditions.â€
Sudden, knocked sound from outer of door, a soldier said outer,“Report to Captain Waken, V.Family fleets are going to the rubbishs
bases, please order!â€
Waken lyin on sofa, said,“Let me calm down, go back first.â€
Soldier silent, then straight to kick out the door, soldier fast into officer, with thunder scatter gun. Waken feeling not good, miss
out,“Who are you?â€
Soldier put down the armet, showed up gold hair, sure be a lady, a crasher. Lady said,“My name’s Hanice, V.Family hero spy.
With V.Family name judge you’re death penalty!â€
When over, the gun straight shooting string and string bullets. Waken hurry find place to avoid, the bullets blasting behind his back, put
whole sofa became a pile of trash. Waken set teeth himself, eyes emit angry fire and asked again,“Who ever are you?†She
continued to shoot him, bullets strike to officer as thrash. Gun sound arose up all people’s attention, brondear with a group of
soldiers rushed to officer. One bullet shot on Waken’s left hand, pain cried, She’s shooting faster. Suddenly there is opened a
hollow of top of office, cataclasm ceiling were flying. Waken seems looked a strong man fast jumpped down, with body ward all bullets,
body clothers sudden broken up. Bare out metal skin. She’s put up the minibomb, fast threw to Waken, but stranger steps stop her
on the way, a fist beat her out office. Hanice’s hand hold the bomb that will be blast, strong man hurry grasped it, and speedly threw
to sky. The bomb such smoke flower missile were exploding huge bomb on sky! Emblaze whole rubbishs bases. Strong man saw
soldiers closing here, and ran to anotherside of office, talked to Mr.Consciousness,“Mr.Consciousness. I’m Megalith.
Accomplished task, first gone.†Then with flying speed running in the rubbishs bases, disappearance, only leaved rolling dust fog on
had passed feetprints.
Colonet Veten soon order to soldiers took the lady into prison. Pass the breaking case, all knew up 70, 80%. Brondear closing
unconsciousness Hanic, carefulness observe, then talked,“This woman looks like a V.Family killer, I saw her before in the V.Family
area. He could escaped a disaster, luck to the mystery man.†Elder holen and hofi promptly woke up the diswill Waken with salvage
action. Soldiers all very angry, whole rubbishs bases covered emotion on the rack.
Elder Holen was careful to bind up wounds on Waken’s hand, said,“Injured is not very hurt, will be fast health.â€
Brondear thanks,“Thank elder Holen, I never think the thing will fast coming. I considering V.Family have an early malice.â€
Veten asked again,“So then, who will be next?â€
Steborg said,“V.Family assassinate action fail, must be send person to kill Waken again, may be use other method place him in a
Elder Holen slowing standed,“Up to that time, We’re sure no escape.â€
When Waken woke up, that is 5 hour late, Consciousness had seem waken standed, talked,“How are you? Waken.â€
He’s enduring body pain, sat down on bed, said,“I’m fine, thanks Mr.Consciousness’s save for my life.â€
Mr. Consciousness talked,“I’m belong to rubbishs bases same as a memeber, I ought to.â€
Veten and others were bargaining how to deal V.Family case.
Consciousness said,“V.Family send people kill you, probably because scare something, therefore want to uproot you.â€
Waken talked,“Really little does thinking, I work laboriously for V.Family, the pay such that! If I wasn’t a contract soldier, my life
couldn’t saved!â€
Consciousness said,“Reality as that, some people get a goal by every kind of means.â€
Waken was considering, just if no one ward front of him, now dead in unknow.
He asked,“What should I do for right?†Consciousness told,“I have a book, you may be like, because the book can give
difference people difference eductaion, especial under much environment.â€
Waken said,“What kind of book?â€
Consciousness said,“That’s an ancient book serveal ten thousands years ago. The book name’s Universe People, and the
writer is a chinese HeQiLin, HeQilin’s Universe People science fiction colligate series novel total tens of books. Unless first chapter
and final end, other each telling one or two legend per a book, Technicality, work of art, amusement and education go into together, very
Mr.Consciousness said again,“Because these books, My creater got an enlighten, made me and Megalith, he’s a talent
scientist. For keep identity. I promised to never giveaway creater important news to anybody. Only this way would better accomplish his
task with hands. My creater hope some heroes or ideals person can capable continue to order of words, when world under the utmost
confusion. This’s main reason and goal why Mr.Megalith and I exicting in the world too. We’re conviction and guardianship in his
faith, although creater’s wish may be closing unreality. Wish the books would give you a new hope.â€
Waken with guade of Mr.Consciousness opened ancient lock box system.
In the Starfleet land, freedom warriors were united for a landing battle. Sky and sea increasing murky gray, half of seaside deffense line
full and congest deepping flames or smokes of war. Netureism battle planes were act an air to ground bomb action. In the sky of
Starfleet Land. One and one terral bombes again and again dropped in defense battle-line. After blasting, many huge chasm from
ground. Under Netureism cover, main freedom army final closing seaside. Hero dark horse howl coulds of spaces, a warrior proud
standing on horseback, didn’t stop brandish arm with hand, amuse battle horse trample tenderness sandbeach, rending sky of shout
assemble then roaring. General Lamdorum first rode a robot horse step on defense line, lead warrior strive courage progessing, million
freedom military as speard sky and cover land flood to Starfleet Land. V.Family arranged a lot of astro-fleets for reinforce in the land, but
Netureism Elder Hesuner fleets prevented their way, both till to furious spaces battle.
General Qu Qing took the confusion occasion, decidedly announced to D.S. that the loyalist E Family of V.Family established. Even
announced with Charle.Guan Ⅳ’s 2 years son name’s to E Family Second Legality Successor (E Family First Legality
Successor is General Qu Qing), and got supported from some of V.Family army. Then recapture a great Zone of V.Family area near Sea
Dragon City, and started up small size contest battle to V.Family.
And freedom military confusion action step by step grading, due to Sea Dragon incapability to dispatch army because self saved.
Starfleet Land whole separate succor. Only one day, Starfleet total fell into freedom military in charge of hands. Freedom warriors
standing on shoreline, again, again cheering and jump, there were human fairyland final liberated by freedom military. General
Lamdorum was leading freedom military go into importance stronghold of land in the people cheering : Discussion of Sky City.
While Starfleet Land fell down, D.S. every area one after another sprang up rebellions and uprisings, whole Life Star got into civil war.
V.Family no power control disintegrating complexion, D.S.Civil War ages coming.
The setting sun again inlay short goldsides on all of rubbishs bases, breathing, blowing, striving people. Office had not waiting to nigh
shades, also lamplights brighting. Another side of square, huge sky screen still days and days news D.S. everday things. Waken only
use 3 hours read over the book, an idea appearance in mind. He’s not care to body’s suffering, took the gun a lameness a limp
to highpace of square. Soldiers and works quickly together under called, square as thickly dotted standing people. Waken stepped on
an aerocraft from high place. Leisurely rose up sky of square. He’s with power speeched,“Soldiers, fellowmen, D.S. still passing
a great war storm. That will be kill us, even our families and friends! Y esterday, you had seen fate from me! My wound because I strive
for, We’re Why hard working in the rubbishs bases? For what? For beatific life and beautiful future! Now, everybody know, D.S.
under deep water and heat flames, empire can’t stop to civil war forever! Y families and friends still struggle on death and life
edge, what’s beautiful life can talk? Also what’s peace and developping? Rich money so what? Now! with two roads on your
face. One road is going back D.S. home. This way full of danger, life even killed, What’s about future can considering? Another road
is with me, for liberated D.S. to striving, to battle! Better than dead in stinking raceway! Warriors! Landsmen! For beautiful future, I need
everybody for tomorrow home, We’re solidarity, take courage to against war! For D.S. real liberation to battle! Battle!!â€
Mr.Brondear and Veten fllowing shouted,“Solidarity, take courage to against war!†Soldiers inch by inch high sound, the voice
down and uprising over rubbishs bases,“V.Family down!†“Courage against war!†“Battle for myself!†“Waken long
time!†“Peace long time!â€
Waken standed on high and high top of airship, looked over feelings of the masses billowy warriors in the square, very exciting feeling,
said aloud to sky,“Turquoise stand for vital land; sky bule stand for H.Family never cease stepps, as sky affectionateness embrace
continent; yellow metal stand for sunshine orbit, carrying D.S. against all seas run dry and the rocks crumble; navy blue stand for
immensity universe, boundless starfields-power are D.S. fellows forever.
With all warriors name to announce H.Family established! Henceforward, We’re gallop universe hero family! Hero Family long time!
D.S. long long time!â€
Soldiers order shouted,“H.Family long time! D.S. long long time!â€
Other people rose up fist, said aloud,“For H.Family! Long time! Long long time! â€
Waken had shot to sky, gun sound continuslly louded up over bases, warriors after warriors threw away V.Family symbol of armet on
head, some people even drew up a H letter on head.
Elder Holen exciting, old tear with great ease, talked aloud,“Very well, good! H.Family long time!†Steborg exciting light up
firebrand, ceaselessly brandishing… Waken at the empire civil war, in the D.S. Starfields great rubbishs bases, with Mr.Consciousness,
Brondear, Veten and some people assisting, with 50,000 soldiers upholding, and above 100,000 workers holding, announced H.Family

Twilight Spirit’s Sinfonia’s End
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