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        Step into
       Your Future
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             R ave Reviews

    “Powerful, perceptive, practical. A must-read for those
serious about business success.”
                              Crystal Jonas Bevans, author of
              The Power of Purpose: The Art of Living in Excellence

    “This is inspiring stu ! Having been in business for over
6 years, it’s great to get help in going back to the basics to give
my business (and me!) a shot in the arm!”
                                  Jennifer J. Berkley, Owner

    “This is the best resource I’ve run across for getting and
keeping yourself and business on track. Staring with chapter one,
it captivates your attention and keep you thinking. Rosemary
does a remarkable job of enabling business owners to quickly
and easily zero-in on roadblocks that can be leveraged to create
greater personal and nancial success. No matter what stage of
your business and current level of success, this book is a resource
every business owner can reference to drive clarity in their
business purpose.
                                           Susan Felix, Owner

     “I wish I had read this book 15 years ago when I started my
  rst business. I might not have struggled so much. Aside from
being a book that is a delight to read, Rosemary’s process is
easy and sound and will help produce a vision towards success.
Look out, Corporate America! Women entrepreneurs are going
to blossom and grow and, undoubtedly, change the corporate
world for the better.”
                         Ursula Kuehn, EVP, PMP President,
                                       UQN and Associates

    “Peter Drucker said, ‘Good results without good planning
= good luck.’ Step Into Your Future: Businesswoman’s Path to
Pro ts enables you to free your business from the vagaries of
luck using sound methodologies that, if implemented, will pave
the road to your success. Rosemary Hossenlopp has succeeded
masterfully in creating an understandable and useful tool for
creating your future.”
                          Ian Jacobsen CMC, FIMC, Author,
                                    Leadership at Your Fingertips
                                          Jacobsen Consulting

    “As a business writer and owner of a marketing company,
I am always looking for ways to improve my current business
practices and raise the bar of my own success. “Step into Your
Future: A Businesswomen’s Path to Pro ts” has helped me gain
clarity in regards to my business identity and goals. The book
is lled with strategies that anyone can use to create dynamic
business and nancial growth.”
                                   Rhonda Ryder, CEO.

    “This is the de nitive guide for women to brand a business
and create a mission and vision to build top long term sales. Its
clarity makes it readable and doable.”
                                          Judy Cullins, Author
                       Write Your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!

    “A remarkable book for entrepreneurs! The Powerful
Planning Exercises were especially helpful. Use this book to get
breakthrough results.”
                                  Denise Lindvall, Owner

    “Rosemary Hossenlopp is one of the most articulate and
inspirational communicators I’ve ever met. Over the past several
years, I’ve come to respect and trust her clear-headed advice in
the eld of organizational planning and personal development.
Now, Step into Your Future makes Rosemary’s transforming
insights even more accessible. This one is a winner.”
                     David Cannistraci, PhD. Senior Pastor,
                    GateWay City Church, San Jose, California

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      Table of Contents

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ............................................................. xiii

AUTHOR’S NOTE ...........................................................................xv

INTRODUCTION ....................................................................... xvii

     Chapter One
     What Is Your Dream Business? ............................ 3
     Improve your sales by understanding where you’re going.
     Identify your ideal life. Understand showstoppers to success.
     Turn o the voice of self-doubt and say, “Yes, this is what I was
     made for.” Don’t feel embarrassed because your business doesn’t
     make you money.
     Chapter Two
     Catch Your Business Vision on Paper .................. 21
     Present the best “you” to the client to win more sales.
     Understand that you are your business brand. Actually take a
     vacation because you have the cash ow. Don’t feel dumb at
     business events when you can’t communicate your product or
     service well.

     Chapter Three
     What Makes Your Business Stand Out
     from the Crowd? ............................................... 39
     Discover personal and business values that attract clients.
     Identify your business priorities. Then you won’t worry about
     the supposedly urgent, but not critical, things on your to-do list.

  Chapter Four
  Call Out Your Business Reason for
  Being on Paper .................................................55
  Create a clear picture in clients’ minds of how you serve them.
  You’ll feel ten pounds thinner and several inches taller when
  you know your plan of action. You won’t wander o on less
  important things and give up the success that you would have
  had if you’d stayed on track.

  Chapter Five
  The Truth About Your Time .............................. 67
  Identify key activities needed to increase revenue. Understand
  the truth of how to get things done. Don’t work on time-
  wasting activities that can be outsourced or delegated.
  Chapter Six
  Create a Moneymaking System ..........................83
  Increase your con dence in communicating the results you
  want. Create a moneymaking model to understand your
  revenues and expenses. Don’t get overwhelmed with math stu
  like pro t and loss statements.

  Chapter Seven
  State What You Want .......................................95
  Recognize activities that suck away all your pro ts. Discover
  how to make key activities measurable. Don’t be vague about
  the results you want.
  Chapter Eight
  Plan Your Business Results ............................. 107
  Con dently share with your friends when you’ll own that
  new beach house you’ve been dreaming about. De ne key
  operational measures for your business. Don’t lose your business
  or use up your savings and home equity loans.

    Chapter Nine
    Key Steps to Constructing Your
    Moneymaking Plan ......................................... 117
    Learn to go quickly from idea to cash generation. Create the
    “bread crumbs” for the trail so your sta and vendors can
    duplicate and implement your best practices. Follow proven steps
    in creating a plan for critical business activities. You won’t get
    frustrated with this planning stu that you aren’t good at.
    Chapter Ten
    Remove Your Obstacles .................................. 131
    Transform your business through ongoing evaluation of your
    blind spots. Your capacity to plan and implement your Personal
    Business Plan will directly lead to more business and pro ts.

CONTACTING THE AUTHOR ................................................ 143

IMPACT THE WORLD! .............................................................. 145


   praise God for directing and keeping me on this journey. I
   am also deeply grateful to the wonderful consulting team
that I met at Management Concepts. You all inspired me and
encouraged me. I am deeply grateful to you.

           Author’s Note

       his book is designed to provide information on business
       planning. It is sold with the understanding that the
publisher and author are not engaged in rendering legal,
accounting, or other professional services. If legal or other expert
assistance is required, the services of a competent professional
should be sought.
    It is not the purpose of this manual to reprint information
that’s otherwise available to small business owners and
entrepreneurs, but instead to complement, amplify, and
supplement other texts. You’re urged to read all the available
material, learn as much as possible about starting and managing
a business, and tailor the information to your individual needs.
    Every e ort has been made to make this book as complete
and as accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes,
both typographical and in content. Therefore, this text should
be used only as a general guide and not as the ultimate source
for running a small business. Furthermore, this manual contains
information on small business planning that’s current only up to
the printing date.
    The purpose of this guide is to educate and entertain.
Rosemary Hossenlopp and Personal Business Plan Group shall
have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity
with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to have
been caused, directly or indirectly, by the information contained
in this book.


D      o you have a business, but have a dirty little secret: you
       aren’t making money, or you aren’t making the money
you know you can? Forty percent of women business owners
aren’t making money. The other 60% of you may not have the
revenue you want.
    I wrote this book because I wanted to punch through to the
next level. It took the help of advisers and mentors to create a
successful business. I want the same for you too. This book is
advice especially for you, the small business owner, entrepreneur,
and professional services consultant. Change how you think
about your business to take it to the next level. You will:
•   Build a moneymaking system
•   Gain exponentially bigger business results
•   Increase your in uence by working on “Brand You”
•   Attract clients and increase revenue
•   Think bigger for bigger pro ts
   This book is written for a businesswoman like you if you
have any of the following qualities:
•   You dislike big, fancy business plan tools and you want a simple
    way to nd the activities to focus on. It’s not unusual for the
    successful business people around you to talk in a language
    that’s indecipherable. It sounds good, but how exactly did they
    turn their ideas into cash? That’s where it’s still a mystery.

                                  Step into your Future

•   You’re super busy, but all your work isn’t improving
    your checking account balance. This happens often. It’s
    overwhelming to be a small business owner and even worse if
    you hate math. How can you understand the key things you
    need to focus on to quickly turn your passion into productive
    e ort where it counts—the bottom line?
•   You are successful and are now looking to expand. Taking
    it to the next level can be exhilarating or exhausting. The
    market and your vendors are always presenting opportunities
    for a small business to exibly respond. But which way should
    you go without jeopardizing what made you successful or
    passionate about your business in the rst place?
•   You love your work and want to clearly express to others
    your passion for the recipe for success in your business. This
    is a common problem. You can share one-on-one with your
    employees why you love this business, but you want to make
    it repeatable and replicable since they’re the front line to your
    most important assets—your customers.
    You will increase your sales by following the proven steps of
a Personal Business Plan. In each section, there are two chapters.
In each chapter, you’ll create your Personal Business Plan as well
as read stories and powerful tips to illustrate the chapter’s focus.
For instance, in Chapter One you’ll identify your showstoppers
to success, clarify your ideal life, understand the importance of
in uence, and re ect on what steals your passion.
    This is an action-packed book that focuses on improving the
results in your sphere of in uence—FAST. This is not a book
•   Life coaching
•   Personal nancial planning


•   Business planning to secure venture capital
•   Laws, taxes, or insurance for a small business
   There are dozens of business plan books out there that focus
on business planning tactics, tools, and techniques. Why ll in
worksheets for hours if you’re not clear about what your vision
and passion are?
    You can shortcut your path to pro tability by following the
Personal Business Plan steps that it took me years to learn. You’ll
gain a big-picture perspective of yourself and how your product
or service serves the customer. You’ll discover how to serve your
community as well as your clients with passion and purpose and
prosperity. Read on, and apply these easy steps needed to make
yourself a woman of in uence.

        S         O        :
    C                 Y
B                     V

    “This is your desired future”
                       Chapter One

          What Is Your
         Dream Business?

D      o you have a business dream, but aren’t sure how to put it
       into action? Are you overwhelmed with too much to do
in a day? Do you spend more time on putting out res than on
what’s really a top priority?


    In the next several pages, you’ll explore why you’re in
business. Spending time articulating your business dream and
writing it down on paper will make it “pop” for you as you
recognize “Yes—that is what I want to do with my life.” Your
pulse will quicken as you recognize the impact you can make.
When you have a clear vision of the end results of your business,
you’ll be inspired to press through to the nish line. When
you’re at a family picnic, you’ll share in a way that relatives “get”
what you’re doing vs. just act politely to another eccentric family
member. When you’re falling asleep at night, you’ll notice
that the panic in your thoughts won’t be there because you’ve
prioritized and you clearly understand what you’re doing and
what you can and can’t pursue at this time.
    In this chapter, you’ll discover how to:
•   Identify your showstoppers to       nancial success that drain
    time and energy.

                                     Step into your Future

•   De ne your dream life to give you motivation to overcome
    the drudgery and discouragement of running your business.
•   Discover how to get more nancial success.
•   Understand how women and men plan di erently, and how
    to adopt key success practices that are unique to you to make
    you the best you can be.
    Businesswomen have confusing choices. What business plan
will tell you how to get to your destination? What business
strategy will take you to the top? What do you gain if you make
time for business planning? Professional women are looking for
a roadmap to success. Successful women are looking to see if
an investment in planning is worth it. Women in business want
to solve the dilemma of how to make time to improve their
businesses instead of responding to current customer phone
calls, voice mails, and email messages.


    Do you have energy to nish important business tasks? Do
you have great ideas but no cash in the bank? Are you working
hard to grow your business but still looking at the checkbook
balance to see if you can go to the movies on Friday night?
    You may not have nancial success for many reasons. Some
of your business dream stealers might be:
•   You don’t have the energy.
•   You don’t feel you deserve it.
•   You don’t have a cheerleader.
•   You don’t see options for your changing life.
•   You don’t have information or su cient knowledge.
•   You don’t have a clear picture of what business success is.

What Is Your Dream Business?

    Your response to the following questions will provide insight
into your dream stealers. Take the quiz to learn what obstacles
keep you from the business success you desire.


                                                 Check         the
                                             column that best
    Key Success Competencies                 describes        your
                                             typical response
                                              Most Some Not
                                             of the of the Often
                                              time    time
Do you motivate yourself and others
with what you want to accomplish?
Do you see how what you work on
today will create a path to your dreams
for tomorrow?
Do you have a list of the key priorities
that are needed to earn increased
Do you say yes to opportunities based
upon a prioritized list of success factors
for your business?
Do you charge for the full value that
you provide to your client?
Are you creating systems to work less
and earn more in your business?
Do you feel that you’re increasing your
success and in uence?
Do you meet with your mentors and
circle of advisers to chart a plan of
action for your business success?

                                  Step into your Future

Do you have cheerleaders in your circle
of professional associates?
What is your ability to craft an e ective
How much time do you schedule for
learning new skills?

   What can you conclude from this quiz?
    If you marked some of the time or not often, this book
will present you with powerful and proven processes needed to
traverse successfully from idea to business outcome achievement.
You can create your future by writing down your Personal
Business Plan today.

   Powerful Planning Ah-Hah: Your capacity to plan and
implement your vision will directly lead to more business.


    When you have your ideal life plan, you’ll step into your
future. You may be discouraged right now. You may not know
how you’re going to pay the bills. You may be thinking of closing
the doors to your business. I know how you feel. I understand,
since I’ve been there too. These thoughts are very real. The
situations may be true. The ve-step process in your Personal

What Is Your Dream Business?

Business Plan will show you how to shake o these negative
feelings and move into your future.
   The ability to be released into your future comes from the
energy and momentum associated with living your dream.
Understanding your ideal life can be accomplished by writing
down what you imagine your future to be. Take out your favorite
writing journal—or buy one now. Don’t read another word
until you have a journal and your favorite pen or pencil in hand.
Write across the front of it in big letters: “Success Journal.”


   You have things that you want to achieve. Let’s think of
what some of those things might be.
For speakers
    Your ideal life and your business vision will become one
and the same when the things you picture in your mind become
true. Picture yourself taking a deep breath from the emotion of
being a speaker at a national conference. Feel the excitement of
leaders in your eld o ering you their business cards. You’re no
longer chasing people; now people are opening up their help and
their professional friendship to you.
For professional service providers
    Your ideal life meets up with your business vision when
your clients are exactly what you hoped for. Imagine reading
testimonials extolling your products and services. You feel
profoundly grateful and moved as you read the emails thanking
you for how you helped people and transformed organizations.
You’re no longer chasing clients; instead, they’re recommended
to you by others.

                                  Step into your Future

For business owners
    Your ideal life becomes your real life when your business
vision allows you to live how you want. Smell the lei around
your neck as you walk o the airplane when take your family to
Hawaii. Imagine the sand between your toes on your next beach
vacation. Hear the sound of your grandchildren playing around
you at your new beach house. Feel the excitement of earning
your rst million dollars. You’re no longer chasing success;
you’ve attained it.

   Powerful Planning Ah-Hah: You can plan your dream life.

    When you write down your vision, you’ll also recognize
when it happens. Otherwise, life just is busywork. You chase
one action item and then another without joy or purpose. Get
out your success journal and complete the following exercise.
    Directions: Read the following exercise. Then create a
journal entry that says “Powerful Planning Exercise 1.1,” and
write your answers below it.

Powerful Planning Exercise 1.1:
    What do you imagine your future to be? Don’t read any
further until you’ve written 2–5 sentences on what your life will
be like as a direct result of your business.

What Is Your Dream Business?

    If you need to doodle or draw a picture of your future, do
so. If you need to walk around the block and let your thoughts
 oat to the surface, do so.


    You want to increase your in uence and create e ective
plans for action. This is called:
•   “Cracking the code” by marketing greats in the industry.
•   “Breakthrough thinking” by business gurus.
•   “Living the dream” by inspirational heroes.
    In uence is the power to a ect an outcome. Business is about
in uence. In uence is your personal platform. In uence allows
you to share your message of how your products or services
bene t people and improve their lives. You stare at others when
they attain in uence and just say, “Wow.” You wonder what luck
they had to get there. You think about your rotten misfortune.
But you keep thinking that you want it too. Looking at the
reasons you began your entrepreneurial business or home-based
business is the starting point of your journey toward success.
Passion in uences people
    You need passion to in uence people. Passion is con dence
in your message. Passion is exuberance about your product or
service. Con dence is belief in yourself and your abilities to create
a message around that product or service. I know the struggle of
lack of con dence. Four hundred thousand technology workers in
Santa Clara County, California, lost their jobs in 2001 and 2002.
I know the frustration of not being able to nd a J-O-B. I decided
to start a consulting rm and then discovered the frustration of

                                 Step into your Future

not knowing how to be a business owner. I gained con dence
through gaining information, targeted action, and a change in
thinking. I decided to be my best possible me by focusing on
vibrant health and understanding what makes businesses grow. I
live to help you become your best possible you too!
    Here are some key thoughts as you approach this subject:
•   Writing down your success principles will move you from
    confusion to clarity.
•   Writing down your success principles will improve your
    con dence in your ability to achieve your business vision.
•   Small changes can produce big results.


    Passion for working your business comes from imagining
what your life could look like. J’en El is an international trainer
for a home-based business. She was $269,000 in debt when she
went into her current million-dollar business. She chose to jump
into an opportunity that “sounded” too good to be true, and it
was the exact answer to her need. But she said yes to it and hasn’t
looked back.
    She views an ideal life and business through three di erent
lenses: health, wealth, and time freedom.
    Health for J’en El means personal and physical vibrancy,
the ability to have the energy needed to accomplish what you
want to do with plenty of spark left over to support the dreams
of others as well.
    Wealth means that she can buy the toys (e.g., cars, houses,
and vacations) that she wants without checking the balance in
her checkbook.

What Is Your Dream Business?

    Time freedom means that she can create the agenda of her
day without needing to show up nine to ve for a J-O-B. It means
freedom to be at home while being nancially successful.
    J’en El is living the life of her dreams.
    This book is intended to release that same roar and
vibrancy inside of you. Clearly seeing your dream is a powerful
motivator. Articulating your dream as clearly as J’en El has
multiple bene ts:
•   It gives you urgency for action.
•   It clari es your mandate to serve people.
•   It states how you solve problems for customers.
•   It de nes that ability to increase the quality of life for you
    and those you love.
    Life for J’en El wasn’t always lled with health, wealth, and
time freedom. Small changes produce big results. You can shake
the lethargy of dream stealing from your life and your brain by
thinking about what you might be missing if you stumble and
choose not to get back up again.


   Often the fear of loss can be just as motivating as the hope of
health, wealth, and time freedom. There are key questions that
hammer away at your brain. These fears keep you up at night,
and they’re as annoying as Chinese water torture. Some of these
thoughts may sound like:
•   What if I can’t pay the bills?
•   What if people don’t like my enthusiasm?
•   What if I can’t spend time at home with my kids?

                               Step into your Future

•   What if I don’t spend time with my spouse and others who
    are valuable in my life?
   Identify where you need to change your thinking by creating
your business worry list.
    Directions: Read the following exercise. Then create a
journal entry that says “Powerful Planning Exercise 1.2,” and
write your answers below it.

    Powerful Planning Exercise 1.2:
    Write down two or three things that worry you (for example,
how bills will be paid or how your business will allow you to
spend time at home). Redline or update Exercise 1.1 to address
that nasty voice of fear.

Transform your thinking
    Want to transform yourself from worrier to a wonderful
woman? Changing your thinking turns you from a worrier
into a wonderful woman. Identify which of the following habit
patterns limit your success.
    Women who can’t grow their businesses due to a lack
of understanding of what they want their businesses to
achieve. They don’t have a vision beyond surviving the day-to-
day routine. They don’t have a clear vision of what they need to
do. Do you have a documented vision? Can you use this vision
to decide which business to pursue? Are you a woman who
says yes to every new contract or customer? What customer or

What Is Your Dream Business?

source of revenue should you say no to? Saying no frees up time
for creative energy to focus on a pro table market niche.
    Women who can’t grow their businesses due to a
lack of understanding of what it takes to get there. They
live from paycheck to paycheck. They don’t have the energy
to see the possibility of a bigger business plan to pursue. They
respond to phone calls and to-do lists but don’t manage their
most valuable asset—their time. They don’t manage execution
of moneymaking endeavors.
    Time is managed by understanding which plans are the most
important. Execution is everything. Being busy is a trap. Are
you a woman who says yes to every item on your to-do list?
What should you say no to? Saying no frees up time for key
revenue-producing activities.
    Women who won’t grow their businesses due to a
failure to execute key plans that will shorten the time
from idea to cash generation. They have a vision, but it
keeps getting crowded out by the tyranny of the urgent and
responding to the demands of others who set the agendas in
their lives. They didn’t mean to hand over the keys of power
to others in their lives, but it just slowly happened. I talked last
week to a young mother who is pregnant with her sixth child,
has a home day care center, and wants to open a restaurant. I
can’t wait to sit in her restaurant enjoying delicious food served
with the joy and pleasure she brings to others around her. In the
same week, I also talked to another stay-at-home mom. She’s
facing severe nancial di cultly but won’t consider looking at
new opportunities. Many women aren’t at the point in their
lives for making changes that would move them from tired to
terri c. Are you ready to say yes to more e ective planning that
will increase your business results?

                                 Step into your Future

    Women who can’t focus on business growth during
this season in their lives. These women have di cult lives.
Many have challenging health situations. Their children may
need them at this time in their lives, or their parents may
require emotionally draining elder care. They’re truly heroes
to their circle of in uence as they focus on meeting other
people’s needs. If this is you, keep your dream alive during this
season by writing it down as well as stealing some minutes out
of your busy day for your dream.


    Women who will grow powerful businesses. These
women will have the privilege of a circle of in uence due to
business results. These women will have the satisfaction of
achieving their nancial goals due to business accomplishments.
These women will have the joy of achieving their ideal lives due
to their business success. You are the marvelous group that’s
willing to take the necessary action steps to launch your new
ideas, grow your business, acknowledge your fears, and get clarity.
    You have shaking knees, sweaty palms, and sleepless nights
as you consider the immense implementation issues. What do
you do next? Take action today to clarify what your vision is.
Step out of your comfort zone.

Powerful Planning Tip: If you’re not expanding your business,
talk to a valued mentor to help you recognize some of your
passion as well as your dream stealers. Place a call to your mentor
today to ask for help.

What Is Your Dream Business?


    Women do not plan di erently than men. The           ve-step
Personal Business Plan process is the same:
1. Capture your vision on paper to de ne where you’re going.
2. Clarify your mission to identify your unique reason for being
   in business.
3. Concentrate on critical key success factors needed to step
   into your future.
4. Compose business outcomes that translate your dreams into
5. Construct systems for repeatable and predictable success.
    So what are the di erences between men and women
business owners?
             FACT: Women own 10.6 million
              businesses in the United States
     The Center for Women’s Business Research states that
women business owners employ 19.1 million workers—that’s
one in every seven employees. Their businesses account for $2.5
trillion in sales.
  FACT: Women-owned businesses are growing at two
       timesthe rate of all privately held rms
    Women business professionals are a growing group. Just
look at these statistics for women-owned businesses for 1997 and
2004: the estimated growth rate was nearly twice that of all
  rms (17% vs. 9%), employment by expanded at twice the rate
of all rms (24% vs. 12%), and estimated revenues were just
ahead of all rms (39% vs. 34%).

                                     Step into your Future

                FACT: Women business owners
                  are philanthropically active
    Women are di erent on the “why” they’re in business.
They want a lasting legacy. They care about an impact on
their community: 70% volunteer at least once per month; 31%
contribute annually $5,000 or more to charity; and 15% give
$10,000 or more to charity.1
   Women want to give. It’s not a checklist item for women to
contribute to the community; it’s a heart’s desire.

Powerful Planning Ah-Hah: Women want to make a di erence.

    Why be generous? Why give? After all, this is a business
book. This is not a spiritual guidebook. For women, the two are
intertwined. Do you dream to be generous and create a legacy
by investing in organizations that impact this generation and
the next? I do. For me this is a priority. My mom died of cancer
in 1979, a favorite aunt just died of cancer, two other aunts
have had mastectomies, and a cousin just lost her ght against
metastasized breast cancer. I understand how short life is. I want
to make my days count in this life. For me, donating time and
money to charities is important.
    Directions: Read the following exercise. Then create a
journal entry that says “Powerful Planning Exercise 1.3,” and
write your answers below it.
1 Center for Women’s Business Research, “Top Facts About Women-Owned
facts.html (accessed Sept. 07, 2006).

What Is Your Dream Business?

    Powerful Planning Exercise 1.3:
   Write down how you want your business to in uence and
make a di erence to others.
   Remember the de nition of in uence: the ability to share
your message about your product or organization that bene ts
people and improves their lives.

    Most women are in a business to both earn money and
impact the world. You earn money to improve the lives of your
family members. You can impact the world by contributing to
people’s lives as well as answering the question: “How does your
business create a legacy?”
    In uential women dream big.
•   Most people’s goals in life aren’t set so high that they don’t
    achieve them.
•   Most people aim too low and settle for less than what was
    Now plan big and dream big by signing your name on the
Plan Big Commitment.

                                 Step into your Future

                 PLAN BIG COMMITMENT
   I will plan big plans to become a woman of even greater
in uence so I can share my message about my products or services
with more people, and positively impact the lives of others.

Signed this _________________day of _____________20__.

Your signature

     Go to and sign up.
It’s free. We will send you a certi cate that acknowledges your
commitment to Plan Big. Or write us at Personal Business Plan
Group, P.O. Box 20572, San Jose, CA 95120 and tell us you’re


•   Every businesswoman has ideas inside of her.
•   Writing down your vision will clarify whether this is the idea
    that will be your breakthrough success.
•   Seeing your dream on paper will make it “pop” for you as you
    recognize “yes—that is what I want to do.”
•   A written business vision helps you attain business success.
•   Dreaming about your destination provides more details on
    what you really want from life.
•   Identifying how your business vision addresses your hidden
    worries helps you accomplish your goals.

What Is Your Dream Business?

•   Women can also include in their vision the impact or their
    legacy they want to leave.
    This chapter de ned showstoppers to business success. You
started a Personal Business Plan success journal to identify your
ideal future, your worries, and how you want your in uence to
be used to impact the world.
    In the next chapter, you’ll discover how to re ne your
business vision. You’ll rewrite your business name, customers,
scope of geographic in uence, and the product or service you
present. This will clarify all downstream aspects of marketing
and operations. If you’re not clear about your vision, your
business won’t be clear in your advertising, on your website, in
your proposals, in your time management, and in directing your
sta ’s activities.

                       Chapter Two

    Catch Your Business
      Vision on Paper

W       hen potential customers ask you about the business, you
        tell them about the business without realizing they’re really
trying to 
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