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									   Solutions for      COUNTERPOINT
Serious Retailers   The Solution for Furniture
                     and Home Décor Stores
                                                           The Solution for Furniture
                                                            and Home Décor Stores

                              C     ounterPoint is the serious software solution for furniture and home décor stores.
                                    Countless front- and back-office tools help your retail or wholesale business run
                              efficiently and profitably.
People are
talking about                 With CounterPoint software, form
CounterPoint                  follows function—from fast and easy
                              checkout to accurate inventory
“Since installing             tracking to powerful reports. It’s the
CounterPoint, our             perfect blend of simplicity, innovative
sales have increased
                              design, and modernization.
at a compound rate,
and we’ve doubled
our size.”                    CounterPoint Includes:
Randy Roland,                 Point of Sale Checkout                               Special Orders and Layaways
Seasonal Concepts             Fast, easy to use, and easy to learn—includes        Place orders, backorders, and layaways.
                              optional touchscreen, fast (2-second!) credit        Create sales tickets, enter deposits, and track
“Until CounterPoint,          card authorizations, miscellaneous charges           the order from point-of-sale to delivery.
ordering from over            for freight or delivery, and commissions.            Sales History
300 different vendors         Inventory Control                                    Retain complete detail of every sale you make.
was done with pencil          Maintain optimum inventory levels. Your              Pricing
and paper. Once the           inventory picture is “up-to-the-minute” so           Define multiple price levels, markdowns,
                              you’ll always know what’s in-stock, in-transit,
buyers and receivers          and on-order. Track styles, finishes, or fabrics
                                                                                   contract prices, package prices, and limited-
                                                                                   time promotions for midnight madness sales.
were trained on               with grids and user-defined profile fields.
                                                                                   Basic Accounting
CounterPoint, we were         Serial Numbers and Warranties                        Integrated Accounts Payable, General
able to reduce the            Track detailed records and product warranties.       Ledger, and Check Reconciliation.
time taking physical          Customer Loyalty                                     Wireless Technology
counts and orders             Know who your customers are and what                 Check prices and ring up sales from the
by at least 75%.”             they’re buying. Set up A/R charge accounts.          showroom floor with handheld devices.
Scott Bodecker,               Print mailing labels for special promotions.
                              Increase loyalty with customer-specific pric-        Kits
Rustic Hutch                                                                       Group related items and use work orders to
                              ing, frequent shopper programs, gift regis-
                                                                                   initiate assembly of goods from components.
“CounterPoint allows          tries, store credits, gift certificates, and more.
us to keep minimum            Automatic Purchasing
                                                                                   Track rentals, returns, deposits, and late fees.
inventory and to find         Automatically restock items—control costs
                              with multi-vendor, lowest-cost comparison.           Too many other features to list!
it and put it where
it’s needed.”                 Go Global. Get Online.
Paul Solon,                   It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s built-in. Open an online store with CPOnline—an ecommerce and
Solon Enterprises, Inc.       web-hosting service designed especially for CounterPoint merchants. Upload CounterPoint
                              inventory and customers to your CPOnline store. Download customer orders into
“With CounterPoint,           CounterPoint. Integrated retail and ecommerce doesn’t get any easier than this!
we’ve been able to
grow our business.            Your Local Synchronics Dealer
We have the tools we          LOCAL • PERSONAL • PROFESSIONAL
need to make better           Your Authorized Synchronics Dealer will analyze your business needs, help
buying decisions.”            establish goals, install your CounterPoint system, and follow up with train-
Mike Kapp,                    ing and ongoing support. Your Dealer is nearby with personalized ser-
Taylor Creek The Idea Store   vice—the key to your successful business!
                                                                  COUNTERPOINT SUCCESS STORY

                      Country Woods
                      Unfinished Furniture

W         ith unfinished furniture, there is a distinct amount of pride in staining the piece yourself. But there’s a
          high degree of risk, too: Will the finish be beautiful, or will it look like an amateur’s job? For Marilyn
Cavanaugh, owner and president of Country Woods
                                                                           “A store like mine
Unfinished Furniture, automating her 18,000-square-foot
New Hampshire store was an uncertain endeavor too.                         inevitably has a
But when Synchronics Authorized Dealer PC Solutions                        lot of orders
installed CounterPoint in September 1997, Cavanaugh                        and layaways.
was well on her way to having showroom-quality                             CounterPoint
business practices.
                                                                           allows us to track
    Says Cavanaugh, “We decided to automate because
we really had grown, and we needed to be more efficient.
                                                             them very easily.” says Marilyn
It was a scary proposition because none of us was all
                                                             Cavanaugh, owner.
that computer literate. But now, we’ve all mastered the system, and no one can imagine going back. Just to have
the information at your fingertips: How many do we have? What’s the cost? It’s just so nice.”
    One of the largest stores of its kind on the East Coast, Country Woods averages some 125 transactions on
a weekend day. In addition to entering tickets, Cavanaugh processes all her receivings through CounterPoint
and makes frequent use of the inventory history reports, allowing her to know what additional merchandise
she should order.
    Cavanaugh recognizes CounterPoint's built-in credit card processing as a primary boost in efficiency.
Previously, if clerks would enter an incorrect method of payment, it took a long time to straighten it out.
“CounterPoint doesn’t let you enter it incorrectly,” Cavanaugh says. “It all balances in the end, despite us. The
time saved in terms of paperwork the next day is substantial.”
                                                               CounterPoint’s ability to handle layaways and orders
     companyoverview                                      is an added bonus, adds Cavanaugh: “We’re not a drug
                                                          store, where you buy something and leave. A store like
 Country Woods Unfinished Furniture
                                                          mine inevitably has a lot of orders and layaways.
  specialty: unfinished furniture
 location: Raymond, New Hampshire                         CounterPoint allows us to track them very easily.”
           number of stores: 1                                 “Most of all, CounterPoint lets us be a lot more
          years in business: 20                           efficient,” Cavanaugh concludes. With CounterPoint,
        years on CounterPoint: 7                          Cavanaugh is sure to have a beautifully crafted business
                                                          for many years to come.
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