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Why is Passover the most widely

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									                                                 NISSAN - IYAR 5770/APRIL 2010
                                                    VOLUME 30 / NUMBER 4

                                                              Is there something
                                                              missing from your
                                                              spiritual life?
                                 RABBI JOEL L. LEVINE, D.D.

                                 Approximately ten members of our congregation did feel at one time in their
                                 adult lives that something was missing. They have taken a courageous
                                 leap of faith and have observed their Bar or Bat Mitzvah as an adult. I can
                                 assure you that each of their experiences not only moved them but touched
                                 the hearts and souls of their family and friends.

                                 Yes, preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah as an adult takes time. This
                                 involves learning or reviewing Hebrew and most importantly this involves
                                 struggling in a healthy way with the issues presented by the weekly Torah

                                 Adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a powerful way to engage in serious Jewish
                                 learning with your Rabbi. Pirke Avot, The Ethics of the Fathers, reminds us
                                 that Talmud Torah keneged kulam, the study of Torah exceeds all else.

                                 Friends, an Adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a truly wonderful gift you can give to
                                 yourself in honor of a significant birthday or a very special moment in your

                                 life. I am gratified that I have several women and men who are ready to
                                 give themselves this very special spiritual gift.

                                 Our Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class will begin next September. Please call me
                                 and arrange an appointment. I will even take you for coffee!

                                 Next month, we will observe Shavuot, the Festival of the Giving of the
                                 Torah. The sages remind us that Israel without Torah is like a body without
                                 a soul.

                                 I invite you to engage in enriching your Jewish life and at the same time
                                 raising your Jewish self-esteem and self-awareness.

                                 I look forward to hearing from you!

                                 Rabbi Joel Levine
Rabbi Joel L. Levine, D.D.
Temple Administrator:
   Barbara Bailey
Office Manager:
   Ellen Lint
Director of Youth Education:               April Shabbat & Passover Services
   Leslie Mandell                          Torah Study every Saturday morning at 9:30
   Limor Meital                      Current Events with David Levy Saturday April 3 at 11:00
Youth Director:
   Lesley Levin
Rabbinic Intern:                FRIDAY, APRIL 2
   Yaron Kapitulnik             7:30 P.M. Rabbi Levine, Rabbinic Intern Yaron Kapitulnik
                                and Cantorial Intern Alicia Stillman
  President, Elayne Rosen       MONDAY, APRIL 5
  V.P., Jonathan Chane          10:30 A.M. Passover Yizkor Service and Lunch
  V.P., Ruth Gonzalez           Rabbi Levine and Dimitry Shaposhnikov
  V.P., Keith Paulus
  Secretary, Helaine Kahn       FRIDAY, APRIL 9
  Treasurer, Rosalee Savel      7:30 P.M. Rabbi Levine and Dimitry Shaposhnikov
  Immediate Past President,     Yom HaShoa Candlighting Ceremony
       Faye Rosch               Elayne Rosen will participate in honor of the 10 anniversary of her Bat
 Marc Cohn                      FRIDAY, APRIL 16
 Roberta Elfus                  7:30 P.M. Rabbi Levine and Dimitry Shaposhnikov
 Shelly Ettinger                Seventh Grade Celebration
 Marjorie Federman
 Eric Jablin                    FRIDAY, APRIL 23
 Matthew Kutner                 6:30 Dinner
 Penny Levy                     7:30 P.M. Services in honor of the Rabbinic Ordination of Yaron Kapitulnik
 David Lickstein                Rabbi Levine with special music by Dimitry Shaposhnikov and Cantorial
 Mimi Rieder                    Intern Alicia Stillman
 Walter Schiff
 Ellie Schweitzer               FRIDAY, APRIL 30
 Christine Shalloway            7:30 P.M. Rabbi Levine and Dimitry Shaposhnikov
 Gary Walk

  Faye Rosch
  Carol Slater
  Dr. Eric Kaplan
                               Mazel Tov to Sean Fallon
  Jordan Brown
  Gail Frank
                                  on his Bar Mitzvah
  Meredith Hirschberg
                                              Saturday, May 1st at 10:15 A.M.
  C. Lorraine Hoffinger
  Preston Mighdoll
  Rosalee Savel
  Helaine Kahn
  Steven Berger
                                Welcome to our new
  Dr. Jeffrey Favius
  Barbara Chane                      members:
  Jack Ainbender*
  Daniel Bakst*
  Martin Golden*
  Dr. Eric Kaplan
  Melvin Levy                                         Office Hours:    Mon – Fri 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
  William Meyer                                       Phone:           (561) 624-4633
  Rosalee Savel                                       Fax:             (561) 624-4076
   The VOICE Editor:                                  E-mail:
   Hannah Fleischer
                                      ELAYNE ROSEN, PRESIDENT

As a Temple family we are fortunate to welcome Yaron Kapitulnick. He will be joining Rabbi Joel in meeting the
needs of a growing congregation. When Yaron joins us officially in June, following his May 2nd ordination, he will be
Director of Education for both our school and adult learners. Help us officially welcome Yaron on April 23rd at a very
special Shabbat!
April, as we celebrate Passover, we are reminded of the Israelites liberation from slavery in Egypt. We enjoy our
Seders and read from the Haggadahs. Haggadah is the book that tells the story of the Jews exodus from Egypt.
We eat special food at our Seders and recount the stories of our exodus in song.
April is also the month of our 7th Annual Golf Tournament, this year adding an exciting Bridge and Canasta
Tournament as well. This is really something to look forward to. For players, it’s the best around! For non-players it’s
a fabulous Cocktail Party, Sunset Supper and Auction evening. There is something for everyone! And for the
Temple, this is our last chance to BUST THE DEFICIT! Come and play, bring your friends, buy raffle tickets, come to
the Sunset Supper and shop the auction
Your help is needed to keep Temple Judea strong and healthy. Do it today and be part of our success story.

Elayne Rosen

                         …will be a hard day. I already know it. Every year, there is nothing I can do about it, it happens
                         On April 18 , I will probably sit most of the day at home, listening to Israeli Radio broadcast over
                         the Internet, one sad song after the other. I will watch videos posted on YouTube, one heart-
                         breaking testimonial after the other.
                         April 18 is Memorial Day for the fallen Israeli soldiers.

 At 10 A.M. Eastern Time, I will find a quiet corner, and when the sound of the 2-minute siren blasts through the radio, I will
 close my eyes, and remember them.

 For two short, but very long two minutes, I will be in spirit in Israel again, connecting to the millions of people that stop their
 cars on the highways, that get off the bus, that step outside the shop, that put down the cup of coffee in the office. Millions
 that stop living just for two minutes, a small price compared to the one they are respecting. Millions that stand still for two
 minutes in honor of the thousands of men and women that gave their lives, so the State of Israel can live.

 We do not live in Israel physically, but Israel, to some degree lives in all of us. Our relationship to Israel is part of who we
 are as Jews. On April 18 , for two minutes, we should put aside our political disagreements, our different ideas about what
 Israel should be and do, and just respect the sacred sacrifice of these women and men, that gave us, with their life, the
 state of Israel.
 I invite you to make a small note in your iPhone, Blackberry or any weekly planner. I hope that on April 18 , you too will
 dedicate 2 minutes to honor their memory.

 May we always remember that their sacrifice was not just for the state of Israel, but for what it stands for – A homeland to all
 Jewish people. May we always cherish the gift of life, the gift of Israel that they have given to us.
 Ken Yehi Ratzon

 Yaron             Kapitulnik
 Rabbinic Intern
On Sunday, March 14th, 99 women of all ages - mothers, daughters, grandmothers and friends - celebrated
Passover together at our Second Annual Women's Seder. Debbie Kinback, Chair, and her committee planned an
incredible event and a great start to the Passover season. This was THE place to be! Our thanks to Debbie and all
the women who helped and participated in this amazing evening. Our appreciation to the Men's Club for their
generous financial support of the seder.
Thursday, April 8th we are going to the Norton Museum of Art for a tour of a special exhibition, led by our own Jo-
Anne Weingarden. Lunch will follow at the Kona Grill. There is still time to make your reservation to join us.
Guests are welcome!
Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 25th for the 7th Annual Golf and Bridge & Canasta Tournament. This is the
temple's largest fundraiser and there is truly "something for everyone"! We need your help before the event and
we hope to see everyone on Sunday, for golf, bridge, canasta or at the sunset cocktail party and dinner, followed
by a silent and live auction. Bring your friends to this fabulous celebration of Temple Judea.
The Gift Shop is open every Friday night after services and during regular temple hours weekdays. New
merchandise is arriving - please stop in and see our wonderful selection for personal and gift giving needs. Special
orders welcome! All proceeds support our temple projects.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Marjie Federman 561-691-8886
Doris Noble 561-514-6801

                                                                    Finding Summer Spots for Children & Teens
                                                                   Sleepaway Camps, Sports & Specialty Camps
              MAKE US YOUR FIRST STOP!                              Teen Tours, Pre-College Programs, & more
    Check out the Temple Gift Shop for all your holiday                         Never a fee or Obligation
       and gift needs! Special order items welcome.
  Large selection of tallit and kippot from which to choose.         RONNI BERGMAN • 561-6370676
         Our price is right, our service the best!

                                                                 COASTAL KITCHENS AND TRIM LLC

                                                                   Kitchen Design and Remodeling
                                                                   Crown Moulding – Interior Trim

                                                               Lic. #: U-21443
Stop in or call for an appointment to                          Mitch Fuchs (561) 776-9177
view our special order catalogs.

                Funds raised go to support Sisterhood’s                     Coming in July:
              Youth Education and Synagogue projects.
                                                                                 2nd Annual
      Call Marjie Federman today 691-8886
 THINK TEMPLE JUDEA BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE ELSE!                 “Art of Our Own” Exhibit
                                                             In the spirit of Purim, attendees at the February Synaplex
Our school year is winding down!                             prepared one hundred snack bags that were provided to
                                                             children at the Union Missionary Baptist Church. With
Thanks to the support from many of our YEP parents and       our February and March collection, congregants helped
Temple friends, we had a successful BBQ on February 28 ,     others in need by contributing to the food drive for the
following our Purim celebration.                             Jewish Children and Family Services (JCFS). Social
                                                             action committee members continue to assist with a
We will begin emphasizing the significance of Yom            variety of projects that service the community. Here’s
Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and Yom Haatzmaut           how some members are involved:
(Israeli Independence Day) during the month of April.
                                                                 •   Debbie Kinback helps the JCFS organize their
Our fifth grade Family Day is scheduled for Sunday, April            food pantry.
11 . More information about this will be forthcoming. The        •   Margaret Chapman prepares the attractive
seventh grade celebration will take place on Friday, April           collection bins.
16 .                                                             •   Alan Levine provides program ideas and delivers
                                                                     snack bags.
Maayan Doari, our Federation’s voluntary emissary, will
teach a lesson on Israeli foods with our third graders on    What can you do?
Wednesday, April 7 .                                             1. If April brings to mind spring cleaning, be sure to
                                                                    keep Social Action in mind. We are collecting
Please remember that school will be closed for Spring               Judaica items for congregations in Central and
break on Sunday, April 4 . Hebrew school resumes on                 South America. If you have challah covers,
Wednesday, April 7 . The last day of Hebrew school is               mezuzah, menorahs, Kiddush cups, Shabbat
Wednesday, April 21 . Our school year will end on                   candle sets, dreidels, or other non-electrical
Sunday, April 25 .                                                  Judaica items that you can donate, we will send
                                                                    these items to Rabbi Cukierkorn of Kansas City
Please visit our school before the end of the year!                 who regularly travels to Central and South
Leslie Mandell                                                   2. If you would like to receive a Hebrew name, sign
                                                                    up for the Hebrew Naming Service to be held
                                                                    May 21 .
                                                                 3. Be an outreach participant and make calls to
                                                                    members who may be ill or need a caring call.
                                                                 4. Recognize special events by making a
                                                                    contribution to the Temple Judea Social Action
                                                                 5. Join us at our next Social Action meeting on
                                                                    Sunday, April 18, 10 a.m. at the temple.

                                                             If you have questions about these programs, please feel
                                                             free to contact me.

                                                             Penny Levy

                                                              Please use these new
         April 23 , 2010 @ 6:00pm                               email addresses to
                                                             reach the office staff:
                                                             Barbara Bailey:
             Temple Judea - 624-4633                         Ellen Lint:
                                                             Greta Cirlin:
        For PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS &                          Mindy Rosenberg:
         CEMETERY Q & A                                                        Thank you to our
Q: Does Temple Judea have cemetery plots?
                                                                               March Sponsors:
A: Yes, we have a Temple Judea section in the Star of David
                                                                                          Renee and Colin Klipin
   Cemetery on Northlake Blvd.                                                 in honor of their daughter Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah
Q: How do I get info about the Temple space?                                             Heidi and Adam LeRoy
A: Contact Ellen in the Temple office at 624-4633 or                               in honor of the naming of their daughter to set up an appointment.                                     Sophia Addison LeRoy
Q: What’s next?                                                                                Marilyn LeRoy
A: Contact Star of David to make an appointment to see the area and              in honor of the naming of her granddaughter
   to discuss other requirements.
                                                                                            Sophia Addison LeRoy
Q: What are some of these other requirements?
A: You will need a casket, an outer container for the casket, a
   memorial marker and there will also be a charge for opening and
   closing the space.                                                       Our deepest
Q: What are my choices for memorial markers?                                sympathies
A: The markers in the Temple Judea section are made of either
   granite or bronze and sit on a granite base. If you choose granite
   there is a choice of colors.                                             to the
Q:   What if I purchase space and move away, will I                         familiy of:
     lose my money?
A:   If you move more than 75 miles away from your primary
     residence, you may transfer your funeral or burial contract with
     any cemetery in the Star of David Service Corporation                  Sam Dumbrov
     International “SCI” nationwide.

                                                                    Ocean Properties

     • In 2009, the Average Realtor in Palm Beach County Only Sold 1 Home,
        I SOLD 24!!
1    Joseph Begel         18   Richard Dwoskin              1        Bob & Alexis Federman
     Paula Lane                Flo Kirsch                            David & Penny Levy
2    Elliot Ellis              Matthew Konecky              4        Eric & Robyn Fineberg
     Roberta Feldgoise         Lois Loevner                 6        Mark & Maria Weishaus
     Matthew Kutner            Acadia Rubin                 13       Jeffrey & Linda Price
     Elizabeth Nelson     19   Lewis Pincus                 14        Arthur & Linda Marion
     Rosalee Savel        20   Katherine Katzenberg         16       Edward & Melinda Gallagher
3    Lori Kish                 Sylvia Lewis                 19       Daniel & Doris Noble
     Tammy Liebman             Carol Wische                 21       Edward & Kathy Sigall
     Martin Shore         21   Linda Sternberg                       Andrew Winer & Melissa Winchester
4    Marshall Buchsbaum   22   Alfred Capuano               24       Lewis & Lauren Goulfine
     Beverly Halpert           Stephen Macht                25       Peter Rubin & Lara Kelley
     Sondra Kaplan             Harry Palmer                 26       Gary & Judy Walk
5    Mort Kaplan          23   Arianne Ehrich                        Dan Weisberg & Mary Davis
     Cole Kitroser             Dorothy Hirsch                        Weisberg
     Ruth Peckman              Jacob Webb                   30       Robert & Jill Rosenstein
     Ira Rosenthal        24   Lenore Dumbrov
     Caroline Winer            Peter Goldstone
6    Candice Fischer           Lorraine Whalen
     Paul Gotkin          25   Susan Ansky
     Breda Kellner             Lauren Ostrow
     Fred Mauser               Samuel Prince
     Mira Morgan               Shane Zinman
     Andrew Rosenberg     26   Howard Fleischer
     Declan Sales              Carol Kates
     Rochelle Sotnick     27   Audrie Bloom
     Jeremy Stein              Mrs. Judith Cooper
7    Michael Hyman             Justin Felder
8    Joe Danyali               Florence Gellman
     Annie Fishman             Irwin Ruback
     Rachel Gerstner      28   Ellen Gelsen
     Bill Kish                 Bradley Goldstein
     Regina Solomon            Sanford Miller
9    Taylor Chait              Robert Savel
10   Sylvia Goldstone          Malka Singer
     Marilyn Lampert           Oscar Stibbe Baum

     Lois Zinman
     Daniel Lesser        29
                               Bruce Wallach
                               Judd Ettinger
     Harriet Wallach
     Justin Alperstein
                               Sydney Haselkorn
                               Alexander Lappin
     Eric Elfus                Ken Stevens                             “The Sunshine Lady”
     Alexis Federman      30   Ralph Duckett
     Isaac Fox                 Gerald Richman         Beverlee began her volunteerism as soon as the temple
     William Meyer             Randee Strassler       opened its doors on Hood Rd. Beverlee’s tasks are
13   Jonathan Chane            Stacey Webb            many and she tackles them all with eagerness and cheer.
     Sandi Engelsher                                  We call Beverlee “The Sunshine Lady” because she
     Abe Friedman                                     sends all those get well, thinking of you and sympathy
     Jessica Ostrow                                   cards you get from the temple.
14   Beth Eisenman
     Fran Serota                                      When Beverlee is not in the temple office she is on the
15   Bernard Goldman                                  golf course or playing another game “if the sun is
     Preston Mighdoll                                 shining or even if it’s not.”
16   Ronald Bortnick
     Marvin Wilensky                                  Beverlee also participates in our Chai-Fi Players Group
17   Judy Grossman                                    and volunteers with her husband Walter on the golf
18   Edward Bloch                                     committee.
CAMP FUND                                        Mildred Gordon                            Elayne & Tootie Rosen
                                                 in memory of Fannie Greendorfer           in memory of the parents of Carol
Sisterhood                                       Sheila Grant & family                     Finkleman & Michael Slosberg
thank you for your donation                      in memory of Sylva Weil                   Jill & Bob Rosenstein
                                                 Sally & Alan Greenwald                    in memory of Sidney Singer
FLOWER FUND                                      in memory of Sidney Singer                Fran & Harris Rothstein
                                                 Richard Jacobs                            in memory of Samuel Rothstein
Rhoda & Herb Biederman                           in memory of Morris A. Jacobs, M.D.       Donald Sanders
in memory of Sidney Singer                       Helaine Kahn & Arnold Glenn               in memory of Sally Sanders
in memory of Leonard Seid                        in memory of Sidney Singer                Rosalee & Bob Savel
                                                 Sandi & Bill Katz                         in memory of Sidney Singer
GENERAL FUND                                     in memory of my father, Irwin Persky      in memory of Mollye Aronson
                                                 Shirley & Aaron Kaye                      in honor of Stephen Johnson
Susan & Mort Ansky                               in memory of Ingrid Serota                Joanne Schwartz
in memory of Sidney Singer                       Bernice Kesner                            in memory of Samuel Lissack
Linda & Ray Aronson                              in memory of Helen Grossman               Marilyn & Murray Schwartz
in memory of Sidney Singer                       in memory of Nathan Kesner                in memory of Barbara Ann Schwartz
Barbara & Larry Bailey                           Sylvia Kleeman                            Shalloway Family
in memory of Sidney Singer                       in memory of Bertha Kleeman               in memory of Nainey Shalloway
Edward Baker                                     Donna & Irving Labovitz                   Nancy & Mark Sims
in memory of Elinor Gordon                       in memory of Sidney Singer                in memory of Sidney Singer
in memory of Florence Baker                      Phyllis & Sidney LaMonte                  Roslyn & David Sonabend
Marian & Morty Baron                             in memory of Hannah Schneider             in memory of Sidney Singer
in honor of Rosalyn Sonabend's 85th birthday     Myrna & Roger Landay                      Rochelle & Melvyn Sotnick
in honor of the 60th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs.   in memory of Martin Landay                in memory of Louis Sotnick
Hank Shapiro                                     Priscilla Leslie                          Ronni & Shelly Stern
Joyce & Ron Bortnick                             in memory of Dr. Stanley D. Leslie        in memory of Sidney Singer
in memory of Sidney Singer                       Marjorie & Dan Lesser                     in memory of Anita Sloan
in memory of my father, Max L. Epstein           in memory of Kate Lesser                  Wini Suss
Leah & Joe Broudy                                Diane & Stanley Levitt                    in memory of Sam Dumbrov
in memory of our good friend, Sidney Singer      in memory of Sidney Singer                Claire & Morry Weinbaum
Carolee & Robert Burack                          Penny & David Levy                        in memory of Sidney Singer
in memory of Sidney Singer                       in memory of Sidney Singer                Marvin Wilensky
Paul & Joan Meixner Burack                       Lisa & David Lickstein                    in memory of Geraldine Wilensky
in memory of Sidney Singer                       in memory of Sidney Singer                Anna Lee & Edward Wolff
Jill Buzzeo                                      Lois & Steve Loevner                      in memory of Lillian Wolff
in memory of Bernard Cohen                       in memory of Helen Bluth                  in memory of Minette Tishk
Kamara Altman Corbin                             Elaine & Burton Low                       Harold Wolfson
in memory of my mother, Ruth Freeman             in memory of Emanuel Low                  in memory of my brother, Max Wolfson
Kamara & Steve Corbin                            Leslie & Richard Mandell                  William Zalewski
in memory of Sidney Singer                       in memory of Richard Corwin's beloved     in memory of Sidney Singer
Muriel Efron                                     mother
in memory of Rose Cohen                          Shirley & David Most                      HOFFINGER COMMUNITY
Yetta & Saul Elinoff                             in memory of Fannie Fox                   LEARNING CENTER FUND
in memory of Sidney Singer                       Marilyn Newman
Brenda & David Epstein                           in memory of my brother, Alan Alderman    Barbara & Larry Bailey
in memory of Sidney Singer                       in memory of my mother, Ruth Alderman     in memory of Marty Hoffinger
in memory of Jacob Smolen                        Tobi Palmer                               Edward Baker & Carol Charles
Marjie & Michael Federman                        in memory of Max Schwartz                 in memory of Marty Hoffinger
in memory of Sidney Singer                       Ellen & Sheldon Rich                      Joyce & Ron Bortnick
Sylvia & Daniel Feldman                          in memory of Marilyn Kalyvas              in memory of Marty Hoffinger
in memory of Sidney Singer                       Mimi Rieder                               Kamara & Steve Corbin
Carole & William Foor                            in memory of Faye's beloved father,       in memory of Marty Hoffinger
in memory of Mollie Kroser                       Sidney Singer                             Fro & George Delianides
Barbara Glaser                                   Carolyn Robbins                           in memory of Marty Hoffinger
in memory of my father, Hyman Solomon            in memory of my father, Edward            Mr. & Mrs. George Dorko
Carol & Byron Goldenhersh                        Abrahams                                  in memory of Marty Hoffinger
in memory of David Goldenhersh                   Faye Rosch & Eugene Luksha
Lee & Steve Goldstein                            in honor of the naming of Limor & Rob's   Continued on next page…
in memory of Sidney Singer                       twins, Arielle & Raquel
… Donations continued

Roberta & Irv Elfus
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in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Klipin
Marjie & Michael Federman
in memory of Marty Hoffinger
Candy Fischer                                           PLANNED GIVING:
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                          AN INVESTMENT IN THE
Melinda & Ed Gallagher                                      FUTURE!
in memory of Shoshana Sharf's sister
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                      CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES
Marilyn & Hy Gluck
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                     We are now able to offer our members a
Ruth Gonzalez                                    chance to “receive while giving.”
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                     Buy a safe and secure annuity through the
Sharyn & Michael Greenhill                       temple and receive a guaranteed income
in loving memory of Shirley & George             for life. Temple Judea benefits from your
Maurer                                           gift and you are assured an income.
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                     Call today to hear more about this exciting
Lorraine Hoffinger                               opportunity.
in honor of Ann & Mel Levy's anniversary
in memory of Stanley Baum                        Legacy Funds most common methods of
Priscilla Leslie                                 giving are:
in memory of Marty Hoffinger
Carol Slater & Jordy Brown                           •    WILLS
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                         •    MAKING A GIFT TO TEMPLE
                                                          JUDEA                                    You Can Do Well by Doing Good!
Wini Suss
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                         •    TRUSTS
Judy & Lloyd Winer                                   •    LIFE INSURANCE
in memory of Marty Hoffinger                         •    GIFT ANNUITIES                             Legacy Guild
                                                          PAY ON DEATH OR
                                                          TRANSFER ON DEATH
                                                     •    ACCOUNTS
                                                                                                     Lorraine and Marty Hoffinger
Kathy, Matt & Bob Emerman                            •    GIFTS OF SECURITIES
in memory of Marty Hoffinger, beloved                •    RETIREMENT PLAN ASSETS                           Ann and Mel Levy
husband, father and grandfather
                                                                                                           The Meyer Family
Mildred & Herb Greenbaum
in memory of Raizl & Boruch Kagan                   CONTACT BARBARA BAILEY TO                             Lisa and Bob Stelzer
                                                      DISCUSS HOW YOUR HELP
                                                      CAN ENSURE THE FUTURE                           The Estate of Bernice Shore
Judythe Byne
in memory of Mollye Aronson
Harriet & Arthur Caplan                         Sharyn & Michael Greenhill
in memory of Mrs. Slosberg                      in loving memory of Shirley & George
                                                                                               Save the Date!
in honor of Elayne Rosen
Marjie & Michael Federman                       Lorraine Hoffinger
in memory of Dr. I. Jerome Hauser               in memory of Sidney Singer                     Friday, May 21st – Shavuot
in honor of Cookie Lifhsin's special birthday   James Kay
                                                in honor of Rabbi Joel
Lou Figman
in memory of Lillian Figman                     Liz & Jeff Klein                               SPECIAL NAMING
Candy Fischer                                   in memory of Sam Klein                          CELEBRATION
in honor of the marriage of Christi &           Marleen Schliesser Krieger                       for those in our congregation and
Jonathan Chane                                  thank you for your donation                     the community who have not been
thank you to Rabbi Levine for the naimg of      Leslie & Richard Mandell                         given a Hebrew name and would
my grandson, Logan Thomas Flaherty              in memory of Sidney Singer                                like to be named
thank you to Rabbi Levine for his hospital      Leslie Mandell
visit to my son Jason                           thank you to the Rabbi for his kindness                 Sponsored by the
Louise Gerson                                   during my convalescence                              Social Action Committee
in memory of my dear father, Samuel Big         Elyse & Chuck Schneiderman
wishing Lou Figman a speedy recovery            in memory of Sidney Singer                     Please consider a donation to the Social
Ruth Gonzalez                                   Ellie & Howard Schweitzer                       Action Fund in honor of your special
in memory of Sidney Singer                      in memory of Sidney Singer                              naming celebration.
Sylvia Gordon & Mitch Miller                    Lynne Stolzer
in memory of Sidney Singer                      thank you for your donation
The April Bagel Brunch will be Sunday April 18th. Our
guest speaker will be Mehmet Gurses, Asst. Professor
at FAU’s Department of Political Science. The topic will
" A Review Of The World's Trouble Spots”. The focus
will be post-Iraq-war challenges and opportunities in the
Middle East and how they might affect the USA interests
in the long and short terms.

This will be our last Bagel Breakfast before the summer.
                                                                              ENA GOTKIN, MEd.
On a final note please support the Temple's major
fundraiser. There is still time to place an ad or solicit one                  Private Tutoring
from people you do business with or sign up to play golf
or bridge.

                                                                                                Phone: 561-309-2961
Jordy Brown                                                      PreK - Middle School           Email:

                  Gary Walk, P.A.
      Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer                           Educational Services Center
                         Law Offices
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                      Casey Ciklin Lubitz                                      …Classes at Temple Judea
                     Martens & O’Connell
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                                                                               ●…HS Certified Teachers
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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410                                                                 PAID
Phone: (561) 624-4633                                                                  West Palm Beach, FL
Fax:   (561) 624-4076                                                                    Permit No. 781

         Upcoming Events:
     •   4/5    Passover Yizkor Service and lunch
                                                               Richard Schwartz, C.P.A, P.A.
     •   4/6    Book Group (Date Changed to Tuesday)
     •   4/8    Sisterhood Norton Museum Tour
     •   4/11   Men’s Club Breakfast
     •   4/16
                7 Grade Celebration
                                                                  11327 Okeechobee Boulevard, Suite 1
     •   4/23   Welcome Rabbi Yaron Kapitulnik with Dinner           Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
                and Service
     •   4/25   Annual GOLF & BRIDGE TOURNAMENTS!            Phone: 561-478-6388        Fax: 561-478-7316
     •   5/2    TJ Players Dinner Theatre
     •   5/11   Annual Congregational Meeting
     •   5/18   Shavuot Program
     •   5/21   Naming Service sponsored by Social Action
     •   6/4    Pet Shabbat                                    To advertise in the VOICE,
     •   7/16   Art Exhibit Opening
                                                             please call the Temple office
         Mark your calendar!                                           @ 624-4633

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