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                                                       APPLICATION FORM
                               STUDENT FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM 2010-2011
Last name                                                 First name                             Initial       S.I.N.

Permanent address                       Town                        Province           Postal code             Telephone

Temporary address (if different)        Town                        Province           Postal code             Telephone

Email address

Proposed program                                                                       Institution

I wish to apply for the Student Fellowship for:           Fall semester 2010   G       Winter semester 2011     G
General Information
I have already received a Student Fellowship in                     (year)

I was awarded a fellowship in the amount of       $

I am a student in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University      Yes   G                   No        G
Applicant’s Declaration
         I declare that all information provided is complete and true. I have read and accept the conditions stated on the reverse side of this
form, and wish to apply for a fellowship. I authorize the release of the above information for administrative purposes only.

                              (Signature)                                                             (Date)

Forward Application to:                     Language Programs Section, Department of Education, P.O. Box 8700,
                                            St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6 Facsimile: (709)729-4845

        This program is supported financially by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada
        and administered by the Department of Education, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.
                                    STUDENT FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM 2010-11

Purpose:          To provide post-secondary students with the opportunity to pursue French language studies within Canada.

Eligibility Criteria                                                     selection may be performed if necessary.

To be eligible for a Fellowship, a candidate must:                  2.   The deadline for receipt of applications is 12:00 noon,
                                                                         Newfoundland time, March 12, 2010.
1.   be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and be a
     permanent resident of the province of Newfoundland and         3.   Applicants will be advised of their status, in writing,
     Labrador;                                                           shortly thereafter.

2.   register as a full-time student and attend a French            4.   Applications received after the deadline will be placed at
     language post-secondary institution in Canada on a full-            the end of the waiting list.
     time basis;

3.   take a minimum of 80% of his or her courses in French.         Payment

Funding                                                             1.   A first payment of $1,800 will be issued upon receipt by
                                                                         the Language Programs Section of the completed Fall
The awarding of financial assistance to successful applicants            Certification of Attendance form.
in this program is subject to the availability of funding from
the Department of Canadian Heritage.                                2.   A second payment of $1,800 will be issued upon receipt
                                                                         of the completed Winter Certification of Attendance
1.   A student meeting the eligibility criteria may be awarded           form and an official transcript of the fall semester marks
     a Student Fellowship to a maximum of $3,600 per                     indicating that the student has successfully completed a
     academic year.                                                      minimum of four courses.

2.   The Fellowship is renewable and is awarded for a
     maximum of four (4) semesters ($1,800 per semester).           FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, CONTACT:

3.   Fellowships constitute taxable income under the Income                           Language Programs Section
     Tax Act of Canada. T4A forms will be issued to                                   Department of Education
     recipients by the Department of Education.                                       P. O. Box 8700
                                                                                      St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6
4.   The Language Programs Section is required to inform
     Student Aid Division of all funding awarded under the                            Telephone:        (709) 729-2741
     Student Fellowship Program.                                                      Facsimile:        (709) 729-4845

Administration                                                      Our W ebsite:
Photocopies of the following must accompany all applications
(DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS):                                            NOTE:             It is the responsibility of the applicant to
                                                                                      ensure that the application, whether mailed
1.   proof of Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status                         or faxed, is received at the Language
     (Birth certificate is acceptable for Canadian-born                               Programs Section by the deadline date.

2.   social insurance card.


1.   Fellowships will be awarded to applicants based on their
     record of participation in the Student Fellowship
     Program. Applicants who have never received a
     fellowship will be given priority. A computer random