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     Female          1st Prize – $1,000                        2nd Prize – $400                         3rd Prize – $200

     Male            1st Prize – $1,000                        2nd Prize – $400                         3rd Prize – $200

                     1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes for all age categories

ENTRIES              On-line entries and payment can be made at up to 5.00pm on Saturday 10th March 2007
                     Postal entries must be received by Thursday 8th March 2007. Late entries will be taken at Cronulla S.L.S.C. between
                     10.00 am and 3.00pm on Saturday 10th March 2007.
LATE ENTRIES         All entries received after 5.00pm on Friday 9th March 2007 (except for online entries) are late entries. NO LATE EN-
AGE DIVISION         Shark Island Swim Challenge. Age on the day of race. Minimum age is 13 years old.
                     Male and Female age groups 13 – 18      19 – 24     25 – 29  30 – 34    35 – 39
                                                     40 – 44     45 – 49     50 – 54     55 – 59     60 – 64
                                                     65 – 69     70 – 74     75+
                     Bill Stafford Trophy for best time for 65yrs+
                     All competitors in both events (male/female) will be mailed a certificate, with time & place.
                     Results can also be found on on the afternoon of the event.

START:               CRONULLA BEACH 1Km FUN SWIM                             9.30am      2 WAVES
                     SHARK ISLAND SWIM CHALLENGE                            10.30am      ALL DIVISIONS – 4 WAVES
FINISH:              Between flags on Cronulla Beach. The flags will be about 10 metres up the beach from the waters edge.
SAFETY:              There will be inflatable rescue boats, jet ski’s and board paddlers patrolling the course. Each swimmer is responsible for
                     his or her own physical condition and enters this event at their own personal risk. Any swimmer who is still in the water
                     after 90 minutes will be asked to default and will be transported to shore. A swimmer deemed incapable of completing
                     the course may be brought to shore at any time at the absolute discretion of the Water Safety Manager.

REGISTRATION &       The Cronulla Beach Fun Swim and The Shark Island Swim Challenge will be timed by an electronic chip system involving
TIMING BANDS         the use of an electronic chip encased in a neoprene ankle band.
                     Your responsibilities as a competitor include:
                     1. When you register for your swim on the Sunday morning you will be issued with your timing band and a swim cap.
                        There will be a different timing band and swim cap for each of the swim events.
                     2. You must wear the timing band on your left ankle and swim cap on your head at all times while swimming. You must
                        leave them on until you finish the entire swim course. The timing band is a means of recording your finish time across
                        the special timing mats located at the end of the swim, on the beach.
                     3. At the completion of the swim you will be required to remove the timing band and hand it to officials prior to leaving
                        the secured Finish Area.
                     4. As you have acknowledged on your entry contract, the timing chip and band is on loan and you are committed to
                        returning the timing band intact with the chip to the Cronulla SLSC or pay a $55.00 fee.
                     5. It is imperative that you return the timing band to a Finish Area official should you withdraw from the race at any time.
                        It is essential for us to know where you are on the course at all times, for your safety and our ability to post accurate
                        official results after the events.
                     6. Should you lose your timing band during any leg of the swim, you should alert an Official at the finish of the event.

ESCORTS:             To ensure fair competition no individual escort boat, surf ski or board paddler will be permitted to accompany swimmers.
                     Flotation devices and fins are prohibited.
                     Note: Wetsuits may be worn, but such entrants will not be eligible for the Major or Age group prizes.

PRESENTATION:        Major awards will be presented on the promenade at approximately 12.30pm.
ENQUIRIES:           The race Chairman - Bruce Guthrie on 9527 1654 or visit our web site:

   SHARK ISLAND SWIM CHALLENGE                                             CRONULLA BEACH 1Km FUN SWIM
                13 years & over                                                        10 Years & over
                Entry fee:                 $25                                         Entry Fee                     $15
                Late Entry Fee:            $35                                         Late Entry Fee:               $25

                                 ENTRY FEE FOR BOTH SWIMS      $35
                                 LATE ENTRY FEE FOR BOTH SWIMS $50

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