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					                                 The Newsletter of Congregation Bet Chaim
                                                                                                     April 2009
                                                                                             NISSAN/IYAR 5769

                               426 Lake Port Cove, Casselberry, FL 32707   407-830-7211

                                                   Second Annual Congregational
      Events                                            Passover Seder with
Summerville            4/11
                                                       Rabbi Howard Simon
                                                    Thursday, April 9 at 6:00 pm
Genealogy club         4/12

Sister’s Social Hour   4/22

Shabbat dinner         4/24

Movie                  4/26
                                                Dinner at CBC: April 24, 2009
                                                        Catered by Mimi’s Café
Guest speaker: Eli      5/8    Cost is $10/adult and $6/child. Wine is $1/glass. Please include
Cohn                          the wine charge in your payment if you are planning to have wine
                                                       with your meal.
Genealogy club         5/10
Shabbat dinner with    5/15
Rabbi Simon                                                Garden Salad
Program with Rabbi     5/16                                Mimi’s breads
Sister’s Social Hour   5/27
                                               Slow Roasted Turkey with Gravy
Shavuot service        5/29
                                             Old-Fashioned Meatloaf with Gravy
CBC 18th anniversary   6/26
                                                           Baby Potatoes
                                                         Fresh Vegetables

                                   Contact Rachael Gray at 407-671-2566 or rachael-
                                                  RSVP deadline is April 19th
 PAGE 2                                                                            April 2009   NISSAN/IYAR 5769

Below is CBC’s 2009-2010 budget that will be presented at our annual meeting in May.

                                       CONGREGATION BET CHAIM
                                          2009-2010 BUDGET:
 Dues Income                                             $38,580
 Building Fund (Transfers from Restricted)                   10,900
 Fundraising (net $3,000)                                     6,000
 High Holy Days Income (net $3,000)                          10,000
 Donations to Operating Account                               3,000
 Religious School Income                                 $ 4,080
 TOTAL INCOME                                            $72,560

 Advertising                                             $     250
 Alarm                                                         345
 Electric                                                     3,600
 Fundraising Expense                                          3,000
 High Holy Days Expense                                       7,000
 Insurance                                                    3,000
 Maintenance – Cleaning                                       2,340
 Maintenance – Landscaping                                    3,780
 Miscellaneous                                                1,440
 Mortgage                                                    38,855
 Membership                                                    250
 Newsletter                                                    500
 Telephone                                                     560
 URJ Dues                                                     2,300
 Water                                                        1,260
 Religious School Expenses                                $ 4,080

 TOTAL EXPENSES                                           $72,560
                                                                                                                        PAGE 3

Below is CBC’s 2009-2010 proposed slate of officers and trustees that will be presented at our annual meeting in May.

                                    President: Stu Oxman                                  Two-year Trustees:
                                    First Vice President: Larry Marini                       Randy Wold
                                    Second Vice President: Mel Berger                        Beverly Murphy
                                    Treasurer: Meril Salzburg                                Lauren Johnson
                                    Secretary: Adam Cohen

Officer’s Column          By Stuart Oxman, President

 Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother          ing the dead person's memory alive.        was the birth of our first great-niece or
                                           The name given to the child is not al-     great-nephew, and my sister’s first
 In the Torah portion “Yithro” from Exo- ways identical; it is often changed to       grandchild. Her first name, Samantha,
 dus 18:1 through 20:23, the Ten Com- reflect the popular names of the time,          was selected by her parents to honor
 mandments are described in full de-       but usually retains the sound or at        Stacy’s maternal grandmother, Sara
 tail. The fifth commandment from Exo- least the first initial.”                      Oxman, who had passed away on
 dus 20:12 states “Honour thy father                                                  January 18, 2007 (28 Tevet 5767).
 and thy mother, that thy days may be On Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 at               This was also the first honoring of my
 long upon the land which the Lord thy 5:41 PM, Killian Jack Caldwell was             Mother, since her death two years
 God giveth thee”. As described in         born to our daughter Nadine Anne           ago. Samantha’s middle name was in
 “The Soucino Edition of the Penta-        (Oxman) Caldwell and her husband           honor of Mark’s maternal great grand-
 teuch and Haftorahs”, this command- Brian. This was the birth of our first           mother, Rose Gutowitz.
 ment follows the Sabbath command,         grandchild. His first name, Killian, was
 because the Sabbath is the source         selected by his parents because of its     So this special week ended with Gail-
 and the guarantor of the family life;     uniqueness, and his middle name,           marie and me becoming grandparents
 and it is among the Commandments          well that’s the rest of the story. Our     and great-uncle / great-aunt to two
 engraved on the First Tablet, the laws children wanted to honor Nadine’s             very precious treasures, Killian Jack
 of piety towards God.                     paternal grandfather, Jack Oxman,          and Samantha Rose (second cousins
                                           who had passed away on December            themselves). So now you know the
 Well, honoring our father and mother 28, 1985 (16 Tevet 5746). This was              twist to honoring our father and
 takes a slightly different twist as noted the first honoring of my Dad, since his    mother!
 in Judaism 101 from the Inter-            death over twenty-three years ago.
 net,”Among Ashkenazic Jews (Jews
 from Germany and Eastern Europe), it On Saturday, March 21st, 2009 at 1:40
 is customary to name children after a AM, Samantha Rose Weiner was born
 recently deceased relative. This is a     to our niece Stacy (Oxman - Apar)
 way of honoring the dead and of keep- Weiner and her husband Mark. This

 Killian Jack Caldwell                                                    Samantha Rose Weiner

Over The Rabbi’s Desk Rabbi Howard A. Simon
                                      throughout Europe find themselves         of our freedom.
                                      being victimized by anti semitic acts,
                                      statements, articles and programs on   Freedom---what a magnificent
                                      radio and television. It makes us      word. What a wonderful concept. It
                                      wonder about the reality that is our   took us forty years in the wilderness
                                      life. It causes us to doubt, lose faithto understand its full meaning, but
                                      and entertain the most dire thoughts   learn we did and we returned to the
                                      possible. At such a time as this we    holy land a free and independent
                                      are most fortunate to lift the cup of  people. Times are most difficult for
                                      freedom as we retell the story of the  ever so many people today, but the
                                      exodus from Egypt. Passover could-     belief in a new way, a way that is
                                      n't come at a better time than the     based on freedom for all still ex-
                                      present.                               ists. We cannot give up. We must
                                                                             remain true to our faith and our peo-
That most special of holy days is just What do we learn from this week of    ple. As we share this holiday let us
around the corner. Passover begins     thought and introspection? Our fore- voice our prayers for all who are suf-
the evening oof April 8th, ushering in fathers had lost faith com-           fering this day. May our prayers
the week of weeks when our people      pletely. They saw themselves as       reach deep into their hearts and bring
contemplate the meaning of freedom     slaves to Pharoah today, tomorrow,    a renewal of hope and of faith. Our
in our lives and in the lives of our   forever. There would be no re-        world can be better. Life can im-
ancestors. I look forward to our shar- lease. God had abanded the peo-       prove. Freedom can and will blos-
ing the Seder on the 9th when we will ple. The Hebrews were victims and som before us and all people, wher-
all gather about our tables, Hag-      would remain so throughout their      ever they might dwell. That is our
gadah in hand, and retell the story of lives. Then Moses reappeared on       hope, that is our dream. That is our
the Passover. Every year this mo-      the scene and brought an entirely     prayer. Chag sama-ach, a happy
ment is special for our people and for new message. Believe in God. Be- holiday for you and your families. A
us, but today it has even more mean- lieve in yourselves. Believe in the     joyous holiday for our beloved con-
ing for us. Just look around our       ideal of freedom and life in your own gregation. Such is my hope, such is
world and see the problems that face land; life that was good, pure and      my prayer.
humanity. Israel continues to face     enjoyable. "It can't be," our people
threats from Gaza, Lebanon and         said, but ten plagues later Pharoah
Iran. The citizens of Darfur face con- told Moses to take his people and
tinued persecution and death. Jews leave Egypt. That was the beginning

                     Are you feeling stressed out, anxious, sad, or overwhelmed? Are experiences
                     in your past interfering with your daily life? Are you managing your feelings
                     with food or alcohol? It's okay. We all get stuck sometimes on the path to
                     wellness. My job is help you get back on that path. I focus on helping you to
                     develop your inner strengths to make the positive changes you want.
I specialize in using mind/body techniques, including yoga therapy, to help you to heal quickly
and move on with your life in a positive way. I provide counseling services for adolescents and
adults. Please feel free to call or e-mail for a free consultation.
                                                                       Look in next month’s
                                                                      L’Chaim for my article,
                     Sareet Taylor, Ed.S., LMHC                       “Five Ways to Nurture
                        Tuskawilla Office Park                                Yourself.”
                         2006 Town Plaza Ct.
                      Winter Springs, FL, 32708
                            (407) 701-5414
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No one can deny that Bat and Bar Mitzvah preparation is difficult. The
hours of studying Jewish history, tradition, rituals, Torah, and mastering a
new language are a challenge for anyone making taking this journey.

But just image how incredibly difficult a path it would be for a mentally
disadvantaged youth with Down’s Syndrome. Such is the true story behind
the movie:

                 “PRAYING WITH LIOR “
                    (Suitable for All Ages)

Lior Liebling is the son of two rabbis in Philadelphia. He was
recognized at birth as having Down’s Syndrome. From an early age,
Lior developed an ardent interest in davening, and with support from his
family and community, prepares for his Bar Mitzvah. This emotionally
charged movie has been a standard at numerous Jewish Film Festivals and
is the recipient of many awards. Be sure and bring the children, they’ll love

         SUNDAY, APRIL 26 AT 2:00 P.M. in the Sanctuary

Please RSVP by April 15 to Jerry Bloom

Optional Donation of $3/person or $5/family suggested

                                            Recent Donations
  From Carl Cohen, to the Religious School, in honor of Carol Cohn's birthday
  From Rita Black (Harriet Manis's mother); a donation to the Religious School in honor of Carol Cohn's
  birthday; and to the temple's Operating Fund in honor of Harriet & Marc's 22nd anniversary
  From Bernard Weinstein (father of Meril Salzburg); a donation to the Tree of Life Fund and the Temple's
  Operating Fund
  From Randi, Roger & Adam Cunningham; a donation to the Religious
  School in honor of Carol Cohn's birthday

  From Hank & Suzanne Lander; a donation to the Religious School in
  honor of Carol Cohn's birthday

  From the Marini's; a donation to the Religious School in honor of
  Carol Cohn’s b-day

  From the Glasner's in honor of Carol Cohn's b-day

                     CBC's Religious School received a donation of $238.01 from Target via their "Take
                     Charge of Education" program, where by designating CBC's Religious School, 1% of
                     purchases charged on your Target Card are donated to our Religious School. Any-
                     one with a Target REDcard can enroll either @
            or by calling 1-800-316-6142.

                                   New Member Picnic Photos
                      APRIL 2009 -                                                                  NISSAN/IYAR 5769

      Sunday                Monday             Tuesday            Wednesday               Thursday              Friday              Saturday

                                                             1      Nissan 7         2    Nissan 8        3     Nissan 9       4     Nissan 10

                                                                                     Mah Johng/Pinochle   7:30 pm Family
                                                                                                          Service                   Zach Wood

5     Nissan 11        6     Nissan 12    7     Nissan 13    8       Nissan 14       9     Nissan 15      10      Nissan 16    11      Nissan 17
                                                                                                                               10: 30 am Sum-
                                                             7:30 pm Exec Bd         6 pm Passover Se-                         merville-Lake Mary
                                          Gothelf                   Tamara Nesvit-
                                           Svetlana Izosi-   skiy
                                            Larry Marini             The Minskys

12     Nissan 18       13     Nissan 19   14     Nissan 20   15        Nissan 21     16     Nissan 22     17      Nissan 23    18     Nissan 24

2-4 pm Genealogy                                             7:30 pm Board of        Mah Johng/Pinochle
Club                                                         Trustees
                                                                                                                                    Terry Chase

                                                                                          Jordan Zoock

19     Nissan 25       20     Nissan 26   21     Nissan 27   22     Nissan 28        23     Nissan 29     24      Nissan 30    25     Iyar 1
                                                             5:30-7 pm Social
                                                             Hour                    Mah Johng/Pinochle   6 pm Shabbat din-
                                               The Wolds                                                  ner
                                                                                                                                    Stu Zoock

                                                                                                               Rich Salzburg

26     Iyar 2          27     Iyar 3      28     Iyar 4      29       Iyar 5         30    Iyar 6

2 pm Movie

                            Adam Cohen         Morgan Wood
     Beverly Murphy
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