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Creating a Student Distribution List


Creating a Student Distribution List

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									Creating a Student Distribution List

   Step 1 - Creating a Distribution List in Outlook 2003
   Outlook 2003 enables you to create email distribution lists, or "groups of contacts".
   This is especially practical if you since we are now using Gmail for Students: sending an
   email to a distribution list will reach all the students of that list, requiring only the
   selection of the list as recipient.

   For all practical purposes, Outlook 2003 treats an email distribution list much like a
   regular email address; this pseudo email address only happens to be virtual, and
   internally link to a number of real email addresses; these email addresses can either
   belong to the distribution list, or be picked among pre-existing Outlook contacts.

   Email distribution lists and outlook’s address book
   There are several ways to create a distribution list in Outlook 2003.
                              In this tutorial, we will create a distribution list from Outlook's
                              Address Book. To open Outlook's address book, go to Tools >
                              Address Book in Outlook's main window.
                              Shortcut - Ctrl+Shift+B - Open Outlook's Address Book

   Creating an email distribution list
                                        To create a distribution list from Outlook's Address
                                        Book, open it and go to File > New Entry. The New
                                        Entry dialog will open: choose New Distribution
                                        List and click OK.

                                        Note that by default, contacts and distribution lists
                                        will be created in Contacts, which corresponds to
                                        Outlook's Contact folder.

                                        To change the location where Outlook 2003 will save
                                        your Distribution List, choose an address book under
                                        Put this entry, provided you have the credentials to
                                        add items to the given address book.
The "Untitled - Distribution
List" dialog will open.

By default, the Members tab is
selected: this is where you assign
members to your distribution list.

Members of the distribution list
can be pre-existing contacts, or
contacts you create on the fly from
the Distribution List dialog.

The Distribution List dialog also
features a Notes tab, which allows
you to write comments about the
Distribution List, which is helpful
when you share your contacts.

Annotating Distribution Lists
                                      While annotating distribution
                                      lists for your own usage may
                                      not be that useful, it comes in
                                      handy when distribution lists
                                      are shared.

                                      To add comments to a
                                      distribution list, click on the
                                      Notes tab; the note editor
                                      allows for full rich text editing,
                                      inserting pictures, etc.

                                      Many of the formatting
                                      commands are similar to those
                                      available in Microsoft Word.
Naming your Outlook Distribution List
                                      If you click Save and Close at this point, Outlook
                                      2003 will warn you that you can save a no-name
                                      distribution list, but you will not be able to use it.

                                      Make sure you pick a meaningful name for your
                                      distribution list, type it in the Name field, and click
                                      Save and Close.

The distribution list has now been added to your
contacts: notice that distribution lists are always in bold
type, and accompanied by a “ ”icon.
Step 2 - Adding Contacts to an Outlook 2003 Distribution List

Outlook lets you to either pick pre-existing contacts, or create contacts exclusively for the
distribution list; however in the following, we will learn how to add new contacts that don’t
already exist.
                                              Pictured left, Outlook 2003's Distribution
                                              List dialog: this is the dialog we will use
                                              throughout this tutorial to add brand new or
                                              pre-existing contacts to the email distribution

                                              If you have created your distribution list, it
                                              should by now have a title (from the text
                                              typed in Name), and possibly some

Note the Select Members and Add New buttons.

Adding a new Contact as a Member of a Distribution List
                                             To add a new contact to a distribution list,
                                             click the Add New button.

                                             Contacts (or Members) you create from the
                                             Distribution List dialog are not automatically
                                             added to your Outlook Contacts folder. To
                                             have the new Member added to your Contacts
                                             folder, check the Add to Contacts checkbox.
                                             Fill in the Display name and E-mail
                                             address fields.
For students at Sunshine Coast TAFE with the new Gmail service – the email address
format is – eg. On the class roll, Jane Doe
has a student number of 012345585, so her email address would be:
Leave the E-mail type to the default SMTP
value. Under Internet format, you can specify
whether messages to this Member should be sent
in Plain Text or Outlook Rich Text Format. The
default is to let Outlook decide which format to
use. In rare cases, messages must be sent in text
only (no formatting).
Step 3 – Sending Emails to Distribution Lists in Outlook 2003

                               This step in the tutorial will show you how to send emails to
                               email distribution lists (or "mailing lists").

                            Although very efficient, the ability to reach multiple email
                            recipients with a single click should make you think twice
                            before clicking Outlook's Send button. We will give you a few
tips to make the most of distribution lists, while avoiding common pitfalls.

                                                  Sending emails to distribution lists in Outlook
                                                  2003 works quite the same way as emailing a
                                                  single contact: but, instead of selecting all the
                                                  contact names as recipients, you will only
                                                  need click on the distribution list name (plus
                                                  any desired recipients that are not in the
                                                  distribution list).

Distribution list names in the email recipients
fields will also appear in bold typeface.

Notice the (+) plus sign: clicking it will expand
the distribution list in the listing of its recipients.

From the special object that is a distribution list,
it will become a standard listing of email

                                                 Outlook 2003 will warn you before expanding
                                                 the distribution list, that you will not be able to
                                                 collapse the member list back to a distribution

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