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									                                    Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008


This manual has been prepared for ActionAid staff to guide them in their day to day
activities. This is to also ensure that the resources entrusted to the staff by the
organization are to be used in a cost effective and efficient manner. Employees are
therefore responsible to understand and comply with all the aspects of this manual.

This manual is for the internal use of all ActionAid employees in all the offices of
ActionAid Pakistan, Direct implemented DA’s and may also be accessible to partners if
they want to use it.


This manual maybe updated every three years. The admin manager in close consultation
with the Country Director and the SMT will coordinate the review and amendment
Incase revisions need to be brought in line with the changing conditions in the internal
and external environment. An interim review and revision maybe carried out as and when
necessary. This revision can be discussed agreed in the SMT and communicated through
a memo or notice to all staff.
The Country Director, in consultation with the SMT can amend, cancel or modify or add
the policies and procedures when necessary.
The Country Director approves the admin manual and it will be effective
20th March, 2008.

The following words mentioned in the admin manual are understood as follows:

AAPk means ActionAid Pakistan

Country Office means Islamabad office.

Area office means offices in areas other than Islamabad.( Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar)

 DA means Development Area. This is an area where ActionAid Pakistan is working with
a partner or working with its own staff referred as a self implemented development area
or project office.

SMT means senior management team. This is a body of managers who work collectively
to make decisions.

Country Director is the head of the organization and leads the team.

Line Manager is the next level person to whom one reports directly.

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Partners means organization who are working with ActionAid Pakistan through
memorandum of understanding / agreements.

Affiliates means organization which has full membership status of ActionAid

1.0 Travel Facilitation

It is the policy of ActionAid Pakistan to facilitate travel of employees for all work related
travel during field or other organizational trips.

1.2 Authorization for Travel
Field travel is planned and initiated by the program officer in consultation with the line

A vehicle request form must be submitted three days in advance for an outstation visit.
International air travel must be pre-approved by the Country Director. Domestic air travel
must be requested via a Travel Plan Authorization (TPA) form and approved by the line
manager. (Annexure-TPA Form)

1.3 Travel Arrangements

It is expected that the administration unit will be given sufficient time to make travel
arrangements. The Travel Plan Authorization should be submitted at least a week in
advance for domestic travel and fortnight for International travel excluding emergencies
and extenuating circumstances. The Travel Plan Authorization should indicate the budget
theme/activity to which the travel expense must be charged. The administration unit
should ensure that the international ticket purchase is cost effective, keeping in view the
urgency of the travel request.

All tickets will be purchased by approved travel agents.


All staff on official trips in the country or on international trips are entitled to perdiems.
The rate of perdiems will differ in big and small cities.
Big cities are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan,
Hyderabad, Rahimyar Khan, Murree, Abbotabad, Sargodha, Sukkur, Larkana and
Muzaffarbad. All other areas are considered as small cities.

The perdiems for big cities is Rs. 750/- inclusive of incidental expenses.
The perdiems for small cities is Rs. 600/- inclusive of incidental expenses.

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

The further break up of perdiems is as under:

15% for breakfast ( If travel is initiated after 8.00 a.m the staff cannot claim breakfast)
40% for lunch     ( Lunch can be claimed from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.)
45% for dinner ( Dinner can be claimed after 7.00 p.m.)
Staff who claim perdiems are not entitled to claim additional expenses on hospitality.
As a rule alcoholic drinks must not be paid from ActionAid funds during events.

International visitors

Visitors are defined as staff and partners from other country programs. ActionAid
Pakistan area offices and ActionAid Affiliates and international consultants do not fall
under this policy.
Staff who directly involve in inviting/receiving visitors may fill in a perdiem Visitor form
or issue a memorandum and get approval from respective line manager before passing it
to finance unit for payment. The international staff will be given perdiems at the local
rate in the local currency. The form is attached as (Annexure – Perdiem for
International Staff).
The visitor is expected to provide the recharge code when receiving the money.
As per recharge policy of ActionAid, payment will be made for travel expenses such as
perdiem, visa fee, accommodation expense of international visitor (except from
ActionAid India or other Country Program, where recharges cannot be made) and
recharged to the appropriate code/country program. Exceptional cases are expenditures
for conference and workshops hosted by ActionAid. In this case the expenses shall be
paid by ActionAid Pakistan then recharged to appropriate country programs. The admin
officer shall inform the hotel about the billing.


The staff is entitled to daily ironing of clothes (three piece) while on official trips.
They can avail the facility of laundry (washing) on every alternate day if their stay is
more than five days.
The charge for the laundry both ironing and washing will not be paid in cash but charged
to ActionAid.

1.4 Insurance Coverage for International travel

It is a policy that all staff members traveling internationally must have some travel
insurance coverage. Currently AAPk is using ―Classic Plan‖ from ACE in a-suitcase
Travel Insurance.

ActionAid - Injury and Travel Insurance covers all permanent ActionAid employees,
Trustees, Volunteers and Consultants and any other person, including donors, working
for or representing and authorized to travel on behalf of ActionAid in overseas countries.
Accompanying spouses and children are covered under certain categories of the policy.
Please refer to the full schedule of benefits on the intranet.

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Any trip in connection with ActionAid business involving travel outside the U.K travel
insurance is not active in country of origin, e.g. U.K based traveling within the U.K are
not covered.

Main Policy Exclusions

The policy specifically excludes travel to Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq and Yemen.
Travel is not effective and cover becomes void if the country visited is on the hotspot
destination list—see travel. All travel to hotspot countries need to be
authorized by our insurers. Clothing, Luggage and all personal property of persons
employed whilst overseas of all Long Term International staff are not covered by our
 Insurance policy. Personal property in transit is also excluded and insurance for this
category will have to be arranged locally. Insured persons traveling to any other country
which is or whose armed forces are engaged in war within its own borders where that part
of a journey commences after the outbreak of such war. All staff members over 85 years
or older and staff 75 or over on a journey longer than 30 days are not covered.

Travel Insurance Check list

Check the Foreign and Common Wealth Office website for an update list of high risk
countries. Our insurance company requires us to inform them of all trips made to these
countries., please contact Amos Makuvise in the AAUK Finance department on Ext
Contact AAUK Finance for a business assistance injury and travel leaflet. The main
sections of this leaflets are:

Insurance Company:        ACE European Group Ltd.
Emergency Contact Number: 00 44 20 7173 7796
Policy Number:            55 UK603773

This number should be used for accidents/ emergencies before incurring any substantial
medical or additional travel costs. The service can also be used to obtain worldwide
medical help/ advice but not insurance cover details.
The Emergency Medical cover includes:
     Repayment of emergency medical costs in the country/ countries visited.
     Emergency medical repatriation to the country of origin.
     Names and addresses of suitable doctors, hospitals and clinics.
     Medical advice from multi- lingual Assistance Coordinators.
If you think that emergency medical repatriation may be required;
     Do not try to provide your own solutions- let the insurers agents act for you from
        the outset.
     Provide them with the name and a contact number for the doctor who is treating
     You must let them decide on what is the most suitable and reasonable solution to
        any problem.
     They can be contacted 24 hours a day.

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Making a Claim

Personal accident and travel claims. In the event of any need to make a claim:
    Download the appropriate claim form from the intranet
    Be ware of benefit amount limits by referring to the schedule of benefits on the
    It is a policy condition that any loss of money or possessions should be reported
       to the police, airline or other appropriate authorities within 48 hours of the loss.
    Insurers will require supporting documentation such as original purchase receipts,
       estimates for repair or replacement of the effects, copy police report and copies of
       correspondence between you and the airline.( if applicable)
    Please ensure that you keep all receipts official documents, police reports,
       hospitals/doctors reports etc as you will need them in order to get the costs back.
    Return the completed claim form to the UK Finance department, who will liaise
       with the insurance company on your behalf throughout the claim process.
    All bills and supporting documentation should be returned together with the claim
       form as soon as possible. The more documentation, the better your chances of
       making a successful claim.

Cancellation or Curtailment claims

      A completed claim form should be submitted to UK Finance should a business
       trip be cancelled due to illness or family bereavement.
      Insurers will require either a Medical Certificate of a letter from the employee’s
       GP advising why they were unable to travel.
      In the event of a family bereavement please forward a copy of the relevant Death
      The AA insurance does not cover the first 25 pounds of any medical claim, so that
       part would have to be put on your ActionAid expenses claim. For more serious
       claims/ issues, staff must ring the emergency number quoted above.
      Should the claim fall under the Loss of baggage/ Personal Effects/ Money section
       of the policy, then the staff member will be paid the claim amount less the excess.

Please remember that all insurance payouts are distributed to claimants subject to Action
Aid’s discretion.

1.5 Lodging Arrangements

The Admin unit will maintain a list of hotels/ guest houses / hotels approved by the
manager administration/ manager area office. The admin manger will ensure the security
of the female staff while selecting accommodation. The lodging services provider list will
be updated at the beginning of each year based on the ongoing lodging rates at these

                                        Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

hotels/guesthouses. These rates can be revised every second year. The lodging rates for
Big cities are:
Single room: Rs. 4000.00+ Tax
Double room: Rs. 5000.00+ Tax
Small cities
Single room: Rs. 2500.00 +Tax
Double room: Rs. 3000.00 + Tax
Incase of private accommodation on official visits, the staff will not claim any allowance.

1.6 Return of used Tickets

The staff is requested to return the used ticket maximum three days after travel.

1.7 Passport & Visa Control

Any staff member traveling internationally is expected to have valid passport. ActionAid
Pakistan will not assist in securing the passport for the staff. It is the responsibility of the
employee to ensure the renewal of his passport when six months are remaining before the
expiry date. The admin unit must have access to the copy of ID card and passport of all
staff expected to travel internationally. The admin unit will assist all employee and
consultant in obtaining visas for work related travel, while the admin unit will facilitate
the staff, it is expected that the staff member traveling will approach the Embassy / High
Commission individually and submit their documents in person.

2.0 Vehicles

It is the policy of ActionAid Pakistan to provide appropriate transportation for the
successful implementation of programs while minimizing cost and liability and ensuring
the safety of all staff. For this purpose ActionAid maintains vehicles and motor cycles at
its offices and DA’s.
ActionAid offices DA’s and Partners shall not purchase any second hand vehicle/ motor
cycle for its staff. Duty free vehicles can be purchased but the CD must approve this
purchase. Local cars should be given preference while purchasing vehicles.
Incase of fixed assets, AAPk will not purchase the assets in AAPk’s name for partner
organizations, especially in the case of DA’s/ Partners Once the capital budget is
approved for any partner they should purchase the assets in the name of the partner
organization and all responsibility and liability associated with this asset will rest on the
partner. However, ActionAid may check the quality and validity of the purchase during
auditing or monitoring visits.

2.1 Vehicle Usage

ActionAid maintains vehicle to support the effective implementation of program. These
vehicles are kept at the Country office in Islamabad / area offices and self implemented
DAs across the country. ActionAid Pakistan also has a policy of allowing partner
organizations in development areas to use ActionAid vehicles for program related

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

activities. The administration unit oversees the purchase, usage maintenance and disposal
of all ActionAid vehicles. Use of official vehicles should be discouraged for individuals
traveling alone to stations nearby and public transport is recommended for such travel.
Female staff shall be given preference while allocating transport.
Staff landing at the airport on weekends should use the metro taxi for commuting to their
home instead of official vehicles.

2.2 Vehicle Availability

Whenever possible, trips outside the working area should be planned at least three days in
advance. A written request should be made to the administration unit / area manager/
administrator in the respective office. Vehicles would be booked on first come first serve
basis, preference will be given to staff traveling to development areas.
In case a vehicle is needed urgently the employees may relinquish and exchange their
booking slots on mutual consent. If ActionAid vehicles are not available, staff members
using private vehicles will be reimbursed at the actual rate of Rs. 9 per kilometer within a
maximum range of fifty kilometers. Incase of inter city travel for official purpose staff
will use the most economical mode of transport. The driver should ensure that the staff
signs the logbooks after the travel ends and the admin officer in area offices as well as the
country office should make surprise checks to ensure that this is done.
The vehicle designated for use by the Country Director is also available to staff in case of
an emergency but they should seek permission of the Country Director before making the

2.3 Maintenance

Drivers will service the vehicles at regular intervals as outlined in the vehicle
maintenance manual to insure safety and performance.
Any repair or maintenance activity exceeding Rs. 25,000 must be approved by the admin/
concerned area manager and supervised by a designated staff member.

2.4 Servicing

Frequent and periodic vehicle safety checks must be maintained. Logs should be kept
recording the date of the safety checks, the items inspected their condition, action
required person responsible for action and the results and date of repair. A representative
of admin unit should be responsible for all the above safety checks.

2.5. Identification

Subject to security situation, all ActionAid vehicles are not required to have the
ActionAid logo visibly displayed. All vehicles/ motor cycles of ActionAid with a life of
over10 years can be disposed off if recommended by the admin manager and approved by
the Country Director. Incase of duty free vehicles the disposal will clearly indicate that
the duty and taxes will be paid by the purchaser.

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

2.6. Parking during Non-working Hours

The administration unit should make sure the secure parking of ActionAid vehicles
during working and non-working hours as well as determine the location and accessibility
to vehicle keys. Preference will be given to official vehicles for parking on the office
premises, unless prior authorization was granted by CD / manager administration to park

2.7 Authorized Personnel for Driving AAPk Vehicle

ActionAid Pakistan vehicles may be driven only by staff employed as drivers. These
authorized drivers must carry a valid drivers license incase of dire emergencies or
extenuating circumstances. The Country Director/ or area manager may in an emergency
only approve other staff to drive the vehicle holding a valid drivers license to drive the
Drivers will not be assigned to individual vehicles. However, each driver will be given a
general responsibility for a specific vehicle to ensure that maintenance checklists are

2.8 Use / Misuse

Use of vehicles for official trips must be approved by the immediate supervisor. Family
members/ relatives are discouraged to travel in official vehicles while on official trips.
However, in certain exceptional cases this can be approved by the line manager or the
Country Director.

ActionAid-Pakistan vehicles are for the use of official activities. ActionAid work-related
activities will always take precedence over any other use. ActionAid does not guarantee
any staff member or his/her dependants the use of or access to a vehicle as part of

On specific occasions the Country Director may authorize managers the personal use of
the vehicle while the staff can request the admin manager for the personal use of vehicles.
In the absence of the CD, the administration manager can approve personal use of vehicle
up to one day. Personal use of ActionAid vehicles during working hours will be approved
subject to its availability. When using ActionAid vehicles and drivers for personal use,
staff members are required to pay for driver’s perdiem and mileage at Rs: 7/- per
kilometer. All staff members can claim reimbursement of travel incurred while using
official vehicle for personal use.

ActionAid vehicles are intended to transport ActionAid staff, volunteers, and official
visitors only. Hitchhikers are not permitted.

Frequently the administration unit will conduct a physical inspection on all vehicles to
ensure all safety gadgets and equipments are in place.

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

A fuel statement will be prepared by the admin officer every month in country office/
area office which will indicate the consumption of fuel per kilometer. (Annexure – Fuel
Consumption Statement)

A personal vehicle use deduction statement will also be maintained by the admin unit.
This has to be submitted to the finance by the 25th of the month. The finance unit will
deduct personal expenses from the salary of the staff.

2.9 Seat belt

It is mandatory for all staff that they should fasten their seatbelts when they travel on
official vehicles. It is the responsibility of diver to ensure this ―NO SEAT BELT NO

2.10 Out station travel

During outstation travel driver should ensure that

      Use of alcohol/ drugs by the driver or passenger in the vehicle is forbidden.
       Violation by any staff member/ driver is to be reported to the admin manager for
       necessary action.

      Speed limits to be maintained. Bad weather results in poor visibility. In case of
       fog, dust storm, heavy rain driver should not be asked to drive fast.

2.11 Mobile phone during travel

During driving it is expected that driver will not take any calls, if it is necessary then he
should park his vehicle on the left side of the road then take the call.

Any personal use of telephone (PTCL/ mobile) should be documented by the staff and a
personal telephone deduction statement prepared by the admin and the expenses be then
deducted by the finance unit from the salary of the concerned staff.

2.12 Check list for drivers

          Check Air pressure in five tyres.
          Torch / Flash light with extra cell
          Gloves & Coverall
          Jumper cable
          One quarter of motor oil
          Fire extinguisher
          Tyre pressure gauge
          First Aid box
          Tool Kit

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

          Tow-chain
          Staff contact list
          Umbrella

2.13 First Aid Box

Before beginning of any travel inter / intra city driver should check that the first aid box
is in the vehicle with a list of medicines on the coverlet of the box in Urdu/ English.
It is mandatory for AAPk’s drivers to attend a First Aid Training. In case of accident the
driver should inform the admin manager immediately.

2.14 Travel & Log books

      For each ActionAid-owned vehicle a travel log must be maintained with every
       trip noted including the driver, destination, purpose of the trip, mileage and
       whether in official or personal use. The vehicle logs should also indicate the fuel
       usage, repairs and maintenance. The staff is expected fill all columns and sign the
       log books at the end of each trip.
      The administration unit will maintain record of registration, insurance expiry
       dates and driver license expiry dates and ensure renewal before the expiry dates.
      The logbooks are to be reviewed periodically by the internal auditor to compare
       mileage with fuel statement over a period of time.

2.15 Fuelling
     The amount of fuel purchased must be recorded in the log book by drivers.
     Whenever possible, ActionAid drivers will purchase fuel from designated fuel
     Fuel purchases are reimbursed through coupons/ Fleet Cards for preferred filling
       stations and through receipts of fuel purchases at other filling stations.
2.16 Insurance of vehicles/ motor cycles

      ActionAid Pakistan vehicles are included in the ActionAid Comprehensive
       Insurance Policy.
      The admin officer in the Country office, area office and the DA will be
       responsible for the insurance of vehicles/ motor cycles.
      The staff should notify the administration manager immediately in the event of a
       significant accident or theft.

3.0 Re-charging of Drivers expenses for Field Visits

Drivers cost such as accommodation, perdiems, taxi claim etc. during field trips would be
charged to the respective units.

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Overtime for Support Staff

The drivers and support staff will be entitled to a total of 25 hours of overtime every
month ( locally) at the rate of Rs.120 per hour. The drivers will not be paid any overtime
on field visits, they can however claim perdiems.
If a member of the support staff is required to work at add hours(late night/ weekends/
holidays) or after 5.00 p.m they shall be eligble to claim overtime as long as they have
not completed their tally of 25 hours.

3.1 Taxi fare for drivers and other support staff

If the admin office deputes any support staff to supervise / work during holidays than
they will be entitled to a taxi allowance up to a maximum limit of Rs: 300/- both sides.
During week days if someone is asked to stay after office hours, manager administration
/area manager can approve his/her taxi claim up to maximum limit of Rs: 150/-.

3.2 Official Timings for Drivers:

The drivers are expected to complete 8 hours on working days. However the admin unit
can rotate the roaster as per the requirement of the staff.

    Summer Timings: During the summer i.e. April to September, if the drivers are
     required to be present at the office at 06:00 a.m. then they will be entitled to a taxi
     claim up to maximum limit of Rs: 150/- and similarly if the drivers are required to
     be present in the office after 9:00 p.m. they will be entitled to a taxi allowance up
     to maximum limit of Rs: 150/-.
    Winter Timings: During the winter i.e. October to March, if the driver are
     required to be present at the office at 07:00 a.m. then they will be entitled to a taxi
     claim up to maximum limit of Rs: 150/- and similarly if the drivers are required to
     be present in the office after 8:00 p.m. they will be entitled to a taxi allowance up
     to maximum limit Rs: 150/-.
    This is applicable to the area office and Country Offices, in other areas especially
     DA’s where transport is not available the timings would be 6.00 p.m for winter
     and 7.00 p.m in summer.

4.0 Mobile Phone Policy

All the drivers of AAPk are authorized to keep official mobiles to communicate with
admin office more efficiently. Office will provide them a reasonable mobile set and they
can load a balance of Rs: 300/- every month. A post paid connection will be allowed to
admin office to communicate with staff when and if required especially after office hours
and during weekends.

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

There will be times when the security situation deteriorates and the staff needs to stay in
contact with the office/ line manager. In such conditions the staff can be authorized a
phone card of Rs. 300/- approved by the line manager.

5.0 Inventory - Property Management


It is the policy of ActionAid-Pakistan to ensure the up to date record on the storage use
and transfer of all supplies inventory and assets. The monitory threshold maintaining for
the identification of fixed assets is GBP 5,000 that is to be capitalized as per International
Financial policy. Items involving more than this amount and having useful life of at least
two years will be considered fixed assets and inventory items will be defined as a
minimum of Rs.1000/- with a useful life of two years.

5.1 Inventory Procedure

            The inventory record is the continually updated list of all of the assets owned
             by AAPk.
            Included in the inventory are the items description, serial no. price, location
             and date of purchase of assets made by ActionAid-Pakistan. Fixed assets are
             those with an expected life of two years or having purchase price of more than
             GBP 5000.
            The inventory list is maintained and kept by the admin unit in Islamabad
             office/ area office and self implemented DA’s. The admin officer is
             responsible for the inventory in the country office and the area office. The DA
             coordinator shall be responsible in the DA’s. The Country Office shall have a
             consolidated inventory of all its assets.
            It is expected that the admin officer should visit the DA’s at least once a year
             for physical verification of the inventory and fixed assets.
            The inventory list should be submitted to the country office at the end of each
             financial year by the area offices. The admin officer in the area offices will be
             responsible for the inventory in their office and the DA’s in their areas. They
             will ensure that the inventory record reaches them and then the area office will
             send this inventory duly checked to the Country office. Country office is
             responsible to check the inventory of the area offices.
            Each AAPk asset should have a code number identifying it as property of
             ActionAid including purchase of furniture and equipment of the office.
            All offices are expected to review the inventory at least once a year. A copy of
             this signed by the manager will be maintained in a file and a copy sent to the
             Country Office.
            The inventory list format should be consistent in all AAPk offices and DA’s
             and should include description, serial number, price, location, date of
             purchase, vendor and payment voucher number.

                                    Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

5.2 Inventory Identification

         All motor vehicles/ Motor cycles will be identified by Registration Number.
         Electric equipments will be identified by the serial numbers
         The following class codes will be used to categorize equipments.
         FF- Office Furniture & Fitting
         OE- Office Equipment
         V- Vehicles
         MB-Motorbikes

         All the identification letters/ numbers will be preceded by individual project
          codes as follows:
         3 for Lahore office
         4 for Karachi Office
         6 for Noshki Office
         9 for Islamabad Office
         16 for Peshawar Office
         17 for Rahim Yar Khan Office
         The following is the example of an identification number: 9/08-IDM-1127
          Prado Islamabad.

5.3 Property Management Procedure

         Only the designated purchaser may purchase new assets with approval with
          the designated approving signatory.
         Upon acquisition of the fixed assets, the items and all relevant information
          must be entered into the inventory by the Administration Unit.
         Receipts of purchases should be kept with the vouchers in the Finance Unit.
         Any disposal of a capital asset must be approved by the CD and the admin
          manager and must be in accordance with the procedure stated in grant itself.
         The sale must be recorded with all of relevant inventory information by the
          finance unit as well.
         Unusable assets costing less than Pound 5000 should be disposed and
          ActionAid Pakistan encourages donations to a worthy institution within
          Pakistan which can make good use of such equipment this may include
          schools and program partner organizations, if no donor prohibition exits the
          items may be sold. Unused items may not be kept on the office premises and
          can be auctioned.

Store Management

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

The admin officer will be responsible for maintaining the store in all the offices of AAPk
and DA’s.
No goods should come or leave the stores without proper recording and documentation.
No personal effects will be kept in stores.
The store should be under lock and secure so that no unauthorized persons have access.
Physical stock taking must be done in the presence of the internal auditor and the admin
officer once a year. The report should be sent to the admin manager/ area manager.
All stationary requests form must be filled up and given to the admin officer in the first
week of the month. These requests shall be given on every Tuesday from 10.00 a.m to
12.00 noon. It is expected that the units will maintain a sufficient stock for a month for
their use.
The admin officer will hand over the items on the second day of this request. In case of
an emergency the admin officer will provide full support to the staff.
(Annexure–Stationery Request Form)

5.4 Equipment Maintenance

Equipment owned by AAPk may not be removed from the office premises without the
approval of admin unit. The admin unit maintains the record of items moving in and out
of the office. The employee should sign out the equipment item with the admin officer.
These items must be returned to the office.

Repair & maintenance of AAPk equipment is the responsibility of admin unit except the
IT equipment.

Employees must notify the admin office of any needed repairs. The office assistant or any
other assigned staff member must complete an equipment repair request. The admin
manager must approve the request. The admin unit is responsible for the follow up.
(Annexure – Service Request Form)

5.5 Goods Received Note

This document must be completed at the time of receipt of purchased material. The item
description, model/specification, quantity, prices and time of delivery will be clearly and
correctly entered.

Discrepancy if any must be investigated and taken up with the suppliers and resolved.
The material received must be stored in a secure place and stacked in a way that
facilitates access and identification in the future. The admin staff will sign the GRN after
verifying the specification as per the requisition. (Annexure –GRN)

5.6 Disposal of Assets

Any item disposed off must be approved by the Country Director. Fixed assets in poor
condition or no longer used should be disposed off either by sale or scrapping. The admin

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

manager/ area manager can decide to dispose off the items by internal and then external
bidding where appropriate. The admin unit must investigate the condition of the assets.
A list of all items should be prepared and submitted to the Country Director. This list
should be circulated to all staff for sale and sealed bids should be submitted to the admin
unit. ActionAid staff will be given preference and the first opportunity to buy. The admin
unit is not responsible for the removal/delivery of the sold items this will be the
responsibility of the staff purchasing the items that the equipment is taken from the office
premises in time. Incase an equipment purchased is not collected in time then the second
highest bid will qualify. A time limit will be set in consultation with the finance unit for
all payments to be made.

5.7 Fixed asset inventory

It is very important for an organization to keep track of the location, condition and use of
all fixed assets purchased. It is the responsibility of the admin unit to keep this inventory
up-to-date. All fixed assets must be physically checked and difference if any investigated
and resolved. Record must be maintained at country office/area office/ DAs. Cost prices
of assets in inventory record must reconcile with cost price recorded in financial record
maintained at the head office by the Finance Unit. It will be the responsibility of the
admin unit to monitor the use of fixed assets in area offices, self implemented DA’s and
partner organizations.

5.8 Gate Pass

This document must be used for the purpose of taking any office material, supplies or
equipment out of the office whether for repair, sale, borrowing of equipment and be
returned by staff member. Nothing can be taken out of office until a gate pass is issued by
the admin officer. It will be responsibility of the concerned unit to ensure that all
material/ equipment moving out of the office premises has a gate pass issued for it.
(Annexure- Gate Pass Form)

6.0 Purchasing Policy

Admin office will ensure that the following guidelines while selecting the suppliers;
Price competitiveness.
Ability to deliver
Warranty of goods and service
Record of previous services to AAPk or other NGO’s.

 It is the policy of ActionAid-Pakistan to ensure the cost effective management of both
designated and donor funds through responsible purchasing guide line. In support of
these policies every effort should be made to locate the quality vendors with most
competitive rates. ActionAid-Pakistan promotes the ethical and pro-poor procurement
from suppliers. It also promotes the use of goods and services produced by small and
medium enterprises. The priority to place an order will be goods produced by national

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

producers, goods produced by foreign producers in developing countries or goods
produced in developed countries.
Goods and services produced by non responsible producers should not be considered.
These are the producers who use child labour, impose poor working conditions on their
employee and pollute the environment, use materials that may harm the health of
consumers or evade tax or not pay social welfare to their employees.
All purchase of items costing more than Rs.25,000/- must be canvassed by three
quotations from three suppliers. Incase the three suppliers are not available in the area the
situation should be explained in writing and this document must be attached to the
payment voucher.

Overseas Procurement

Items that are not available in Pakistan can be ordered from abroad but the reason for this
must be documented. AAPk will not purchase fixed assets for partners and all
international procurement must be approved by the Country Director.
Before raising a purchase requisition for fixed assets, the requester must ensure that the
purchase is budgeted and approved by the Country Director.
The admin office in Islamabad will request for quotation and a supplier selected by the
purchasing committee after considering the price and quality of product.
The purchasing committee will make a recommendation to the Country Director for his
final approval. The admin unit will then place the order to the supplier selected.

Conflict of Interest

It is mandatory that all admin staff disclose to the HR/OD Manager any potential or
conflict of interest with the suppliers providing services to the organization. In all such
situations where a staff member is related to a supplier then this staff will not be a part of
the purchasing committee or authorize any purchase from this supplier.
Failure to declare the relationship intentionally may result in disciplinary action.

6.1 Purchasing Committee

In order to maintain transparency in procurements a purchasing committee will be
composed which will have a total of three members. Manager Administration, Manager
Finance and one Program manager. This committee will review the quotations received
and will make a recommendation which will be sent to Country Director for final

The purchasing committee will consider the purchase cases worth above Rs: 250,000.00

6.3 Purchase Mechanism

The administration has the over all responsibility for the purchases in accordance with
this policy. The administration department will maintain the desired level of office
material and supplies.

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

6.4 Approved Panel Supplier

A panel of vendors, designers and printers shall be maintained on yearly basis. This list
must be approved by the manager administration or Country Director. At times items can
be purchased from the vendors not on the approved list of suppliers. In this case the
manager administration can approve a purchase up to Rs: 25,000/- only.
If the purchase is made from the approved panel suppliers list then the admin manager is
authorized to approve orders of less than one lakh rupees. In this case three quotations are
not necessary accept for designing and printing. For all printing requests three quotations
will be taken according to the specifications indicated in the printing order. In this case a
comparative statement will be prepared by the admin officer and approved by the admin
manager. The Sponsorship unit will discuss with the admin officer and finalize a printer
for their reports for a period of at least one year.
All procurement requests shall be authorized by the budget holders before being
submitted in the admin unit.

6.5 Purchasing Procedure

6.5.1 Purchase must be requested using appropriate form approved by the
supervisor/budget holder mentioning the budget heads. The standard purchase requisition
form is attached.(Annexure- Purchase Requisition Form)

6.5.2 Regular supplies for office and program may be purchased from an approved panel
supplier. Panel supplier should be canvassed at least once a year.

6.5.3 Purchase of special or infrequently purchased items costing more than Pak Rs.
25,000.00 (Available from the vendors other than those on the panel) and all items
costing more than 5000 pound must be canvassed. A canvass should be completed with
listing three quotations from three separate suppliers.

6.5.4 In case the admin unit is not comfortable with the lowest quotation it can
recommend the higher bid to the purchasing committee. If expenditure is over 5000
pound it must be supported by three quotations and the supplier approved by the
purchasing committee. A purchase order must be completed for the purchase of items
single or aggregate value and more than Rs: 25,000/-.

6.5.5 The admin unit in Country Office may procure on a behalf of an area office when
items are not available locally. The admin unit will ensure that all proper authorization
have been completed before procurement.

6.5.6 Purchase Requisition (PR)

Request for all purchases will be sent to the administration unit through Purchase
requisition form/ memo/ email signed by the unit manager. For purchases above

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Rs: 25,000/- the Admin unit will prepare the Purchase order. (Annexure- Purchase
Requisition Form)

6.5.7 Purchase order (PO)

The purchase order will be placed with an approved supplier for the desired quantity if
the total purchase exceeds Rs: 25,000/-. This document is of immense importance and
needs to be issued very carefully as this can bind the organization for payment of the
supplied material. Item description, model/ specification, quantity, prices will be clearly
and correctly entered. The PO’s should be approved by the admin manager and finance
manager for Islamabad and by the area manager for the respective area offices. There will
be three copies of each PO one copy will be sent to the supplier, second copy will be
retained with the initiator for reference and third copy retained by the finance unit for
matching with suppliers invoice. (Annexure-Purchase Order Form)

6.5.8 The IT unit is responsible to verify the quality of materials of computers, both
hardware and software. Admin unit will then assist in the purchase of all equipment.

6.5.9 Goods Transfer Note

A Goods Transfer Note will be used for moving fixed assets from one office to another,
this includes moving assets from one DA to another and from one area office to another
(Annexure – Goods Transfer Note Form).

7.0 Printing & Publications

ActionAid Pakistan may select printing services vendor from this panel in extenuating
circumstances (where a panel suppler is not able to supply the item or printing services
required) They may chose a vendor after taking three quotations. The admin unit will
support the staff by placing the order with printer and follow up to ensure time delivery.
It is essential that the printer is given sufficient time to print and last minute order should
be avoided. (Annexure - Printing Request Form)


To ensure responsible use of ActionAid property in all cases and to uphold all applicable
copyright laws.

Use of Photocopying Machine

All ActionAid equipment, including photocopy machines, may be used responsibly with
concern for cost-effectiveness in all ActionAid business. The photocopier may not be
used for personal reasons. It is expected that all the staff should learn how to operate the

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

photocopier and admin unit can provide support in training them in the use of

In special circumstances (e.g. when the office photocopy machine is not working, large
number of copies are required on an urgent basis.) an out door photocopy request has to
be completed. Photocopies from out side can be done after obtaining prior approval of
supervisor.(Annexure-Photocopying Request Form)

8.0 Admin Float

Float is the amount which admin unit keeps in form of cash to meet miscellaneous day-
to- day expenses.

8.1 Admin Office Float

The admin officer will maintain a cash float for purchase and misc. expenses. The
amount of this float should not exceed Rs: 20,000/- at one time. Written request for the
use of this amount can be made by any staff member of ActionAid for a valid
reimbursable expense.

8.2 Admin Tea float
This will be maintained by the Admin staff for procurement of milk, tea and sugar etc. It
should not exceed an amount of Rs: 5000/- at one time.

8.3 Admin Postage Float
This will be maintained by the receptionist for payments of parcels and official letters
either through the post office or courier service. It should not exceed an amount of
Rs: 5000/- at one time.

9.0 Workshop / Seminar Facilitation


It is the policy of ActionAid Pakistan to support the program staff in arranging
workshops & seminars by providing logistics support.

9.1 Workshops and Seminars

The administration unit will support all staff in arranging workshops & seminars in
Islamabad as well as other cities.

The staff must notify the administration unit 15 days in advance of the workshop/seminar
for large groups (more than 50 attendees) and one week for smaller groups.

The staff requesting support should indicate the planned date of the event and the
expected number of persons in memorandum addressed to the administration unit and
signed by the line manager

Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008



To provide financial protection against loss or damage to ActionAid Pakistan assets we
purchase insurance for vehicles.
No official vehicle/ motor cycle should be put on the road without official notification
that it has been insured and registered with the tax department.

ActionAid purchases comprehensive insurances from local insurers:
    Vehicle insurance
    Motorcycle insurance
    Cash
    Office equipment insurance
    Office premises insurance


All insurance items among the AAPk /area office assets will be adequately insured at
favorable terms to the organization. Equipment should be insured through the respective
office. The administration unit in country office /admin officer in area office will keep
proof of payment of premium and copies of insurance certificates. The administration
unit will submit any insurance claims to the insurer within the stipulated time. The
administration unit must maintain a detailed schedule with several numbers and/or
identification numbers of each item and the valuation for negotiation with the insurance
brokers. This schedule will be updated every time there is a new acquisition or disposal.

11.0 Official Property

The staff is expected to take care of any equipment that they use whether on the premises
or out of the office. The admin office has to ensure that all equipment is insured.
It is the duty of each manger to ensure that the staff switch off the lights, air conditioners,
fans, gas heaters when they move out of the office.

11.1 Staff Losses of ActionAid Property

If losses occur, the staff member must file a police report documenting the loss and notify
the administration manager. A copy of the police report must be sent to the manager
administration & the finance manager. Admin unit will submit a formal claim and the
Insurance Company will be requested to pay for it. If the employee is guilty of negligence
then this will be considered as a major misconduct.

In case any loss is observed during physical count of the inventory the admin officer must
report it immediately to the Manager Admin/ Finance or the Area manager. A committee
will be formed to investigate the matter which will consist of three members, HR/OD

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

manager, internal auditor and the third member may be nominated by the CD. This team
will submit a report to the Country Director who in consultation with the admin /finance
manager will make a decision. The decision to reprimand staff or write off will depend on
the outcome of the investigation. This will be documented and action taken as
recommended by the investigating committee

11.2 How to File a Claim?

The country office must be notified of any loss as soon as possible. A claim will then be
submitted to the insurance company.

When informing the Country office of any loss the following information must be
provided to Manager Administration/ Country Director:

   a) If the loss involves a vehicle (e.g. accident, theft, fire);
       Vehicle identifiers (make, model, year, engine number, chassis number)
       Estimated cost of repair
       Brief description of the accident, loss
       In case of accident, name of driver and staff
       In case of accident , who were others involved
       Nature of injuries if any
       Indication of whether ActionAid will be held responsible for the injuries
       In case of theft, fire where the vehicle was located at the time
       A copy of police report / F.I.R on the accident or loss
       Local insurance information

   b) If the loss involves building and/or its contents or other ActionAid property;
       Location of building
       List of items lost, replacement costs
       Estimated cost of repairs to the building
       Estimated cost of interim housing or storage during repairs
       Brief account of loss, circumstances leading to the loss, measures taken to
           prevent against future losses
       Copy of the police report
       Local insurance coverage

   c) If the loss involves cash, the manager finance/country director should be
      contacted with
       The amount of loss
       Brief account of loss, circumstances leading to the loss
       Police report
       Local insurance coverage ( cash in hand and transit is also insured )

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008



It is the policy of ActionAid Pakistan to receive all incoming and out going mail at a
central hub from where it is efficiently and timely delivered to the intended recipients.
All incoming mail will be sorted out by the receptionist and placed in the respective
pigeon hole; it is the responsibility of the staff to collect the mail in time.
The Country office will maintain a Staff Movement Board at the reception, this will
indicate the movement of staff whether they are on leave, traveling to a DA or on an
international trip. The receptionist is responsible for maintaining this board and it will be
checked by the admin officer to ensure that it is updated regularly.

12.1 Incoming Mail Procedure

All incoming mail will be opened, date stamped, pre-sorted and forwarded to respective
units by the receptionist.

Confidential items of the mail will not be opened. However, in order to avoid delay in
urgent issues, official mail will be opened by the line managers if the mail recipient is
away from the office.

Receipts for the registered articles and invoices must be recorded in a log as they are

12.2 Out going Mail Procedure

All outgoing mail being sent through the courier or the post office, whether within
Pakistan or abroad, will be recorded in an outgoing mail register by the receptionist.

All the mail will be sent through the post office unless it accompanies clear instructions
to be sent by a courier. The receptionist will ensure that only urgent mail is sent through
the courier.

The sponsorship program has purchased a franking machine which will be used solely for
mail being sent out by sponsorship program.

Mail that has to be dispatched through the courier service must be handed over to the
receptionist by 4:30 p.m. Any mail received after this time can only be dispatched on the
following day.

In case of urgency, the courier can be requested to come to the office or mail delivered to
the courier’s office.

Cash payments for outgoing mail expenses will be made from the postage float wherever

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008



It is the policy of ActionAid Pakistan to maintain security at the office premises by hiring
a security agency with at least 2 guards deputed on the premises. They will be under strict
instructions to use force only in self defense or protecting those that is his duty.
ActionAid will not use armed guards unless the security situation of the country
deteriorates and warrants for their presence on the office premises.
Guards should be briefed clearly and thoroughly on their tasks. Their briefing points
should include:
Their routine duties.
Hours and shifts
The importance of remaining at the check post if the guard due is late.
Telephone list of the staff to be provided.
How to deal with visitors
Action to take in the event of an incident.


The appropriate equipment will vary according to the circumstances but may include the
     ID card.
     Torch
     Telephone extension
     Watch/ Clock
     Raincoat
     Shelter
     Register.
     Umbrella

13.1 Office Keys

In order to monitor the control of keys a register will be maintained at the reception
whenever a key is taken out of key box the staff should indicate his/her name, unit and
the time the key is taken In-Out. Each unit manager should ensure that the staff member
leaving at the end of the day deposits the keys at the reception, in case the keys are left in
the office or the rooms are not properly locked then the responsibility for the keys will
be with this person and he can be questioned on any loss. In case the office key is missing
and the guard/admin officer finds out that one of the staff members has taken it home.
The staff member will be called to the office to return the office keys by the guard on

                                      Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

13.2 Working on Weekends / Holidays

The staff planning to work on the weekends or holidays must inform the admin office
through the line manager, this information will than be communicated to the guards, any
staff member who comes to the office without prior information can be questioned by the

13.3 Security Measures

All visitors entering the premises will enter their names in a visitor log maintained by the
guards who will then issue a visitor’s pass/badge if the person they are visiting is
available. This badge must be returned when the visitor exits the premises.

All vendors/salesman/agents visiting the administration staff must make a prior
appointment before entering the premises. The administration unit may authorize the
guards under certain circumstances to search personnel leaving the premises after office
hours. Visitors must be asked to leave their bags with the receptionist. All equipment
going out of the office must be accompanied by a Gate Pass.

14.0 Leases

It is the policy of ActionAid Pakistan to lease building space as opposed to purchasing it
in order to minimize cash flow, investment in capital assets and potential liability
resulting from ownership.

Suitable office space should be decided by the admin unit. Due consideration should be
given to security concerns when selecting an office or residential facility. The admin
manager should negotiate a lease as appropriate to the expected stability and duration of
the program in that area. The lease should normally run for between one to three years
and can be extended with mutual consent. If it is a grant fund the lease should be
consistent with the time frame and funding available in the grant agreement.

Once the lease agreement has been signed a copy of the lease should be sent to finance
manager in Islamabad and then forwarded to the Country office in order to insure its
inclusion under ActionAid Pakistan’s insurance policy. An updated list of all active
leases should be sent to the Country Office with the inventory list once a year.

Termination of the Lease

If an office must end a lease prior to the date in the agreement, the admin manager should
identify all legal implications and consult the local legal counsel to determine the best
course of action. This has to be communicated to the Country Director and action taken
after approval.

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Phase out Plan

The general principal is that AAPk will respect the government regulation, agreement
with donors and commitment with the community and partners.
Planning: Phase out must be planned in consultation with staff, communities and partner
and local authorities.
Physical count of assets: all assets (including capital and non capital) must be counted
and reconciled with the fixed register or inventory list. A physical count team will be
formed with representatives from partner community, local authority, Admin officer,
finance officer and internal auditor.
Hand over of assets: Hand over assets must follow the MoU/ agreement between AAPk
and partners. Phase out plan should include hand over what asset to whom and when.
Settlement of other asset and liabilities: All debtor accounts must be cleared one month
before the date of hand over. Creditor’s accounts which are due after the hand over date
will be handled by respective area office, otherwise they must be settled before handover
Audit: AAPk will contract an external firm to conduct an audit of the DA before handing
over. Time for the audit should be three months before handover time

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                                                              Due Date :_______________

                          TRAVEL PLAN AUTHORISATION
Name                                   Date

Purpose of Travel                              Travel Advance           £ / $ / Rs:

Mode of Travel [        ] Air [        ] Surface        [     ] Railway [             ] Visa

 DATE     FROM(Place) TO (Place)                  Via           ETD              ETA

CITY  Accommodation/Hotel Private No. of Nights Date IN                         Date OUT

I understand that the advance taken by me as stated above, will be deducted from my
salary incase of non-submission of adjustment/ claim with in due time.

Please return the ticket after travel in Admin Unit, further more if the new ticket is lost by
staff amount will be charged to his/her personal account.

Program Unit Location                             Recipient Signature

Theme / Activities (If Any)                       Reimbursable From

Traveler                                       Line Manager

____________                _____________ ___________                        _____________
Signature                      Date       Signature                               Date

                                         Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                              Perdiem for International Staff


Name of Employee

Recipient Signatures:

Date of arrival
Date of departure
Perdiem for Breakfast
Perdiem for lunch
Perdiem for dinner
Perdiems for transit
Total Perdiems
Charged to

Comments :
Total amount paid in PKR

Approved By                                                           Prepared By

                                 Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008


Vehicle No                                      Month:

                    Meter Reading

Date               From             To            Difference   Litter used

                     1               2              3=2-1          4


             Average per Kilometer= 3/4 =

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                            Stationary Request Form

Name of Requester _________________Signature_____________________________

Please arrange the following supplies/equipment ASAP or by__________ (specify)

S.No     Description/Specification                                      Quantity

Cost Center: ____________________                 Verified By: ___________________

Approved by (Line Manager) ________________              Date: __________________

                                          Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                                       Request for Services

Type of Services: Maintenance/Repair                              Action: [ ] DA Adimn
[ ] Off. Building                                                         [ ] HQ Adimn Asst.
[ ] Residence                                                              [ ] Computer Dept.
[ ] Guest House
[ ] Office Equipment

                   (Use separate request form for each category)
                 REQUESTER INFORMATION: Date: ___________
                 Name: ____________________________________
                 Office/House: ______________________________
                 Requester’s Signature: ________________________


Approved By: __________________________
                     (Line Manager)

                                     Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                                   GATE PASS

Name : ___________________________ Designation: ___________Unit____________

is permitted to take the following items of Action Aid Office for Meetings / Workshops /
Repair & Maintenance / Dispose off.


__________________                                         ___________________
Requester’s Signature                                            Admin Office

Filled by Security Guard:

Date Out:_____________      Time:__________ Date In:____________ Time:_________

Signature:____________                                            Signature:_________

                                    Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                          PURCHASE REQUISTION

    S.No      Quantity    Description/Specification      Estimated       Estimated
                                                         Unit Price      Total Price

Cost Center: __________________________

Requester Signature: ____________________          Date: _____________________

Approved by: _____________________
                   Line Manager


   1. Subject to availability of budget all order require approval from the competent

                                    Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                               Goods Transfer Note

Name : _________________________________             Designation________________

It is requested that following Fixed Assets should be transferred from _______________

To___________________________ :

Description of Fixed Assets:

Reasons for Transfer:

       _________________            _______________________          ____________
       Handing over By:             Approved By Line Manager          Taking Over By:

                                 Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                         PRINTING REQUEST FROM
                                                            Date _____________

    S.No    No of Copies To                       Description
            Be Printed

Job Charge to : _____________

__________________                                _____________________
Requester’s Signature                             Approved by Line Manager

Special Instruction if any : _________________________________________________

                                 Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                                                               Date ____________

                        PHOTOCOPYING REQUEST FORM

  S.No           No of pages    No of copies     Description      Any other Job
                                                                  (Please Specify)

_________________                                               _______________
Requester’s Signature                                                Approved by

Job Charge to: _____________

                                       Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                               Misplaced Air Ticket

The travel was availed by Mr. / Ms. _________________________________________

From (place) _____________________ to (place) ______________________________

And back to ______________________ from (date) ____________________________

To (date) _________________________, since the used ticket has been misplaced, you

are therefore kindly requested to verify this travel.

Requester’s Signature____________              Approved by : ____________________
                                                                (Line Manager)

                                             Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                         Travel Claim Expense Form

Name:                                    Title:                                      Date:

Program Unit Location                                         Advance
Theme / Activities With T5 Code
Purpose of visit                        Total Expense Claim Rs:
                                        Payable to Claimant                  Rs:
                                        Refundable by Claimant               Rs:
      Details of Travel (incl. Names of    Time      Receipt /            Accom. /      Other Exp
Dates                                                           Per diems                              Total
      Places and description of exp.    Dept. Arriv. Voucher              Lodging       (Taxi. etc)

                             Sub Total
                                         Total Climes
Approved by CD/Program Manager           The expenditures herein reported are incurred in connection with
                                         AAPK official duties while away from my permanent duty post.

_____________                            _______________              ________________________
Signature                 Date           Signature                               Date

For Finance deptt. Use:                  Payment Received
Claim Checked and settlement made
Accordingly                                                                            Date

                             BIG           SMALL           CITIES                  BIG                SMALL
                             CITIES        CITIES          PERDIEMS                750                 600
        ACCOMODATION         Rs            Rs              BREAKEAST 15%           112.5                90
        OFFICIAL             4000+tax      2500+tax        LUNCH 40%               300                  240
                                                           DINNCE 45%               337.5               270

                                         Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Re:     Repair / Maintenance / Services of Vehicle No:

Dear Sir ,
The above mentioned need services/repair/maintenance of the following parts:
S. No        Type of Services / Repair    Previous Reading   Present Reading   Difference


                                                    Driver’ s Signature________________
Approved / Not Approved
                                            Administrator ___________________
Advance money needed for the above maintenance/ Repair/Services Rs:____________
                                             Expended Incurred Rs:____________
                                Balance payable/Refundable Rs:________________
 Oil & Oil filter Change :   Summer –     After completion of 3000 k.m.
                              Winter       After completion of 4000 k.m.
 Air filter &fuel filter:                 After completion of 10,000 k.m.
 Tyres                                    After completion of 45,000 k.m.
 Timing belt                              After completion of 100,000 k.m.

                                Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

                            Over Time Sheet

Name: _________________                         Designation: Driver/Support staff

  Date     From       To       Vehicle     Total     Details of work     Initial of
           In24       Hrs       No         Hours                        supervisor

Manager Administration: _____________________

Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008

Administration Policy and Procedures Manual 2008


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