Passover Seen Through a Child's by pengxiuhui

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Volume 2 Issue 3   Passover Seen Through
                       a Child’s Eyes:
                          Creating Memories
                           to Last a Lifetime

                     Why We Belong Here
                    Meet The Sanza & Madeb Families

                   Meet JCC Success Story:
                      Daniel Ofsowitz
                          Making A Difference
          
                                                   
                                                               


                                             
                                                        



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                   4    Executive Director’s Note

                   Program Schedules
                   12   Gym/Spinning
                   13   Group Fitness
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                   10   Fitness
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                   5    JCC Success Story: Daniel Ofsowitz
                        Touching many lives in many ways …
                   6    The Memories are as Delicious
                        as the Matzo Balls
                        Warm thoughts of Passover through
                        children’s eyes
                   8    Why We Belong Here
                        Meet the Sanza and Madeb families

   with a Center
                                                                                         The mission of the JCC is to
                                                                                       strengthen Jewish identity and
                             “Our goal is to consistently delight                       promote Jewish continuity in
                             you with a level of service that is                       an envirionment that provides
                             second to none.”                                           opportunities for meaningful
                                                                                       cultural entrichment, physical
                                                                                       well-being, social, educational
                                                                                        and recreational experiences
                                                                                        for individuals and families.
Dear JCC Members,                                                                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS
I am very pleased to tell you about a new initiative taking place at the JCC. The                   Officers
Jewish Community Center and Brand Integrity Inc. have been working together                          President
in recent months to enhance your member experience. Brand Integrity Inc., is                     Bruce A. Newman
an employee performance company based here in Rochester. Clients—the JCC                          Vice Presidents
included—represent top-performing organizations that aren’t interested in settling               Richard Goldstein
for “business as usual,” especially when it comes to employee performance, the                     Karen Kessler
organization work culture, and the experience that is delivered to customers.                        Secretary
                                                                                                  Matthew A. Ryen
In our work with Brand Integrity, Inc. we determined that all staff at the JCC will
strive to be identified by the following dimensions:                                                 Treasurer
                                                                                                 Burton J. Kleinman
ɶ Caring and Professional Community: We will recognize and appreciate and
  support each other in our efforts to deliver the best possible customer service                      Directors
                                                                                                  Douglas Bennett
ɶ Members First: We will work to build positive relationships with our members,
                                                                                                    Harold Bobry
  exceeding expectation and enriching lives                                                         Ellen Broder
ɶ Integrity in Action: We will do what we say we will do and always be respectful                  Howard Cohen
  and honest in our words and actions                                                              Blanche Fenster
ɶ Lead, Do, Inspire: We will lead by example and effectively communicate                             Ilene Flaum
ɶ Working Smart: We will work to be as efficient as possible using and sharing                      Robert Fogel
  best practices                                                                                  Daniel Goldstein
ɶ Outstanding Place, Outstanding Programs: We will maintain an excellent                        Rabbi Shaya Kilimnick
  facility and offer outstanding programs and services                                              Dawn Lipson
                                                                                                    Ralph Madeb
In just five months the program has captured more than 400 specific examples of                Karen Lesser Menachof
employees doing great work and delivering memorable experiences following the                      Robyn Morgan
Brand Integrity dimensions.                                                                      Carolyn Nussbaum
                                                                                                   Noreen Salerno
We value your feedback. Whenever you have a concern, feel dissatisfied, or have                   Sidney Weinstein
a great experience, let us hear from you. We pledge to continually strive to meet                   Marvin Wolk
your needs.
                                                                                         Executive Director: Leslie Berkowitz
Yours truly,                                                                          Associate Executive Director for Finance
                                                                                       and Administration: David J. Pieramico
Leslie Berkowitz, Executive Director
                                                                                       Development Director: Tamara Cohen
                                                                                       Membership Director: Barbara Conklin
This program is made possible thanks to a generous multi-year grant from the Ames-
                                                                                          Marketing Director: Susan LaRosa
Amzalak Memorial Trust.                                                                Design: Sandra Ann DePauw & Associates
                                                                                         JCC Magazine is published regularly by
                                                                                      Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester
                                                                                                1200 Edgewood Avenue
                                                                                                  Rochester, NY 14618
                                                                                               Contact us at (585)461-2000
                                                                                               Or online at

Daniel Ofsowitz
Touching many lives
in many ways …
Daniel Ofsowitz is a proud member of the Jewish
Community Center. More importantly, Daniel,
who has developmental disabilities, is an example
of the many lives that Chaverim, which is part
of the JCC’s “Access to Community” program,                          Dani
                                                                            el Ofs
touches. As a 12- year veteran of the Chaverim program,                            owitz
Daniel is able to participate in the many events and services                      at a r cond from
                                                                             Jen R
                                                                                  ynda           JCC s left), sings
that are available to all members of our community including                                                 l even with frien
                                                                                       , De m
                                                                                   www.      ocra
                                                                                         demo t & Chron            t.         ds
fitness, wellness, recreation programs, social and cultural arts                              cra
                                                                                               tandc    icle
                                                                                                    hroni photograp
programs.                                                                                          her

Daniel, who maintains his own apartment, says that because of          venues, and to keep everything organized, “while still finding
this program, “I feel connected as a Jew, learning about holidays,     time to schmooze with the group members, and make personal
and other aspects of Jewish culture.” Daniel also expresses that       connections.”
he has sharpened his social skills in dealing with other disabled
adults from diverse backgrounds, and levels of observance of                       “Everyone should have the
Jewish laws and customs-including some attendees who are not
                                                                                  opportunity to be treated with
Jewish, but enjoy learning other’s beliefs and cultures.
                                                                               respect. I believe that if you can run,
The benefits from Daniel’s involvement in Chaverim not only
                                                                               then you should take care for those
help Daniel, but also touch many other members of the group.
Daniel loves singing all types of music and has become the
                                                                                        who can only walk.”
“go-to” person for any musical knowledge and entertainment                                         Thomas Golisano
                                                                            Thanks to a generous grant from the B. Thomas Golisano Foundation,
at many programs. As well, Daniel enjoys public speaking and                    the JCC's Access to Community Program continues to thrive.
conveying knowledge to the groups on a broad range of topics,
from holiday customs to American history.                              The JCC’s “Access to Community,” funded by the
Gary Winterman, a program volunteer, has witnessed first-              generous support of the B. Thomas Golisano Foundation,
hand Daniel’s positive effects on others. “I have seen Daniel, on      significantly increases access and participation for adults
many occasions cheer up a fellow member, and even the staff            with developmental disabilities. Tom Golisano offers words
and other volunteers when they’re having a challenging, or             that resonate and inspire the JCC program for these adults.
“down” day. His sensitivity and kindness to others is inspiring        “Everyone should have an opportunity to be treated with
to many people,” says Winterman.                                       respect. I believe that if you can run, then you should take
Daniel’s interaction is not limited to the group’s members             care for those who can only walk.” The JCC is committed
either. Daniel commented on his interaction with the JCC               to expanding and enriching the world of individuals, “who
staff as, “absolutely great,” specifying that members and staff        can only walk,” which is grounded in the principles of
always make him feel welcome. They reach out to adults                 Jewish values, and the Jewish Community Center of Greater
with challenges, allowing them to “express yourself without            Rochester’s Yachad program.
judging you.” Daniel wants others to know that being involved          If you would like to learn more or volunteer for the JCC’s
in the Chaverim program allows him to constantly gain new              Chaverim, or Access to Community Programs, please feel
knowledge, and, one is never too old to learn new things.              free to contact Ann Gilbert Winterman at: awinterman@
Ann Gilbert Winterman, Director of Special Needs, is the envy
of Daniel’s amazement. Daniel admires Ann’s ability to provide         Thank you to Gary Winterman and Brian Dengler for their
constantly changing programs, both at the JCC and outside              contributions to this story.

Dan Irving,
JCC’s Director of
Children Services,
children in his
program about
Here are their answers:
Dan: What do you like
most about Passover?
Sarita: I like the Matzo
                             The Memories are as
soup!                        Delicious as the
Dan: Why do we celebrate
Passover each year?          Matzo Balls
Hannah: Because we are       Warm thoughts of Passover,
celebrating the Jews being   through children’s eyes
free from Egypt.
                             Passover, observed from the 15 -22 of the Hebrew month of Nisan, will begin this
Dan: Why do children ask     year at sundown, on Wednesday, April 8.
the four questions?          Passover recalls the deliverance of Jews from Egyptian slavery and Jews around the
                             world celebrate their freedom at the Seder table as the story of the Exodus from
Mark: Because the youngest   Egypt is told. The intricate ritual of the Seder, explained in the Passover narrative
people get to go to Hebrew   book known as the Haggadah, forms the basis of how we celebrate and think about
school, so they learn
                             What do you think of when you think about Passover? Many of us recall our
Hebrew words and the         childhood impressions and memories: the flat, dry matzoh (for sure!), Haggadahs
parents don’t get to.        and their illustrations, Seder plates, the reciting of the plagues, the bitter
                             horseradish, the amusing songs, the carrots in the chicken soup.
Dan: So the kids remember
                             Many of us remember wanting to be the one selected to read the Four Questions
the Hebrew and the parents   (even if we weren’t the youngest at the table), watching for the prophet Elijah to
don’t remember?              drink from his special cup of wine, and searching for the hidden piece of Matzo
                             and winning a prize.
All: Yeah.                   Others might remember the yearly gathering of aunts and uncles, grandparents,

cousins and other adults around the dining room table. And the same jokes and               Dan: Tell me what your
comments year after year. And of wiggling impatiently in chairs hoping the Seder
would soon end.                                                                             favorite plague is and why?
These indelible childhood memories perhaps are due to the wise rabbis who had               Zack: When the water turns
remarkable insight into the imaginations of children and knew how to capture them
when they crafted the Passover service.
                                                                                            to blood. Because it would
For example, at the onset of the Seder meal the children’s attention is called to the
                                                                                            be cool to just go up to any
three pieces of Matzo that are placed under a ceremonial cloth cover. One piece is          water or lake and say “red,
broken and half of it hidden by an adult somewhere in the house. This hidden piece          not blue.”
is known as the Afikoman and plays an important role later in the evening when the
children search for it.                                                                     Dan: Who usually leads the
As the Seder progresses it is not an adult but a child - the youngest child who is able –   Seder in your family?
who recites the Four Questions, essentially asking for the reasoning and significance
behind the many interesting and unusual Passover rituals. The asking of the Four            Sarah: My mom and I
Questions can be seen as a gentle rite of passage for a child, a newfound capability,       lead, because my dad is
that fully engages the attention of the adults.
                                                                                            not Jewish and my brother
The remainder of the Seder and the text, readings and songs contained in the
Haggadah creates what today’s parents refer to as teachable moments, opportunities          doesn’t really know how to
to instruct the children about both the significance of the Exodus from Egypt. (Not a       read.
bad refresher course for the adults, either.) In fact, the Haggadah takes into account
different temperaments and sensibilities in children – the wise, the wicked, the simple     Dan: What is your favorite
and the unknowing sons - and the appropriate response to each. Parental guidance?           part of the Seder?
Role playing for the children? You decide!
Toward the end of the Seder, a cup of wine is set out for Elijah, the prophet who will      Sarah: My favorite part is
announce the arrival of the Messiah. A door is opened for Elijah to enter and to drink      when we read the story and
a few drops from this special cup. At this moment in the Seder, it’s not unusual for
the adults to focus their attention not on the doorway but on the faces of the younger
                                                                                            my brother asks “what’s
children who, with eyes wide open, delight in the anticipation of Elijah’s arrival.         this mean?” I then tell him
As the Seder comes to a close, the last food to be eaten is the hidden piece of matzo,      and it’s fun remembering
the Afikoman. The lucky child who finds the Afikoman returns it to the adult to             the story from last year.
receive a prize or money. Then, more songs and other festivities follow as the night
draws to a close.                                                                           Dan: What do you think
As for Elijah, there’s always next year.                                                    Elijah looks like?
                                                                                                    Leah: I think
                                                                                                       Elijah is a
JCC Holiday Hours:                                                                                     girl with long
„   April 8 5:30am-5:30pm
„   April 9 Closed                                                                                    orange hair and
„   April 10 12-5:30pm No Fitness classes                                                            she has a white
    April 14 5:30am-5:30pm
„   April 15 12-9:30pm No Fitness classes;
                                                                                                    robe and sandals.
    Health & Fitness facilities and Gesher only
„   April 16 12-9:30pm No Fitness classes;
    Health & Fitness facilities and Gesher
    only open
„   May 25 7am-1:30pm
„   May 28 5:30am-5:30pm
„   May 29 12-5:30pm No Fitness classes;
    Health & Fitness facilities and Gesher
    only open
„   May 30 No Fitness classes

                                                                                  WHY WE
                                                                                  Members since: 2004
                                                                                     We joined the JCC: In 2003 we
                                                                                     had our second birth, this time it was
                                                                                     triplets! Between the pregnancy and
                                                                                      the first year at home, we had both
                                                                                       gotten pretty out of shape, and our


                                                                                        joined the JCC to find the fitness and

                                                                         el(5),          energy we needed to be able to enjoy
                                                             (9),   Micha                and keep up with our four kids!
                                                    t) R
                                             to righ                             Our membership has value to us
                                    dren left rienne(5)
                            , (chil          Ad
                    ar yanne yan(5) and                       because: There has been something for every one of us at
               and M         R
        Vinnie                                the JCC since the first day we joined. Our kids have made friends, learned to
                            swim and learned to play soccer in JCC classes. Vinnie and I spend our work-out time in the
             fitness center and exercise classes. Over the past five years we have made many wonderful memories of
family time spent playing, swimming, and taking part in events together at the JCC.
Our favorite thing about the JCC is: Our favorite thing about the JCC is the supportive and friendly staff.
From the fitness center staff, to the class instructors and office personnel, we have been amazed at the level of
professionalism and positive energy we find at the JCC.
Our children’s favorite thing to do at the JCC: Get chocolate kisses from Membership Director Barbara Conklin’s
office (of course, after swimming or going to the PlayGym).
Every year, we look forward to: Our kids love the swim lessons in the spring!
Without the JCC, we wouldn’t be able to: Work out. It’s not easy to find a gym where there are age-appropriate
activities for all of our children going on at the same time. The activities are flexible enough to work around all six of our
schedules. The sitter service was indispensable for a long time. Now, thanks to the PlayGym and the In Zone, we can all
exercise, and the kids are growing up seeing that fitness is both important and fun!

                                           „ Children’s Play Gym for kids 5-10          „ Orientation for Cybex strength
Did You Know?…                               years, and 2-4 years with a parent
                                           „ In Zone – the Fitness Club for kids
                                                                                          training circuits
                                                                                        „ Markus Park facility open during
All That Is Included                         8-14 years                                   the summer season with an outdoor
In Your Membership                         „ Indoor swimming pool and attached            swimming pool with slide, kiddie
                                             kiddie pool with designated times for        pool, tennis courts, basketball court
At No Extra Cost:                            lap swimming, water walking, open            and picnic pavilion
„ Choose from over 130 classes               swim and open family swim                  „ Family and holiday special events
  in Group Fitness, Aquaerobics,           „ Gymnasium                                  „ JCC Coffee and Snack Shop with
  Spinning, Yoga/Pilates and Tai Chi       „ Indoor track                                 internet wireless access
„ Fitness Center with 65 cardio-           „ 5 racquetball/handball courts              „ Sunday Family Time programs
  machines with individual cardio-         „ 6 outdoor tennis courts                    „ Feinbloom Library-free lending
  theatre, two Cybex strength training     „ Fit plan for new member                      library with an extensive collection
  circuits and free weights                „ Geulah’s Kosher Café                         of books and CDs

 Members since: 2001
 We joined the JCC: We moved to Rochester and didn’t know
 anyone.We immediatelyjoined the JCCandittruly changedour lives.
 We feel we belong to more than just a community—a world of just
 all around healthy energy.
 Our membership has value to us because: It enhances
 our connection to this community and there is something for all 7
 members of our family. As our children grow, there are always new
 things happening for each of them to enjoy. We have also made
 so many wonderful friends. Sitter Service is fabulous – we use it
 Our favorite thing about the JCC is: There’s a ton,
 but we love Geulah’s, the JCC Coffee Shop and the many people
 that are always so helpful and friendly. That’s what really makes
 it so special.
 Our children’s favorite thing to do at the JCC:
 Early Childhood, swimming lessons, PlayGym, and the many
 programs and events that are constantly happening around
 the year. These are just a few examples of how the JCC fulfills
 their lives.
 Every year, we look forward to: We love Purim
 Palooza! We also enjoy the Jewish Film Festival (our family

                                                                            The Ma
 even visits from out-of-town to join us for this event).
 Without the JCC, we wouldn’t be able to:
 and stay for lunch. We take part in all that the JCC offers            Limor and
                                                                                  Ralph, (ch
                                                                            Lily(10), S       ildren at le
 and it enriches our world in countless ways. The JCC has been                          ophia(3),          ft clockwis
                                                                                                  Grace(6),            e) Abb
 our oxygen for the past 8 years. Thank you JCC!                                                               and Sarah y(5),

 „ SilverSneakers programs and classes     To Enhance Your                              „ Certified and experienced personal
 „ Weekly card groups                                                                     training
 „ Tax Assistance in cooperation with      Member Experience                            „ Spa upgrade
   AARP                                    for Additional Fees:                         „ SeniorNet Computer Learning
 „ Medicare counseling                     „ After school care programs and               Center at the JCC
 „ Interfaith Connection                     vacation camps                             „ Birthday parties
 „ Adult discussion groups covering a      „ Summer camps                               „ Learn to swim classes for kids
   broad range of topics                   „ Wolk Children’s Center – nursery           „ Yiddish classes
 „ Blood pressure checks                     school, sitter service, child care and     „ Massage
 „ Social work services available            pre-school enrichment classes              „ Chiropractor services on site
 „ Convenient, free parking and            „ Feinbloom Center for the Arts –            „ Acupuncture
   handicap parking access                   great plays at Center Stage, Jewish        „ Edgewood Physical Therapy
 „ Open 7 days a week                        Book and Film Festivals, Reader

                                                   Feed your muscles and fight hunger:
                                                   A JCC Spinning Event
                                                   Sunday, April 5 from 8:30am-1:30pm
                                                   Please join our certified Spinning instructors for a five hour ride to help support
                                                   local food banks.
                                                   „   8:30-9:30am with Mike
                                                   „   9:30-11am with Becky
                                                   „   11am-12pm with Bev
                                                   „   12-1:30pm with Mark M.
                                                   A nonperishable food item buys you an hour on the bike. If you want to ride longer

                                                   bring more food!

                                                   Challenge Yourself at the JCC
                                                   Ultimate Indoor Triathlon
                                                   Sunday, March 29, Start time: 8:30am
                                                   This exciting event consists of swimming, biking, then running (15 minutes of each
                                                   discipline). Awards will be presented.

           Latin Dancing
                                                   The pool, treadmills and spin bikes will be reserved for this event. Please visit the front
                                                   desk for an updated schedule of classes during the Triathlon.
                                                   For more information, or to volunteer, contact Brian Dengler at 461-2000 ext.
           Lessons                                 248 or email at: To download a registration form visit:
           Vamos a bailar means
           Shall we dance?                         Parkinson’s Group Exercise Class
                                                   Stretching the Limits I, I Advanced, II Intermediate, II Advanced
           April 20 - June 15                      The JCC offers a group exercise class for individuals with varying stages of
           (8 weeks)                               Parkinson’s disease. With options available for classes with different intensity levels,
           Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm                    a supplemental DVD to exercise with at home, and individual assessments and
           in the Dance Studio                     evaluations before and after each 8 week session, every participant receives personal
                                                   attention to their exercise needs.
           *no class on Memorial Day (May 25th)
                                                   Classes include functional exercises, balance and gait training, and flexibility
           „ Beginner class for new dancers
                                                   improvement. Whether you are a more progressed or mobile participant, there is
           „ Participants will be coupled up to
                                                   a class for you! Please contact Shara Redmond at 461-2000 ext 291 or sredmond@
             learn introductory steps of salsa,
                                          to sign up for the session that works for you!
             meringue, and bachata (no partner
             required).                            Open to both members and nonmembers. A health history, registration form and
                                                   physician consent form are required. Subsidies available if needed.
           $56 for members
           $80 for non-members
                                                   BODYPUMP™ Release Party 69
           April 22 - June 10                      Free to Members!
           (8 weeks)                               BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This
           Wednesday, 7:30-8:30pm                  60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best
           in the Dance Studio                     weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome
           „ Intermediate class for more           instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for –
             experienced dancers                   and fast!
           „ Participants will be coupled up to    Come join our Release Party of Track 69, April 4, at 3pm and April 5, at 11:15am.
             learn more advanced steps of salsa,   Space will be limited, so arrive early to reserve your spot.
             meringue, and bachata (no partner
           $56 for members
           $80 for non-members

                                                                                                                                  JCC Magazine
  Krav Maga                                     Adult Table Tennis                             Rochester Chapter
  NEW! Private Krav Maga Sessions:              Learn the rules, fundamentals and              Sports for Israel &
  Take your training to a new level with        strategies of this fast-paced game.
  one-on-one instruction. Single sessions and   Develop serve, backhand, forehand and          Jewish Hall of Fame
                                                volley techniques. Please bring your           Annual Benefit Dinner
  small group options available.
                                                own paddle. Taught by Iosif Moscovici          Sunday, May 31 at 4pm
  Contact Shara Redmond 461-2000 ext. 291       who had represented the former Soviet          Irondequoit Country Club
  or email at         Union in the Olympic Games. For                4045 East Ave
  Krav Maga Classes:                            more information, please contact Eke           Tickets to be available at the Front Desk
  Open to members and non-members.              Aiono at ext. 270 or email eaiono@             soon. For more information, please
  This class incorporates martial arts                               contact Eke Aiono at ext. 270 or email
  and hand-to-hand combat techniques            Fee: $62.50                          

  focusing on self-defense through a blend      Member Discounted Fee: $50
  of boxing, Aikido, Judo and Jujutsu.
                                                                                               Men’s Shower Room
                                                Session: Starts April 7–June 16, No Class
  Offered Tuesday and Thursday in the           on April 14                                    Repair
  Dance Studio at JCC from 7:30-9pm.            Day and Time: Tuesday, 7-9pm                   The shower room in the men’s general
                                                                                               locker room will be closed April 6
  Register online under the FWR Krav
  Maga tag. Choose from private, 6
                                                Adult Karate                                   through April 19, for a complete floor
                                                Training for your mind and body with a         tile replacement. The men’s locker room
  session or 20 session punch card
                                                non-contact and non-violent workout,           will continue to be available for use; men
  packages, with variable rates. Contact
                                                meaning lots of practice with kicking,         will be directed to shower in the family
  Shara Redmond at 461-2000 ext 291 or
                                                punching and blocking but no one gets          locker room. During this time period, the
  email at
                                                hurt. Learn effective self-defense and         family locker room will not be available
                                                sparring, and also pre-set patterns (katas)    for families. For the convenience of all
  Private Handball &                            that stimulate self-defense situations         our members, children under 5 years of
  Racquetball Lessons                           against imaginary attackers. Learn to          age must be accompanied by a parent
                                                stay calm, relaxed, focused, and be more       when using the locker rooms. Children
  (Ongoing)                                     disciplined to overcome any challenges         kindergarten age and older, must use the
  Instruction for beginners and                 in life. Class is taught by Seth Silver. For   same gender locker room during this time.
  intermediate level players. Lessons           more information, please contact Eke
  are 45 minutes long and will focus on         Aiono at ext. 270 or email eaiono@             Mark Your
  fundamentals of handball or racquetball                               Calendars
  skills in a comfortable and positive
  environment. All equipment provided.
                                                Fee: $150                                      Markus
                                                Member Discounted Fee: $125
  For more information, please contact          Session: Starts April 5–June 28                Park Opens
  Brian Dengler at ext. 248 or email            Day and Time: Sunday, 9:30-11:30am             Memorial
  Fee: $45 single, $40 double (per person)      Adult Tennis Program                           Day Weekend!
  Member Discounted Fee: $25 single, $20        The program is designed to                     Summer fun is only 10 minutes from
  double (per person)                           accommodate all levels of play. The            the JCC, so bring your “sun in the fun”
                                                variety of drills taught will give you the     gear to beautiful Markus Park.
  Lunch Time “Pick Up”                          necessary skills and different strategies      Markus Park is located at:
  Basketball (Ongoing)                          that will help with your game. These           183 Quaker Meeting House Road
  Recruit your athletes from work for a         lessons are geared towards players 16          Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
  great workout at lunchtime. You can have      year and over. Dave Strebel who has
                                                been a Tennis Pro for over 30 years,           Pool Schedule
  your team from your place of employment                                                      Memorial Day Weekend:
  or you can make up a team at the gym.         certified USPTA teaching professional
                                                for 25 years, and was named the New            Saturday, May 23 11am-8pm
  All ability levels are welcome. Free to all                                                  Sunday, May 24 10am-8pm
  members. Non Members pay a guest fee          York Tennis Coach of the Year in 1994,
                                                will be instructing the classes. For more      Monday, May 25 10am-8pm
  and sign in at the desk. This is an ongoing
  program. For more information, please         information, please contact Eke Aiono at       Open Weekends Only:
  contact Brian Dengler at ext. 248 or          ext. 270 or email      May 30-June 28
  email               Fee: $90                                       Saturday, 11am-8pm
  Day and Time: Mondays, 12–1:30pm              Session: Starts May 3–June 14                  Sunday, 10am-8pm
                                                No Class May 24                                For pool information please call:
                                                Day and Time: Sunday, 10–11:30am               585-461-2000

                     CORNELL SPORTS AND
                     FITNESS COMPLEX …

                     Gym Schedule                                                Spinning Schedule
                     April 5, 2009 - June 20, 2009                               April 5, 2009 - June 20, 2009
                     Brian Dengler, Assistant FWR Director, 461-2000, ext. 248   Becky Devlin, Group Fitness & Wellness Director, ext. 271

                         SUNDAY                                                   SUNDAY

                         8-9:30am        Open                                    8:30am         60min                      Michael
                         10:30am-12pm    Men’s pick up Basketball (half gym)     10am           60min                      Becky
                         10:30am-8pm     Open                                    11:15am        30min (Orientation)        Bev
                                                                                 1:30pm         90min (Endurance)          Joanne/Mark M
                     MONDAY                                                                                                (class ends 4/26)
                         5:30-9:30am     Open
                         12-4pm          Open                                     MONDAY
                         5:30-7pm        Men’s pick up Basketball                5:45am         60min                      Brenda V.
                         7-9:30pm        Open                                    9:30am         60min                      Amy
                                                                                 4:30pm         60min (Spin-lates)         Bev
                     TUESDAY                                                                    Spinning & Pilates Combo
                         5:30-7am        Men’s pick up Basketball                6pm            90min (Endurance)          Nancy
                         7-10:30am       Open                                                                              (class ends 4/27)
                         11am-2pm        Open
                         3-4pm           Open                                     TUESDAY
                         7-9:30pm        Open                                    10am           60min                      Lynda
                         8-9:30pm        Volleyball (half gym)                   6pm            60min                      Joanne
                                                                                 7:30pm         30min (Orientation)        Dominique
                         5:30-9:30am     Open                                     WEDNESDAY
                         12-4pm          Open                                    5:45am         60min                      Nancy
                         5:30-9:30pm     Open                                    9am            60min                      Rachel
                                                                                 12:05pm        45min                      Becky
                         5:30-7am        Men’s pick up Basketball                6:15pm         60min                      Lisa R
                         7-10:30am       Open
                         12-1pm          Men’s pick up Basketball
                                                                                 5:45am         60min                      Brenda V.
                         3-4pm           Open
                                                                                 10am           60min                      Lynda
                         5:30-6pm        Open
                                                                                 6pm            60min                      Bev
                         7-8:30pm        Men’s pick up Basketball (half gym)
                                                                                 7:30pm         30min (Orientation)        Dominique
                         8:30-9:30       Volleyball (half court)
                         7-9:30pm        Open                                     FRIDAY
                     FRIDAY                                                      5:45am         60min                      Steve
                         5:30-7am        Men’s pick up Basketball                9:15am         60min                      Anne
                         7-9:30am        Open                                    12:05pm        60min                      Eke
                         12:30-5:30pm    Open
                     SATURDAY                                                    1pm            60min                      Brenda V.
                         12-3pm          Men’s pick up Basketball
                         3:30-5pm        Volleyball (half gym)
                         3-5pm           Family Gym Time
                         5-8pm           Open
                                                                                                                                    JCC Magazine
  Group Fitness
  April 5, 2009 - June 20, 2009
  Shara Redmond, Assistant Group Fitness Director, ext. 291

   MONDAY                                                           THURSDAY

                                                                                                                                        PROGRAM SCHEDULES
   6am         BodyPump™            60 min    Dance   Dave          9am       Turbo Kick™          60 min.   Dance   Christine
   9am         Cardio Step          45 min    Dance   Joween        9am       Core Challenge       60 min.   Aud     Kathy
   9:30am      Low Impact           60 min.   Aud     Janet         10am      BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Rhonda
   9:30am      Choice Impact        60 min.   Gym     Kathy         10am      Healthy Back         45 min.   Aud     Joween
   10am        BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Joween        11am      Sr. Flex & Stretch   45 min.   Aud     Norma
   11am        SilverSneakers® I    45 min.   Aud     Bev           1pm       Chair-er-cise        45 min.   Aud     Norma
   5pm         BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Dennis        4:45pm    Karate Chi           45 min.   Dance   Marisa
   6:05pm      Ab Lab               15 min.   Aud     Marisa        5:30pm    Ball Stretch         45 min    Aud     Marisa
   6:30pm      Hip Hop              45 min.   Dance   Christine     6:15pm    Zumba®               45 min.   Gym     Irene
   6:30pm      Total Body Circuit   45 min.   Aud     Marisa        6:30pm    Cardio Kick          45 min.   Dance   Dennis

   TUESDAY                                                          FRIDAY
   5:45am      BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Marcy/Janet   5:45am    BodyPump™            60 min. Dance Marcy
   9am         Core Challenge       60 min.   Aud     Janet/Lisa    9am       BodyPump™            60 min. Dance Diane
   9am         Turbo Kick™          60 min.   Dance   Christine     9:30am    Total Body           75 min. Gym Kathy
   10am        Line Dance           30 min.   Dance   Kathy                   W/O
   10:30am     Healthy Back         45 min.   Dance   Joween        9:30am    Low Impact           60 min.   Aud     Anna
   11am        Sr. Flex & Stretch   45 min.   Aud     Norma         10am      MuscleFlex           60 min    Dance   Darlene
   12pm        Total Body Circuit   45 min.   Dance   Bev           11am      SilverSneakers® II   45 min.   Aud     Kathy
   5pm         Cardio Kick          45 min.   Dance   Dennis        4pm       BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Lisa/Janet/
   5:30pm      Ball Stretch         45 min.   Aud     Dylan
   5:45pm      Kettle Bells         60 min.   Dance   Eke
   6:15pm      Zumba®               45 min.   Gym     Irene
                                                                    1:30pm    Zumba®               45 min. Dance Val
   WEDNESDAY                                                        2:15pm    Ab Lab               15 min. Dance Val
                                                                    2:45pm    Body Pump            60 min. Dance Diane
   6am         BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Steve
   9am         BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Janet/Lisa
   9:30am      Low Impact           60 min.   Aud     Kathy
                                                                    9:30am    Total Body W/O 75 min. Gym Andrea
   9:30am      Choice Impact        60 min.   Gym     Brenda
                                                                    10:15am   Cardio Kick/Step 45 min. Dance Irene
   10:15am     Zumba®               60 min.   Dance   Shelley
                                                                    11:15am   BodyPump™        60 min. Dance Cheryl/
   11am        SilverSneakers® I    45 min.   Aud     Lisa                                                   Michelle
   5pm         Ab Lab               15 min.   Dance   Joween
   5:15pm      Core Stability       45 min.   Aud     Bev
   5:30pm      BodyPump™            60 min.   Dance   Joween
   6:45pm      Hip Hop              45 min.   Dance   Maria

                     Max Adler Pool Schedule
                     April 5, 2009 - June 20, 2009
                     Starr Greenwood, Aquatic Director, 461-2000, ext. 267

                         SUNDAY                                                 WEDNESDAY
                         8-9:55am          Laps and Water Walking ONLY          10-11am         Open, Kiddie pool closed
                         10am-12pm         Half Open, Kiddie pool closed        11-11:45am      Sr. Water Exercise, Quiet kiddie pool
                         12-1pm            Laps and Water Walking ONLY          11:50am-1pm     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         1-2:30pm          Half Open                            1-2pm           Half Open
                         2:30-5pm          Open                                 2-4pm           Open
                         5-6:30pm          Laps and Water Walking ONLY          4-5:30pm        Half Open
                         6:30-7pm          Open                                 5:30-6:30pm     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         7-7:30pm          Women Only Swim                      6:35-7:35pm     1 Lap & Pool Muscle Mixes, Quiet
                         7:30-8pm          Men Only Swim                                        kiddie pool
                                                                                7:40-9:30pm     Open
                         5:30-8:55am       Laps and Water Walking ONLY          THURSDAY
                         9-10am            Aquaerobics, Quiet kiddie pool       5:30-8:55am     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         10-11am           Open, Kiddie pool closed             9-10am          1 Lap & Hydrofit, Quiet kiddie pool
                         11-11:45am        SilverSplash, Quiet kiddie pool      10-11:45am      Open, Kiddie pool closed
                         11:50am-1pm       Laps and Water Walking ONLY          11:50am-1pm     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         1-2pm             Half Open                            1-5:30pm        Half Open
                         2-4pm             Open                                 5:30-6:30pm     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         4-5:30pm          Half Open                            6:35-7:35pm     1 Lap & Deep Core Challenge,
                                                                                                Quiet kiddie pool
                         5:30-6:30pm       Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                                                                                7:40-9:30pm     Open
                         6:45-9:30pm       Open

                         TUESDAY                                                FRIDAY
                                                                                5:30-8:55am     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         5:30-8:55am       Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                                                                                9-10am          Aqua Challenge, Quiet kiddie pool
                         9-10am            1 Lap & Water Walkers class, Quiet
                                           kiddie pool                          10-11am         Open, Kiddie pool closed
                         10-11:45am        Open, Kiddie pool closed             11-11:45am      SilverSplash, Quiet kiddie pool
                         11:50am-1pm       Laps and Water Walking ONLY          11:50am-1pm     Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         1-5:30pm          Half Open                            1- 5:30pm       Open
                         5-5:30pm          Kiddie pool closed
                         5:30-6:30pm       Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                                                                                Opens at noon
                         6:30-7:30pm       1 Lap & Aqua Dynamics, Quiet
                                           kiddie pool                          12-2pm          Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         7:35-9:30pm       Open                                 2-5pm           Open
                                                                                5-6:30pm        Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         WEDNESDAY                                              6:30-8pm        Open
                         5:30-8:55am       Laps and Water Walking ONLY
                         9-10am            Aqua Dynamics, Quiet kiddie pool

                                                                                                                           JCC Magazine
  Yoga/Pilates Schedule
  April 5, 2009 - June 20, 2009
  Becky Devlin, Group Fitness & Wellness Director, ext. 271

                                                                                                                    PROGRAM SCHEDULES
   9:30am           Intermediate/           Bev
                    Advanced Pilates
   11:15am          Mixed Levels Yoga       Becky
   2pm              Yoga Basics             Tammie
   3:30pm           Kundalini Yoga          Sat Dharm Singh

   8:45am           Vibrant Yoga            Becky
   10:15am          Mixed Levels Yoga       Carrie B.
   11:45am          Gentle Yoga             Carrie B.
   1:30pm           Pilates Basics          Kathy
   4:30pm           Yoga Basics             Vancy
   6pm              Mixed Levels Yoga       Dylan
   7:30pm           Pilates Basics          Dylan

   5:45am           Mixed Levels Yoga       Sherry
   8:30am           Pilates Basics          Anna              THURSDAY
   9:30am           Intermediate/           Bev               5:45am     Kundalini Yoga      Sat Dharm Singh
                    Advanced Pilates                                                         Khalsa
   11am             Mixed Levels Yoga       Wendy             8:30am     Advanced Beginner   Lynda
   12:30pm          Yoga Basics             Becky                        Pilates
   5pm              Yoga/Pilates Combo      Bev               9:30am     Vibrant Yoga        Wendy
   6:15pm           Pilates Basics          Carrie B.         11am       Gentle Yoga         Carrie B.
   7:15pm           Mixed Levels Yoga       Joanne            12:30pm    Yoga Basics         Sherry
                                                              6pm        Mixed Levels Yoga   Dylan
   WEDNESDAY                                                  7:30pm     Meditation          Dylan
   9:15am           Pilates Basics          Bev
   10:15am          Gentle Yoga             Sarah             FRIDAY
   1pm              Moving Meditation       Wendy             8:15am     Gentle Yoga         Sarah
   4:30pm           Yoga Basics             Vancy             9:45am     Vibrant Yoga        Wendy
   6:30pm           Intermediate/           Bev               11:15am    Shabbat Yoga        Wendy
                    Advanced Pilates

                                    The Shekhter-Tekhter                                                             SUMMER OF SMILES
                                    and Binyumen                                                                                  JCC Annual
                                                                                                                              Campership Campaign
C H I L D R E N & FA M I L I E S

                                    The Schaechter                                                                    Put a smile on the face of a child this summer.
                                    Daughters                                                                          Make a gift to the JCC Annual Campership
                                    & their Dad,                                                                   Jewish camping is a powerful, transformative
                                    Binyumen                                                                       experience and every child should be given that
                                                                                                                   opportunity regardless of financial circumstances.
                                    Starring in
                                                                                                                   At our JCC camps, lifelong friendships are made,
                                    Our Zeydes and Bubbes as
                                                                                                                   Jewish values are taught, and Jewish traditions
                                    Children                                                                       are celebrated. Experiencing a summer at Camp
                                    (Our Grandfathers and                                                          Sisol and Camp Seneca Lake enriches a child’s life
                                    Grandmothers as Children)                                                      forever.a
                                    A musical review for young                                                     Please help us to make a difference in a
                                    and old and everyone in between. Songs                                         child’s life.
                                    in Yiddish: Translations provided. One doesn’t have to
                                                                                                                   To make a gift to the JCC
                                    know Yiddish to enjoy this show! And featuring Yiddish students from
                                                                                                                   Annual Campership
                                    JCC Kindercrew and Preschool 1 & 2.
                                                                                                                   Campaign please call
                                    Sunday • April 19, 2009 • 2pm                                                  Mary Ann Colamarino at
                                    Hart Theatre of the JCC                                                        585-461-2000 ext.
                                    Admission: $15 Adults / $10 Children up to age 13                              213 or download
                                                                                                                   a donor form at
                                    Tickets available in special programs office, next to the coffee bar in the
                                    front lobby of the JCC.

                                               Happy Birthday!
                                                                     Parties at the JCC
                                        Package 1                    Package 4                     Give your child a fun-filled birthday party at the JCC.
                                        Swim & Gym                   Reptile Party                 Choose from many exciting party packages.
                                        (ages 5-15)                  1 hour Reptile                All packages include the birthday child and up to twelve of his/her
                                        1 hour Pool                  1 hour Pool or Gym            friends. Each additional child is $5. Parties are all 2 1/2 hours long
                                        1 hour PlayGym               1/2 hour Party Room           and include a JCC staff host, all paper products, a birthday banner
                                        1/2 hour Party Room                                        and sign with your child’s name, balloons and tablecloths all in
                                                                     Package 5
                                        Package 2                    Dance Party                   your child’s favorite colors, 2 guest passes for the birthday child’s
                                        Swim & Games                 2 hours Dancing               family and a t-shirt for the birthday child as well!
                                        (ages 8-15)                  DJ hosts                      Call or email Amy at 461-2000, ext. 268 or
                                        1 hour Pool                  1/2 hour Party Room
                                                                                                   Packages 1 & 2            Packages 3, 4, 5 & 6
                                        1 hour In Zone
                                                                     Package 6                     Member: $ 175             Member: $ 250
                                        1/2 hour Party Room
                                                                     Movie in the Pool             NonMember: $200           NonMember: $275
                                        Package 3                    2 hours Movie in Pool
                                                                                                   Pool parties consist of two lanes closed off for your party along
                                        Skate Party                  Lights dim, movie on
                                                                                                   with two huge inflatable pool toys.
                                        2 hours roller skating       screen, floaties
                                        with DJ                      1/2 hour Party Room           A $50 deposit is required when booking your party.
                                        1/2 hour Party Room

                                                                                                                                                                  JCC Magazine
  Registration                     Special Events                     Everyday
  Information                      &   Monday, April 20 A             Activities
  Vacation Camp Hours:
                                       representative from
                                       Ganondagan State
                                                                      &     Swimming
  Extended Care: 7am-6pm               Historic Site will visit us.   &     In Zone
  Day rate: $42 Members            &                                  &

                                                                                                                             C H I L D R E N & FA M I L I E S
                                       Tuesday, April 21 Art or             Cooking
  $53 Non-members
  Field Trip rate: $45 Members
                                       Amphibians, Writing or         &     Arts & Crafts
                                       Wriggling … projects and
  $56 Non-members                      activities for everyone!       &     Free Time
  Extended Care: $8/day            &   Wednesday, April 22            &     Group Games
  Call Gesher registrar Marjory        Trip to Cummings Nature        &     Athletics
  David at 461-2000 ext. 234           Center. Bus leaves at 9am!
  to register. Space is limited.   &   Thursday, April 23 Hart
                                                                      &     Board Games
  Guaranteed placement if              Theater Movie Event            &     Cultural Arts
  registering before April 15.     &   Friday, April 24 Culinary
                                       Conclusion: Iron Chef
                                       Gesher, Food Art, & more!

                          Creatures & Creativity
                            School Age Vacation Camp (Grades K-6) … April 20-24

  Regular Hours:
  Monday-Thursday, 2-8pm
  Friday, 2-5:30pm
  Saturday, 12-5pm

  Sunday, 10am-4pm
  If School Is Out, the In Zone is Open!
  Holiday Hours:
  Friday, April 10: 11am – 5:30pm
  Monday, April 20: 11am – 8pm                                             FREE to JCC Family Members
  Tuesday, April 21: 11am – 8pm                                           Regular Hours:            Wednesday
  Wednesday, April 22: 11am – 8pm                                         Sunday                    11am–2pm & 5–8pm
  Thursday, April 23: 11am – 8pm                                          10am–4pm                  Friday
  Friday, April 24: 11am – 5:30pm
                                                                          Monday, Tuesday &         11am–2pm
  Monday, May 25: 11am – 8pm
                                                                          Thursday                  Saturday
                                                                          11am–2pm & 4–8pm          12–5pm

  JCC Dairy Festival and Shavout                                          PlayGym Holiday Hours:
  Celebration                                                             Wednesday, April 8       Thursday, April 16
  May 28                                                                  Open 11am–2pm only       12–2pm & 4–8pm
  11am – 3pm                                                              Thursday, April 9        Monday, May 25
  Visit vendor booths with a dairy flair.                                 CLOSED                   Memorial Day
  Sample milk, cheeses and a variety of dairy items and meet a                                     9am–1:30pm
                                                                          Friday, April 10
  dairy farmer!
                                                                          12–2pm                   Thursday, May 28
  Admission $3.00 JCC members…all ages welcome.
                                                                                                   Open 11am–2pm only
  Register now at the JCC Main Desk                                       Tuesday, April 14
                                                                          Open 11am–2pm only       Friday, May 29
                                                                          Wednesday, April 15
                                                                          12–2pm & 5–8pm

                                                       A comedy about life, death,
                                                            and a thorough spring cleaning.
                                                                                              Area Premiere!
                                                                                              Poor Shirley dies choking on a tough
                                                                                              piece of moo shoo pork at the Chinese
                                                                                              restaurant, but refuses to remain

                                                                                              dead until she finishes cleaning and
                                                                                              decorating her house. This uproarious
                                                                                              “Jewish Blithe Spirit” is the perfect
                                                                                              blend of comedy, fantasy and heart you
                                                                                              would expect from the award-winning
                                                                                              author of Brooklyn Boy, Collected Stories
                                                                                              and Dinner with Friends.

                                Sponsored by

                              JCC Reader Theatre
                                                          WinterFest 2009
                              Sunday, April 5 at 2 PM                                    Join us the 2nd and 4th
                                                                                         Saturdays of every month
                                                                                                                      Tickets are just         $8
                                                                                                                            $7 for JCC members
                                                                                         at 7:30 PM in the JCC Lounge     Available at the door
                                                                                         Upcoming Shows:                     or call (585) 461-2000
                              By Rich Orloff                                             April 11 & 25                                      ext. 235.
                                                                                         May 9 & 23
                              Directed by Kevin Sweeney
                              A comic tribute to all things Jewish
                              and all things human.
                               “Good laughs. Highly entertaining. You’ll kvell.”
                                                     - The New York Times

                                                      Free Admission.
                                                        No reservations required.

                                                      A discussion with the cast and
                                                        director will follow the play.

                                                                                                                                            JCC Magazine
                                                                                                                                   C U LT U R A L A R T S
  Pinkalicious, the Musical
  Written by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann
  by Vital Theatre Company
  May 30 at 1pm and 3pm
  May 31 at 1pm and 3pm
  The hilarious New York Times best-selling children’s book
  comes alive on stage, performed by the original offBroadway
  cast from NYC! Rochester Premiere!
  Pinkalicious can’t stop eating pink cupcakes despite warnings
  from her parents. Her pink indulgence lands her at the doctor’s
  office with Pinkititis, an affliction that turns her pink from
  head to toe - a dream come true for this pink-loving enthusiast.
  Best-enjoyed by boys and girls ages 4 and up.

  Coming This
  JCC SummerStage
  presents …
  The American                                                       Check Out The Feinbloom Library and
  Tribal LoveRock                                                    Check Out A Good Read
  Book and Lyrics by
                                                                     B   A wonderful book about Passover:
                                                                         Seder Stories, by Nancy Rips
  Gerome Ragni and
  James Rado; Music by
                                                                     B   Learn more about Israel with these interesting books
                                                                         (Israel Independence Day is April 29):
  Galt MacDermot                                                         Ambivalence: Adventures in Israel and Palestine, by
  July 18-26, 2009                                                       Jonathon Garfinkel
  Celebrate the 40th                                                     The Hebrew Republic, by Bernard Avishai
  Anniversary of the                                                     The Israelis, by Donna Rosenthal
  musical that forever
  changed the face
                                                                     B   Want to know more about Shavuot (beginning on May 28),
                                                                         bring home:
  of Broadway. The                                                       Jewish Festivals and Holy Days, by Michal Meron
  timeless story of
  peace, love and understanding will rock the JCC Hart Theater       Library hours:
  with songs that defined a generation, including “Aquarius”,        Sunday & Monday 10am–12:30pm
  “Easy to Be Hard”, “Good Morning Starshine”, “Let the Sun          Wednesday 11am–1pm
  Shine In” and “Hair.” Presented by JCC SummerStage and the         Friday 10am-12pm
  team that brought you last summer’s sell-out hit West Side
  Story. Mature content.
  AUDITIONS: May 18 and 19. Open to High School and
  College students ages 16-25. Call the Arts Dept for details.
  Adults $20; Students $15
  Reserved Seating: 585-461-2000 ext. 235

                                         Men in Transition (MIT)                                           Planning For Your Longterm
A D U LT / S E N I O R P R O G R A M S

                                         New participants welcome                                          Care in an Uncertain Economy
                                         Join an informal group of retired and almost retired men          Tuesday, May 12 at 7pm
                                         who get together for good conversation, bad jokes, bagels,        Free and open to the public, however, reservations are
                                         and coffee. Enjoy outside speakers twice a month. At other        requested at the JCC Main Desk
                                         meetings current topics are discussed – share whatever is on      LongTerm Care Insurance and Elder Law Planning
                                         your mind. The group meets every Tuesday 8:30-10am in the         Due to medical advances, we are living longer. Consequently,
                                         Senior Adult Lounge.                                              we are facing more incapacitating diseases, such as Alzheimer’s,
                                         There are two special interest groups. The Financial group        Parkinson’s, stroke and arthritis, which can affect us (as well as
                                         meets the first Thursday of the month at 9am. The Computer        our family) physically, psychologically and financially.
                                         group meets the second Thursday of the month at 9am. They         Especially during a recession, the accessibility, quality and cost
                                         usually meet in the main conference room at the JCC. For          of long-term care are major concerns for seniors and their
                                         information and schedule check the website:                       family. Caregivers also bear the stress of caring for children
                                                                               and aging parents while simultaneously managing a career. Too
                                                                                                           often, families are in denial and fail to act until a crisis occurs.
                                         AARP Defensive Driving                                            By then, many planning options may be limited or unavailable.
                                         Save money on your monthly auto insurance premiums with
                                                                                                           This program will explore the following issues:
                                         this NYS DMV approved driver improvement program. Pre-
                                                                                                           What does “long-term care” mean?
                                         registration at the JCC Main Desk is necessary. Participants
                                                                                                           What does a good long-term care insurance policy cover? How
                                         pay the instructor via check on the first day of class. AARP
                                                                                                           does one become eligible? What are the costs? When should
                                         Member fee is $12. Non AARP Members pay $14.
                                                                                                           you consider purchasing a long-term care policy?
                                         April 1 and 2
                                         May 6 and 7                                                       What is Elder Law Planning?
                                         9:00am –1pm                                                       What legal planning options are available – especially when
                                                                                                           long-term care insurance is not an option due to one’s health or
                                         Sunday with the Classics                                          financial condition?
                                         Violin and Cello Concert in the JCC Coffee Bar.                   Speakers
                                         Sunday, April 5                                                   Patrice Sampson-Bouchard, CLTC*
                                         Featuring Janakee Hoogland, Eastman Instructor and cellist.       Northwestern Mutual Financial Group
                                         Concert begins at 2pm.                                            *Certified as having expertise in long-term care planning
                                         Free and open to the public, however registration at the JCC      by the Corporation for LongTerm Care Certification, Inc.
                                         Main Desk is requested. Call 461-2000 ext. 214 for more           Judith Holender Loeb, CELA*
                                         information.                                                      Attorney at Law
                                                                                                           *Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law
                                         Vivaldi In Israel at the JCC                                      Foundation as approved by the American Bar Association
                                         Sunday, May 17, 10:30am breakfast, 11:15am program
                                         Enjoy a continental breakfast then join us for a music lovers     The Matzah Meal and Movie Special
                                         treat as Bob Herberger presents on screen, Vivaldi’s Four         Monday, April 6 at 12pm
                                         Seasons featuring the Israeli Philharmonic, with world            Matzah has never been tastier. Sample the Adult Department
                                         renowned performers Itzhak Perlman, Shlomo Mintz, Isaac           staff ’s culinary expertise at the Third Annual Matzah meal.
                                         Stern and Pinchas Zukerman.                                       The menu includes a veggie Matzah Lasagne, green garden
                                         JCC Members $7                                                    salad, Passover rolls and delicious chocolate covered matzah!
                                         JCC Nonmembers $9                                                 After lunch enjoy a screening of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach
                                         Register Now at the JCC Main Desk                                 Memoirs.
                                                                                                           JCC Members $6
                                         OSHER Speaker Series                                              Non Members $8
                                         Returns to the JCC                                                Register now at the JCC Main Desk.
                                         Learn about a variety of subjects from a host of knowledgeable
                                         instructors and presenters. This series is free to JCC Members.   Free at the JCC -Tai Chi
                                         April 22 - Poetic Visions - Gary Lehmann                          Every Monday: 10–11am
                                         April 29 - Geography Matters - Tim McDonnell                      First class begins April 20
                                         May 6 - Better Late Than Never - Elaine Zack                      This class is free, however pre-registration is requested at the
                                         May 13 - The Words We Play With - Daan Zwick                      JCC Main Desk. Open to all ages.
                                         May 20 - Digital Photography - Ed Salem
                                         May 27 - Eleanor Roosevelt - Kathy Krebs
                                         The Program will begin at 7pm each Wednesday evening.

                                                                                                                                                                   JCC Magazine
  JCC Craft Show and Sale

                                                                                                                                           A D U LT / S E N I O R P R O G R A M S
  May 4 – 8 , 9am-4pm
  Just in time for Mother’s Day. Shop a variety of hand crafted
  items including handmade jewelry designed by the JCC’s arts
  and crafts students.

  Boxed Lunch and Matinee
  Sunday, May 3
  Thursday Club Special … you must be a Thursday Club
  member to participate in this special event. Enjoy a boxed
  lunch from Brownstein’s Deli and then stay for the JCC Center
  Stage premier of “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”
  Lunch served at noon.
  Matinee begins at 2pm                                              SeniorNet Classes
  JCC Thursday club members - $23                                    No Membership Fee, FREE Open Labs
  Register now at the JCC Main Desk.                                 With your computer class registration
                                                                     SeniorNet Classes are open to all adults over 50 years-of-age.
                                                                     There is no membership fee required to take courses or use
                                                                     “open labs”. JCC membership is not required.
                                                                     New! Introduction to Computers using Vista
                                                                     SeniorNet’s most popular class for beginners is newly revised
                                                                     for Windows Vista. Learn the basics of using your computer,
                                                                     “surfing” the Internet, using e-mail, managing files and folders,
                                                                     and using word processing and spreadsheet applications with
                                                                     Microsoft Word and Excel 2007. Max. class size is 9.
                                                                     Fee: $70
                                                                     SN412 Tuesday, May 5-June 23, 6:30–8:30pm
                                                                     Introduction to Computers (Windows XP)
                                                                     A friendly introduction to computers for beginners. Learn the
                                                                     basics of using your computer with Windows XP - “surfing”
  Silver Sneakers®                                                   the Internet, using e-mail, managing files and folders, word
  Promotions                                                         processing with Microsoft Word 2003 and spreadsheet and
                                                                     database applications using Microsoft Works. Max. class size is 9.
  and Special Events                                                 Fee: $70
  Save the Dates                                                     SN411 Tuesday, May 5-June 23, 9:30–11:30am
  Here is a list of our special Senior monthly events that we hope
  you can attend. Please register for as many as you like at the     New! Using Microsoft Excel 2007
  Main Desk:                                                         Learn how a spreadsheet can make it easy to create and maintain
                                                                     a budget, monitor investments, checking account activity, or
  = Thursday, April 30 at 12pm … Meet in the Sr. Adult               create a club treasurer’s report. You will also learn how to build
       Lounge to LEARN HOW TO KNIT! Let’s make something
       for someone special in your life. Registration is a MUST!     and edit worksheets and create formulas which automatically
       Light refreshments will also be provided.                     update your numbers. This course uses Microsoft Excel 2007
                                                                     spreadsheet software. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.
  = Wednesday, May 20 at 1pm … summer is just around the             Fee: $75
       corner. Let’s have some ICE CREAM! Come; make your
       own sundae in Aud A! Please register for this free event at   SN426 Tuesday, May 5-June 23, 2:30-4:30pm
       the Main Desk.                                                New! Using Microsoft Word 2007
  = Monday, June 8 at 12pm … FREE SilverSneakers Seminar             Learn to use the Microsoft’s latest word processing tool in this
       on: Managing Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Please           newly revised course. Word 2007, part of Microsoft Office
       register atthe main desk to come listen to a Preferred Care   2007’s suite of applications has many new features. A new
       Specialist give you some pointers on good health in Aud       “Ribbon” replaces traditional menus and toolbars, giving you
       A. Light refreshments will be provided.                       quick access to all the major features of the application making
  Always remember that our SilverSneakers classes and events         document editing easy. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills
  are free, a great way to meet new friends, have fun and be part    including some experience with word processing.
  of our JCC Family! Any questions or concerns, please contact       Fee: $75
  Amy at 461-2000 ext. 268                                           SN422 Thursday, May 7-June 25, 9:30-11:30am

                                          Using Microsoft Word (2003 & earlier)                                 Free Open Labs
A D U LT / S E N I O R P R O G R A M S

                                          Learn to open, copy, save and print documents, type a letter,         The SeniorNet Learning Center is open to all adults 50+,
                                          edit and spell-check text, make documents interesting using           Monday through Friday. Use our computers to surf the
                                          color, bold, underlining, different fonts, tabs, custom page          Internet, send email and enhance your skills with assistance
                                          layouts & formats. Advanced features you’ll learn include:            from our excellent coaches.
                                          tables, lists, footnotes, drawing insertion, find / replace, and
                                          form letters and mail merge. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills
                                                                                                                Ask the Pros!
                                                                                                                On Wednesdays only during May and June, we offer “Ask the
                                          including some experience with word processing.
                                                                                                                Pros” sessions where current SeniorNet members and students
                                          Fee: $75
                                                                                                                only can receive expert help with any computer issue.
                                          SN421 Monday, May 4-June 29, 9:30–11:30am (No class May 25)
                                                                                                                You do not need to be a JCC member to participate in
                                          New! Take Control of Windows Vista                                    SeniorNet. If you have any questions regarding your placement
                                          Learn the major parts of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s newest            in a SeniorNet course, or you have any other questions, please
                                          operating system. Learn to use Vista’s new features along with        call SeniorNet at the JCC at 585-461-2000 ext. 463. Please leave
                                          how to organize files into folders, find files on your computer;      a message and a SeniorNet volunteer will return your call. You
                                          customize the Start Menu, Desktop and Taskbar; add/remove             can also send email to, or visit
                                          programs & update Windows; optimally keep data on your                our website at
                                          hard disk; add/remove hardware; and protect your data/do
                                          backups. It’s taught using Windows Vista, but much of the
                                                                                                                Become a SeniorNet Volunteer
                                                                                                                To learn more about becoming a SeniorNet volunteer, please
                                          material covered is applicable to Windows XP. Prerequisite:
                                                                                                                visit the SeniorNet website at
                                          Basic computer skills.
                                                                                                                SeniorNet is made possible by gifts from IBM and Nathalie
                                          Fee: $75
                                                                                                                Goldberg and is sponsored by the Monroe County Office
                                          SN424 Wednesday, May 6-June 24, 9:30-11:30am
                                                                                                                for the Aging and the Jewish Community Center of Greater
                                          Introduction to Digital Photography                                   Rochester.
                                          Whether you have been taking pictures for years or would
                                          like to learn what all this digital “fuss” is about, this course is   Interfaith Connection
                                          for you! Get hands-on practice taking good digital pictures,          Are you looking for a way to make connections with other
                                          manipulating them in your camera, transferring them to a              interfaith couples? Would you be interested in participating in
                                          computer and enhancing, printing, distributing, and organizing        a group which is welcoming, supportive and non-judgmental?
                                          them electronically. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.             The Interfaith Connection serves couples with one Jewish
                                          Fee: $75                                                              partner who are in a committed relationship, engaged or
                                          SN423 Wednesday, May 6-June 24, 2:30–4:30pm                           married with and without children. The group meets to discuss
                                                                                                                issues that are relevant to interfaith families and to learn about
                                          Image Editing with Photoshop Elements 6                               and celebrate Jewish holidays. There is a $36 membership
                                          “Image Editing with Photoshop Elements 6” is an introduction          fee per year. A new group is currently forming .For more
                                          to the basic features and functions of this sophisticated image-      information, advice, or referrals contact Michele Leve, CSW
                                          editing software. The course covers the software’s Downloader         at 461-2000 ext. 232 or at . Phone
                                          and Organizer features, the Toolbox’s basic editing tools plus        conferences and personal appointments are available.
                                          the “Quick Fix”, “Guided Edit” and “Full Edit” functions.             The Interfaith Connection is funded by a grant from the
                                          Lessons will include color correction, blemish and unwanted           Regina & Harry Cornell Fund.
                                          object removal, adding text and graphics, layers, printing
                                          photos and the creation of a digital slide show. Prerequisite:        Program for Adults with
                                          Basic computer skills.                                                Developmental Disabilities
                                          Fee: $75                                                              Chaverim meets on Sunday, April 26, from 10-11:30am, in the
                                          SN425 Thursday, May 7-June 25, 2:30-4:30pm                            Senior Adult Lounge. Wendy BellerMadway will lead a Gentle
                                          Internet and EMail                                                    Yoga class and inform us about Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s
                                          Read, create, send, & save email messages & attachments               Birthday). The program is being underwritten by the Golisano
                                          using web-site software and Outlook Express. Create and edit          Foundation.
                                          the address book provided by Outlook Express. Protect your            Chug will meet on Sunday, May 3, from 1:30-4pm, to view the
                                          privacy and keep your computer secure when searching or               live performance of “Let Me Entertain You”. The cost is $12.00
                                          exploring popular places on the World Wide Web. Learn how             for Chug Members and $17.00 for non-members.
                                          to download information from the web to your computer, and            Chaverim will meet on Sunday, May 24, from 10-11:30am, to
                                          to safely make purchases online. Prerequisite: Basic computer         celebrate Shavuot. The program is free.
                                          Fee: $75
                                          SN420 Monday, May 4-June 29, 2:30-4:30pm (No class May 25)

                                                                                                                                                                      JCC Magazine
         Camp Seneca Lake Friends & Alumni
                             Save the Day - Coming Soon!

                                                                                               A D U LT / S E N I O R P R O G R A M S
                    Reunite with fellow CSL Alumni and Friends for a day of camp
                   tradition, the dedication of the new Seneca Village, and the kick
                        off of the Camp Seneca Lake Campaign for the Future.
                                              Date: June 6
                                            Time: 1–10 pm
                                        Where: Camp Seneca Lake
                                            200 Camp Road
                                             Penn Yan, NY
                       Check out the Camp Currents section of CSL’s website, www.
          , for more information. Please note: Participants
                                     must be 21 and older to attend.

                                                                                  with this ad
                                                                             excludes hot dog
                                                                             Expires 10/31/09

                                      For all your simchas,
                                      give a lasting gift.
                                          Judaic rugs:
                                               ¥    100% wool and silk
                                                ¥    3’ wide x 4’ high
                                                ¥    Many other designs

                              Oriental RUG Mart
                          Sell ! Buy ! Wash ! Repair ! Lease ! Inform
                                   58 5- 2 23 -3 9 20
                    12 C obble stone Ct., opp os ite Ea stv iew Ma ll

                   12 Cobblestone Court, Victor, across from Eastview Mall

                                                                                        JCC Magazine
                                                                                                                                  Ask about our
        Featuring the Hilarious                                                                                                 newly
                                                                                  Embracing                                    reduced

                                                                                  exactly what

                                                                                                                                        Call for details.

                                                                                  makes you – you.

                                                                                  Share and enjoy what you do and who you are at
                                                                                  The Summit at Brighton, Rochester’s first and
                                                                                  only Life Care retirement community. Call us
                                                                                  today at (585) 442-9909.

                                                                                                   An affiliate of Jewish Senior Life™

                                                                                  All faiths are welcome. 2000 Summit Circle Drive

                                                      Honoring The
      June 7, 2009                                    Ames-Amzalak
                                                      Memorial Trust
      7:30 pm Show                                         (Trustees:
                                                        Justin L.Vigdor,
      Temple B’rith Kodesh                             Robert M.Vigdor,
      2131 Elmwood Ave., Rochester                   Myrl Gelb & Jay Gelb)

      (comedy show only)
      PATRON LEVEL $136
      Patron level includes 5:00 pm cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner,
      reserved seats for show & post-show reception with Robert Klein.

         Proceeds Benefit                   Jewish Family Service
                                           of Rochester

                ORDER TODAY!

                                     or Call

                                   Give to the
                           Jewish Community Center’s
                              2009 Annual Appeal.

                                 Your gift to the
                             JCC ANNUAL APPEAL
                             IS MORE IMPORTANT

                                 THAN EVER.
                   In difficult economic times our community
                   deserves a strong JCC that acts on their
                   behalf, and that is why we are asking you
                   for your support.
                                   Your gift provides:
                   „ support for vital programs and services
                     for people of all ages and abilities
                   „ membership assistance for those who
                     rely on our important programs
                   „ scholarship assistance for summer camp
                   „ the “community” for the Jewish
                     community of Rochester
                   Together we will ensure that we keep our
                   doors and hearts open to everyone.
                   For more information, please contact Mary
                   Ann Colamarino at 585-461-2000 ext. 213 or
          Download a donor
                   form today at

                                                 Dawn & Jacques Lipson, M.D.

                                                                 JCC Magazine
  Todah Rabah (Thank you)
  Thank you very much for the following donations received January 13 to February 28, 2009. These generous gifts allow the Jewish
  Community Center of Greater Rochester to provide the programs and services that are so important to so many.
  Annual Appeal                      Hannelore and Robert Heyer        Saul and Abigail Resnick           Fitness, Wellness & Recreation
  Guido Albertelli                   Harry Hoffman                     Stan and Anne Refrmat              Arnold and Sharon Kovalsky
  Edwin Allen                        Richard Holub and Rebecca         Robert Reynolds                    Richard and Lori Stromberg in
  Marion Anders                        Keebler                         Thomas P. Rheinstein                 memory of Nelson Farber

  Anthony and Jackie Andolina        Dolores Hopkins                   Diane Rock                         JCC
  Robert Angst                       Marvin and Marilyn Horowitz       Gerard and Ruth Roncinske          *Michael and Eileen Grossman
  Freida Arena                       William and Sally Hurwitz         Rose Rosen                         Leslie Berkowitz in memory of
  Ruth Baker                         Frank and Nobuko Ichishita        Harvey Rosenbaum                     Bessie L. Fine
  Isaac and Ines Baranes             Dan and Sheryl Jacobson           Robert Rosenberg
  William and Verna                  Beverly M. James                  Gloria and Irving Rosenstein       Markus Society
  Elaine Bedrault                    John Jerabeck, Jr.                Paul and Beatrice Roxin            Louis and Jodi Atkin
  Marvin and Barbara Becker          Bruce and Janet Johnson           Nina Rupp                          Howard and Leslie Crane
  Harold B. Berger                   Salena Johnson                    Martin and Margie Sabath           Harold and Joan Feinbloom
  Tammy Dinolfo and Paul Bernstein   Montine Jordan                    Lawrence and Mary Ann              Bruce and Linda Hellman
  Elisabeth Beumer                   Joy Josefovicz                      Sanagursky                       Aaron and Staci Hiller
  Marjorie Bircher                   Jerrold and Naomi Kalnitz         Mary E. Sandt                      Robert and Merilyn Israel
  Carol Blandino                     Donald and Aura Kamm              Jane E. Sanford                    Arlean Levinson and Richard
  Elizabeth Boddie                   William and Mary Ellen Kane       Amihai Schmerl                       Levinson
  Wilhelm and Louise Braun           Dan and Ruth Katz                 John and Mary Jane Schmitt         Beryl and Joan Nusbaum
  Augustus and Mary Ellen            Lazar and Raisa Kislik            David and Mary Scholl              Bea and Bert Rapowitz
    Cammeyer                         Patricia Klees                    David and Rosalyn Schreiber        Lee Rosenthal
  Ruth and Alfred Cervi              David and Belinda Klein           Norman and Jeanette Schwartz       William and Evelyn Shear
  Lorraine B. Chamberlain            Bertoliy Kobylanskiy and Samila   Terry Schwartz and Richard Mader   Gary Richmond Updyke
  Linda Cohen                          Pivnikleonidova                 Hans and Lore Schwarz              Brenda Wonder and Justin Del
  Elnora Cooper                      Joel and Evelyn Krane             Manson and Evelyn Scull              Vecchio
  Ira Cooperman                      Hy Kreitzman                      Helen Senzel                       Michael Bresloff Memorial Fund
  Patricia Corcoran                  Thelma Kroll                      Leo and Pearl Shaff                Rose and Jesse Bresloff in memory
  Arnold and Anne Cordts             Deborah and Everett Larrabee      Al and Trudy Sheinfeld               of Marion Levin, Stanley Haber,
  John and Angeline Cullinan         Donna and Martin Lawrence         Dorothy Sherr                        and Onalie Ruth Leshner and in
  Kenneth and Marcia Cupery          Abram Lederman                    Joel T. Shertock                     honor of Mike Kravetz and his
  June Cuthbert                      Aaron and Rebecca Lehman          Harriet and Joe Shulman              special birthday
  Dobrin and Oana Dancuta            Stanley and Helen Levinson        Michael and Nancy Silber           Barara Kozel in memory of Buddy
  Lyubov Denisenko                   Ann Loughlin                      Bernice and Willard Sklar            Haymes
  Murray Deutsch                     David and Miriam Lum              James and Susan Slobard            On Stage
  Sharon and Melvin Diamond          Walter and MaryAnn Manka          Esther Smalline                    Phyllis Kasdin best wishes for
  Louise Dolliver                    Katherine Marcello                Lester Spector                       a speedy recovery for Ann
  Paul and Judith Eissenstat         Jane and Jerry Margolis           Louis and Gene Spiro                 Winterman
  Marcia Elwitt                      James McGrath                     Richard Stabins
  Linda and Jonathan Epstein         John and Anna McLaughlin          Melvin Stiles                      Susie Goldstein Sands Fund for
  Ted and Judy Ertischek             Sara McLaughlin                   Clinton and Patricia Stone         Camp Seneca Lake
  Raymond and Susan Feasey           John N. McMath, Jr.               Alan and Ronnie Storch             Marcia and Norman Abelson in
  Harold and Dolores Fishman         Robert Meyer                      Claire Tuttle                        honor of the birthdays of Michael
  Sherryl Friedman                   Suzanne Meyerowitz                Benjamin Umoff                       and Nella Abelson and in honor
  Arthur and Janne Friedman          Harvey and Audrey Meyers          Elaine Montrose Usdane               of Chloe Goldstein’s Bat Mitzvah
  Helene Friedman                    Esther an Jerome Miller           Paul and Ruth Vail                 Elizabeth Steinberg in honor of
  Sharon Garelick                    Sofiya Moldavskaya and Zakhar     Donald and Diane Van Lare            Chloe Goldstein’s Bat Mitzvah
  Heath and Monica Gebell              Shvartsman                      Elizabeth Viken                      and in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
  Alfred Gelerinter                  Herbert and Estelle Morris        Ingeborg Vogelstein                  Lawrence I. Goldstein
  Zema and Perlya Gelin              Frank and Irene Mossey            John and Elizabeth Wallace         Sylvia & Philip Kowal Fund
  Marilyn and Morton Goldberg        Patricia Murray                   Ellen and Wernr Wandersleben       Kathleen London in memory of
  Marjorie and Julian Goldstein      Joseph Muscarella and June        Milton and Lenore Weinrieb          Florence Bickler
  Gary L. Gottfried                    Aberdorf                        Judy and David White               Yiddish Cultural Center
  Barbara Granite                    James and Junko Nersinger         Irma Wiener                        Henra Briskin in honor of Phyllis
  Nicholas Graver                    John Ninfo                        Angela and Sidney Wilkin            Kasdin’s Humanitarian Award
  Rita Greenberg                     Elizabeth O’Brien                 Betty Wilson                        from Temple Beth Shalom
  Linda Hagarty                      Lawrence Ota                      Mitchell and Karen Yarmel          Henoch Szajnberg in memory of
  Judy and Ken Harbison              Lois Pheterson                    David D. Gordon Fund                Chaya Szajnberg
  Phyllis Harris                     David and Marion Pieramico        Philip and Annette Garver in
                                     David Pittinaro                                                      * Special thanks to Michael & Eileen
  Sylvia and David Harrison                                             memory of Janet E. Canfield and      Grossman for hosting our East coast
  John Hart                          Lawrence Ploscowe                  in honor of Elliott Landsman’s       Florida friends event.
  Mary Hartshorn                     Tanya Plutzik                      Birthday
  Goldee Hecht-Meyer                 Pauline N. Price

                                                                                   NonProfit Org.
                                                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                   Rochester, NY
                                                                                   Permit No. 965

                   -TE KHT
            H        MEN umen
   S HEK INYUheir Dad, Biny
THE AND Bhters and t
       ter Dech

                                          sCing in
                           Starr bbes a s Childre
                                 u others a
                           nd B dm
              Zey  des hars and Gran ung and old
          OurOur Grandfat eview for yo etween
            (                     r  b    in
                            sical    yone                       d.
                        A mu nd ever                      ovide      how!
                             a                 latio ns pr oy this s
                                             s            n j
                                             Tran ish to e
                                       dish:     dd
                                  n Yid know Yi
                                                                      • 2pm
                          Song ave to                      9
                              ’t h                  , 200
                                               pril 1 of the JCC up to age 1
                        d                                                    3
                              nday                   re Childre n
                            Su                  heat
                                         H art T lts / $10          next
                                                                         to the
                                             A du             ffice,    so
                                         $15                      gram      JCC.
                            is   sion:                     al pro by of the
                        Adm                      in  speci      t lo b
                                          ilable n the fron
                                    s ava      bar i
                             Ticket          e

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