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					Volume XXXV No. 4                                             Affiliated with the Orthodox Union                                                          Passover 5769 April 2009

                                                                  Passover Schedule
               Tuesday, April 7th                                                                                                      Chol Hamoed
 Search for Chametz ................... After 8:08 pm                                                                                 Sunday April 12th
                                                                                                          Shacharit ........................................................................ 8:00 am
                   Wednesday, April 8th                                                                   Mincha ............................................................................7:15 pm
          Fast of the First Born (Fast Begins 5:42 am)
 Shacharit............................................................................6:45 am                                         Chol Hamoed
                                                                                                                                     Monday, April 13th
                                                                                                          Shacharit ........................................................................ 6:30 am
                                                                                                          Mincha ............................................................................7:15 pm
                     FOR THE FIRST BORN                                                                                     Chol Hamoed/Erev Yom Tov
 Latest Time to Eat Chametz ...................... 10:29 am                                                                    Tuesday, April 14th
 Latest Time to Own Chometz .........................11:45 am                                             Shacharit ........................................................................ 6:30 am
 Candle Lighting ................................................................7:08 pm                  Candle Lighting.............................................................7:13 pm
 Mincha ......................................................................7:10 pm                     Mincha ............................................................................7:15 pm
 Home Seder begins ............................... AFTER 8:09 pm
                                                                                                                                 Seventh Day of Pesach
                               First Day Pesach                                                                                  Wednesday, April 15th
                              Thursday, April 9th                                                         Shacharit ........................................................................ 8:30 am
 Shacharit............................................................................ 9:00 am            Mincha ............................................................................7:15 pm
 Hallel .................................................................................. 9:30 am
                                                                                                          Candle Lighting AFTER................................................ 8:14pm
 Prayer for Dew..............................................................11:00 am
 Mincha ..............................................................................7:10 pm                                      Last Day of Pesach
 Candle Lighting ................................................................8:09 pm                                           Thursday, April 16th
 Home Seder Begins AFTER..........................8:09 pm
                                                                                                          Shacharit ........................................................................ 8:30 am
                              Second Day Pesach                                                           YIZKOR ...................................................... 10:15 am
                               Friday, April 10th                                                         Mincha ............................................................................7:15 pm
 Shacharit............................................................................ 9:00 am            Havdallah........................................................................8:15 pm
 Hallel .................................................................................. 9:30 am        EARLIEST TIME TO EAT CHAMETZ......................9:15 pm
 Candle Lighting .............................................. BEFORE 7:10 PM
 Mincha................................................................................7:10 pm            Pesach is over at 8:15 pm. At that time you could purchase chametz
                                                                                                          from a gentile. Before eating the chametz which you had possessed,
                          Shabbat Chol Hamoed                                                             but was sold to a gentile, please allow one hour for the rabbi to re-
                           Shabbat, April 11th                                                            purchase it.
 Shacharit.........................................................................8:30 am
 SHIR HASHIRIM...........................................................9:55 am
 Dovid M. Brown Talmud Shiur.................................. 6:00 pm
 Mincha............................................................................ 7:00 pm
 Havdallah....................................................................... 8:11 pm

                                                                                                 Page 1
                                           The Bread of Poverty
                                                Rabbi Joel M. Finkelstein

                                                                   So in a sense, the Seder

         he dream of "If I were a rich man," does not seem
         like a very lofty goal. And yet, on Pesach, isn't that doesn't work for everyone
         part of what the Seder is all about? The Rabbis        this year. The story doesn't
teach that we need to recline like kings, we need to            flow like it used to. We used
drink like kings and we need to dip like kings. In fact,        to be slaves, and today we
failure to drink the 4 cups in the official order and way       still struggle; this is the story
can be a failure in what the Talmud calls, "Cherut-             of Pesach this year. And
Freedom." Wealth is part of the freedom we celebrate            yet, the Seder is actually set
each year. And yet, we also admit, "Hashata avadei-This         up to acknowledge that. We
year we are but slaves," that we have not yet reached           say at the outset of the Se-
our goal.                                                       der that the conditions this
                                                                                      year are
   Part of the seder is about how we,
                                                                                      not ideal.
the have's invite those who have not
to our Seders. Part of Pesach is to             Pesach is about                       We are "here" ie. not in Jerusalem.
                                                                                      We are slaves, ie. not completely
recognize that we are not yet in Jeru-
                                                                                      masters over our own destiny be it
salem ourselves. Part of the story of           being thankful we                     personally or nationally.
the Hagadah is to say that we went
                                                                                           Pesach is about figuring out
out with great wealth, and yet, to some         have come as far                      where we are on the spectrum from
degree, particularly this year, many of
us find ourselves a lot less well off this                                            slavery to freedom. Pesach is about
year than last. The call to the "ditzrich-
                                                as we have from                       being thankful we have come as far
the needy" seems to ring louder and                                                   as we have from slavery to Jerusa-
truer this year.                                slavery to                            lem. And Pesach is also about realiz-
                                                                                      ing how far we have to go until we can
   It is scary to think of all the changes
                                                Jerusalem.                            declare total freedom, total redemp-
taking place around us. One day the
                                                                                      tion. If this year we are tinged with
market drops precipitously, only fol-
                                                                                      some sadness or pinched by Pesach
lowed by a greater drop the next day.
                                                                prices, we need to find a place of gratitude in our hearts
One month the country loses over half a million jobs and
                                                                for what we do have, and we can think of Pesach as a
the next month there is more of the same if not worse. If
                                                                time to pray and look forward to better times and to
in the past, "Next year in Jerusalem" was said with a
                                                                complete redemption, which, we always pray, will be
silent snicker, as we thought to ourselves, "Frankly, I am
                                                                speedily and in our times.
doing just fine right here. Thank you very much." This
year we say, "Maybe Jerusalem is not looking so shabby             Bluma, Asher, Natan, Akiva and Rakhel wish you all a
after all."                                                     Happy and a Healthy Pesach. Chag Kasher V'Sameach.

   Spring Shabbat Lecture Series
        Shabbat Afternoons
                                                                        Shabbos Hagadol Drasha
     One Hour Before Mincha                                            Shabbat, April 4th, 5:55 pm
   Three Lectures on Appreciating Davening
                  May 2nd 6:20 pm                                              The Wicked Son:
          Praying for G-d, Praying for Ourselves;                      Ways of Dealing with the Wicked
           A New Way to Look at the Amidah
                                                                    There is an ancient tradition for the entire
                  May 9th 6:25 pm                                   community to hear the Rabbi’s once a year
Communal Prayer; The Dynamic Relationship Between the               Shabbat Hagadol Discourse on the Shabbat
           Congregation and the Chazan                                            before Pesach.
                  May 16th 6:30 pm
           The Importance of Being at Minyan

                                                           Page 2
            Yom Haatzmaut                                                          3rd Annual
      Israel Independence Day                                                  Lag Ba'Omer Bonfire
         Israel's 61st Birthday                                                 Monday, May 11th
Tuesday Evening, April 28th at ASBEE                                                 9:00 pm
         7:00 pm Mincha Followed by
                                                                                   At the Shul
               Special Service
Joint Program with Baron Hirsch Congregation                              Come Celebrate Lag Ba’Omer
      At Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth                                       The Way It’s Done in Israel
               Guest Speaker:
           Rabbi Shai Finkelstein
   • A memorial for fallen soldiers and terror                                          Dancing
   •    Children’s choir and choreography                                                 Ruach
   •    Prayers for Israel                                                               Stories
   •    Inspirational talks on Israel
   •    Music and dancing to celebrate Israel’s 61st                                  Great Food
                                                                            A True Community Effort
This program is being coordinated by the Kollel Torah
                                                                   Bonfire Built by the Temple Israel Boy Scout Troop
Mitzion, the Bat Ami girls, and the rabbis of Baron
Hirsch and ASBEE. Don’t miss it. Last year was a                             Stories by the Community Rabbis
wonderful program and it should be beautiful and
meaningful this year as well.

                                                                                Save the Date
Come and show your support. Invite a friend to join us.

       Shavuos Dinner & Torah Study                                            Jerusalem Day
         Thursday Night, May 28th
                   Mincha 7:50 pm
                   Dinner 8:45 pm
              Torah for the Gentiles?
                                                                           Thursday, May 21st
  A Universalistic Look at a Particularistic Holiday                            5:00 pm

       Siyum for the Fast of First Born
        Wednesday Morning, April 8th                                             Daily Dose of Torah
               Shacharit at 6:45 AM                                  You give us one half hour a day and we’ll give you the
  Followed by the Once in 28 Year Opportunity to                   Jerusalem talmud
            Recite the Birchat Hachama                               The Daily Dose of Torah is held each day
                                                                   30 minutes before Daily Mincha Services in the
         Followed by the Siyum & breakfast at                      Melvin Silberstein Chapel.
                       7:15 am

 Rabbi Finkelstein & Asher will complete the Tractate Sotah
                                                                        Don’t Miss the Women’s Rosh Chodesh Group
         Sponsored by Audrey and Jack Joffre
                                                                            Led by Bluma Zuckerbrot –Finkelstein
 in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Joffre and
                                                                       Each Month on the Sunday Before Rosh Chodesh
                Mr. Emmanuel Glass.
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                                                     Laws of Pesach

           Bedikat Chametz                   blessing is recited. You should also sell         permissible to go to work only if
          Search for Chametz                 your chametz before leaving. One should           absolutely necessary and all work
                                             then remember, on your vacation to annul          may be done which is for the holiday,
   An integral part of the Pesach            the chametz the morning of erev Pesach            for the community, for a mitzvah, and
 obligations is to search one's home         before 11:45 am.                                  any work which requires no skill, such
 the night before Pesach.                                                                      as flicking a switch, and the like. In
                                                What Do We Eat On Erev Pesach?
    This year the search begins on                                                             the end, just about any work can be
 Tuesday night, April 14th, after 8:08       One cannot eat Matzah because before              justified on Chol Hamoed, but the idea
 pm. All rooms of the house should be        Pesach one refrains from matzah for at            is to focus on holy matters during this
 thoroughly checked (this is in addition     least 2 weeks, if not a month, depending          time and to make it a part of the
 to the preliminary cleaning). If there is   upon your custom. Bread cannot be                 holiday.
 a room that one literally never goes        consumed after 10:29 am. After 11:45 am
                                             one cannot posses any Chametz at all.              What's The Recipe For Charoset?
 into, then it is exempt from being
 searched. Immediately prior to the          After 1 pm one should not eat a big meal.         Charoset, the dip for the maror, was
 search, one recites, "Baruch Ata            Some even restrict the eating of matzah           viewed by Maimonides and others as
 Hashem E-lokeinu melech ha-olam,            meal products on the eve of Pesach. In a          the quintessential Pesach dip, fit for
 asher kidishanu be-mitzvotav, ve-           case of necessity, one may                                     dipping matzah, celery,
 tzivanu al biur chametz."                   eat matzah meal products                                       and almost anything at
                                             before Pesach. What's left to                                  the Seder. It consists of
   Following the search one says "All        eat is fish, salad, fruit, and                                 cinnamon, apples, wine,
 chametz or chametz products which I         potato starch products. The                                    and nuts, all chopped
 have in my possession, which I have         idea is to maintain a healthy                                  t o g e t h e r.      Some
 seen and which I have not seen,             appetite for the seder.                                        Sephardic Jews use
 which I have removed and which I                                                                           fried dates, raisins,
 have not removed, should be null and        What is Considered a Leg-
                                             ume and is Hence Forbid-                                       vinegar, and cinnamon.
 considered like the dust of the earth."                                                                    (Try it. It's tasty.)
 In the morning, after burning the                     den?
 chametz or after removing it all from       Rice, corn, peas, mustard                                         What is Shemura
 one's possession, one should say,           seed, beans (kidney, lima,                                         Matzah?
 before 11:45 am, "All chametz or            garbanzo, bean sprouts, etc.),                           Most Matzah is watched and
 chametz products which I have in my         green beans, sesame seeds,                             protected from chametz since the
 possession, which I have seen and           peanuts, soybeans, millet, sunflower              time of grinding the grains. Many
 which I have not seen, which I have         seeds, alfalfa sprouts, tofu. All these may       authorities say that the matzo for the
 removed, and which I have not               be used as pet food or medicine.                  first two nights must be watched from
 removed, should be null and                 What Can One Do On The Intermediate               the time of harvesting. This is what is
 considered like the dust of the earth."     Days Of Pesach (In Between The First              called Shemura Matzah. Take note
     What If I'm Going On A Trip?             Two Days And The Last Two Days)?                 that not all matzah in the store is
    WhenDo I Check For Chametz?                                                                marked as Kosher for Passover
                                             This period is called Chol Hamoed. Well,          altogether. Egg matzah on Pesach
 One who goes on a trip within 30 days       of course the prohibition of chametz still        should only be used by children and
 before Pesach must search for               applies, and some say that the more               the infirmed.
 chametz the night before leaving, with      shemurah matzah you eat, the more
 a candle and all. However, no               mitzvot you get. Beyond that, it is

             Birchat HaChama: A Rare Passover Event for 2009
   On April 8, erev (the day preceding)      son in halacha (Jewish law), which is          therefore takes four years for the sun to
Passover, there will be the opportunity to   several days after the astronomical ver-       return to its position at the proper time.
perform a mitzvah that last presented        nal equinox. The astronomical vernal           As there are seven days in a week, it
itself in 1981 and will not occur again      equinox typically occurs on or about           takes 28 years (4x7) for it to return to the
until 2037. That mitzvah is to recite        March 20; the “halachic equinox” falls on      proper position on the appropriate day of
Birkat HaChama, the blessing said when       March 25 of the Julian calendar, which is      the week. The sun actually assumes its
one sees the sun return to its original      April 7 of this year, adjusting for the Gre-   “starting position” on Tuesday evening,
position, as it was during the week of       gorian calendar.                               but one must wait for Wednesday morn-
Creation. According to the Talmud in      According to the Creation account in              ing when the sun becomes visible to be
tractate Brachot (59b), this blessing isthe first chapter of Genesis, the sun was           able to recite the blessing. (After each
recited every 28 years, on the fourth day
                                        created on Wednesday. The vernal equi-              day in the Creation account, the Torah
(Wednesday), when the vernal equinox    nox is considered the starting point of             states, “It was evening and it was morn-
falls in Saturn. (Chama means “sun.”)   the sun’s creation. Since a solar year              ing.” From this it is derived that Jewish
  Really, the Talmud discusses tekufat contains an extra quarter of a day, each                                       (Continued on page 8)
Nisan, the beginning of the spring sea- year the equinox occurs six hour later. It
                                                                Page 4
                                   Items Which Don't Require
                                 Specific Supervision For Passover

Alcohol- Rubbing Isopropyl - other alcohol could be a                Passover symbol:
problem                                                              Nestea – Reg Unflav, Decaf Unflav
Aluminum foil or pans (pans should be washed first),                 Teabags America’s Choice – Reg Unflav
wax paper, Styrofoam, paper plates (except the cheapest              Lipton – Reg Unflav, Decaf Unflav
white ones), plastic wrap (see "wraps" below), Chinet                Nestea – Reg Unflav
paper goods                                                          Tissues except ones with vitamin C
Baby oil, wipes (without alcohol)                                    Toiletries- see list
Baby powder- Johnsons's                                              Toothpaste- see list
Bicarbonate of Soda (not baking powder)                              Vegetables- any fresh (other than legumes) precut salads
Carrots- baby carrots in plastic bags, raw, no additives             must have kosher symbol and should be washed
Cleansers- Fantastik, Glass Plus, bleach, furniture polish           Vitamins- see list, if doctor recommended, OK
Cocoa- Hershey or any 100% pure                                      Water- any fresh, bottled, unflavored
Coffee- call the rabbi for list                                      Wax Paper- any
Cottonseed Oil- with proper Passover supervision is                  Wraps- Reynolds, Glad, Saran Wrap, Ziploc
acceptable according to all authorities                              Inedibles and Medicines According Rabbi Gedaliah
Dental Floss- any unflavored, including waxed                        Schwartz of the CRC, one of Rabbi Finkelstein’s mentors,
Deodorants- any powdered or stick                                    body creams, face and body powder, and polishes do not
Detergents- liquid- Proctor and Gamble's Joy, Ivory,                 require Pesach certification. Medicinal non-chewable
Dawn; Ajax, Palmolive                                                tablets pills and capsules do not require Pesach
Fruit- frozen, unsweetened and without syrup                         certification.
Ice- bags from plain water
Infant Formula- Isolac, Similac, Enfamil (using separate             For up to date information visit
dishes as they contain kitniyot)
Juice- frozen orange or grapefruit juice with no vitamin c
added, should be USDA frozen, (Liquid Tropicana- OKP                                         Kitniyot
only)                                                                Kitniyot are products which although containing no grain
Lens solution- without alcohol                                       may not be used on Pesach due to their similarity to grain.
Lipstick- call the rabbi for list.
Meat and poultry- raw, fresh or frozen- as long as it is
                                                                     •   Anise,                     •   Canola Oil (Rapeseed),
kosher, all Empire poultry is acceptable except turkey
burgers, or other seasoned products, all Vaad Hakehilot of           •   Cumin,                     •   H.V.P. (possibly chometz)
Memphis meats at Kroger's are acceptable.                            •   Nutra Sweet,               •   Soy Beans
Medicines- see rabbi for details, those for medicinal                •   Ascorbic Acid,             •   Caraway Seeds,
purposes do not require hashgacha                                    •   Dextrose,                  •   Isolated Soy Protein,
Milk– should be purchased before Pesach                              •   Peanuts,                   •   Stabilizers,
Mineral oil                                                          •   Aspartame,                 •   Chickpeas,
Mouthwash- Listerine and Scope                                       •   Emulsifiers,               •   Isomerized Syrup,
Nuts- any brand, unroasted, whole or shelled, except                 •   Peas,                      •   Starch (possibly chometz)
peanuts, without BHA or BHT added                                    •   Beans,                     •   Citric Acid (according to
Olive oil- extra virgin (this is also acceptable year 'round)                                           some authorities)
                                                                     •   Fennel,
Oven cleaner- any brand
                                                                     •   Poppy Seeds,               •   Kasha (Buckwheat),
Paper towels
                                                                     •   Bean Sprouts,              •   Sunflower Seeds,
Perfumes- call for Rabbi for list.
Raisins- see Shul list                                               •   Fenugreek,                 •   Confectioners Sugar
Salt- any brand, without iodine, maltodextrin, dextrose              •   Rice,                          (possibly chometz),
Scouring pads- see the Shul list                                     •   BHA (in corn oil),         •   Lecithin,
Seltzer Any unflavored seltzer may be used.                          •   Flavors (may be chometz)   •   Tofu,
Silver polish                                                        •   Sesame Seeds,              •   Malto-Dextrin,
Shampoos- call for more info.                                        •   Glucose,                   •   Vitamin C (according to
Spices- whole, not ground, not blends, not mustard                   •   Sodium Erythorbate1,           some authorities. In case
Soap- any bar except those with grain                                                                   of need, it may be swal-
                                                                     •   Buckwheat,
Sugar- any brand white granulated cane sugar (not                                                       lowed as a pill),
                                                                     •   Green Beans,
powdered), Domino brand brown or brownulated with "p"                                               •   Millet,
                                                                     •   Sorbitan,
next to kosher symbol                                                                               •   Coriander,
Sweeteners- see list                                                 •   Calcium Ascorbate,
                                                                                                    •   MSG,
Tea, Instant                                                         •   Guar Gum,
                                                                                                    •   Corn,
The following tea may be used without any additional                 •   Sorbitol,
                                                                                                    •   Mustard Flour

                                                                Page 5
                                       Your Handy Guide to a Meaningful Seder
                                                Juicy Questions for the Seder
                                                    by Rabbi Joel M. Finkelstein

Questions for the Seder                      blessed is the Omnipresent, before the 4    Slaves & Then We Were Redeemed
                                             sons- is the beracha.                       1. If He had not taken us out we
What are some questions that are not
asked in the the mah nishtana ques-          We don't make berachot on things that       would still be slaves
tions?                                       have no limit or which depend on            Is this really true? Can’t we take our-
                                             another person such as charity and          selves out of Egypt? Can’t we cure
There are three models for a success-
                                             Hagadah telling.                            ourselves?
ful seder; A. questions and answers;
This seder thrives on pure discussion.       We don't make berachos on things which      Without a miracle, can the meshiach
B. Story telling; This seder is energized    are themselves words of thanksgiving        come in our time?
by the power of the story tellers. and C.    and praise.
                                                                                         Can't we take ourselves out of Egypt?
Acting out. This seder model is based        Find 5 places in the Haggadah that Israel   Can't we cure ourselves?
on group involvement in the telling          or the Land (referring just to Israel) is
                                                                                         a) R. Yisrael Tchortchotov: Only we can
process. Parts can be given out and          mentioned.
                                                                                         save ourselves but the Exodus opened
people can be asked to act in charac-        1. In the section known as "at the          the door for us to help ourselves. On
ter. One can be the wise son, one                beginning, our ancestors were idol      the one hand we say, everything is in
Rabbi Akiva, etc. I have a few plays on          worshippers- Metechilah.                Heaven's hands except for the fear of
hand for those who wish to use them.
                                             2.In the dayenu several times.              Heaven, meaning that moral decisions
Below are some questions to get dis-
                                             3. Toward the end of the Magid, after "in   are made by us. However, in our
cussion going.
                                                 every generation.." before Hallel.      morning prayers we ask that G-d save
1. Are we free today? What does it                                                       us from the evil inclination, as if He
   mean to be free?                          4.In benching, several times.
                                                                                         were in charge of that aspect of life.
2. G-d did most of the action during the     5.It is not overemphasized since the        The Talmud in Shabbat 53b states that
   exodus, while the Jews did very little.     entry to Israel was not on the night of   Reuben prayed to avoid sinning and
   Is it possible to save yourself? Why        Pesach.                                   was heard. Joseph conjured up images
   is it hard?                               How many times is the story of the          of his father and avoided sin. He was
3. What makes people be a rasha, the         Exodus told in some form in the             able to master sin on his own.
   wicked son?                               Haggadah? (find 3)                          Similar issues have been raised visa
4. What sort of answer is the wise son       1. Avadim hayinu, we were slaves            vis the redemption of the Jewish
   looking for?                              2.Metichilah, at first we were idol         people. Can we redeem ourselves or
                                             worshippers and now we are close to         must G-d do so for us? There is a
5. Is the bentching part of the hagadah?
                                             You...                                      dispute as to whether the Temple of the
   How is that?
                                                                                         future will be built by Messiah
6. What is the point of recounting the       3.In Baruch shomer havtachato...            (Rambam) or by G-d who will send a
   woes of the Jews in Egypt and             Blessed is the One who keeps his            fiery image of the Temple from heaven
   through the ages?                         promises to Israel..                        (Rashi).
7. Why did G-d send us to Egypt only to      4. In the Aramean section Tze Ulmad...      2. We Need To Tell the Story Even if
   come out 210 years later?                 Arami oved avi...                           We are Wise
Kiddush; How is the Kiddush part of the      5. In the Rabban Gamliel section re.        What is the point of telling the story if
Haggadah? Or isn't it?                       Pesach, matza, and maror.                   you know it already?
Ha lachma anya; Why is this invitation       (6. It is alluded to in the story of the    What is the role of the wise man? Is he
to all to join, the only one paragraph in    rabbis who told the story all night. see    to find new meanings or to repeat what
Aramaic?                                     A2.)                                        others say?
How is matza a "bread of affliction"?        It is repeated so many times because the    One of the Ponovich Yeshiva Rabbis
                                             more you tell, the better.                  writes that there is an obligation to tell
Where is the beracha over the
Haggadah? Where is the                       When is Moshe mentioned in the              the story even if there is nothing new.
Shehechiyanu for the Matza and the           Hagadah?                                    Is that the message? One school of
Haggadah? Where is the She-asa               1. Generally, we don't wish to emphasize    Yeshivahs emphasizes the attainment
nissim that we make on Hanukah and           Moshe in the Hagadah since it takes         of new ideas. Others support the study
Purim?                                       away from the central theme of G-d's        of what is. What did the rabbis discuss
Before the meal, we say "asher ge-           exodus, but Maimonides does mention         all night, old stuff or new? The fact that
alanu, who redeemed Israel.. and             Moses. Rabbi Soloveitchik says that         each of the stories of the Hagadah
helped us reach this day (ve-higiyanu)       Moses comes into the Hagadah as the         must be accompanied by either a way
to eat matza and maror..." This may be       master teacher, not the redeemer.           of personalizing it or by interpretation
seen as all of the above, the beracha of                                                 could be seen to mean that new ideas
                                             2. He is mentioned in some optional
the Hagadah, the shehechyanu, and                                                        and views must be expressed.
                                             parts of the Hagadah, after the ten
the blessing of miracles.                    plagues, in the section known as Rabbi      3. The More We Tell the Better
The kiddush is the bracha of the             Yossi Hagelili.                             4. A Story of Rabbi Akiva and
Hagadah.                                     I. The Four Stories                         Friends
The phrase: Baruch Hamakom,                  Story A. Avadim Hayinu, We Were                                  (Continued on next page)

                                                               Page 6
(Continued from previous page )              simple son wants to know what benefit          passsge from the book of Devarim, Deu-
Why is this so significant?                  anyone gets from it. The simple son thinks     teronomy. “My father was a wandering
                                             evil can be eradicated but it cannot in this   Aramean..” Why can't we just read the
a) It is an allusion to an out of body
                                             exile, so he has nothing to say.               passage? Why do we have to interpret it?
experience by these mystics. That's
                                                               Knock Out                    Why must we interpret every word of this
why they didn't know what time it was.
                                                                                            passage as the Mishnah mandates?
b) Just as we read passages of Mishna        The Haggadah’s response to the wicked
                                             son seems very harsh and futile. It tells us   Sefas Emes: we need to look beneath
on a daily basis in order to be as if we
                                             to “weaken his teeth,” or perhaps to “blunt    the surface in all of our sufferings to
had brought all the actual sacriifices, so
                                             his teeth,” or to set his teeth on edge” or    interpret it for the good, to find G-d in
do we hope that by telling the story of
                                             rebuke him. Isn’t that a little harsh? How     times of sorrow. We must find the anti-
those great scholars who had lengthy
                                             can we explain this?                           Semite beneath the calm exterior, as with
discussions of the Seder that it would
                                                                                            Laban, and we must find in the "hand of
be as if we did as well.                     Story B.
                                                                                            G-d" not one miracle or ten but 250 or
c) Sefas Emes: It is possible they           We Used to Be Idol Worshipers & Now            more.
actually did nothing else, forgot to eat     We Worship G-d
                                                                                              You Shouldn’t Know From Such Things
the matzo and maror. Nowadays the            ”Then G-d brought us close to His wor-
most important thing is the story. The                                                      Rabbi Akiva said, how do we know that
                                             ship.“ Who makes us close to G-d? Can I
words were in place of the actions.                                                         every single plague that the Egyptians
                                             thank G-d for making me close with him?
                                                                                            had was really five plagues?… Why did
d) Symbolically, says Reb Yehoshua of        We start the story from slavery, from Ter-     Rabbi Akiva attempt to find extra
Belz, it means that the time has come        ach, father of Abraham, and from Laban,        plagues? Weren’t the 10 plagues
for the Torah of these hidden Rabbis to      oppressor of Jacob. Which start makes          enough?
come forth like the morning to allow all     more sense and why?
to hear of the Torah and of redemption.                                                     II. Another way to tell the story
                                             1) This is the Hagadah of the wicked, but
5. Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah is pre-                                                         A. Rabban Gamliel: One Needs to Ex-
                                             the Rasha, the wicked can also spell
maturely gray                                                                               plain These Three Things, Pesach,
                                             Shaar, a gate to repentance, to go from
Why is this mentioned? Isn’t the ques-                                                      Matzah, and Maror
                                             idolatry to G-d as our ancestors did.
tion of how old he looks not pertinent?                                                     Rabban Gamliel says you have to tell the
                                             2) "Then G-d brought us close to His
 6. The four sons                                                                           story through the Pesach, Matzo and
                                             worship." Again, is it G-d who changes our
                                                                                            marror. Why?
In what way do we all have a little of       spiritual state, or is that solely in our
each in us?                                  hands? Shmuel, who advocated telling the       1) Exodus means to remove words from
                                             story only of slavery, says that we can only   exile, from obscurity and hidden-ness. At
What is it better to be, wise and ques-
                                             thank G-d for the physical exodus. Our         the Seder, by answering questions, we
tioning or simple and accepting?
                                             spiritual strides were of our own making.      redeem ideas from latency and
 The reader of the Haggadah first                                                           murkiness.
                                             Rav says that we can thank G-d even for
reacts by saying, "I'm too smart to
                                             our spiritual exploits. The Talmud says that   2) Why is Pesach the name of this
reread the same old stories." The
                                             G-d forced us to accept the Torah at Sinai.    holiday and why does that aspect of the
Hagadah informed him that no one is
                                             Accepting the Torah is just accepting the      holiday overshaddow other miracles?
too smart to engage in Haggadah. The
                                             responsibility. The actual performance is      (Sefas Emes) Because Pesach means to
evil inclination then says, "fine, if I'm
                                             up to us. We call G-d the Giver of the         skip over, meaning that redemption may
not too smart for the Hagadah then I
                                             Torah. We are the ones who choose to           not be linear. It can take leaps and make
must be too simple. I can't keep up with
                                             perform it or not. Perhaps that's why Rav      skips. We can elevate ourselves at a
Rabbi Akiva and friends all night.
                                             says, G-d brought us close to His worship.     break neck speed.
Besides, I don't have any learned
                                             He brought us close. It is our job to do       Hallel is the praise of G-d after we tell
questions. My questions are more
                                             something about our closeness.                 the story. Is this part of the story?
along the lines of, "What? Are you
kidding?" I am not worthy of being part      Story C. 400 years of Slavery and Then         Explain.
of the Hagadah process." To answer           The Great Spoils                               The Last cup; Shefoch Hamoscha:
these concerns, the Hagadah tells of         Why was it all worth it? To remove the         Pour out Your wrath on the gentiles
the four sons.                               souls who were locked into captivity (the      who know you not Isn’t this a little
What do they represent?                      converts).                                     harsh?
a) They represent four levels of             1. Vehee She-amdah, in every                   Chad Gadya
Exodus. Exodus means to be removed           generation they try to destroy us              R. Nasan Adler, Frankfort: The cat is
from the physicality of Egypt. One son       It has stood for us all these years, for not   wrong, so the dog is right, so the stick is
is totally immersed in spirituality. One     one has stood up against us rather in          wrong G-d turns out to be wrong?! What
son makes the Torah the center of his        every generation they try to destroy us.       is going on? People have argued that
life with some engagement with the           What has stood for us? What has sus-           Israel is engaged in a cycle of violence.
world as most should. One makes work         tained us for so many centuries?               What is our response to that?
the center, but thinks about G-d             Sefas Emes: It has stood for us all these      Acting out
occasionally. One is still in Egypt.         years. What has? The exile and the             How would it feel to be an old person
b) They represent four questions             redemption. The trials of Egypt prepared       going out? A young person? An Egyptian
(Sefas Emes). The righteous wants to         us for later exiles, and the redemption        convert to Judaism? What would the
know what the response to evil is            gave us hope for a future redemption.          bones of Joseph, which Moses carried
(mitzvot). The wicked wants to know          D. Laban and the Wandering Aramean             out, say if they could talk?
what he gets out of it. He is locked in
                                             Part of the Haggadah is the midrash on a
physicality, so he cannot get out. The

                                                               Page 7
(Continued from page 4)                                                                 Eruv Tavshilin Alert
Birchat Hachama; Rare Opportunity                                         This Year an Eruv Tavshilin Must Be Prepared on
dates start at sunset, with the result that Wednesday in Jewish                        Erev Pesach, April 8th
law starts Tuesday evening.)                                    An eruv tavshilin consists of a cooked food that is set aside before a
                                                                      Yom Tov which falls on a Friday.
  The blessing recited on this occasion is “Oseh maaseh berei-
                                                                      Even though we are allowed to cook on Yom Tov, according to rabbini-
shit,” that God created the works of creation. This is the same       cal law we are not permitted to make any kind of preparations on Yom
blessing recited when one sees lightning and other works of           Tov for the next day. But... the exception to that exception is that, in
nature. However, because of the rarity of Birkat HaChama, ad-         theory, we can prepare food on Yom Tov for the next day if the next
ditional prayers are recited to mark the momentous occasion.          day is Shabbat!
These typically include Psalms 19, 121, 148 and others. Also          Nonetheless, the sages instituted that in order to prepare food on Fri-
recited is a portion of the Talmudic passage from Brachot,            day for Shabbat when it is the day right after Yom Tov, or when Shab-
which relates the source of the practice. Various relevant Bibli-     bat corresponds to the second day of Yom Tov, one must prepare be-
cal verses are also said, though there is no set text.                fore the onset of the holiday an eruv tavshilin: a piece of bread
                                                                      (traditionally a loaf of challah) and a cooked food (such as a piece of
  The blessing is recited after the morning-g prayer service,         fish or meat, or a hard boiled egg).
optimally at sunrise. However, the prayer may be recited until
                                                                      The process of eruv tavshilin works in the following manner. On Erev
the third hour of the day. (In Jewish law, the daylight hours are
                                                                      Yom Tov, the head of the household, or his designee, should set aside
divided into twelve equal portions called shaot z’maniot, which       a baked item such as bread or matzoh, and a cooked item such as
may be longer or shorter, depending on the time of year.) There       meat, fish, or eggs (i.e. a food that is eaten along with bread). Each
are those who permit the blessing to be recited until midday,         item should be at least the size of one kezayis, preferably the size of
though it would be preferable not to rely on this unless circum-      one beitzah. He or she should then recite the blessing of "Baruch...Al
stances do not permit Birkat HaChama to be recited earlier.           Mitzvas Eruv" and the proclamation, both found in the Siddur. This
                                                                      proclamation states that the cooked and baked items should permit us
And if the Sun Doesn’t Shine:                                         to continue baking, cooking, lighting a flame from an existing fire and
If April 8 is cloudy, Birkat HaChama may still be recited so long     do all the necessary preparations from Yom Tov proper to Shabbos. It
as the form of the sun is visible through the clouds. If the sun is   is now viewed as though meal preparations for Shabbos have already
                                                                      begun before Yom Tov and Shabbos meal preparations may continue
completely obscured, one should recite the prayers to mark the
                                                                      on Friday Yom Tov, Erev Shabbos.
occasion, but not recite the blessing using the Name of God. (A
minority opinion permits the blessing to be recited even if the       Once done, the eruv covers all household members and guests.
sun cannot be seen; in such an event one should consult the           The foods set aside for the eruv should be saved and may be eaten on
rabbi for guidance.)                                                  Shabbos.
                                                                      If one forgot to make an eruv tavshilin one should consult a competent
Birkat HaChama should be recited outdoors, facing Jerusalem,          Rabbinical authority for further instructions.
east. Someone who is unable to leave the house, or who may
                                                                      The eruv tavshilin reminds us that all of the things our Sages instituted
be confined, may recite it from a window. This is true even on
                                                                      – whether positive acts, such as making a blessing before we eat, or
an airplane. The mitzvah is optimally performed in a large            negative, such as not preparing on Yom Tov for a weekday – were
group of people because of the principle that doing so is             instituted only in order to increase our consciousness and respect for
greater praise to God.                                                G-d’s Torah. With this in mind, we will make our eruv tavshilin in a
This year, there is an additional wrinkle: Birkat HaChama falls       spirit of joyfulness!
on erev Pesach, Passover eve. This is an uncommon, but not
unprecedented occurrence. It last occurred erev Passover in                            Your ASBEE Planner
1925 and before that in 1309. Because of this, the practice is
for the congregation to not recite the entire text verse by verse Put All These Exciting Family Friendly Events in Your Calendar
as they normally would. Instead, only those verses that appear        Friday, March 27th “Twenty-Somethings” Shabbat Dinner
in the text prior to the blessing are recited verse by verse; those
appearing after the blessing are recited individually. Addition-      Wednesday, April 8th Breakfast for First Born, BIRCHAT
ally, on erev Pesach, a ceremony called a siyum, which marks          HACHAMA
the completion of a volume of Jewish learning, is typically held      Friday Night, April 24th “Empty Nesters” Shabbat Dinner
on behalf of the first-born males. This siyum, which is typically
held after the morning service, should be made after Birkat           Shabbat, April 25th Lena S. Mirvis Scholar in Residence,
HaChama.                                                              Rabbi Sharon Shalom, Modern Ethiopian Rabbi
There are other laws relevant for the optimum fulfillment of this         Sunday, April 26th YASBEE goes to the Lit Farm
rare mitzvah, though they would be beyond the scope of an
article such as this.                                                     Tuesday, April 28th Yom Ha’atzmaut Program with Baron
                                                                          Hirsch Here at ASBEE
Birkat HaChama is an opportunity that might not present itself
more than two or three times in a person’s life and it behooves           Friday, May 8th, Shabbat Dinner for Families with Kids
us to do our utmost to fulfill this mitzvah to the fullest. Readers       Shabbat, May 9th, Boutique Shabbat
are encouraged to obtain one of several works available on this
subject or to consult the rabbi for proper guidance.                      Monday, May 11th Lag Ba’Omer Bonfire & Kumsitz
                                                                          Friday Night, May 15th “Golden ASBEEs” Shabbat Dinner
This article was provided courtesy of the Orthodox Union.                 Thursday, May 21st Jerusalem Day Picnic
                                                                          Thursday, May 28th, Shavuot Dinner
                                                                 Page 8

    Page 9
                                The Sale of Chametz 5769
   No Jew should own any chametz after, April 8th, 2009 11:45 a.m.
   Rabbi Finkelstein is authorized to sell to a gentile, the chametz belonging to all
those who fill out the enclosed form. It would be preferable to appoint Rabbi
Finkelstein in person as your agent. After services in the morning and evening is a
good time to do so. The Rabbi is available at any other time in the office as well. If
you cannot come in person, please mail this form to Rabbi Finkelstein by March
28th, appointing him as your agent “with complete faith.” If it does not arrive in his
hands by the correct time, he cannot sell the chametz for you.

                                           Detach and Mail

                                 Delegation of Power of Attorney
                                      For Sale of Chometz
Know ye, that I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Finkelstein to act in my place
and stead, and in my behalf to sell all CHOMETZ possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as
defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (eg. Chometz, doubt of Chometz, and all kinds of chometz
mixtures). Also Chometz that tends to harden and adhere to a surface of pans, pots, or cooking
and usable utensils, and all kinds of live animals that have been eating Chometz or mixtures
thereof. And to lease all places wherein the Chometz owned by me may be found, especially in
the premises located at the location indicated below and elsewhere, including




Rabbi Finkelstein has the full right to sell and to lease by transactions, as he deems fit and proper
and for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with all detailed terms and detailed
forms as explained in the general authorization contract.

This general authorization is made a part of this agreement. Also do I hereby give the said Rabbi
Finkelstein full power and authority to appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and to
lease as provided herein. The above given power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinical
regulations and laws and also in accordance with the laws of the State of Tennessee and of the
United States. And to this I hereby affix my signature on this ____ day of the month of _______ in
the Jewish year of 5769, corresponding to the year 2009 CE.

Signature _____________________________________________

Address __________________________ City ___________________________

Other locations (if applicable) ______________________________________________________

                                                 Page 10
                      ASBEE Sisterhood
                                                                                     Todah Rabbah
                   Lena R. Katz Study Circle                               to all the Sisterhood volunteers
 The new & improved ASBEE Sisterhood Lena R. Katz Study Circle            who baked 7,700 Hamantaschen
 has been a huge success.                                                       for our Purim Carnival,
 The next Lena R. Katz Study Circle will be:                                        our Purim Soiree,
                                                                                and to pack in our 700
                          Thursday, May 7th                                   Shalach Manot baskets!!!
 A delicious lunch will be served and an interesting topic will be pre-
 sented by Rabbi Finkelstein.                                               We sold & delivered a record
 And imagine all this for just $3.00. Please remember to RSVP to             amount of Shalach Manot
 the Shul office a week before each event.                                           baskets.

   It's never too late to join the ASBEE Sisterhood.                         Thank You
  Dues are $20 a year and you can become a life
                                                                     To All the Shalach Manot
              member of Sisterhood with a
                                                                   Shoppers, Packers, Drivers,
               one-time payment of $250.
If you haven't paid your 2009 dues please consider                        Deliverers and
                    paying them now.                                Purim Carnival volunteers!

  ASBEE has officially kicked off our annual
Sweepstakes campaign, featuring an Early Bird Thank you very much to all the workers who
Prize of $500 and a Grand Prize of $5,000.             made all the Purim events and festivities such a
  The sweepstakes is one of our two major fund- huge success, despite the blizzard we had.
raising programs of the year, and, along with A special thank you goes out to the NCSYers
revenue raised from the barbecue, it allows us to whose games were spectacular and really outdid
moderate dues increases and avoid assessments themselves this year.
altogether.                                              We couldn't continue our Purim Carnival and nu-
  Our chairman is Marc Reisman. Rather than the merous other events without your support.
team sales approach used in recent years, we’ll be Yasher Koach!!!
asking congregants and Board members to directly The sisterhood ladies are busy planning
sell (and buy!) tickets this year. As in the past, sug- Their election of officers for 2009-2010 and their
gested donation is $100 to $500 per ticket.            installation of officers for June.
  This year’s Early Bird drawing will take place at Wishing you and your families a good Pesach .
the Jerusalem Day picnic on May 21, 2009 and the
Grand Prize drawing at the June 30th Board

                                    Save the Date
                            For Our Next Boutique Shabbat
                                  Shabbat, May 9th
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                                                     Kinder Congregation
                                                            Meets Upstairs in the
YASBEE GOES TO                                Mishna &          Playrooms

THE FARM                                   Mishagas With          Each Shabbat Morning
                                                                 9:15 am Until the End of
                                           Cantor Samberg
Sunday, April 26th                          Every Shabbat
                                                                         ☺ Weekly Davening
10:00 am                                      Afternoon.                ☺ Parsha Plays
                                                                        ☺ Story Time
At the Lit Farm                              Great Prizes!             ☺ Age Appropriate Play
                                                                       ☺ Games
Join our young families at                                ☺ Snack
the farm of Jerome and Judy Lit                           ☺ Staffed by Experienced, Loving Counselors
☺ Feed, pet, ride & talk to the animals
☺ Hay rides and more

     Our Youth Activities Are Made Possible by the Oscar Dumont Youth Endowment Fund

                                  Need Hospitality for the Seder?
                             Call Rabbi Finkelstein, Cantor Samberg, let them know.
                                We will try to make arrangements for hospitality.
             If you would like to open your seder to guests, please let the Rabbi or Cantor know.

                                                                              Omer Alert
Maos Chittim Campaign                                             We Begin to Count the Omer on
                                                                     Thursday Night, April 9th
M      aos Chittim, literally “money for wheat,” or
       money to help the needy purchase matzah
and wine for Pesach. These funds help provide for
                                                          Due to the passing away of the many students of Rabbi
                                                          Akiva during this counting of the Omer period, it is
those who are needy at the time of Passover.              customary to refrain from haircuts, festivities, and
                                                          weddings from the onset of Pesach until May 12th, Lag
  Our Shul's campaign makes an annual contribution        Ba’Omer. The Rabbis say that his students died because
to the Maos Chittim of the Vaad Hakehilot.                they did not honor each other. This then becomes a time
  Please be a part of this campaign and let us know if    to work on our interpersonal relationships. Others get a
you or someone you know is in need of special             later start on the mourning period, start on Rosh Hodesh,
assistance.                                               May 5th, take haircuts on Lag B'omer, and then refrain
  One great Rabbi used to say, “At Pesach time,           again from festivities and haircuts until 3 days before
everyone is going around saying, ‘chametz, chametz’       Shavuos, June       6th. Our shul’s custom under the
                                                          guidance of Rabbi Finkelstein is to refrain until Lag
because they are so worried about ridding the house
of chametz, but I go around saying ‘Matzah, Matzah’
because I am concerned to know if everyone has              And don't forget to count. If you lose count, don't give
Matzah enough for Pesach.”                                up, you still get a mitzvah just by counting, even though
                                                          no blessing is recited.

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                                                    SIMCHOT AND MEMORIALS
                          We gratefully acknowledge the following contributions made during
                                             February 2009 & March 2009

IN MEMORY OF                         Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wolff                IRVIN SMITH                           Ms. Rosalie Mogy
IDA SAUER                         BEN FISHMAN                               Mrs. Nancy Newman               LEONARD TAYLOR
   Mr. & Mrs. David Attias           Mrs. Barbara Katz                   ESTHER M. TRESAN                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor
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   Mrs. Esther Lubin              BROTHER OF PAULA KELMAN                LAIA K. ANTOKAL                       Mr. Ronny O’Mell
   Mrs. Sylvia Zveitel               Mrs. Louise Morris                     Mrs. Sol Wilons                 MYRNA PRIES
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ROSE MARKOWITZ                  IRVIN COOPERMAN                         Mrs. Paula Kaplan              AND ROBIN FLEISCHER
  Mr. Al Markowitz                 Dr. & Mrs. Marc Cohen                Mr. David Kaplan               HAPPY PURIM TO AMY & EDDIE
MAX FELDMAN                     BEN GRUBER                              Mrs. Rose Silverman & Family
                                                                                                          Mr. Larry Brown
  Mrs. Ida F. Baer              NETTIE WOLFF                         MEL KATZ
                                                                                                          Julie Roll & Family
REVKA RUBINSTEIN                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wolff              Julie Roll & Family
                                                                                                          Hindel & and Boys
MATISYAHU OSDOBA                EVELYN WEISS                            Debbi Nissel & Family
                                                                                                       ESTHER LUBIN DOING SUCH A GOOD
SIMCHA MIELNIK                     Mrs. Fay LeVine                      Ilene & the boys
                                                                                                       JOB AS CHAIRMAN OF THE
  Mr. & Mrs. Harry Loterstein   HARRY ENGELMAN                       RIEVA LIPSEY
                                                                                                       LANSKY RETREAT
HERMAN TUPPER                      Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cohen                Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kaplan
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wagerman
  Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wagerman    ANNA LANSKY                          HELEN ELSTER
                                                                                                       DOTTY & HOSH KATZ ON THEIR
ALBERT BERNSTEIN                   Mrs. Celia Weinstein                 Mr. & Mrs. David Attias
                                                                                                       64TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
  Mrs. Louise Morris            MATTHEW GOODMAN                         Mrs. Shirley Kaplan
                                                                                                       HOSH KATZ SPECIAL BIRTHDAY
FANNIE BUDERMAN                    Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wagerman
                                                                                                          The Lucas’
JACOB GRAN                      LEON KASSON                          IN HONOR OF
SAMUEL GRAN                        Mrs. Lisa Sackett                 GABRIEL GOLDSTEIN’S BAR MITZVAH
                                                                                                       BROWN-ENGELBERG JEWISH MUSIC
  Mrs. Rose Elster              REBECCA & JOE ROSENTHAL                 Mrs. Blema Kaplan              FUND
MAX SALKY                       BURREL RUBENSTEIN                    HOSPITALITY OF DR. & MRS.         IN MEMORY OF
  Mr. Bernard Salky                Mrs. Louise Morris                 JERRY ENGELBERG                  ESTA FARGOTSTEIN
ABRAHAM KAPELL                  MARCEL EISEN                            Mrs. Marilyn Hirsch            GLORIA WALTER FEDER
  Mr. Melvin Kapell                Dr. & Mrs. Stan Eisen             SYLVIA SACHARIN’S BIRTHDAY        IDA UFFER
  Mrs. Rita Schreiber              Ms. Sandra Young                  AND MINDY LOTERSTEIN                 Mr. Larry Brown
BERNIE SIEGEL                   MORRIS OLSWING                       KOVI KATZ BAR MITZVAH
                                                                                                       DOVID MENACHEM BROWN
  Mr. & Mrs. Joe Goldstein         Mr. Randy Olswing                    Mr. & Mrs. David Attias
                                                                                                       TALMUD SHIUR FUND
DORA LIEBERMAN                  BERNIE SIEGEL                        MARRIAGE OF MR. & MRS. DEVIN
                                                                                                       IN MEMORY OF
  Mrs. Blema Kaplan & Family       Mr. Eddie Siegel                  EVENSKY
                                                                                                       MIKE BROWN
  Jerry, Bradley & Ron Schatz   CELIA R. KAPLAN                         Dr. & Mrs. Lee Stein
                                                                                                          Mr. Larry Brown
   Dr. & Mrs. Ira Weinstein        Mrs. Esther K. Lubin              BIRTH OF GREAT-GRANDSON TO
                                                                                                       DOVID MENACHEM BROWN ON HIS
                                                                     LARRY BROWN
  Mrs. Annie Prager & Family    MADELEINE BLUESTEIN                                                    YAHRZEIT
                                                                        Mrs. Blema Kaplan
  Mr. & Mrs. David Attias          Mr. & Mrs. Jack Joffre                                                 Ilene, Rich and the Boys
                                                                     AUDREY JOFFRE’S SPECIAL BIRTH-       Yisroel & Julie Roll & Family
  Jim Gibb & Mackie Johnson        Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Myers          DAY
  Ms. Sandra Young                 Ms. Sandra Young                                                    DOVID MENACHEM BROWN ON HIS
                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Elster      YAHRZEIT
   Dr. & Mrs. Marc Cohen           Ms. Carol Brown                      Mr. & Mrs. David Attias           Mr. Larry Brown
   Dr. & Mrs. Michael Blaiss       Mrs. Sharon Rushakoff             40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF
  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sacharin                                           CAROL & YOCHANAN SAMUELS
  Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Sacharin    RECOVERY OF                             Mr. & Mrs. Jack Joffre

                                                                 Page 14
IN HONOR OF                                 MAZEL TOV TO                                 PERSONALIA
   Ilene, Rich & the Boys                   JACOB MUSICANTE ON HIS BIG 5TH BIRTHDAY      DR. HOWARD & CHERYL KATZ ON THE BAR MITZ-
   Mr. Larry Brown                                                                       MARCIA & BOB WOLFF ON THE BIRTH OF A GRAND-
                                            DR. PAUL M. FRIEDMAN ON HIS BIRTHDAY
LARRY BROWN’S SPECIAL BIRTHDAY                                                           DAUGHTER, LEAH
                                            BAR MITZVAH OF JACOB BAUM
   Ilene, Rich and the Boys                                                              ELLEN & HERBERT LEBOVITS ON THE BAT MITZVAH
                                            MARRIAGE OF JESSICA BAUM                     OF THEIR GRANDDAUGHTER, ALI
   Yisroel & Julie Roll & Family
   Ilene and Julie                             Mr. & Mrs. Irving Friedman                DING ANNIVERSARY
                                                                                         LARRY BROWN ON THE BIRTH OF A GREAT-
IN MEMORY OF                                IN MEMORY OF                                 RABBI YOCHANAN & CAROL SAMUELS ON THEIR
                                            RUBEN KAPLAN                                 40TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
LAWRENCE COOPER                                Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lit                     RABBI EFRAIM GREENBLATT ON THE MARRIAGE
                                            OSCAR DUMONT YOUTH FUND                      OF A GRANDDAUGHTER.
   Mrs. Meriam Cooper
                                            IN MEMORY OF                                 AUDREY JOFFRE ON HER SPECIAL BIRTHDAY.
IN MEMORY OF                                MURIEL ZUCKERMAN                             KLAUDIA SAVCHENKO ON THE BIRTH OF A GRAND-
                                                                                         SON BORN TO DR. & MRS. RAPHAEL SILVER
                                            IN HONOR OF                                  KLAUDIA SAVCHENKO ON THE BIRTH OF A GRAND-
   Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lit
                                            TOWN VILLAGE                                 ROSE SILVERMAN ON THE BIRTH OF A GREAT-
                                               Mrs. Mary Dumont                          GRANDDAUGHTER
                                                                                         ALVIN & EMILY STEINBERG ON THE BIRTH OF A
JULIE ROLL, THE BEST SIS IN                                                              GRANDSON TO RENE & MICHAEL BLITZ
                                            ANNA SARAH & SAMUEL L. LANSKY SCHOLAR-IN-
THE WORLD                                   RESIDENCE FUND                               ALVIN & EMILY STEINBERG ON THE MARRIAGE OF
    Ilene                                   IN MEMORY OF                                 THEIR DAUGHTER, JENNY TO MATI SVED
                                            SAMUEL LEWIS LANSKY
ANN SLUTSKY FUND                               Frank & Bella Lansky                      REFUAH SHLEMA
IN MEMORY OF                                   Gregg & Sheilah Lansky                    SID BAER
DOROTHY TAG                                    Hannah & Elliott                          RABBI EFRAIM GREENBLATT
GLORIA FEDER                                   Daryl & Leslie Lansky                     JACOB KILSTEIN
                                                                                         ROSALIE KAPLAN
DORA LIEBERMAN                              IN MEMORY OF                                 IRVING WILENZICK
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Maury Evensky                  CONDOLENCES
                                                                                         TO THE FAMILY OF BETTY STRASSFELD
SID BAER                                                                                 TO THE FAMILY OF BERNARD MESSINGER
                                            IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                         JACK DLUGACH ON THE PASSING OF HIS
                                            BERNY MESSINGER
IN HONOR OF                                                                              SISTER, ESTELLE SCHATZ
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Jake Evensky
LARRY BROWN SPECIAL BIRTHDAY                                                             TO THE COOPERMAN BROTHERS ON THE PASSING
                                               Jewish War Veterans
   Dr. & Mrs. Avron Slutsky                                                              OF THEIR UNCLE, IRVIN COOPERMAN
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Louis Siegel
                                                                                         TO THE FAMILY OF IDA UFFER
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Graber
JOFFRE-GLASS FUND                                                                        DR. PHIL LIEBERMAN ON THE PASSING OF
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Leigh Hendry
IN MEMORY OF                                   Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kirsch                     HIS MOTHER, DORA LIEBERMAN
EVELYN REILLY                                  Mr. & Mrs. Steve Shankman                 ALSO TO VERA LANSKY ON THE PASSING
   Mr. & Mrs. Jack Joffre                      Mrs. Francine Brown                       OF HER SISTER
                                               Ms. Jennifer Roberge                      TO MARCIA NOTOWICH ON THE PASSING OF HER
IN MEMORY OF                                   Ms. Katherine Irwin
MIRIAM FRIEDMAN                                Mr. & Mrs. Herman Goldberger
   Mr. & Mrs. Harry Friedman                   Mrs. Sylvia Beck
                                               Robyn & Doyle Newmyer
RECOVERY OF                                    Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Herman
DOROTHY DAVIS                                  Mr. & Mrs. Ron Sklar
                                               Ms. Betty Hendon
                                               Belmont Village Management Team
                                               Dr. & Mrs. Charles Plesofsky
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ANSHEI SPHARD - BETH EL EMETH CONGREGATION                                                      Non-Profit Org.
120 East Yates Road North                                                                        U.S. Postage
Memphis, TN 38120                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                 Permit #114
(Address Correction Requested)                                                                   Memphis, TN

                             Lena S. Mirvis Scholar in Residence
                                     Rav Sharon Shalom
                        One of the First Ethiopian Modern Rabbis of Our Time
                                          Shabbat, April 25th
 Rav Sharon Shalom, is one of the first Ethiopian modern Rabbis of our time.
 Educated at the prestigious Yeshivat Har Etzion, Rav Shalom joining us as part of a pre-Yom Haatz-
 maut Shabbat in honor of Israel by Tzohar. Tzohar is an organization of Rabbis in Israel trying to
 create a new model of the Rabbinate in Israel.
 Friday Evening, April 24th
 6:30 pm .......Lively & Spiritual Kabbalat Shabbat
 7:30 pm........Shabbat Dinner for “Empty Nesters”
 9:00 pm........Rav Sharon, In What state is “The State”? A spiritual perspective at the challenges facing Israel
 after 61 years of independence
 Shabbat Morning Sermon :The Religious Establishment in Israel-Crises, Challenges and Opportunities
 Shabbat Afternoon, 6:10 pm: Tzohar , A Window Between Worlds – A Search for Shared Elements of
 Identity Above the Widening Lines of Israeli Society”
 Sunday, April 26th 2PM at the MJCC Co-Sponsored with the William P. & Marie R. Lowenstein Foundation
 The Ethiopian Jewish Community in Israel Today

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