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					   adar -nisan-ivar 5769   march - April 2009

P u r i m E x t r a v a ganza...Let the Fun Begin
           P a s s over 2009/5769
          S y n a p lex at Beit Aryeh
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                                                               Rabbi, William G. Gershon
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                                                               Rabbi, David M. Glickman
                                                               Rabbi, Joseph M. Menashe
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                                                               SISterhood President, Gail Mizrahi
                                                               USY President, Max Leader
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                                                                  welcome our new members
                                                                We are happy to welcome the following new members
                                                                 to the Congregation Shearith Israel family. When you
     This issue of The Shofar sponsored by:                      meet them at services or CSI events, please welcome
                                                                                them with open arms.
Sheila and Jeff Chapman in honor of the Bat Mitzvah
of their daughter, Morgan
                                                                                   Shelley and Jerry Galant
Abbe and Daniel Witheiler in honor of the Bat
Mitzvah of their daughter, Sophia                                                      Stacey Ann Harari

Andrea and Bob Stoler in honor of the Bat Mitzvah                                   Amy and Mark Liniado
of their daughter, Danielle
                                                                                   Carlie and Garrett Laves
Bettina and William Katz in honor of the Bat Mitzvah
of their daughter, Hannah                                                                Benjamin Julius

                                                                                Melvyn and Melaine Lerman
Terri and Bob Pansick in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of
their son, Eric                                                                 Barry and Nancy Sadicarios

                                                                                         Juliet Whinston
                           You Need to See It
                                     hile in Israel in February, I had the opportunity to travel to the south of
                                     the country as part of the largest solidarity mission since the end of the
                                     war in Gaza. As part of our mission, we visited a kindergarten in the city
                                     of Ashkelon at the Masorti (Conservative) synagogue. Within moments of
                                     entering the room, the teacher had the kids and us on our feet dancing and
                                     singing the words of a song we all knew: “Noladati Lashalom—I Was Born
                           For Peace.” The children were so energized to be with us, to hold our hands and sing
                           out words that so touched my heart:

                                           I was born to the language, and to the land
                                           To the few and the many
                                           Who will give peace a hand…
By Rabbi William Gershon                   I was born to a people two thousand years old.
                                           With a land of their own
                                           And their own piece of heaven.
                                           A people watching the new day unfold…
                                           The coming of peace.

                           I tried to hold back the tears, but I couldn’t. I was so taken by their enthusiasm
                           and the sense of hope I felt as we danced and sang those words. Their small hands
                           squeezed mine tighter and tighter and I felt like I was holding the very future of the
                           people in my hands. There is no way I can adequately describe what I felt that day in
                           Ashkelon. You have to be there to see it and feel it and experience it.

                           If you have not been to Israel, if you have not seen Israel, you cannot know what it
                           really means to be part of the Jewish people. You can study Jewish history. You can
                           hear sermons and read articles and watch videos about Israel, but can not know what
                           Israel means without seeing it with your own eyes. And I know this is true for many
                           things, but most especially so for this place that is the focus of so many promises and

                           To walk in the paths of the prophets, to see the same sky and stars as Abraham, Isaac
                           and Jacob, to stand at the Kotel and pray and dance with other Jews from around the
                           world, to meet with young Israeli soldiers and hear their stories and how they tried
                           with all their might to fight the most ethical battle that modern technology would allow
                           them to fight, to sense their pride for Israel and the Jewish people, is something you
                           must see and experience for yourself. There is no other place like this on God’s earth.
                           And no other place in the world that deserves to be called God’s earth. And it’s yours.
                           You and your children must see it and experience for yourselves. And I want you and
                           your family to see it with Raquel and me in December of 2009.

                           During winter break of December 2009, Raquel and I will be leading the Shearith
                           Israel Family Adventure to Israel. This is a trip to Israel designed for families with
                           children ages eight and older. You will find details for the trip on our website, www.
                           shearith.org. It will be a unique trip with the added dimension of Israeli “madrichim,”
                           counselors to work with our kids along with special educational experiences for the
                           adults and the entire family.

                           If you haven’t been to Israel, then this is a wonderful time to visit. Even if you have
                           been in the past, you need to go again. Things change so quickly and there is so
                           much more to see and experience. This year, instead of that ski trip you were thinking
                           about or a visit to Mexico or Disney World, or a cruise, take your family on the trip
                           and experience of a lifetime and join us in Israel, the land of the Jewish People. It will
                           touch your heart and stir your soul like nothing else.

                             b’nei mitzvah

March 7, 2009 – Morning Service                  March 28, 2009- Evening Service
Beck Family Sanctuary                            Beck Family Sanctuary
Cory Evan Zack, son of Mindee and                Riley Ashton Lelah, daughter of Tracey
Mike Zack, grandson of Ruth Zack of              and Yigal Lelah, granddaughter of Helen
Boca Raton, Florida and the late Louis           Lelah of Los Angeles, California and
Zack and Sondra and Irving Belsky                Gillian and Jack Cooper of Los Angeles,
of Clearwater, Florida. Cory attends             California. Riley attends Ann and Nate
Parkhill Junior High and is the brother          Levine Academy and is the sister of
of Aaron.                                        McKenna.

March 14, 2009- Morning Service                  April 4, 2009- Morning Service
Beck Family Sanctuary                            Beck Family Sanctuary
Morgan Leigh Chapman, daughter of                Rachel Lynn Fischer, daughter of Sandra
Sheila and Jeff Chapman, granddaughter           and Michael Fischer, granddaughter of
of Beverley Chapman of Des Moines, Iowa          Phyllis Fischer of Covina, California and
and the late Gordan Chapman and Shirlee          the late Gerald Fischer and Nelda and
and Bob Rivin and great granddaughter of         Oliver Jensen of Temple, Texas. Rachel
Surella Corran of Ormand Beach, Florida.         attends Schimelpfenig Middle School
Morgan attends Greenhill School and is           and is the sister of Ryan.
the sister of Andra and Billy.

March 21, 2009 – Morning Service                 April 4, 2009- Evening Service
Beck Family Sanctuary                            Beck Family Sanctuary
Sophia Hope Witheiler, daughter of               Hannah Rose Katz, daughter of Bettina
Abbe and Daniel Witheiler, granddaughter         and William Katz, granddaughter of
of Jordana and Alan Witheiler and Ann            Esther Katz and the late Louis Katz and
and Nate Levine. Sophia attends Ann              Kurt Fehr of Zurich, Switzerland and
and Nate Levine Academy and is the               the late Suzanne Fehr. Hannah attends
sister of Leah and Alex.                         William B. Travis Academy and is the
                                                 sister of Sarah.

March 21, 2009- Evening Service                  April 18, 2009- Morning Service
Beck Family Sanctuary                            Beck Family Sanctuary
Rachel Beth Prengler, daughter of                Eric Michael Pansick, son of Terri and
Lauri and Irving Prengler, granddaughter         Bob Pansick, grandson of Sandra and
of the late Minnie and Israel Prengler and       Seymone Pansick of Boynton Beach,
the late Elayne Olschwanger and Ben              Florida and Maryan Nadel of Des Moines,
Olschwanger. Rachel attends Parkhill             Iowa and the late Floyd Nadel. Eric
Junior High and is the sister of Neena           attends Frankford Middle School and is
and Jeffrey Prengler and Rebecca and             the brother of Andrew and Rose.
Mindy Prengler.
March 28, 2009 – Morning Service                 April 25, 2009- Morning Service
Beck Family Sanctuary                            Beck Family Sanctuary
Danielle Miri Stoler, daughter of                Samuel William Tolbert, son of Margie
Andrea and Bob Stoler, granddaughter             and Jim Tolbert, grandson of Janet
of Bonnie Toborowsky and Barry Stoler            Tolbert of Bradenton, Florida and the
of Louisville, Kentucky and Hava and             late Jack F. Tolbert and Mildred and A.R.
Irving Rothman of Houston, Texas.                Liboff of Delray Beach, Florida and great
Danielle attends Greenhill School and is         grandson of Eve Rintzler of Pittsburgh,
the sister of Garrett.                           Pennsylvania. Samuel attends Greenhill
                                                 School and is the brother of Jessica.
                                                 Samuel is new to Dallas and recently
                                                 moved here from Birmingham, Alabama
                                                 in August 2008.

                                                        service times
               march services                                                             april services
                      Candle Lighting                                                            Candle Lighting
6:09pm      March 6                7:19pm      March 20                  7:29pm       April 3                7:39pm       April 17
7:14pm      March 13               7:24pm      March 27                  7:34pm       April 10*            7:44pm         April 24

              Kabbalat Shabbat Services                                  *Since April 10 is also the 2nd day of Passover, candles should be lit
6:00pm      Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary,                        using an existing flame.
            Main Campus
6:30pm      Service at Beit Aryeh,                                                     Kabbalat Shabbat Services
            The Ann and Nate Levine Academy                              6:00pm       Service in Topletz Auditorium, Main Campus
                                                                         6:30pm       Service at Beit Aryeh,
          Shabbat Morning, CSI-Douglas                                                The Ann and Nate Levine Academy
8:30am      Torah Study in the Aaron Youth Center (AYC)
                                                                                    Shabbat Morning, CSI-Douglas
   Shabbat Morning Services, CSI-Douglas                                 8:30am       Torah Study in the Aaron Youth Center (AYC)
                          March 7
9:00am      Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary                            Shabbat Morning Services, CSI-Douglas
9:30am      Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel                                                    April 4
                         March 14                                        9:00am       Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary
9:00am      Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary                         9:30am       Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel
9:30am      Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel                                                    April 11
                         March 21                                        9:30am       Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary
9:00am      Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary                                                    April 18
9:30am      Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel                         9:00am       Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary
                         March 28                                        9:30am       Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel
9:00am      Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary                                                    April 25
9:30am      Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel                         9:00am       Service in the Beck Family Sanctuary
                                                                         9:30am       Service in the Fonberg Family Chapel
            Beit Aryeh, North Satellite at
          The Ann and Nate Levine Academy                                            Beit Aryeh, North Satellite at
9:30am      Shabbat Morning Service                                                The Ann and Nate Levine Academy
                                                                         9:30am       Shabbat Morning Service
   Mincha/Seudah Shlisheet/Ma’ariv/Havdalah
5:45pm      March 7                6:00pm      March 21*                  Mincha/Seudah Shlisheet               (No Ma’ariv and Havdalah )

6:00pm      March 14*              6:00pm      March 28*                 6:00pm       April 4           6:00pm       April 18
                                                                         6:00pm       April 11          6:00pm       April 25
* Due to Daylight Savings Time, our Shabbat afternoon service will
only be Mincha/Seudah Shlisheet and begin at 6:00pm.                                                Daily Shacharit
                                                                         7:00am       Monday – Friday
                        Daily Shacharit                                  8:30am       Sundays
7:00am      Monday – Friday
8:30am      Sundays                                                                                  Please Note:
                                                                               Shacharit for Federal Holidays is now 7:00am
                         Please Note:
      Shacharit for Federal Holidays is now 7:00am                                           Daily Mincha/Ma’ariv
                                                                         6:00pm       Monday - Thursday and Sunday
                   Daily Mincha/Ma’ariv
6:00pm      Monday - Thursday and Sunday

            5769 / 2009                                                       PASSOVER SCHEDULE
                                                                      Tuesday, April 7

Passover Guide                                                        Bedikat (searching for the) Chametz

                                                                      Erev Pesach
                                                                      Wednesday, April 8

      Let CSI Sell Your Chametz                                       Shacharit followed by Siyum Habechorim
                                                                      (Fast of First Born) – Fonberg              7:00am

     in Preparation for Passover                                      Mechirat Chametz (sale of leavened foods)
                                                                      All forms must be in by                     9:00am
                                                                      Biyur (burning of the) Chametz              10:00am
The ritual sale of chametz in connection with the forthcoming         Yom Tov Lighting Time                       7:32pm
Passover festival must be completed by April 8, 2009. If you          Yom Tov Services
prefer to perform this ritual in person, please contact Avi Mitzner                   Beck Family Sanctuary       6:00pm
at 214.361.6606, ext. 204 or avi@shearith.org.
For those who cannot attend to this matter in person, below           Pesach Day 1
is a form which authorizes our Ritual Director, Avi Mitzner, to       Thursday, April 9
sell the chametz. Please complete the form and mail it to the         Yom Tov Services
synagogue office before Pesach. A donation is customary, but                          Beck Family Sanctuary       9:30am
                                                                                      Beit Aryeh                  9:30am
not required.
                                                                      Mincha (no Maariv)
Proceeds of donations received are divided among several              Fonberg Family Chapel                       6:00pm
organizations including: Jewish Family Service, Lifeline for the
                                                                      Yom Tov Candle Lighting Time
Old in Israel, and Mazon. Congregation Shearith Israel raises         (using an existing flame) after             8:17pm
approximately $1,000 from the sale of chametz each year. We
challenge you to perform this ritual act of kindness and sell         Pesach Day 2/Erev Shabbat Chol Hamoed
your chametz by sending this completed form, along with your          Friday, April 10
donation, before Pesach this year.                                    Yom Tov Services
                                                                                     Beck Family Sanctuary 9:30am
Authorization to Sell Chametz                                                        Beit Aryeh            9:30am
(Forms are due by Wednesday, April 8, 2009, by 9:00am)                Shabbat Services
                                                                      Beck Family Sanctuary                6:00pm
                                                                                     Beit Aryeh            6:30pm
I,___________________________________________                         Shabbat Candle Lighting Time         7:34pm
do hereby authorize Avi Mitzner of 9401 Douglas Avenue, Dallas,
                                                                      Shabbat Chol Hamoed Pesach
Texas, to sell, transfer, and assign all chametz of whatever kind
                                                                      Saturday, April 11
or nature, of which I am possessed and seized, or in which I
                                                                      Shabbat Services
may have an interest, wheresoever situated in my residence
                                                                                    Beck Family Sanctuary         9:30am
at:                                                                                 Beit Aryeh                    9:30am
_____________________________________________                         Mincha/Seudah Shlishit (no Maariv)
                                                                      Fonberg Family Chapel                       6:00pm
or in my place of business, or in any other place, without
reservation and limitation. In witness thereof I have hereunto        Havdalah                                    8:19pm
set my hand and seal this (date) ________/________, 2009.
                                                                      Erev Yom Tov
                                                                      Tuesday, April 14
                                                                      Yom Tov Lighting Time                       7:37pm
Signature:_________________________________________                   Yom Tov Services
                                                                                      Beck Family Sanctuary       6:00pm
                                                                      Pesach Day 7
Card Number: m VISA               m MASTERCARD                        Wednesday, April 15
                                                                      Yom Tov Services
_________________________________________________________                             Beck Family Sanctuary       9:30am
                                                                                      Beit Aryeh                  9:30am
                                                                      Mincha (no Maariv)
Exp Date: _____/_____/_____          V-Code ____ ____ ____            Fonberg Family Chapel                       6:00pm
A donation is customary, but not mandatory.                           Yom Tov Candle Lighting Time
                                                                      (using an existing flame) after             8:22pm
                                                                      Yizkor Candles are lit before Yom Tov Candles
Billing Address:
                                                                      (using an existing flame)
                                                                      Pesach Day 8/Yizkor/
                                                                      Memorial Plaque Dedication
_____________________________________________                         Wednesday, April 16
Please make checks payable to: Congregation Shearith Israel
                                                                      Yom Tov Services
And mail to: 9401 Douglas Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75225.                              Beck Family Sanctuary         9:00am
                                                                                    Beit Aryeh                    9:30am
                                                                      Mincha (no Maariv)
_____________________________________________                         Fonberg Family Chapel                       6:00pm
                       Signature (required)                           Yom Tov ends                                8:23pm
                                                                      No Chametz before                           8:30pm

 Pesach (Passover) Guide 5769 / 2009                                                                     Wednesday Morning, April 8:
                                                                                                         Biyur Chametz (Destroying Chametz)
Getting Your Home Ready for Pesach…                                                                      On Wednesday morning, by 10:00 am, we destroy all of
Pesach (Passover) is the most complex Jewish holiday,                                                    the chametz in our homes by burning it. After we burn our
filled with seeming minutia of Jewish law. Below is a step-                                              chametz, we make the following declaration starting that
by-step guide to preparing for Pesach. This can seem                                                     we have destroyed all of the chametz.
like an overwhelming amount of work. If you have never
done any of these rituals, try choosing one this year. Try                                               Burn Chametz Blessing
doing a thorough cleaning. Or, try just doing the search
for chametz. Or, just burn your chametz this year. Trying                                                                                                               ‫ביעור חמץ‬
something new makes a familiar holiday fresh each year!
                                                                                                         ‫כָּל חֲמִירָא וַחֲמִיעָה דְּאִכָּא בִרְשׁוּתִי דַּחֲזִתֵּהּ וּדְּלָא חֲזִתֵּהּ, דַּחֲמִתֵּהּ וּדְּלָא‬
Until Tuesday night, April 7: Cleaning!!!                                                                    .‫חֲמִתֵּהּ, דְּבִעַרְתֵּהּ וּדְלָא בִעַרְתֵּהּ, לִבָּטֵל וְלֶהֱוֵי הֶפְקֵר כְּעַפְרָא דְאַרְעָא‬
On Pesach we are commanded to refrain from eating
chametz (anything leavened), and we are also prohibited                                                  Any chametz that is in my possession, whether I have
from benefiting from it, or even seeing it! So, before Tuesday                                           recognized it, seen it, or removed it or not, should hereby
night, the entire house should be cleaned and checked for                                                be annulled and ownerless like the dust of the earth.
chametz. All counters and cupboards should be cleaned
out, dishes changed, and surfaces covered as necessary.                                                  Wednesday evening, April 8, and Thursday evening, April
Our website, www.shearith.org, has complete details on                                                   9: Candle-lighting
how to clean and kasher every piece of your kitchen, as                                                  Before you light your holiday candles on Wednesday
well as a guide to kosher-for-Passover products.                                                         evening, you can light a Yahrzeit candle or other long-
                                                                                                         burning candle. While we do not strike matches on Yom
Tuesday Night, April 7, after dark:                                                                      Tov, we may transfer fire from an existing flame. So, you
Bedikat Chametz (Searching for Chametz)                                                                  can light your Thursday evening candles from that long-
On Tuesday evening, after all the cleaning is finished, we                                               burning candle.
inspect our house one last time for chametz. We begin this
search with the following bracha (blessing):                                                             After lighting your holiday candles on Wednesday and
                                                                                                         Thursday say the following two blessings:
Search for Chametz Blessing
                                                                                                         Candle-lighting blessing
                                                             ‫בדיקת חמץ‬
     ‫בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם, אֲשֶׁר קִדְּשָׁנוּ בְּמִצְוֹתָיו, וְצִוָּנוּ עַל‬
                                                                            .‫בִּעוּר חָמֵץ‬

    ‫כָּל חֲמִירָא וַחֲמִיעָה דְּאִכָּא בִרְשׁוּתִי דְּלָא חֲמִתֵּהּ וּדְלָא בִעַרְתֵּהּ וּדְלָא‬
                              .‫יְדַעְנָא לֵהּ לִבָּטֵל וְלֶהֱוֵי הֶפְקֵר כְּעַפְרָא דְאַרְעָא‬

Blessed are You, Adonai our God, King of the Universe,
who has sanctified us with His commandments, and                                                         Blessed are You, Adonai our God, King of the Universe,
commanded us concerning the destruction of chametz.                                                      who has sanctified us with His commandments, and
                                                                                                         commanded us concerning lighting the Yom Tov candles.
We search high and low with a candle, a wooden spoon
and a feather for this final round of “hide and seek.” This                                              Blessed are You, Adonai our God, King of the Universe,
is a wonderful family ritual: ‘hide’ ten final bread pieces                                              granting us life, sustaining us, and enabling us to reach
(or Cheerios, pasta, or other chametz) around the house.                                                 this day.
Holding the candle, search for the chametz and scoop it
onto the spoon with the feather. Put it all together in a                                                The Bible prohibits the eating of leaven during the festival
paper bag to destroy on Wednesday morning. After the                                                     of Pesach (Exodus 12:15-20). The Hebrew word “chametz”
chametz is gathered, we make the following declaration                                                   is translated as leavened bread and refers to food prepared
stating that our house is free of chametz.                                                               from five species of grain – wheat, barley, oats, spelt and
                                                                                                         rye – that has been allowed to leaven. Matzah (unleavened
Search for Chametz Blessing                                                                              bread) is made from any of these aforementioned five
                                                                                                         species of grain. It is customary, however, to make matzah
                                                                                                         from wheat flour only, and it is essential that the wheat
‫ּכָל חֲמִירָא וַחֲמִיעָה ּדְאִּכָא בִרְׁשּותִי ּדְלָא חֲמִּתֵּה ּודְלָא בִעַרְּתֵּה ּודְלָא‬
                                                                                                         and flour be given no chance to leaven. Hence, the grain
                                   .‫יְדַעְנָא לֵּה לִּבָטֵל וְלֶהֱוֵי הֶפְקֵר ּכְעַפְרָא דְאַרְעָא‬       used for matzah must be kept perfectly dry.

All chametz that is in my possession which I have not                                                    The rule against leaven applies not only to its consumption
recognized or seen, and has not been removed, and that                                                   but also to enjoying any benefit thereof and even to its
I do not know about, should hereby be annulled and                                                       possession. Therefore, before the arrival of Pesach, all
ownerless like the dust of the earth.                                                                    leaven must be removed from one’s premises and legal
Wednesday morning, April 8: Siyum Habechorim (Fast of
the First-born)                                                                                          Please see our website for a complete Pesach Guide at
Minyan 7:00 a.m.                                                                                         www.shearith.org.
The first-born male of a family is obligated to fast on
Erev Pesach (the day of the first Seder). This fast can be
avoided by attending a special Torah class called a siyum,
celebrating the completion of a body of Torah learning.
Every year, our Friday morning Dive into Talmud class
celebrates their learning at this siyum.

               save the date
An Evening with Major General Uri Sagie
       Wednesday, March 4 - B’nai Zion
          7:00pm in the Beck Sanctuary
 To RSVP or for further information, contact Avrille
  Harris-Cohen at 972.918.9200 or avrille.harris-

          Men’s Club and SISterhood
             A Night at the 300 Bowl
   Saturday, March 21 - 8:30pm - 10:30pm
                 $25 per person
      RSVP to Byron Rubin at 214.957.0975
           or byronrubin@gmail.com.

              Kosher Chili Cookoff
            Sunday, March 22 - 11:00am
                    Tiferet Israel
 “JNF: Working Outside the Blue Box”
                 March 31 - 7:30pm
              The Beck Family Sanctuary
             Keynote Speaker: Hal Linden
              Free and open to the public

             Synaplex at Beit Aryeh
              Friday, April 3 - 6:30pm
        (See Page 8 for more details or refer to
         the CSI website at www.shearith.org)

        Congregation Shearith Israel’s
        17th Annual Golf Tournament
                     Monday, May 4
                Honors Golf Club in Dallas
          This tournament is open to men and
                women of every skill level.
           For additional information regarding
         the Golf Tournament, call Robin Hurrell
                at 214-361-6606 ext. 210.

           Kol Rina
      in song with Kol Rina, CSI’s male a cappella group, as
 we welcome in Shabbat. Our Kabbalat Shabbat worship will be
 enhanced by experiencing the joy of making music together.
 Members Include: Arnold Aaronson, Guy Bradley, Issak Gian,
    Max Glauben, Phill Glauben, Merle Gross, Ron Honig,
     Martin Hotchkiss, Naftali Kadosh, Michael Kaufman,
   John Lacritz, Jay Robinson, Aaron Rose, Cary Rudberg,
       Chaim Schnitzler, Ted Solomon, Jerome Stein,
                 Grant Stock, Harvey Weiner

        Mark Your Calendars for the following
                   Kol Rina dates:
            March 6 - 6:00pm at CSI-Douglas
             April 3 - 6:00pm at CSI-Douglas
              May 1 - 6:30pm at Beit Aryeh
              June 5 - 6:30pm at Beit Aryeh

                          Beit Aryeh
                          Friday, April 3
  Celebrate Shabbat in a Community of Choices!                                      Austin Street Shelter volunteers, December 29, 2008
                                                                                                     (Photo by Morris Stein)
    Join us for Synaplex. Enjoy services, dinner, and lively discussion.
     Synaplex is known for choices, and this evening is no different!                        Mitzvah of Feeding the Hungry
                                                                               By participating in the mitzvah of feeding the hungry, Shearith
            6:00pm - For Families with Young Children                          Israel congregants ushered out 2008 in a meaningful way.
                   6:30pm - Traditional Services                               Over 2400 sandwiches were collected on December 29 and
                                                                               distributed to the homeless at The Austin Street Shelter
       Dairy Dinner as a Community (by reservation only)
                                                                               and other agencies in the community. Your generosity in
     8:00pm - Coffee and Oneg – FREE and open to the community                 volunteering represents the true spirit of community.

                      8:15pm Sessions                                      Sandwich Drive - March 31
Exploring the Spiritual Message of Pesach with Rabbi Gershon We can use your help with sandwiches, drinks, individual bags
 Featuring a special segment for Z’havah members on making our Seders          of chips, fruit and snacks. For information on how to prepare
     more creative and meaningful (also open to all synaplex attendees).       the food, visit www.shearith.org, or contact Marsha Lev at
                Sponsored by SISterhood’s Z’havah group.                       MarshaHLev@aol.com or 972.934.8875.
                                                                               Collection Sites: North - the Lev home, 7227 Fernmeadow
                      Poverty: Global to Local                                 Drive, 75248. South - Shearith Israel - South Entrance.
 Millions of people in the world are living with hunger and almost 400,000     Please deliver between 7:30am and 2:00pm. Marsha also
people are living on or below the poverty line in the Dallas area...what can   needs help serving at the shelter at 6:00pm that night.
 we do to make a difference during these economically challenging times?
  This fascinating session will be facilitated by Shirley Davidoff, National          Mamaloshen Morning - Thursday, March 12
     Board Member, Mazon; and Marc Jacobson, Public Policy Associate,                              10:30am, CSI-Douglas
                           JCRC of Greater Dallas.                             Join us for a morning filled with laughter, great memories and
                                                                               good friends. Whether you speak or understand just a bissel of
     New Orleans: Jewish Life Before and After Katrina
                                                                               Yiddish, you’ll love this program! After all it’s free and noshes
  This captivating overview of history will be shared by CSI member and
                                                                               are included! RSVP to Monala 214.361.6606 ext. 218.
            former New Orleans resident, Judge Miriam Waltzer.
                         Songs for the Seder                                              ”Let all who are hungry come eat.”
    Sing along with Raquel Gershon as she introduces new songs that                        Pesach Hosts and Guests Needed
     will enhance your Seder experience. This session is suitable for          Once again our Mitzvah Community will match guests with
                  grade school-aged children to adults.                        Kosher hosts for the Passover Seders. If you can host at least
                                                                               2 guests for Seder on April 8 or 9, please contact Dr. Harrian
                  Jewish Approaches to Hospice                                 Stern at hbsphd13@aol.com or 972.931.5299. If you need
  In the past few years, the hospice movement has grown significantly.         home hospitality for the Seders, please call Dr. Stern.
 Carol Bachman-Dlin, the coordinator of Keren Or, a local Jewish Hospice
           program, will disclose its connections with Judaism.                                 Golden Years Shabbat
                                                                               Please join us for a Golden Years Shabbat honoring our
               Youth Oneg – hosted by Zohar USY
                                                                               Seniors on May 16, in the Beck Family Sanctuary at 9:00am
Children will enjoy sessions offered by our teens, featuring games and fun
                                                                               with Kiddush lunch following services.
                for all grades from kindergarten and above.
                                                                                                      Make it Golden
                      Dinner Reservation Form                                  Sunday, May 31, 1:00pm-4:00pm CSI-Douglas
                   Reservations are due by March 25                            Watch for details on this wonderful program filled with
     Register online at www.shearith.org. Go to the Members Only               speakers, exhibitors and information on the practical aspects
     section at the top of the page and click on Event Registration or         of growing older. Free and open to the Jewish Community.
     mail this form to Synaplex care of Congregation Shearith Israel
                9401 Douglas Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75225.                                 College Connection Honors Graduates
           Please fill in the number of people in each category.               College Connection is planning to honor our May/June 2009
                 Adult     Child    Ages                                       college graduates in the next Shofar. Please contact Susan
Dinner           ____      _____ _____ _____ _____                             Shapiro at 972.529.7459 or Jan Shwarts at 972.788.0481
                                                                               by March 25 with the following information: name, school,
                   Adult - $16 Child age 7 to 12 - $10                         degree, major and plans after college. We will read the names
               Child ages 3 to 6 - $6 Child under 3 - Free                     of all graduates at a special Shabbat service, Friday, June 5, in
Total enclosed _________                                                       the Topletz Auditorium.

o MC o Visa ________________________________________________                                              Mazon
                                                                               It’s time for our annual Passover Food Drive. We need
Expiration Date____________________ Vin ____ ____ ____
                                                                               volunteers to bring and stack the food donations. Let this
Name on card:_______________________________________________                   mountain of food, Mt. Mazon, conquer hunger! Please bring
                                                                               non-perishable food items to the main entrance of Shearith
Billing Address_______________________________________________                 Israel from March 29 through April 1. Items needed include
                                                                               canned fruits, vegetables, tuna, jelly, crackers, paper goods
___________________________________________________________                    and personal hygiene products. All donations will go to the
                                                                               JFS food pantry. Please consider making a donation to Mazon,
Email ______________________@ ______________________________                   the Jewish Response to Hunger. Envelopes are at the front
Phone number (________) _____________________________________                  desk or visit www.mazon.org.
The SISterhood of Congregation Shearith Israel, affiliated with
the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, is open to all
Jewish women.

                                                                                                      Calling All Cookers,
                                                                                                      Bakers and
           March Madness Special                                                                      Candy Makers
               25% off all women’s tallit                                                            If you would like to help test
                                                                      our wonderful recipes for the new Kosher Chic cookbook,
               April Seder Special                                    please contact Hank Pollock at 972.239.4173 or
           20% off selected Passover items
                   214.361.6606, ext 243                               2009 SISterhood Calendar Highlights
                  thegallery@shearith.org                                                 Sunday, March 29
                                                                                         Miriam’s Seder at CSI
                   Miriam’s Seder
                                                                                       Wednesday, April 22
Join us for Miriam’s Seder on Sunday, March 29 from                                    Board Meeting/Elections
5:00pm until 8:00pm at Congregation Shearith Israel. This
is the second annual community-wide celebration and is                                    Monday, May 4
hosted by Congregation Shearith Israel, Beth Torah and                              2009 Board Installation at CSI
Anshai Torah. Bring your daughters, mothers or friends                                    Tuesday, May 19
and celebrate Jewish women throughout history with                                       Board Training at CSI
singing, dancing and great food. For reservations and
more information, please contact Donna Ritter Levinson at                           SISterhood Spotlight
214.265.7584 or drpt@sbcglobal.net.
                                                                                          Name: Lisa Fleisher
                     Todah Rabah                                                          Hometown: Palos Hills, Illinois
                                                                                          Education/Degree: Masters of
n	 To everyone who submitted recipes for our upcoming                                     Science in Physical Therapy, currently
cookbook, Kosher Chic, A Guide for Holidays and                                           working on PhD
Entertaining. Be on the watch to pre-order this new                                       Family Members: Husband Randy,
culinary collection!                                                                      Daughter Marlee (10 yrs) and Son
n	 To SISterhood’s Angel Food coordinator extraordinaire,                                 Jonah (8yrs)
Marian Jacobs, and her volunteers for preparing 16 dinners                                Occupation: Physical Therapist
for those in need.                                                                        Hobby/Passion: Reading, Travel,
n	 To Executive Vice President, Lisa Fleisher, and                    Favorite Author: Phillipa Gregory
SISterhood Shabbat coordinators, Dory Petsrillo, Janice               Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
Westbrook, and Michele Loewenstein for a beautiful and                Favorite Holiday: Rosh Hoshana
meaningful Shabbat!                                                   I wish I knew how to: Play piano
n	 To Community Vice President, Roz Benjet, and                       Favorite Music: Pop and Rap
coordinator, Janet Hoppenstein, for organizing the CSI                Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookies
SISterhood part of the Sisterhood Community Event, Judaic             Best Travel Experience: My first trip to Israel
Treasures held at Anshai Torah.                                       with my husband in ‘97/98
n	 To our Z’Hava co-chairs, Annie Glickman and Shira
Goldberg, for coordinating the community program,
“Preventing Cancer: What Every Women Should Know                      100 Jewish Women - Dinner and Speaker Series
about the Jewish BRCA Gene/Cervical Cancer Vaccine.” It
was a huge success!                                                                   Wednesday, March 25
                                                                        Featured Guest Speaker - Rabbi Lauren Eichler Berkun
n	 To Arlene Sandgarten, Rena Arnold, Debbie Weinstein
and Susan Ehrlich for a triumphant 10th Annual Mah Jongg                               Wednesday, April 22
Tournament. Fun and games were had by all!                                     Featured Guest Speaker - Rachel Andres
n	 To Life Member co-chairs, Ety Friedman and Eve                                      Wednesday, May 20
Karlebach for organizing the Life Member event, Movie                       Featured Guest Speaker - Rabbi Sherre Hirsch
Mania held in the CSI Pidgeon Theater. An entertaining                  For more information contact Rabbi David Glickman at
evening was enjoyed by those in attendance.                                                214.361.6606.
                         AN FA                                        Upcoming Religious School Events
                      TZM                                                                  MARCH


                                                             Sunday, March 1         Israel trip slide show for high school
                                                                                     11:15am; Topletz


                                                             Friday, March 6         Gimel (3rd Grade) Consecration and

                                                                                     Dinner – 6:00pm; CSI-Douglas

                                                             Sunday, March 8         Weitzman Family Religious School
                             US SC                                                   Pre-Purim Extravaganza (grades K-4)
                                                                                     11:30am; CSI-Douglas

                                                             Sunday, March 15 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Spring Break
          Scholarship Opportunity
The    David, Rose, and Morris Feldman Memorial
                                                             Tuesday, March 17 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Spring Break
Scholarship Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community
                                                             Wednesday, March 18 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL,
Foundation provides a merit-based annual grant of
                                                                                 Spring Break
$1,000 to a deserving Congregation Shearith Israel
young person, age 15—22, who is a participant in an
                                                             Sunday, March 22 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Spring Break
Israel experience trip. The program provider must be a
legally recognized organization that abides by the laws of
Israel while in the country.

                                                             Sunday, April 5         Alef (1st Grade) Siyyum Ceremony
n	 Applicants should write and submit an essay of no
                                                                                     9:30am; Beck Family Sanctuary
more than two pages on “Why I Want to Go to Israel.”
                                                             Tuesday, April 7        NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Passover Break
n	Essays must be submitted to Leah Singleton in the CSI
Education Department by Sunday, March 15, at 5:00pm.
                                                             Wednesday, April 8 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Passover Break
n	Students should not include specific information in the
                                                             Sunday, April 12        NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Passover Break
essay that would compromise their anonymity.
                                                             Tuesday, April 14       NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Passover Break
n	A two-page cover sheet should accompany the entry.
Page one should include only the student’s name. Page
                                                             Wednesday, April 15 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL, Passover Break
two should NOT include the student’s name.
It should include:
                                                             Saturday, April 25 Dalet (4th Grade) Hallel Siyyum
    1) Date of entry submission,                                                Ceremony and Bet (2nd Grade)
    2) Student’s age,                                                           Schacharit Siyyum Ceremony
    3) Current grade (or last grade completed),                                 9:15am; CSI-Douglas
    4) E-mail address,
    5) Additional funding request applications they
        have submitted or plan on submitting for the
        same upcoming trip, and responses to those
                                                                                    USY Calendar
        requests, received as of the date of entry.                 A t t e n t i o n                  T e e n s !
        All matching funding such as                                    Please mark your calendars with these exciting
        “Passport to Israel” must be listed.                                   upcoming Zohar USY programs:

n	The scholarship awardee will be chosen by the Fund’s           March 7-8: Multi-Chapter USY Overnight at Group Dynamix
advisory committee subject to final control of the Trustee
Committee of the Foundation. All those entering will be          April 11: Matzah Pizza and a Movie
notified of the winner via e-mail.                               May 16: End of the Year Pool Party!
                                                                 May 28-29: Teen Tikkun Leil Shavuot
David, Rose and Morris Feldman (z”l) are lovingly
remembered by their grandchildren, nieces and                    June 7-10: USY Regionals in Dallas, Texas
nephews who established this fund in December,                   More details to follow! Watch your email for more information
2000, to perpetuate their memory in the Dallas Jewish            on these events. For more information on Zohar USY, please
Community.                                                       contact Ali Stalarow at astalarow@gmail.com or Mara Minsberg
                                                                 at mminsberg@shearith.org.

  CSI teens visit Israel, return with memories
By Deb Silverthorn                                                Away from home for the whole holiday of Chanukah, the
                                                                  group lit the menorah on the road: the first candle in the
This article originally appeared in the January 29, 2009,         interfaith chapel at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, the
edition of the Texas Jewish Post and is reprinted with            second at a Yemenite restaurant in Tel Aviv. The group also
permission. To read the full article, visit www.tjpnews.          lit the Chanukah candles in a Bedouin tent, at a hotel in
com.                                                              Jerusalem and at the kibbutz by the Mediterranean where
                                                                  the famous poet Hannah Senesh came from.
                                                                  The group visited Caesarea, where they met many young
                                                                  refugees from Sderot, and then they went to Kfar Kama,
                                                                  a Circassian village. The Circassians are a religious
                                                                  minority of about 4,000 persons living in Israel who are
                                                                  friendly toward the state and who serve in the IDF. “For
                                                                  our students, who were connecting with the majority as
                                                                  Jews in Israel, it was an interesting time to get to know
                                                                  Muslims living as a religious and ethnic minority in Israel,”
                                                                  Rabbi Menashe said. “They saw the interest in preserving
                                                                  their heritage, culture and traditions, as we must do in the
                                                                  United States, where we are in the minority.”
                                                                  Rabbi Menashe added, “As much as we planned and as
                                                                  excited as we were, this trip far exceeded my expectations.
                                                                  These were special kids, connecting with their rabbis and
                                                                  with each other, and during our stay every single one of
                                                                                                         them was touched
                                                                                                         and      they       each
                                                                                                         touched       someone
                                                                                                         else. They learned
“I   went from being Jewish to being a Jew and I now                                                     about      themselves
understand what it means for the Jews to have a homeland,”                                               Jewishly and I believe
said Lindsey Alhadef, a sophomore at Shepton High School,                                                they grew in a lasting
upon returning from the Congregation Shearith Israel teen                                                way.”
trip to Israel. “I’ve always wanted to go to where people                                                “One of the first things
call our ‘home’ but I had no idea how much it would mean                                                 we did was have a
to me. I stood everywhere that I’ve learned about and                                                    campout, staying in a
these places came to life.”                                                                              Bedouin tent,” Lindsey
Lindsey joined the tour, led by Congregation Shearith                                                    said. “They spoke to
Israel’s Rabbi David Glickman, Rabbi Joe Menashe and                                                     us about the desert
Leanne Hall, chair of CSI’s Young Professionals, and a                                                   where the prophets
student participant roster including Max Berkowitz, Samuel                                               used to connect to
Epstein, Alexandra Frankel, Mia Goetz, Shelbi Karlebach,                                                 God. While you hear
Dena Kline, Evan Mitzner, Leora Mitzner, Rose Pansick, Rafi                                              that and it sounds
Parens, Lyle Sarembock, Nathan Weller and Ross Yudkin.                                                   like a great story, I
“We recognize the profound impact and emotional                                                          then went for a walk
connection that being in Israel has on our students’ lives                                               in that desert and
and on their Jewish identities, and from that came this trip,”                                           I’ve never felt closer
said Rabbi Glickman. “Whether it was at Robinson’s Arch                                                  to God or to my own
at the Kotel, at a Persian synagogue or at the Dead Sea,          feelings of spirituality. I cried and it was overpowering.
there was a profound moment for each of these students            This trip changed who I am and what being Jewish means
who, at this age, no doubt spend time reflecting on ‘who I        to me, forever.”
am Jewishly’ and ‘what I want my own adult Jewish life to
be.’ They all grew spiritually and in their independence.”
Departing for Israel on December 21, and returning on New
Year’s Eve, the group started in Tel Aviv with a welcome                   Thank you, Austinuts..........
dinner and a first-day visit to Independence Hall, followed              for generously donating to our teens’ trip to
by participating in an archaeological dig at Tel Beit Guvrin
and a Bedouin campout. The group hiked to Masada, saw                    Israel AND for expanding that generosity to
the natural pools of Ein Gedi Oasis and the Dead Sea,                                  Shearith Israel!
the Old City of Jerusalem, and Yad Vashem. They went
on a walking tour of Turkish and Persian synagogues, and                     Visit the Austinuts Store located at
lunched at a Conservative yeshiva. They picked oranges                   6915 Hillcrest Avenue (Snider Plaza), Dallas,
near Rehovot for the charity “Table to Table” which feeds the              identify yourself as a CSI member, and
hungry in Israel, traveled to Safed and so much more.                     Austinuts will donate 10% of the proceeds
“We were there, we saw everything and it was real,” said                           of your purchase to CSI.
Yavneh Academy sophomore Shelbi Karlebach, whose
first trip clearly had a lasting impact. “We didn’t ‘just’ see          Enjoy freshly roasted gourmet nuts and seeds
history but we were a part of it as we participated in the                (including jumbo gareenim shchorim from
dig where the Maccabees were thousands of years ago. I
can’t wait to go back on March of the Living, then on Young            Israel), gourmet foods, party trays, gift baskets
Judaea Year Course, and I even found the house I want to               and much more -- and help Austinuts help CSI!!
live in someday in the Yemen Moshe Quarter of Jerusalem
where the Montefiore Windmill is. In the middle of the city                             It’s a WIN/WIN!!
I found the most beautiful tropical flowers. They were so
out of place and still so perfect!”
Youth Services                                                       Tu B’Shevat falls on the the 15th day of the Hebrew month
                                                                     of Shevat which was on February 9, 2009 this year.
Each Saturday morning, we hold services at both the
Douglas Campus and at Beit Aryeh for children (toddlers
through sixth grade students). These programs help our
youngest congregants prepare to be a part of the main
service and be comfortable in the synagogue environment.                                                  Jonah Craine,
The rabbis and staff of Shearith Israel are working hard to                                               Molly Menashe,
improve our youth services to best serve our families with                                                Risa Levine, and
young children.                                                                                           Brian Rosen

In order to clearly identify each youth service, we are
renaming them.

The service for children up to five years old will now be
known at TOT SHABBAT.                                                On Tu B’Shevat we celebrate the Trees, our own belief in
                                                                     the future of the world and the unbreakable bonds between
The service for elementary age children from Kindergarten to         Jews everywhere and the land of Israel.
6th grade will be known as JUNIOR CONGREGATION.

In addition, once a month we will have an enhanced service
with a special Kiddush that includes each group.

If you are interested in serving on a steering committee to
                                                                                 Benjamin Sheena
plan these events, please contact Esther Wolf at ewolf@

                                                                     The families took time out of their busy weekend to
                                                                     celebrate life and nature around them and recognize and
                                                                     enjoy the gifts we have all inherited on the earth.

                                                                            2009 Young Family Calendar
                                   Tu B’Shevat                                           March 10 - 6:30pm
                                                                                           Purim Program
                                   Sixty      adults     and
                                   children came together                                     March 20
                                                                                       NITSE-BITSE - Beit Aryeh
                                   to participate in a Seder
                                   to celebrate the holiday                                    April 3
                                   of Tu B’Shevat, the new                  ITSE-BITSE - Service and Dinner - CSI-Douglas
                                   year of the trees. This                                      April 6
                                   custom dates back to                                   Passover Sing-along
                                   the 16th century when
                                   the Kabbalists, a group                                   April 29
                                   of rabbis living in Israel                   Yom Haatzmaut Parade and Celebration
                                   long ago, created a                                          May 1
                                   Seder for Tu B’Shevat.                    NITSE-BITSE - Service and Dinner - Beit Aryeh
They gathered in the evening around a beautiful table
decorated with sweet-smelling flowers and lovely candles.                                 May 12 - 11:30am
                                                                                        Lag B’omer Family Picnic
Long into the night, they sang, and talked, and ate. So,
too, young children and their families gathered as the                                         May 28
rabbis did to eat many fruits, drink four cups of different                              Preschool Graduation
juices, study, sing, and dance and celebrate the great                    For information about workshops or family programs,
miracle of trees.                                                        please contact Esther Wolf at 214.361-6606 ext. 230 or


                     MAZEL TOV                                  Births (continued)
Romney Leader and Daron Jacob on their engagement.              Dara Peyton Levy, born January 13, 2009, daughter of Jill
Romney is a Fashion Editor for Vogue Magazine, and is the       and Brett Levy; sister of Madelyn Levy; granddaughter of
daughter of Jane and Howard Leader. Daron is a Fashion          Elaine and Carl Solomon and Renee and Alan Levy; great-
Designer with his own line and is the son of Ziv and Ella       granddaughter of Adele Levy and the late Dorothy and Sam
Jacob. The wedding is planned for early November 2009 in        Luterman.
Atlantic City. They plan to reside in Brooklyn, New York.       Aidan Israel Stern, born December 23, 2008, son of
Fredrick (Ricky) Jonathan Levy and Heidi Paige                  Hilary and Josh Stern; brother of Noah Stern; grandson of
Weinstein on their engagement. Ricky is the son of              Ann and Larry Stern and Eileen and Aaron Kreisler; great-
Stewart and Ronna Levy of Phoenix, Arizona, formerly of         grandson of Dorothy Rogoff; nephew of Eva and Steve
Plano, Texas. Heidi is the daughter of Stephen and Sharon       Kreisler, Amy and Joe Harberg, Barbi and Scott Cohen
Weinstein of Chicago, Illinois. Ricky and Heidi will be         and Lisa and Carlos Ido; cousin of Izzy and Lisa Kreisler,
married June 7, 2009 in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.               Max, Samantha and Jeffrey Harberg, Gabriella, Jonah and
                                                                Alexander Ido and Kacey, Ella and Olivia Cohen.
Benjamin Eric Stein and Stephanie Michelle Aleskow
on their engagement. Ben is the son of Michelle Tycher          Jordyn Brie Wilkofsky, born December 25, 2008,
Stein of Dallas and Giora Stein of Kfar Saba, Israel and        daughter of Julie and Ian Wilkofsky; granddaughter of
the grandson of Corinne Tycher and the late Fred Tycher         Emily and Lawrence Kern and Susan and Steven Wilkofsky;
of Dallas, and of Tzila Stein and the late Yehuda Stein of      niece of Jessica Kern and Matthew Wilkofsky.
Israel. Stephanie is the daughter of Paula and Elliot Aleskow
of Rockville, MD and the granddaughter of May and Sol
Aleskow of Chevy Chase and Toba Gellman of Gaithersburg.
A wedding is planned for the fall in Washington, D.C.
                                                                  March Anniversaries 50+ Years
Evan Cantor (First Place), Alyssa Berkowitz and
Stephanie Herman (Runners-Up)... winners of the Dr. Marilyn and Leon Fastow, Shirley and Marvin Gardner,
and Mrs. Marvin J. Noble Jewish Summer Camp 6th Grade Ruth and Coleman Jacobson, Dolores and Maurice Kreindler,
Scholarship.                                          Hilma and Walter Levy, Lois and William Mexic,
                                                      Helen and Maurice Rubin, Teresa and Barry Solomon,
                       BIRTHS                         Iris and Jerome Wolfson
Micah Sydney Epstein, born December 9, 2008;                               March Anniversaries 25+ Years
daughter of Alyson and Aaron Epstein; granddaughter of
                                                         Robin and Howard Beckerman, Rebecca and Allen Bodzy,
Gerri and Ira Epstein, Cheryl and Stan Itzkowitz, and Kathy
and Larry Magid; great-granddaughter of Evelyn (and the  Gayle and Jeffrey Borovay, Betty and Leon Brill,
late Martin) Leeds, Alli (and the late Julius) Itzkowitz,Beverly and Sheldon Budman, Lorene and Lawrie Friedman,
Estelle and Nate Magid, Rosemary Moran, the late Sylvia  Lucille and Shlomo Friedman, Sarah and Mark Gardner,
                                                         Roslyn and Gordon Goldstein, Vicki and Gene Itzkowitz,
and Morris Epstein, and the late Celia Lakes; great-great-
niece of Rose Wiernick and Ruth Wiernick; niece of Beth  Bonnie and Martin Kahn, Sandra and Mark Kaman,
(Aaron) Bernstein, Jan Epstein, Julie (Dave) Levenstein, Janet and Gary Kaner, Karen and Alan Katz,
                                                         Cheryl and Darryl Kawalsky, Patricia and Howard Kraines,
and Jennifer (Michael) Robbins; cousin of Ari Bernstein and
Binyamin, Elazar, Golda, and Hadassa Robbins.            Leone and Cecil Lain, Jane and Howard Leader,
                                                         Elaine and Mark Lipchitz, Laura and Saul Meisel,
Shane Joshua Epstein, born January 13, 2009; son of Eileen and Harvey Rosenblum, Arlene and Alan Sandgarten,
Lisa and Kevin Epstein of San Antonio, Texas; brother of Debbie and David Schweig, Jan and Robin Shwarts,
Sabrina and Jocelyn; grandson of Sylvia and Bill Epstein Brenda and Godfrey Traub, Rebecca and Albert Vaiser,
and Allen (and the late Sandy) Dickstein.                Edith and Philip Weiser, Marjorie and Perrin White
Aaron Anthony Gerson, born August 23, 2008; son
of Jaime and Neil Gerson, grandson of Shirley (and the                April Anniversaries 50+ Years
late Aaron) Gerson and Dorothy (and the late Anthony) Hannah and Carl Beren, Tootsie and Peter Fonberg
Orderes; nephew of Charisse Gerson and Jackie and Steve
Hoffman.                                                              April Anniversaries 25+ Years
Daniela Miriam Glickman, born February 4, 2009; Fern and Norman Bruckner, Dale and Lawrence Cohen,
daughter of Annie and Rabbi David Glickman; sister of Randee and Colin Cope, Sheryl and Robert Feinberg,
Gavriel and Ellie Glickman; granddaughter of Karen and Ety and Charles Friedman, Cheryl and David Gartenberg,
Ken Glickman, Sallie Rietman and David Kanofsky.         Nancy and Jay Kanter, Malvina and Alex Keselman,
Liora Adele Goldberg, born December 11, 2008; daughter Susan and Lawrence Laper, Renee and Alan Levy,
of Kate and Daniel Goldberg; sister of Caleb Goldberg; Barbara and Paul Mohl, Sandra and Alvin Newberg,
granddaughter of Irene and Abe Goldberg and Jennifer Frances and Steven Okon, Rachel and Scott Perry,
and Errol Hepker; niece of Kari and David Goldberg, Gary Sofya and Boris Pugach, Natalie and Lawrence Rosenbloom,
Goldberg and Jeffrey Goldberg.                           Susan and Jonathan Shapiro, Deborah and Ira Tobolowsky,
                                                         Esther and Miles Zitmore
Jonah Nissin and Alexander Israel Ido, born December
9, 2008; sons of Lisa and Carlos Ido.

                contributions (from November 17, 2008 to January 16, 2009)
Rabbi Gershon Discretionary      David Gaspar                         Anne, Molly, Kenneth and         Helen Weinberger
Fund                             Alise Kreditor, Jeffrey Englander,   Rebecca Bruder                   Byron and Janis Falk
In Honor                         Jake, Rachel and Sam                 In Appreciation of               Genie Weitzman
Rose Biderman                    Leon Hoffman                         Rabbi Menashe                    Byron and Janis Falk
Larraine Miller                  Sam Hoffman                          2008 Shearith Israel B’nei       Bess and Morris Cohen Fund
Marilyn Pailet                   Bess, Lori, Michael, Shannon,        Mitzvah Class                    In Honor
Larry and Nancy Immerman         and Jacob Hoffman                    Family of Bess Cohen             Hal and Janine Jayson
Max Wolens                       Tillie Labovitz                      Zelda Hantz                      Michael and Ruth Cohen and
Larraine and Adam Miller         Margie Schwartz                      Joseph and Marni Kaner           Bakal
Eugene and Ethel Zale            Theckla Levin                        Carlie and Garrett Laves         In Memoriam
Martin and Beverly Coben         William Levin                        Bruce and Beverly Laves          Bess Cohen
In Memoriam                      Bob and Carol Sutker                 Annie and Sam Rosenbloom         Marjorie Cowin
Lily Bloom                       Gladys Pressman                      Memorial Fnd                     Joe Funk
Alan and Arlene Sandgarten       Sam and Pamela Chawkin               In Memoriam                      Jay and Fonda Arbetter and
Shirley Brown                    Anna Rosenblatt                      Sender Fleschler                 family
Nancy and Phillip Greilich and   Sheri Rosenblatt                     Eugene and Ethel Zale            Forest Avenue High School
family                           Albert Schwartz
                                                                      Arno Goetz Torah Fund            Alumni Association
David Cobbel                     Margie Schwartz
                                                                      In Memoriam                      Sol and Estelle Barzune
Renee Cobbel                     Henry Silver
                                                                      Al Kaplan                        Carl and Hannah Beren
Bess Cohen                       Matthew and Phyllis Jacobs
                                                                      Larry and Elisa Miller           Marcy Helfand and Robert Book
Julius and Frances Coleman       Celia Sutker
                                                                      Sonia Tessler                    Martin and Miriam Cohen
Dr. Elliot Folbe                 Bob and Carol Sutker
                                                                      David and Reesa Feinstein        Lanny and Sheila Cooper
Karyn Folbe                      In Appreciation of
                                                                      and family                       Howard and Sandy Donsky
Ollie Goldfarb                   Rabbi Glickman                                                        Bill and Sylvia Epstein
Jay and Fonda Arbetter and       2008 Shearith Israel B’nei           Becker/Zainfeld Cemetery
                                                                                                       Byron and Janis Falk
family                           Mitzvah Class                        Fund
                                                                                                       Charles and Helen Feldman
Pearl Klausner                   Joseph and Marni Kaner               In Memoriam
                                                                                                       Gary and Lynda Fitzjarrell
Renee Cobbel                     Bill and Helen Sutker                Rose Ballas
                                                                                                       Magie, Richard, Robin, Augie,
Tillie Labovitz                  Allen Hoffman                        Jack and Sheryl Ballas
                                                                                                       and Manie Furst
Joseph and Dora Diamond          Rabbi Menashe                        Carol Jean Becker
                                                                                                       Bert and Benita Ginsberg
Alan and Arlene Sandgarten       Discretionary Fund                   Bernard and Harriet Becker
                                                                                                       Berta Goetz
Issie Michaelson                 In Honor                             Caron Jean Becker
                                                                                                       Charles and Lynda Golenternek
Marcia and Jim Wallenstein       Lisa Fleisher                        Stanley Zainfeld
                                                                                                       Larry Golman
Eugene Muchin                    Rebecca Greenblatt and               Joe Goldstein
                                                                                                       Ann Kahn
Shirley Muchin and family        Jerry Barshop                        Edith Goldstein Isaacs
                                                                                                       Mark and Sandra Kaman
Melvin Olschanger                Carlie Sweet and Garrett Laves       Muriel Bonnett Max
                                                                                                       Bob and Eve Karlebach
David and Nikki Olschwanger      Bruce and Beverly Laves              Stewart and Sally Bonnett
                                                                                                       Abe and Roslyn Katz
Ervin Polishuk                   Tamar Leventhal                      Gertrude Ungerman Pozez
                                                                                                       Charles and Marilyn Krovetz
Renee Cobbel                     Barry and Dia Epstein                Stanley and Marcia Kurtz
                                                                                                       David and Cindie Kurtz
Gladys Pressman                  Rabbi Menashe                        Bernard and Rose Cerper          Eugene and Margie Levin
Anne and Alan Richelson,Pennie   Robert Einsohn                       Educ Fund                        Harold L. Levy
Pearlman and Myra Pesa           Barry and Dia Epstein                In Honor                         Robert and Elizabeth Liener
Marcia Cedars                    Avi Mitzner                          Ann and Larry Stern              Shawn and Zelda Mash
Paul and Leslie Geller           Cantor Zhrebker                      Larry and Nancy Immerman         Robert and Julie Melendi
Selma and Sam Gordon             Barry and Dia Epstein                In Memoriam                      Michael and Esther Meyers
Judith Richman                   In Memoriam                          Bess Cohen                       Bette and Bennett Miller
Howard and Sandy Donsky          Etta Rosen Aaron                     Melinda Fagin and Jeff Smirin    Barbara Morchower
Dr Fred Rosemore                 Sharla Wertheimer and family         Ann Wilensky                     Ira and Shari Nevelow
Michell, Ricky, Zach, and        Rachel Chesnick                      Jeff Smirin and Melinda Fagin    Muriel Rabiner
Neil Rickoff                     Michael and Ginger Jacobs            Bertha and Ernie Spiritas        Mitchell and Rita Rasansky
Marcia Teicher                   Rudey Cooper                         B/B Mitzvah                      Jo Ann Rosenberg
Michael and Elaine Lowenkron     Barry and Lynn Cooper                In Appreciation of               Alfred and Irene Rosenfield
Genie Weitzman                   Sender Fleschler                     Tamar Leventhal                  Cary and Dora Ann Rudberg
David and Frances Eisenberg      Henry and Frances Kirzner            2008 Shearith Israel B’nei       and family
In Appreciation of               Frances Gappelberg                   Mitzvah Class                    Madeline Sanders
Rabbi Gershon                    Gus Gappelberg                                                        Frada and Alan Sandler
2008 Shearith Israel B’nei                                            Bertha Moss Chevra Kadisha
                                 Max and Frieda Glauben                                                Donald and Marilyn Schaffer
Mitzvah Class                                                         Fund
                                 Dora Einhorn Goodman                                                  Jason, Jared, Jakob and Eileen
Family of Bess Cohen                                                  In Memoriam
                                 Ann Kahn                                                              Scheib
                                                                      Bella Goldberg
Rabbi Glickman                   Sally Hausner                                                         Harmon Schepps
                                                                      Alan and Carol Shlansky
Discretionary Fund               Lita Marishak                                                         Howard and Leslie Schultz
                                                                      Jack Moss
In Honor                         Louis Myers                                                           Lawrence and Toby Shawn
                                                                      Sylvia Lehman
Jay Abrams                       Charles S. Myers                                                      Donald and Elaine Stahl and
                                                                      Irwin Shlansky
Bruce and Miriam Waltzer         Rebecca Weinberg                                                      family
                                                                      Alan and Carol Shlansky
In Memoriam                      Ann Kahn                                                              Connie and Hyman Tolmas
                                                                      Sandra Spigel
Bea Atkin                        Ann Wilensky                                                          Harold Topletz
                                                                      Tom Spigel
Norbert and Marlene Sobek        Helen Tracey                                                          Maxine Waldman
                                                                      Lillie Steinhorn
Benjamin Bruckner                Harold Wilensky                                                       Howard and Deborah Weinstein
                                                                      Judge Samuel and Judith Cooper
Norman and Fern Bruckner         Sam Wolfson                                                           Herschel and Margaret

Wilonsky                           Family of Bess Cohen            Dorothy Steinberg                 John Tauben
Judy and Bob Yonack                Joseph and Marni Kaner          Lana Fetter Thompson              Larry and Leslie Krasner
Eugene and Ethel Zale              Cemetery Fund                   Anna Paulyne Jacobs Turner        Ann Wilensky
Morris Cohen                       In Honor                        Ely Turner                        Rose Biderman
Sara Feldman                       Hal and Janine Jayson           Evan and Rachel Fetter            Judy and Larry Lazerwits
Mark Jones                         Devora Rubin                    Marilyn S. Vogel                  Golman Family Fund
Genie Weitzman                     In Memoriam                     Nancy Silien                      In Honor
Michael Cohen and Ruth Bakal       William Betcher                 Ann Wilensky                      Audree Meyer
Bess and Richard Nathan            Elaine Betcher                  Devora Rubin                      Larry Golman
Flower Fund                        Jacob Hershel Bloom             Pauline Witte                     In Memoriam
In Honor                           Fred and Jacque Roberts         Esther and Bill Hawkins and       Max Bloom
CSI                                Rosalie Mae Brown Bloom         Peter and Terry Kopel             David and Mandy Golman
Peggy Nathan                       Fred and Jacque Roberts         College Connection Fund           Bess Cohen
Building Fund Donation             Annette Fetter Brown            In Honor                          Mark and Dana Golman
In Honor                           Evan and Rachel Fetter          Allan Cantor                      Alan and Cynthia Golman
Jarrod Beck                        Sol Finkelstein                 Sheila, Lanny, Elliot and Louie   Charles and Anita Marcus
Larraine Miller                    Hannah Finkelstein              Cooper                            Sender Fleschler
Ethel and Eugene Zale              Sender Fleschler                In Memoriam                       David Gaspar
Jack and Helen Schwartz            Bob and Eve Karlebach           Bess Cohen                        Larry Golman
In Memoriam                        Michelle Litt                   Leonard and Tina Epstein          Morris Geller
Bess Cohen                         Charles Myers                   Tillie Labovitz                   Gay Geller Golman
Robert and Cynthia Feldman         Sam Frauman                     Lanny and Sheila Cooper           David and Mandy Golman
Celia Frauman                      Shirlie Frauman and family      Leonard and Tina Epstein          Mark Jones
Shirlie Frauman and family         Aron Goldman                    Fredric Rosemore                  Alan and Cynthia Golman
Abe Golman                         Beryl Goldman                   Scott,Meryl,Josh,and Naomi        Jennie Marashinsky
Alan and Cindy Golman              Shirley Kessner                 Nason                             Jack and Bea Eisenberg
John Tauben                        Barry and Teresa Solomon        In Appreciation of                Sam Tobolowsky
Robert and Cynthia Feldman         David and Susan Solomon         CSI                               Annette Jayson
Helen Ruth Weinberger              Rose Seltzer Klepak             Gordon and Sharon Kuhr            H Marcus Shabbat Pryr Bk
Louise Jayson                      Sammy Seltzer                   Feldman Gifted Children’s         Companion
Cantor Zhrebker                    Manya Kotov                     Fund                              In Memoriam
Discretionary Fund                 Simon Kotov                     In Memoriam                       Gunther Stearn
In Honor                           Tillie Labovitz                 Sara Feldman                      Garry ,Rachelle and Elena
CSI Aliyah                         Evan and Rachel Fetter          Howard and Robin Beckerman        Okowita
Brian and Rose Cohen               Marvin and Shirley Hoffman      Carl and Hannah Beren             Harold Oster Cultural Fund
Gail Mizrahi                       Evelyn Levine                   Irwin and Candy Brown             In Memoriam
Rebecca Greenblatt                 Charlotte Mann                  Ronald and Nancy Fellman          Dora Kaufman
In Memoriam                        Isadore Levine                  Mark and Diane Fleschler          Sondra Kaufman
Sender Fleschler                   Arnold and Nanette Marks        Magie Furst and family            Ida Miller
Dr. Paul and Tricia Michaelson     Anne Litt                       Gordon and Roslyn Goldstein       Chuck and Vonne Kaufman
Leonid Gershberg                   Michelle Litt                   Larry Golman                      Humash Fund
Yuri and Genny Lemeshev            Ida Miller                      Mark and Sandra Kaman             In Memoriam
Esther Jacobs                      Carl and Elaine Solomon         Ada Lynn                          Sam Biderman Jr.
Alan and Audree Meyer              Herman Myers                    Robert and Julie Melendi          Rose Biderman
Isadore Jacobs                     Charles Myers                   Barry and Zona Pidgeon            Mechla Stein
Alan and Audree Meyer              Morris Pactor                   Mitchell and Rita Rasansky        Morris Stein
Ann Jacobson                       Sara Pactor and Beverly and     Donald and Elaine Stahl           Genie Weitzman
Dr. Paul and Patricia Michaelson   Bruce Laves                     Howard and Deborah Weinstein      Nate and Ann Levine
Mark Jones                         Ervin Polishuk                  Henry Silver                      Hymie and Jeanette
Marshall and Shelli Goldberg       Sammy Seltzer                   Howard and Gayle Ranen            Schwartz Fund
and family                         Raymond Schepps                 Geeteh Memorial Fund              In Memoriam
Albert H. Kasper                   Oscar and Menon Hillebrenner    In Memoriam                       Sender Fleschler
Mark and Candace Kasper            Marcus Seltzer                  Paul Geeteh                       Todd and Anita Chanon
Leshin and Jared and Shelley       Sammy Seltzer                   Harold Topletz                    Rose Rosen Fonberg
Leshin                             Louis Siegal                    George Roffman Library            Peter and Tootsie Fonberg
Tillie Labovitz                    Charles Myers                   Fund                              Fredric Rosemore
Dr. Paul and Tricia Michaelson     Lena Wolfe Singer               In Honor                          Todd and Anita Chanon
Harry Marcus                       Frank Singer and family         William and Rosalie Schiff        Hymie Schwartz
Ethel Marcus                       Lillie Schwartz Singer          Jack, Eileen, Jason,Jared         Peter and Tootsie Fonberg
Solomon Michaelson                 Larry,Denise                    Scheib and Dorothy Wyll           A Speedy Recovery to
Dr. Paul and Patricia Michaelson   Pollis,Scott,Nicole,Jake        In Memoriam                       Mark Mazow
Beverly Jacobs Roth                andEvan Davidoff                Dr. Alfred and Miriam             Todd and Anita Chanon
Alan and Audree Meyer              Shirley Fonberg Singer          Brauman                           In Appreciation of
Regina Skibell                     Frank Singer and family         Dr. Paul and Tricia Michaelson    Peter and Tootsie Fonberg
Arthur Skibell                     Abe J. Smith                    Sender Fleschler                  Todd and Anita Chanon
Anna Paulyne Turner                George L Smith                  Sarah Friedman                    Isaac Sobel Fund
Dr. Paul and Patricia Michaelson   Ida Spector                     Jack, Eileen, Jason and Jared     In Memoriam
In Appreciation of                 Marvin and Shirley Hoffman      Scheib                            Bernard Chanon
Cantor Zhrebker                    Arthur Steinberg                Mildred Goldsmith                 Sender Fleschler
2008 Shearith Israel B’nai                                         Janet Goldsmith                   Tillie Labovitz
Mitzvah Class                                                      Tillie Labovitz
                                                                   Larry and Leslie Krasner
                                                                   Joel and Nancy Roffman

Ann Wilensky                   In Memoriam                        Bernice and Ray Marcus             In Memoriam
Zella Sobel                    Shirley Kessner                    Prayer Book Fund                   Richie Herskowitz
Joe and Claire Fellman Daily   Andrea, Lauren and Leslie Bass     In Memoriam                        Leonard and Jean Jacobs
Minyan                         Eva Rubin                          Sender Fleschler                   Elaine Kretchmer
In Memoriam                    B. Bender                          Alan and Audree Meyer              Jeffrey and Carol Kretchmer
Bernard Cohen                  Gloria Schwartz                    Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Joseph Wiman
Madelyn Schepps                Jack Topletz and Harold Topletz    Simon Gian                         Lois Gordon
Al Kaplan                      Mitzvah Fund                       Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Rebecca R. and Levi Topletz
Larry and Elisa Miller         In Honor                           Mindell Karetnick                  Fund
Pearl Klausner                 Lisa Fleisher                      Dr. Barbara Morchower              In Memoriam
Mildred Kenter and John and    Gail Mizrahi                       Abraham Jacob Kleinman             Sender Fleschler
Lindsay Nadelman               Marilyn Pailet                     A.D. Kleinman                      Israel and Betty Sue Sheinberg
Adolph Korngut                 Jay and Diane Lifshen              Tillie Labovitz                    Beril Susman
Fred and Harriette Korngut     Max Wolens                         Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Israel and Betty Sue Sheinberg
Ervin Polishuk                 Jay and Fonda Arbetter and         Arthur Lowey                       Kenneth Topletz
John and Lindsay Nadelman      family                             Edward and Nancy Lowey             Harold and Jack Topletz
and Debra Shwiff               In Memoriam                        Issie Michaelson                   Genie Weitzman
A. G. Schepps                  Renee` Gian                        Dr. Paul and Patricia Michaelson   Israel and Betty Sue Sheinberg
Madelyn Schepps                Jack Gian                          Ida Miller                         Religious School Donation
David Schepps                  Norman Bloom                       Toby Passel                        In Honor
Madelyn Schepps                Dale Cohen                         Manek Okowita                      Rose Biderman
Katz-Levin Scholar-in-         Taube Cohen                        Margot Okowita                     Thelma Gruber
Residence Fnd                  Martin and Mimi Cohen              Jay Rudberg                        Gail Mizrahi
In Honor                       Ann Olga Goldstein                 Dora, Cary, Zev Laura and          Shlomo and Lucille Friedman
Joey and Josh Daniel           Frank and Karen Gottschalk         Rachel Rudberg                     Larry and Sally Wolfish
Lisa Fleisher                  Barney Stevens Kurz                Frohm Schuman                      Brennan Pailet
Gail Mizrahi                   Jeff,Terry,Aaron and Andrew        Donna Asch                         Melanie Finkelstein
Marilyn Pailet                 Kurz                               Ely Turner                         Trevor and Elaine Pearlman
Chuck and Sharon Levin         Morris Lev                         Dr. Paul and Patricia Michaelson   In Memoriam
In Memoriam                    Michael and Marsha Lev             Leon Wasserman                     Sara Feldman
Sender Fleschler               Ruth Peskind                       Abe and Roslyn Katz                Larry and Sally Wolfish
Genie Weitzman                 Jason, Jared, Jakob and Eileen     Genie Weitzman                     Sender Fleschler
Sharon and Chuck Levin         Scheib                             Leonard and Linda Comess           Mark and Sandra Kaman
Kiddush Sponsorship            Julius Weinberg                    PreSchool Donation                 Howard and Deborah Weinstein
In Honor                       Howard and Joyce Bloom             In Honor                           Ollie Goldfarb
Jeffrey and Lauren Abraham     Ann Wilensky                       Ethel and Gene Zale                Larry and Sally Wolfish
Jackson and Beverly Salasky    Mary Ann Lustig                    Jeffrey and Janet Beck             Mark Jones
Kohn/Austein Teen Program      Herta and Karl Wolf                Jared Beck                         Larry and Sally Wolfish
Fund                           Harold and Carol Pinker            Maureen and Hilton Israelson       Tillie Labovitz
In Honor                       A Speedy Recovery to               Harold and Esther Wolf             Martin and Miriam Cohen
Joan and Jerry Lave            Bernard Levy                       In Memoriam                        Larry and Sally Wolfish
Anonymous                      Howard and Sandy Donsky            Bess Cohen                         Sol Levin
In Memoriam                    Morris and Gertrude                Jeffrey and Janet Beck             Alan,Susan,Brent and Stuart
Ann Wilensky                   Reisberg Kiddush                   Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Rubin
Murray and Claire Austein      In Honor                           Simon Gian                         Esther Livingston
Large Print Prayer Book        Gail Mizrahi                       Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Howard and Deborah Weinstein
Fund                           Lewis and Marcy Lefko              Joel J Jones                       Fredric Rosemore
In Memoriam                    In Memoriam                        Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Richard and Vivian Schaar
Esther Krockover Jacobs        Alfred W. Brauman                  Pearl Klausner                     Esther Statman
Robert and Elizabeth Liener    Seymour J. Brauman                 Jeffrey and Janet Beck             Stanley and Janice Statman
and family                     Harry Turner                       Tillie Labovitz                    Mother of Sharon Weidberg
Library Donations              Judy A. Brauman                    Jeffrey and Janet Beck             Richard and Vivian Schaar
In Honor                       In Memoriam                        Esther Leventhal                   Genie Weitzman
Rose Biderman                  Pearl Klausner                     Esther Livingston                  Joel and Susan Carp
Donald and Elaine Stahl        Lewis and Marcy Lefko              Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Polly and Raymond Ettelman
M and C Noble Camp             Salomon Magier                     Salomon Magier                     Marla and Dan Householder
Scholarship Fund               Marcy Helfand                      Shirley Levinson                   Hylton and Veronique Jonas
In Honor                       Manek Okowita                      Ervin Polishuk                     Jeff and Shari London
Robert Mason                   Garry,Rachelle and Elena           Jeffrey and Janet Beck             David and Marsha Meyers
Marvin and Cyvia Noble         Okowita                            Louis Prager                       David Shusterman
In Memoriam                    Ely Turner                         Martin Prager                      A Speedy Recovery to
Sender Fleschler               Judy Brauman                       Gladys Pressman                    Jo Reingold
Marvin and Cyvia Noble         Peggy and Herb Marcus              Dr Fredric Rosemore                Larraine Miller
Maurice and Sophie             Adult Educ Fund                    Jeffrey and Janet Beck             S. J. Rubenstein Fund
Genecov RS Fund                In Memoriam                        Fredric Rosemore                   In Honor
In Memoriam                    Arthur Goldberg                    Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Marc Pactor and Jamie
Ruth Jaffe Minor               Floy Lilly                         Henry Silver                       Machat
Steven and Kathy Schneider     Tillie Labovitz                    Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Ezra Young Joon Pactor
A Speedy Recovery to           Samuel and Irene Kogutt            Speedy Recovery                    Michael and Barbara Pactor
Fannie Viroslav                Herb Marcus                        Jo Reingold                        Stanley Rubenstein
Martin and Miriam Cohen                                           Roland and Gail Mizrahi            Rita Rubenstein
Max and Laura Saffir                                              R Herskowitz USY Mem               In Memoriam
Summer Camp Fund                                                  Scholar Fund                       Sender Fleschler

Rita Rubenstein                    Joseph Peskind                 Maurice Lifshen               Bobbe Rubin and family
Anita Lipshultz                    Stanley Peskind                Jay and Diane Lifshen         Sophie Levinson Fund
Jo Ann Rosenberg                   Raphael Pesso                  Isidore J. Miller             In Memoriam
Morris F. Pactor                   Jacques and Esther Sardas      Martin and Maxine Pomerantz   Bessie Luskey Krasner
Michael and Barbara Pactor         Daniel Rubin                   Pauline Pomerantz             Steven, Judith and Rebecca
Everett Rosenberg                  Lenora Rubin                   Martin and Maxine Pomerantz   Rosen
Jo Ann Rosenberg                   Alton R. Small                 Pearl Warner                  Sophie Levinson
Rita Rubenstein                    Neal and Cherie Small          Leon and Lee Veeder           Rita Rubenstein
Bertha Rubenstein                  Selma Louise Cohen Tauben      Small/Waldman/Cohen           Synagogue Fund
Jo Ann Rosenberg                   Mark and Sandra Kaman          Music Program                 In Honor
Marvin Rubenstein                  Sam Wolfson                    In Honor                      CSI
Jo Ann Rosenberg                   Anne, Molly, Kenneth and       CSI                           Larry and Marlene Kreditor
Stanley and Mona Rubenstein        Rebecca Bruder                 Howard and Carol Gene Cohen   Charles and Kathi Silver
Margaret Steinberger               Abraham, Mindel, Yetta, and    Steve and Jackie Waldman      Adult B’nei Mitzvah
Michael and Barbara Pactor         Nathan Zetley                  Gail Mizrahi                  participants
Genie Weitzman                     Leon Zetley                    Marilyn Pailet                William and Lois Mexic
Jan and Charles Hart               In Appreciation of             Soonja Weinstein              Calvin Cooper
Sadie and Phil Blatt Fund          CSI- Torah honors              Howard and Carol Gene Cohen   Marshall,Shelli ,Cidney, Alex,
In Honor                           Mark and Sandra Kaman          In Memoriam                   and Jamie Goldberg
Rowan Blatt                        Shickman Family Liturgical     Bess Cohen                    Jason Epstein
Steven and Rowena Chodorow         Music                          Todd and Anita Chanon         Dr. Ludwig and Carmen Michael
In Memoriam                        In Memoriam                    Howard and Carol Gene Cohen   Lisa Fleisher
Molly Blatt                        Jacob Samuels                  Steve and Jackie Waldman      Alan and Arlene Sandgarten
Ronald and Debbie Greene           Jeffrey and Carol Kretchmer    Sara Feldman                  Ron Gaswirth
Sender Fleschler                   Sisterhood Conservative        Neal and Cherie Small         Alan and Ruth Shor
Steven and Rowena Chodorow         Jewish Camp                    Sender Fleschler              Robert Goldberg
Sonny and Merle Hacker             In Honor                       Howard and Carol Gene Cohen   Morton and Phyllis Levine
Morton and Peachy Rudberg          Guy Bradley                    Frederick Eisenberg Kahn      Hal and Janine Jayson
Shabbat Announcement               Meyer and Brenda Levine        Howard and Carol Gene Cohen   Ada Lynn
In Memoriam                        Roland and Gail Mizrahi        Al Small                      Gail Mizrahi
Lillian Bayer                      Amy Cohn                       Helen Small                   Hylton and Veronique Jonas
Jeffrey and Anita Bayer            Roland and Gail Mizrahi        Alton R. Small                Alan and Arlene Sandgarten
Caron Jean Becker                  Lisa Fleisher                  Neal and Cherie Small         Anna Rosenblatt
Stanley Zainfeld                   Todd and Anita Chanon          Genie Weitzman                Stephen Rosenblatt
William Betcher                    Michael and Marsha Lev         Melissa,Bart, Hudson and      Shelley Weiss
Jonathan and Cantor Marie          Meyer and Brenda Levine        Parker Plaskoff               Bill and Helen Sutker
Betcher                            Roland and Gail Mizrahi        A Speedy Recovery to          Marc Wolens
Barbara Kay Levy Calick            William Katz                   Bernard Levy                  Alysonand Richard Slutzky,Pam
Levy, Robinowitz, Calick, And      Roland and Gail Mizrahi        Todd and Anita Chanon         andDoug Neimand and Jerome
Lipinsky Families                  Marsha Lev                     Howard and Carol Gene Cohen   Wolens
Walter Furst                       From Her Lady Friends          Scott and Barbi Cohen         Ethel and Eugene Zale
Magie Furst and family             Gail Mizrahi                   Martin and Susan Golman       Gordon and Roslyn Goldstein
Aron Goldman                       Todd and Anita Chanon          Larry and Melody Peevy        In Memoriam
Beryl Goldman                      Michael and Marsha Lev         Michael and Natalie Waldman   Dennis Arnold
Gay Geller Golman                  Meyer and Brenda Levine        Steve and Jackie Waldman      Sara Walters and family
Larry,Dana,Mark ,Mandy and         Marilyn Pailet                 Sol and Doris Freed Adult     Rose Ballas
David Golman, Helaine,Kenneth      Ronald and Nancy Fellman       Educ Fund                     Freda Ballas
Wolf                               Roland and Gail Mizrahi        In Honor                      Alvin Bearman
Dora Einhorn Goodman               Donna Sher                     Sol Barzune                   Marshall,Shelli ,Cidney, Alex,
Dr. Michael and Karen              Roland and Gail Mizrahi        Paul and Edith Singer         and Jamie Goldberg
Goodman and family                 Soonja Weinstein               In Memoriam                   Sarah Brenner
Leonard Kaman                      Roland and Gail Mizrahi        Pearl Klausner                Essie Eisner
Mark and Sandra Kaman              In Memoriam                    Harry and June Feltman        Max Brustein
Harry Lionel Kaplan                Dennis Arnold                  Jo Ann Rosenberg              Marsha Ring
The family of Harry Lionel         Jay and Diane Lifshen          Paul and Edith Singer         Bess Cohen
Kaplan                             Bess Cohen                     Maxine Waldman                Alan and Audree Meyer
Sol Karnett                        Sara Feldman                   Lena Singer                   Mary Danon
Martin Karnett                     Martin and Maxine Pomerantz    Paul and Edith Singer         Dr. Jay and Lynne Staub
William Karp                       Tillie Labovitz                Sol and Madeline Sanders      Gladys Diamond
Jeffrey and Anita Bayer            Jeffrey and Anita Bayer        Fund                          Alan and Carol Shlansky
Helen Katz                         Burt and Linda Comess          In Honor                      Jack Diamond
Alan ,Karen, and Alex Katz         Bill and Susan Ehrlich         Bella Pesso                   Alan and Carol Shlansky
Si Lacher                          Hylton and Veronique Jonas     Sol and Estelle Barzune       Mary Dunn
Rick Lacher                        Jay and Diane Lifshen          In Memoriam                   Fred Dunn, MD
Stanley H. Litman                  Uzi and Helen Mann             Solomon Cohn                  Parents of Stanley Ely
Craig, Andra, Laken and Taylor     Larraine Miller                Sol and Estelle Barzune       Stanley Ely
Litman                             Harlan and Hank Pollock        Sender Fleschler              Ralph Falk
Muriel Bonnett Max                 Martin and Maxine Pomerantz    Sol and Estelle Barzune       Lucille Falk
Stewart and Sally Bonnett          Barry and Judy Rubenstein      Abram and Frieda Herzfeld     Ruth Feldan
Issie Michaelson                   Dora, Cary, Zev ,Laura and     Irma Freudenreich             Irma Freudenreich
Dr. Paul and Patricia Michaelson   Rachel Rudberg                 Hannah Rubin Hurtte           Sara Feldman
Herbert Miller                     Joe and Susan Schackman        Bobbe Rubin and family        Ira Nevelow, Hilda Merritt,the
Alan , Sam and Hank Utay           Donald and Elaine Stahl        Helen Ann Rosin               Firm of Weaver and Tidwell LLP

Sender Fleschler                Mark Jones and Joel J Jones    Peter and Beverley Lewin     In Honor
Mark and Tina Davidoff          Nancy and Mark Solls and       Jay and Diane Lifshen        Rose Biderman
Bill and Sylvia Epstein         Family                         Fredric Rosemore             Dorothy Abrams
Hanna Frishman and family       Joel Jones                     Alan and Jill Bach           In Memoriam
Barton and Geane Glaser         Hylton and Veronique Jonas     Jacques Sadicarios           Herman Abrams
Marshall and Shelli Goldberg    Mark Jones                     Barry and Nancy Sadicarios   Dorothy Abrams
and family                      Lawrence and Toby Shawn        Abram Sapoznikow             Topletz Maintenance Fund
Melvin and Marilyn Isaacs       Leonard Kaman                  Golda Lederman               In Memoriam
Hylton and Veronique Jonas      Mathilda Kaman                 Bernard Shipper              Sender Fleschler
H. Grady Jordan                 Eva Kirschner                  Sara Shipper                 Harold Topletz
Arnold and Frances Leanse       Helen Kirschner                Ann Loeb Sikora              Pearl Klausner
Les ,Merrill and Sidney Lobel   Pearl Klausner                 Frank and Betty Bouchett     Harold Topletz
Bob and Dee Dee Miller          Gary Rosenthal                 Harriet Silverman            Ruth Tootsie Nodell
Herbert and Marilyn Muhlbauer   Ida Kleinman                   Mimi Hamel                   Harold Topletz
Michael S. Muhlbauer            Harold and Ruth Kleinman       Rita Simon                   Ervin Polishuk
Muriel Rabiner                  Melvin Kleinman                Alex Jonas                   Harold Topletz
Irene Rosenfield                Harold and Ruth Kleinman       Israel Lewis Snyder          W. B. and Helen Rasansky
Madeline Sanders                Tillie Labovitz                Richard Snyder and family    Phil Fund
Belle Seals                     Steven and Carol Aaron         Isaac Solka                  In Memoriam
Miriam Selig                    Bill and Sylvia Epstein        Herbert and Genie Weitzman   Eliyahu Rasansky
Dr. Gabriel and Ricki Shapiro   Gertrude Levin                 Sam Spector                  Mitchell and Rita Rasansky
Linda and Marvin Stein          Sol Levin                      Gilda Spector and family     Tziporah Rasansky
Robin Susman                    Norman and Shirley Levin       Joe Steinberg                Mitchell and Rita Rasansky
Edward and Nanci Utay           Salomon Magier                 Dorothy Steinberg            W.B. Rasansky
Sallye and Brent Wasserstein    Leslie Lucks                   Inessa Trosman               Delores Mopsik
Maliette Wolens                 Donald and Marilyn Schaffer    Mike and Yana Trosman and    Wilburt Rasansky
Sarah Friedman                  Lilly Mattes                   Iliya Vinnikov               Mitchell and Rita Rasansky
Hanna Frishman and family       Leslie Lucks                   Ann Wilensky                 Youth Fund Administrative
Reuben Ginsberg                 Sandy Migicovsky               Jerome Lane                  In Honor
Maliette Wolens                 Philip and Myra Migicovsky     Dorothy Edelman and Anna     Marilyn Pailet
Dorothy Goldberg                Sara Mires                     Wiman                        Steven and Carol Aaron
Joe and Helene Rudberg          Maliette Wolens                Rosalie Wiman                In Memoriam
Henry Goldberg                  Harry Morchower                Charles Wolf                 Etta Rosen Aaron
Mimi Hamel                      W.C. Wilkinson                 Frances Leanse               Stuart R. Aaron family
Ollie Goldfarb                  Hannah Lois Okon               In Appreciation of           Isaac Aaron
Hanna Frishman and family       Ben Okon family                CSI                          Stuart R. Aaron and family
Floy Lilly                      Melvin Olschwanger             Arthur and Kim Zoller        Katie Aaron
Ida Miller                      Melvin and Marilyn Isaacs      Rabbi Gershon                Stuart R. Aaron and family
Aron Arkady Goldman             Leon Passel                    Loren and Andrea Weinstein   Morris Rosen
Elena Small                     Jeffrey and Ellen Passel       David Meyers                 Stuart R. Aaron and family
Ernest Herzfeld                 Joseph Peskind                 Loren and Andrea Weinstein   Henry Seals
Irma Freudenreich               Stanley Peskind                Dr. Marvin Noble             Belle Seals
Irma Isenstein                  Raphael Pesso                  Loren and Andrea Weinstein
Shelly and Joan Weinstein and   Jacques and Esther Sardas      Tillie Harmel Camp Ramah/
family                          Gladys Pressman                CSI Senior

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  family or friends.                                                 March 1 - June 30, 2009
  While we are fortunate to celebrate b’nei mitzvah most              Save $1000 on the purchase of two
  Shabbatot, they do not all take place in the mornings.
  Some are celebrated during the Shabbat afternoon                 cemetery plots. For a limited time you may
  mincha service. When that happens, the Kiddush
  luncheon is sponsored by the congregation. Take                        purchase two plots for $3000
  advantage of those times and share YOUR simachot                     (regular price is $2000 per plot).
  with your CSI community.
  Please contact our Executive Director, Susan Goldstein,                 For details, please contact
  at sgoldstein@shearith.org or 214.361.6606, extension
  228, to discuss sponsoring a Kiddush or contributing                    Avi Mitzner, Ritual Director
  to one.                                                                   214.361.6606, ext. 204
  Let us share in your joy!                                                     avi@shearith.org

3/1/09/Adar 5, 5769       Herbert Ellis Pollock     3/9/09/Adar 13, 5769           Jessie Engelberg Taylor    Abe Levy
Warren Bakal              Elaine Reisman            Dora Brezner                   Rose Vogel                 Earl Morchower
Alfred William Brauman    Elaine Reisman            Mike Cohen                     Fannie Rose Yonack         Sadie Peskind
Frank Fife                Marcus Rosenberg          Hilda Lois Corenbleth          Irvin Yonack               Maurice S. Schackman
Donna Filosof             Jack Louis Stuart         Brian Davis                                               Mollie Shapiro
Chaim Sanders             Robert Marvin Taubman     Jack Finger                    3/13/09/Adar 17, 5769 Ben J. Weinberg
Ida Novey Schwartz        Julius A. Zuckerman       Abraham Frankel                Eunice R. Aronson
David Ben Shalom                                    Simon Goodman                  Emanuel Breitbarth         3/17/09/Adar 21, 5769
Abe Waldman               3/6/09/Adar 10, 5769 Lena Isenberg                       Benjamin Cohen             Gittel Donsky
                          Bennie Abramson           Annie Katz                     Jennifer R. Gallant        Sam Eatenson
3/2/09/Adar 6, 5769       Seymour Robert Alhadef Edith Cobbel Levy                 Ella Simon Golman          Leon Fine
Milton Arbetter           William Angrist           Sol Sanders                    Milton Greenstein          Rachmil Fiszlewicz
E. Max Beren              Fannie Ellish             Dorothy Weiner                 Bernard Newberg            Nan Friedberg
Annie Cobbel              Laib Freudenreich         Saul I. Weinreb                Minnie Prengler            Steven Gallant
Sarah Goldberg            Pauline Rosenfeld Jacobs Nettie Weiser                   Alfred Romberg             Mack M. Hickman
Sadie Gross               Bertha Moss               Andy Nathan Witebsky           Herman Rosenblatt          Goldie Fannie Hillman
Abraham Horowitz          Shimon Naroditzky                                        Jay A. Silverberg          Samuel E. Horne
Helen Kirsch              Theodore Pritsker         3/10/09/Adar 14, 5769          Mitchell Scott Uzick       William Kronick
Fannie Levy Loeb          Rose S Schaffer           Isadore Louis Barshatky        Paul Vogel                 Sylvia Leanse
Lillian Aronoff Pollak    Shirley Shapiro           Harry Beren                    Karl Wexler                Gene Mirsky Leff
Lena Schklarchik          David Sikora              Harry Blend                    Dana Whitman               Thelma Lipinsky
Harry Siegel              Ida Weisman               Anna L Eatenson                Charles Wolfe              Claire London
Iris Spira                                          Merle Ellman                                              Anne Pollock
Nettie Steiner            3/7/09/Adar 11, 5769 Pearl L Geller                      3/14/09/Adar 18, 5769 Laura Saffir
Annie W. Stone            Eleanor Brachman          Isaac I. Gross                 Beckie Giller              Benjamin Schultz
Ester Vaintrub            Max Charney               Louis Himelfarb                Harry Harris               Harold Shor
Edna Wolfson              Claire Shwiff Rosenberg   Samuel Levy                    Ida Heller                 Irving Slutzky
Morris B. Zale            Fellman                   Jake Michaelson                Pinney P. Horwitz          Marvin Veeder
                          Mandel Fisher             Daniel Miller                  Robert S. Kranz            Abner Wolgang
3/3/09/Adar 7, 5769       Thelma Reiss Gerson       Eva Margot Novis               Evelyn Wiss Lev
Fannie Roth Cohen         Helen Gluck               Frances R. Olsan               Frances Libby              3/18/09/Adar 22, 5769
Frieda Gindi              Sayde Goodstein           Isaac W Rashap                 Adrienne Solomon Mexic Malcha Breithbarth
Anna Golman               Freda Gordon              Reba Rose                      Florence Marlene Paul      Barbara Deutsch
Rose A. Heft              Ella Beren Hersch         Lena Rosenberg                 Morris Ries                Rosa Dunager
Cary J Hirschberg         Rose Hanenburg Hoffman George Rubin                      Rose Himelparb Rosenzweig Jerome Milton Eisner
Harry Katz                Jennie Jacobson           Jay Silberman                  John Rubin                 Fannie Hayman Evans
Lawrence Lewis            Albert Kanner             Maria Viroslav                 Rose Schwartz              Zvi Friedman
Bettie Nevelow            Wela Lewius               Nathan Yonack                  Nathan Stein               Berthold Furst
Minnie Pravorne           Sheba Litvin                                             Frank Toback               Dolores Kudish Gubin
Eva Aronson Rosenthal     Faiga Magram              3/11/09/Adar 15, 5769          Alyeda Weinstein           Victoria Kaufman
Jennie Schepps            Harriet M. Michaelson     Philip Benjamin                                           Fannie Kimmell
Lena Seltzer              Elayne M Olschwanger      Eva Landau Berlin              3/15/09/Adar 19, 5769 Jacob Kreitman
Fortunee Soriano          Myer Alexander Rabinowitz Helen Block                    Edith Judith Dubinsky      Alyce Ney
Sam Weiner                Sadie Riseman             Harold Cohen                   Samuel Esquenazi           Alvin F Ploss
Rose Weinreb              Eli Schepps               Bess S Goldstein               Vicotr Evron               Rose Rubin
Anna Golman Weinstein     Sam Loeb Sikora           Edwin W Goodman                Jerome Feldman             Julius Sergay
Sally Weltman             Yankel Topchyck           Ronald Hoffman                 Albert Heydemann           Rae Sigel
                          Allen S. Wohlner          Ruby Hayman Kahn               Brina Hirshon              Abraham Wunsch
3/4/09/Adar 8, 5769       William Ziegler           Clara Kissner                  Arthur V. Jayson
Philip Brown                                        Walter Ernest Peterson         Grace Laves                3/19/09/Adar 23, 5769
Goldie Chetzron           3/8/09/Adar 12, 5769 Abraham Rosenzweig                  Gladys Ann (Topletz) Levin Rose Appel
Cecil Flax                Herbert Brenner           Ann Rebecca Ross               Dora Perlstein             Beryl Levin Arbury
Robert Goldman            Simon M. Brotkin          Libby Barish Rutchik           Ben Rosenberg              Louis E. Goldberg
Archie Goodman            William Daiches           Zelda Mary Schackman           Bernard Siegel             Evelyn Benjamin Grant
Harry Landsberg           Morris Martin Geifman     Joseph Shapiro                 Esther Traub               Leonord Greenberg
Richard H. Nathan         Jacob Jack Grant          Alfred Shwiff                  Goldie Wolzenger           Alan Kantor
Morris Prager             Sara Hamlin               Paul Weinberg                                             Ada Leshin
Dora Romotsky             Gussie Kaplan                                            3/16/09/Adar 20, 5769 Sara Ann Levy
Morris F Rosenberg        Benjamin B. Levin         3/12/09/Adar 16, 5769          Robert Andrew Abramoff Isaac Savariego
Marvin Sutker             Joseph Levine             Frances Wolfe Garber           Harry Abramson
Annie Kupferberg Turner   Rose Mandleker            Joseph Hammer                  Bruce Bloom                3/20/09/Adar 24, 5769
                          Abe Meyer                 Franklin James Jim”” Harberg   Ely Cohen                  Bertha Hoffman Burk
3/5/09/Adar 9, 5769       Louis Meyers              Irwin Helfand                  Bessie Cohn                Birdie Cohn
Louis M. Bloom            Isadore Nelson            Phillip N Landa                Ann Fryefield              Sarah Ida Kriss
Anna Rae Friedman         Harry Siegel              Agar Levin                     Dorothy Goldstein          Clarisa Ludmir
Margie Gould              David Staffin             Mike Michaelson                Celia Feinberg Harris      Tillie Dorothy Rosenberg
Florence Greenhut         Rebecca Goldman Topletz Minnie Pulman                    Allen Hendelman            Sam Sablosky
Charlotte K Lehr          Jack Tycher               Michael M. Sigel               Sylvia Landa               Lillian Ziegler
Ida Makarovsky            Ann Wiesenfeld            Jack Solomon                   Matvey Lapatukhin

3/21/09/Adar 25, 5769       William Svidlow               3/31/09/Nisan 6, 5769          Mary Miller        Phil Michaelson
Mary Fusske                 Lucille Tycher                Grace Boeck                    Samuel Passel      Joe Smookler
Suri L. Gasina                                            Elizabeth Boukans              Abe Shugerman      Anna Wolgang
Adolph Hacker               3/26/09/Nisan 1, 5769         Harry Budman                   Harry Veeder       Emil Zisow
Zippora Hoffman             Harold Bloom                  Leon Fire Cizon                                   Hyman Isidore Zweig
Rachel Rae Hoffner          Esther Schaffer Heifetz       Eva Toby Eisenberg      4/6/09/Nisan 12, 5769
Sam Laves                   Rosa Kabaker                  Eli Gindi               Bertha Cizon              4/12/09/Nisan 18, 5769
Eva G. Levinson             Meyer Karsevar                Jeanette Gloria Blend Kaplan
                                                                                  Isidor Cohen              Oscar Burke
Richard H. London           Morris Levine                 Nathan Rosen            Sarah Cohen               Angela Chernick
David Meisel                Sarah (Sadie) Kleinman        Abraham Silvergold      Ervin Donsky              Florence Corekin
Morris Pickoff              Horner Liberman               Rose Smiley             Ceil Frank                Bernice B. Dunievitz
Louis Rubin                 Al Meyers                     Marta Lynn Ungerman     Ruth Goodman              Hyman Golman
Morris E. Rubin             Louis Rosen                                           Abraham E. Lampert        Walter Greenblatt
Samuel Salk                 Max Rothschild                4/1/09/Nisan 7, 5769 Morris Newberg               Abe Lax
Helman Setzer               Jeffrey Schweig               Morris Fried            Anne Cohen Prenovitz      Chaya Sarah Rothschild
Robert B. Slaton            Jake Simon                    James Gerber            Hillel Price              Nathan Leon Siegel
Harry Stolar                Harry Wilonsky                Juliet R. Goldberg      Morissa G. Schatz
                            Morris Wise                   Rakhil Goldman          Leah Pomerantz Sheiness   4/13/09/Nisan 19, 5769
3/22/09/Adar 26, 5769                                     Anna Kirschner          Ida Silberman             Selma Schlachter Benson
Marshall Jay Altman         3/27/09/Nisan 2, 5769         Eugene Oscherwitz       Sussie Peker Wexler       Nathan Bernstein
Louis Charne                Michael Jay Ballas            Sara S. Rosen                                     Marcia Corekin
Pearl Hoffman               Alan Jay Blatt                Golda Siegel            4/7/09/Nisan 13, 5769     Edwin H. Friedman
Abraham Herbert Jacobs      Pearl Cohen                   Sidney Traurig          Rae Beren                 A. Leon Goldman
Harry Kissner               Ethel Finstein                Fannie Shapiro Utay     Jennie Blatt Bock         Russell D. Greenfeld
Sylvia Kalin Lauer          Elihu Gardner                 Roza Volina             Abe Honey Donsky          Tom M. Kesner
Anna Leach                  Harriet Dorothy Golding                               Joe Harari                Herman Ladowitz
Sarah Rosenfeld             George Migicovsky             4/2/09/Nisan 8, 5769 Ted Konn                     David Edward Pardo
Lena Rubin                  Jennie Pachter                Morrey Barak            Isadore Luterman          Nelson Parker
Micki Schneider             Esther Rubenstein             Jean Book               Dora Nidriger             Rose Stachowitz
Janie Liebs Utay            Ben Sadovnick                 Kenneth Goodman         Max Prushansky            Levi Topletz
Isaac S. Vogel              Max Thalheimer                Florence D. Kagen       Henry Rotklein            Gene Tow
                                                          Ida Cobbel Millstone    Hymen Wilensky
3/23/09/Adar 27, 5769       3/28/09/Nisan 3, 5769         Henry Rosenzweig                                  4/14/09/Nisan 20, 5769
Nettie S. Brenner           Gilbert Fleischer             Roxie Susman            4/8/09/Nisan 14, 5769     Max Brustein
Arnold A. Jaffe             Helen Golden                  William Zale            Karen Kenter Blumberg     Louise Furst
Irvin Kaplan                Nathaniel Grinnell                                    Schmil Z. Chencinski      Sophie S. Goodman
Zalman Magram               Irwin Grodin                  4/3/09/Nisan 9, 5769 Isaac Cooper                 Jacob Hill
Margaruite E. Mandell       Nathan Magilow                Ignacy Borejdo          Harry Etengoff            Goldie Tills
Hugo Oppenheim              Bess Rovin                    Hana Dancygier          Leah Marks                Gussie Waldman
Mary Beth Silverman         Jack Ruback                   Leo Louis Engel         Karl Schraub              Britt Wikman
Harry Simon                 Harry Rubin                   Ruth A. Gardner         Morris Thum
Henry Spira                 Fannie Saks                   Esther Devora Golman                              4/15/09/Nisan 21, 5769
Jeanette Miriam Steabman    Frances Rashap Schuhalter     Annie Gruber            4/9/09/Nisan 15, 5769     Leon Schaeffer Aaron
                            Morris Shulkin                Linda Carol Hoppenstein Gabriel Dushman           Sadie Rudberg Blatt
3/24/09/Adar 28, 5769 Goldye Taper                        Nathan Lubroth          Sam Israel Fram           Mel Bruder
Monya R. Friedberg                                        Eleanor R. Silverman    Dora Kovsky               Irving M. Goodman
Shulamith Glikman           3/29/09/Nisan 4, 5769         Theodore M. Solomon     Jack Manes                Rose Prager
Rose Harris                 Fannie Helen Cerper Angrist   Bertha Stein            Miriam Melnick            Florence Richman
Telsa S. Nelson             Ruth Bloom                    Isidore Stern           Sol Rothschild            Enrique Rosenstock
Bernard B. Rosenblatt       Gloria Faye Brustein          Nathan Winkler          Isaac Seltzer             Sarah Ellen Pravorne Schneider
Hannah Rosenblum            Sylvan Harry Brustein         Claire Katzman Wohlner  Sylvia Simon              Aaron Schwartz
Charles Shapiro             Bessie Ruback Cizon                                   Melvin Zerowin            Robert Wilonsky
Pauline Sheinberg           Bertha Katz                   4/4/09/Nisan 10, 5769
Sidney Smiley               Bernard Mazlish               Isadore J. Angrist      4/10/09/Nisan 16, 5769    4/16/09/Nisan 22, 5769
Zelda Tobias                Phil Schnee                   Esther Cohen            Adolph Austein            Larry S. Hacker
J. B. (Jerry) Wolens        Yichiel Schwartz              Felice Engelberg        Milton Falk               Rose Landsberg
Mortimer Zimmerman          Jerome B. Tobias              Hyman Friedman          Irving Gubin              Henry Morchower
                            Annie S. Utay                 Harry Gremm             Sol H. Kaplan             Victor Raboy
3/25/09/Adar 29, 5769 Hyman Weinstein                     Fannie A. Hogue         Abraham Rich              Cindy Saunders
Ben Ackerman                Max Wolens                    Ruth Julius             Marie Sardas              Reuben Kaplan Utay
Max Biderman                                              Samuel Mack             Joe Scott
Ruth M. Cohen               3/30/2009/Nisan 5, 5769       Edna Rashap             Hattie Levy Sheridan      4/17/09/Nisan 23, 5769
Hyman Doulman               Minnie Crasnick               Isadore Ratner                                    Isaak Emmett
Stuart Samuel Gottlieb      Pearl Emmett                  Minnie Rolnick          4/11/09/Nisan 17, 5769    Leonard Allen Gaspar
Sarah Ethel Latcher Iwanier Herbert Ralph Gallant         Jenny Rubin             Dawn Sandra Abro          Marvin H. Krockover
Dorothy Kaner               Fannie Fred Jacobs            Samantha Lauren Sweet Charles Berman              Murray Saffran
Anne Levy                   Daniel Ben Kohn               Oscar Tanenbaum         Beatrice Cohen            Milton Singer
Fannye B. Levy              Emanuel I. Mohl               Rose Todes              Goldie Cohen              Burton H. Sokolsky
Samuel Lipchitz             Isadore Schwartz                                      Helen Comess              Walter Staples
George Lobell               Laverne Siegel                4/5/09/Nisan 11, 5769 Irvin Jay Goldberg          Morris Stone
Max Michaelson              Lillian Lil Stein             Nina Bekker             Eddie Hans                Morris A. Wolfe
Bennie Rosenbaum            Samuel Waltzer                Lia Goren               Jenny Levy                Helen Wolkow
Pearl G. Schaffer           Tamara Zeitman                Orvin David Katz        Barry Litt

4/18/09/Nisan 24, 5769  Jacob Biderman           Jacob Horowitz           Sheldon Lifshen           Dorothy Gertrude Goott
Clare Rae Blatt         Joel Biderman            Bruce Kaner              Harry Lizzack             Warren Malcom Pomerance
Irving Book             Schachna Biderman        Max Marashinsky          Eleanor Newman            Albert Prescott
Roberta Laper           Simcha Biderman          Herman Sheft             Edythe Reimann            David Schrott
Bertha Litman           Sura Biderman            Heniek Sztybel           Isaac Sobel               Ruby Utay Smith
Max Pachter             Yankel Biderman          Belle Rose Zuckerman     Louis Swanger             William Aaron Waldman
David Lazaar Rosenhouse Fay Endick                                        Ella Weiss                Margaret Helen Weston
Bernard Rothschild      Rose Gappelberg          4/24/09/Nisan 30, 5769                             Sonny Wilder
Golda Ann Ruback        Uscher Gronner           Phyllis Mae Betcher      4/28/09/Iyar 4, 5769
Jacob Moses Rudberg     Evelyn Harris            Julius S. Brauman        Rebecca Beerman
Jerry Howard Stitsky    Cheel Mandelzys          Ethel Fenson             Michael Chapman
                        Golda Mandelzys          Ronald Fishman           Abram Lewis Geller
4/19/09/Nisan 25, 5769 Josel Mandelzys           Ruth Heydeman            Bertha Goldstein
Isaac Ballas            Perelka Mandelzys        Many Juskowitz           Annie Hainebach
Sam N. Ballas           Harry S. Morchower       Eli Stein                Roslyn Stern Handwerker
Lois G. Karsevar        David Prengler           Jack Whitman             Richard Kollinger
Mary M. Kesner          Chana Rappoport                                   Nathan Levy
Stanley Raskin          Israel Rappoport         4/25/09/Iyar 1, 5769     Allen Meinstein
Nettie Sukenic          Matusha Rappoport        David Bloom              Irene Nevelow
                        Harry M. Susman          Ben Cohen                Jules Edward Pollock
4/20/09/Nisan 26, 5769 Beatrice Svidlow          Miles K. Cohen           Jacqueline Rose
Hyman Berman                                     Joseph Dancygier         Seymour Schneider
Gertrude (Trudy) Bogart 4/22/09/Nisan 28, 5769   Raymond Edelman
Louis Gallin            Leah Beerman             Shirley Nadelman         4/29/09/Iyar 5, 5769
Bertha Lipson Harelik   Myer M. Bloom            Rosa Wolf                Estelle Beiban
Herman Kalin            Floyd (Feivush) Estess                            Nathan Felczer
Herman Louis Kless      Sam A. Fink              4/26/09/Iyar 2, 5769     Dorothy Kleinman
Norman Lowenberg        Sadye G. Frankel         Tobe Freudenreich        Rachel Levy
Goldie Sagalowsky       Phil Goldberg            Arno Goetz               Rose Rosenfeld Polakoff
                        Sarah Rich Gorchow       Lena Goldstein           Joseph Scheib
4/21/09/Nisan 27, 5769 Bernard B. Horwitz        Marcel Josephson         Isadore Shwarts
Edith Bernstein         Sylvia Kleinman          Jules Schor              Alfred Stoler
Alta Leja Biderman      Julius Shapiro                                    Berish Torenhajm
Fajwel Biderman         Jack Spector             4/27/09/Iyar 3, 5769     Hinda Torenhajm
                        4/23/09/Nisan 29, 5769   Mina Fischman            Mindel Zeitel Vaiser
                        Irene Shallom Aptekar    Clara Hacker             4/30/09/Iyar 6, 5769
                        Margaret Ann Freedman    Betty B. Kansas          Sara Bazbaz
                        Herbert Hoffner                                   William Fishman
                                                                          Frank Friedman

                                         Thank You, Tootsie and Peter Fonberg!
                                        There are many things for which we can thank Peter Fonberg, (as well
                                        as Tootsie and their family). The most recent is the wonderful artwork
                                        that hangs in the Fonberg Family Chapel. When one walks into the
                                        chapel, one’s eye is immediately drawn to the striking art work on the
                                        east wall.
                                        After the beautiful chapel was completed, Peter wanted to find
                                        something to complement the design of the room with its many
                                        interesting angles. He began to look for something “unique and
                                        colorful in different heights” and, working with art consultant Shawn
                                        Miller-Mandell, he found renowned Phoenix-based artist John Douglas
                                        who is known for his vibrant abstract paintings on multi-dimensional
                                        services. Mr. Douglas’ imagination and style provided the expression
                                        for which Peter was searching.
                                        Peter shared the initial design with Rabbi Gershon who suggested
   adding some “Jewish feeling.” Peter and Rabbi Menashe then worked together to convey ideas to the
   artist. The result, all the more remarkable because Mr. Douglas is not Jewish, was “Sheva” illustrating
   the seven species of Israel that now hangs in the Fonberg Family Chapel. The work richly uses a complex
   layering of colors and imagery and can be enjoyed from wherever one is sitting in the chapel.
   This amazing gift was born of Peter Fonberg’s dedication to Shearith Israel and of his desire to enhance his
   beloved synagogue for generations to come.

                                               In memoriam
Adele Abany, mother of Lily Levy, Isaac (Annie) Levy, Gilbert Levy and Irene (Abe) Goldberg; grandmother of Soline
Levy, Jeff Goldberg, Gary Goldberg, Dan (Kate) Goldberg and David (Kari) Goldberg; great-grandmother of Laura and
Tiara Levy, Caleb and Liora Goldberg and Alexis, Samantha and Abigail Goldberg.
Robert Aronson, husband of Linda Aronson; father of Wendy and Al Brien, Marcia and Dr. Bruce Friedman and Michael
and Cristina Aronson; brother of Edgar and Nancy Aronson; step-father of Maria and Bill Higgins, William and Mandy
Olver and Stephen Olver; grandfather of Andy and Jenny Friedman, Emily Brien and Brian, Rachel and Alex Aronson;
step-grandfather of William, Kevin, Thomas and Erika Olver and Brandon Olver.
Michelle Aurbach, wife of Dr. Justin Aurbach; daughter of Sally Jo Weiss; mother of Leslie Ferguson, Jennifer Aurbach,
Stephanie Aurbach and Allison Aurbach; sister of Nancy Coplin, James (Jennifer) Weiss and Herbert (Patty) Weiss;
grandmother of Jacquelyn and Kathryn Ferguson.
Idella Beerman Avnet Barshop, sister of Rebecca Beerman Shapiro, aunt of Lia Shapiro-Felix, Joyce Shapiro, Sandy
Kahn Dillon and Linda Kahn Gunther; cousin of Charles (Janine) Pulman.
Mary Danon, wife of Nissam Danon; mother of Gregg Danon (Jeri Hunter) and Stephanie (Alan) Turkel; grandmother
of Scott Orlowsky, Jeffrey Orlowsky and Lindsey Turkel.
David D. Davis, son of Gladys Davis; father of David Neil (Felicia) Davis, Jason Brian Davis and Lori Theresa Knigge;
brother of Gordon (Joyce) Davis and Susan Davis; grandfather of Jaclynn, Katelyn, Tyler Johnathan, Cassandra and
Brittany; great-grandfather of Zaiden; uncle of Ben and Brandy.
Ida Rose Deutsch, sister of Toby Passel; mother of Joan (Stephen) Herczeg, Barbara (Kurt) Gayle and Steven (Carol
Levin) Deutsch; grandmother of Larissa, Gregory and Jonathan Herczeg, Ruth (Chris Lakerdas) Gayle, Alisa Gayle and
Joshua Deutsch; great-grandmother of Joey and Sam Lakerdas-Gayle.
Mira Feldman, wife of Nat Feldman; mother of Donna Feldman and Ira (Karen) Feldman; grandmother of Julia and Jack
Feldman; aunt of Lauri (Irving) Prengler and Ann (Larry) Stern.
Sender Fleschler, husband of Sala Fleschler; father of Sammy (Dr. Robin) Fleschler and Dr. Mark (Diane) Fleschler;
grandfather of Dr. Melissa (Martin) Peskin, Dr. Heather Fleschler, Lindsay Fleschler, Michelle (Douglas) Berger, Jonathan
Fleschler and Lauren Fleschler.
Sarah Friedman, wife of the late Herbert Friedman; mother of Karen (Marty) Sosland and the late Rosalind Friedman;
grandmother of Elissa and Marshall Sosland.
Evelyn Genecov, mother of Barbara (Jay) McCorkle and Samuel Genecov; grandmother of Lorri (Albert) Esquenazi;
great-grandmother of Shana, Jourdan and Zachary Esquenazi.
Joel J. Jones, husband of Shirley Jones; father of Judy (Bob) Yonack, Helene (Henry) Strauss, Idell (Simon) Wider,
Roslyn Goldfarb-Wagner, Rachel (Randy) Meltzer and Cheryl Jones; grandfather and great-grandfather of 16.
Esther Leventhal, mother of Victor (Diane) Leventhal and Harry (Judi) Leventhal; grandmother of Nicole, Ashley, Keith
(Sivy), Julie and Amanda Leventhal; lifelong friend of Irma Freudenreich.
Esther Livingston, mother of Ed (Eve Guth) Livingston and Helen (Bill) Ross; grandmother of Elizabeth, Kenneth and
Sarah Livingston and Alia (Earl) Rolley and Garrett Ross; great-grandmother of Miles, Austin and Shepard.
Ida Bell Miller, mother of Mark (Ronna) Miller and Karen (Jack) Lee; grandmother of Diane, Evan and Samuel Lee,
Shawn Miller and Evan Tepper, Ashley and Mathew Pfeffer; sister-in-law of Sam (Judy) Cooper and Bob Aronson.
David Mizrahi, husband of Judy Bartley Mizrahi; father of Ronald (Amy) Mizrahi, Steven (Faye) Mizrahi and Dennis
(Betsy) Mizrahi; grandfather of Hannah, Eli, Mordechai, Hanna, Raphael, Rachel and Evelyn; brother of Charles (Ginette)
Mizrahi and Deborah (Alan) Katz; uncle of Roland (Gail) Mizrahi, Beth Mizrahi and Karen (Cantor Eliot) Vogel.
Gladys Milchman Pressman, mother of Sharon (Joe) Einig, Anita (David) Kboudi and Steven (Rhonda) Pressman;
grandmother of Jeffrey Green, Genie Green (Taylor) Miller, Hope Green (Trey) Loyd, Sandi Green (Brian) Kimmel,
Michael (Toni) Kboudi, Jason (Simone) Kboudi and Stacy Kboudi (Ran) Dori; great-grandmother of Jake and Whitney
Loyd, Isabella Miller, Noah Loyd, Aiden, Jillian and Grayson Kboudi, Caroline Kboudi and Daniel and Gabriel Dori.
Fredric Rosemore, husband of Marion Rosemore; father of Andrew (Evelyn) Rosemore, Lance Rosemore, Martha
Greenberg, Susan (Macon) Gravlee and Margaret (David) Freeman; grandfather of 13 grandchildren, including Carly
and Jennifer Rosemore, Justin (Avigail) Rosemore and Shannon (Danny) Sheena; great-grandfather of 10 great-
Jack Schwartz, husband of Helen Schwartz; father of David (Laurie) Schwartz, Steven (Debbie) Schwartz and Lynn
(Patti) Schwartz; grandfather of Greg Schwartz, Brian (Micole) Schwartz, Josh (Katie) Schwartz, Jodi (Adam) Todd,
Emily Schwartz, Jordan Schwartz, Rachel Schwartz and Elliott Schwartz; brother-in-law of Lowell (Marnie) Dushman and
Frank Singer; great-grandfather of 5 great-grandchildren.
Philip Sheinberg, husband of Nancy Sheinberg; father of Lori (Peter) Durbin, Michael (Tricia) Sheinberg, Joan (Geoff)
Amidei and Sam (Carrie) Sheinberg; brother of Israel (Betty Sue) Sheinberg, Gloria Swann, Bayla (Harvey) Biskin and
Joseph (Ruth) Sheinberg; grandfather of Sara Durbin, AJ Sheinberg, Jake Sheinberg, Isabella Amidei and Nora Amidei.
Judy Ungerman, wife of Arthur Ungerman; mother of Josh (Ellen) Ungerman and Dana (Irv) Bisnov; grandmother of
Sloan and Samantha Ungerman and Benji and Ali Bisnov.
Eugenia (Genie) Solka Weitzman, wife of Herbert Weitzman; mother of Esther (Michael) Meyers and Michelle (Jared)
Caplan; grandmother of Lea and Abby Meyers and Hannah and Emily Caplan; daughter of Rose Solka; sister of Ruth
(Andrew) Bramley and Jack (Davie Lou) Solka.

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