Cool Rooms & Freezer Rooms

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					                                               Cool Rooms &
                                               Freezer Rooms

                                                                 Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms for :

                                                             ¯   Industry

                                                             ¯   Process Cooling & Freezing

                                                             ¯   Warehousing & Storage

                                                             ¯   Products

         Refrigerated rooms can be provided for temperatures
         ranging from +40°C to -40°C with the control of relative
         humidity to suit the products being processed or stored.

         Prefabricated insulated panels are used for the erection
         of refrigerated rooms.

         Refrigerated rooms can be provided as a complete
         structure with roof and drainage.

         Concrete and/or insulated floors can be installed to suit
         the required temperature and application.

         Sliding and/or hinged doors with clear strip curtains can be provided to suit your requirements.

         Refrigeration systems with room temperature control can be engineered to reduce the product
         temperature or as a holding room.

         Defrosting system is dependant on the temperature required : Hot Gas; Air; Electric and Water
         systems are available.

         Non-Ozone depleting refrigerants are used in “HEUCH” Refrigeration systems.

         Select “HEUCH REFRIGERATION” for :

         •   Any Application.                     •    Turn Key’ Installation.
         •   Engineered Systems                   •    Full Service & Maintenance
         •   Reliable Equipment
         •   Engineering experience supporting each installation since 1970.

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