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					                                         Sunday Times
                                         Sunday 25/1/2009
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                                         Section: Escape
                                         Region: Perth Circulation: 320,000
                                         Type: Capital City Daily
                                         Size: 452.84 sq.cms.
                                         Frequency: ------S

ESCAPES                                         VICTORIA
                                                                                  winemaker Garth Noonan took us
                                                                                  through the entire range of wines,
                                                                                  complete with commentary on how

Cool drops                                                                        they were made and the differences
                                                                                  between the vintages and the styles
                                                                                  of  wines. The Red Hill Estate
                                                                                  Chardonnay (2006) proved every bit
                                                                                  as good as expected.

                                                                                  MONTALTO VINEYARD
                                                                                  This picturesque property of vine-
                                                                                  yards, olive groves, streams, sculp-
                                                                                  ture gardens and wetlands provided
                                                                                  the quintessential Mornington back-
                                                                                  drop for a winery lunch, including a
                                                                                  complimentary "wine flight" of

the palate
                                                                                  Montalto's sophisticated chardon-
                                                                                  nay range.
                                                                                  RED HILL COOL STORE
                                                                                  Complimentary tastings of olive oil
                                                                                  and wines were on offer at this
                                                                                  charming store, where owner and
                                                                                  local artist Gillian Haig's passion for
ANDREW McUTCHEN SAMPLES A NEW CARD THAT LEADS                                     art and local produce was evident in
TO A WINE AND FOOD WONDERLAND                                                     every corner. Ms Haig opened our
                                                                                  minds to the sweet sweet world of
GOING undercover has its advan-          more than 30,000 wine, food and          wine and chocolate matching with
tages. It meant I could tour the best    travel experiences across key Austral-   an unusual trio of coffee, a cinna-
of the Mornington Peninsula's food       ian wine and food regions.               mon blend of dark chocolate and
and wine producers for the purpose           Search the site free to craft an     lastly an Elgee Park chardonnay.
of writing    a   story without my       itinerary including visiting a winery    PERIDOT LAKE ESTATE
dictaphone and notebook in hand.         for a degustation lunch, staying         Originally a dairy farm, then a
  In their place was a freshly minted    overnight at a secluded retreat,         vineyard with tearooms and trout
vi sit member-             sampling homemade chocolates or          fishing, the estate has resolved its
ship card, which accompanies             playing golf.                            identity crisis with its present incar-,    an      online                                             nation as a quality European restau-
resource for food and wine travellers.
                                            On Victoria's Mornington Penin-       rant. The tastes of Greece plate with
                                         sula, more than 70 businesses are        saganaki, whitebait and olives,
  With the card I was connected          already involved - from wineries,
with chief winemakers upon arrival,                                               which is exclusive to visitvineyards
                                         breweries, restaurants and food pro-     .com members, was a savoury treat.
given access to the top drops - not      ducers, to art galleries, spas and
just the $20 price points - at cellar                                             SARTAIN'S AT MORNINGTON
doors and more than once was plied       accommodation providers.
                                                                                  Nestled in a garden setting within an
with rubberwood boards of local              My partner and I set out with        expansive 4ha country property,
cheeses, tapenades and fresh pro-        elastic-waisted pants to fit as many     Sartain's At Mornington seemed just
duce.                                    member-related offers as we could        the respite we needed. But what was, which              into one day. Here goes:                 on the dressing table when we
opened in June last year, aims to        RED HILL ESTATE                          entered? A bottle of local wine and a
showcase the best Australia has to       I booked our          tasting platter of local treats reserved
offer to an increasingly discerning      member experience the day before         for members!
travelling public.                       (as advised), so when we presented       Nooooooooo. We fought the card
  The website has already pooled         the card at the cellar door bar, chief   and the card won.

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                                      Sunday Times
                                      Sunday 25/1/2009
                                      Page: 26                                                   Page 2 of 2
                                      Section: Escape
                                      Region: Perth Circulation: 320,000
                                      Type: Capital City Daily
                                      Size: 452.84 sq.cms.
                                      Frequency: ------S

MERRICKS STORE                         Vineyard and Quealy Wines.             February 28. Members receive a card
Reinvented by its new owners to                                               to present at venues and a booklet of
resemble an old-fashioned wine              GO                                sample offers. Buy memberships at
store, Merricks provided a thorough                                  or from
wine tasting and complimentary                                                preferred resellers and partner
glass of wine with our chosen meal, a foundation members can join at a        businesses
board of local cheeses and fresh-cut special introductory rate of $49 for a
apples. The General Store is now the year, 50 per cent off the standard
cellar door for Elgee Park, Baillieu annual rate. Offer is available until

                                Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) licenced copy                                   Ref: 46425211

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