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Cool Beauty
The jane iredale Spring 2009 collection

Cool beauty is hot - especially this spring with
aqua, the colour of crystal clear water all over the
runways. Each azure-hued eye was complemented by
delicate pink and nude lips and a soft complexion.
These clean uplifting colours remind us of days on
the beach with balmy breezes and the taste of salt
on our lips. Days when everything seemed in balance.
Now Jane s new collection says that once again there s
no need to compromise health for beauty. That it s
cool to care what we use on our bodies. It s cool to
appreciate our natural world. It s cool to be green.
Image as seen in Oyster Magazine, April-May 2009
Chill out                      this Spring with Cool Beauty - the brand new collection from jane
iredale. Once again, this collection says that beauty can be cool and fit right in with our desire for
healthy living
NEW Mini-Matte Finish Powder
Sudden touch-ups have never been easier or more chic than with jane iredale s new
Mini-Matte Finish Powder. Apply before or after foundation to guarantee a shine-free
complexion all day long. Rice starch soothes skin and cuts shine without leaving a          NEW Erin and Julia Pure Moist Lip Colours
cakey residue while minerals help to improve coverage and are water repellent.              PureMoist LipColour is the ideal finish to this season s cool inspired look. Erin,
                                                                                            a soft pink perfect for spring s dreamy look, and Julia, a universally flattering
                                                                                            nude, round off the Cool Beauty collection with a simple, but sexy pout. Jojoba
                                                                                            and grape seed extracts heal and soothe while conditioning, and edible zinc
                                        Key ingredients:
                                                                                            provides broad spectrum SPF protection.
                                            Rice starch - soothes the skin and cuts shine
                                            Dimethicone - improves coverage without
                                                                                            Key Ingredients:
                                           adding heaviness
                                                                                                Jojoba Esters - hydrating
                                                                                                Grape Seed Extract - soothes lips and assists
                                        Retail Tips:                                          in healing
                                             The ultimate trend driven product for your
                                           fashion savvy clients                            Retail tips:
                                            Perfect compact to keep handy for touch-           A conditioning lipstick with SPF protection
                                           ups to cut shine and control oil                    Leaves a fresh mint vanilla taste on lips while
                                                                                              providing lasting colour
                                            Upsell with D20 Hydration Spray and the
                                                                                               Up-sell with jane iredale Lip Definers and
                                           Retractable Handi Brush                            Sugar&Butter lip exfoliant or Pure Gloss

                                        CODE MP11626                                        CODES
                                        RRP $54                                             LC17061 (Erin)
                                                                                            LC17062 (Julia)
                                                                                            RRP $40
NEW Azure PurePressed Triple Eyeshadow                                                   NEW Pinot Noir Eye Liner
Azure PurePressed Triple Eye Shadow is a stunning addition to your cool spring           This rich shade worthy of its namesake, will saturate the lash line with
colours. Three rich shades that capture the essence of the deep sea - a wearable         dense, bright pigment making lashes appear longer. A makeup artist staple,
greyish-green with a subtle shimmer, a deep, matte aqua hue and a soft, shimmery         jane iredale Liquid Eye Liners are latex-free, yet apply beautifully without
taupe can be used alone or in different combinations.                                    effort and last well into the evening.

                                 Key Ingredients:                                        Key Ingredients:
                                    Boron Nitride - the rolls royce of                       Rosemary Leaf Extract - antioxidant
                                 minerals                                                    Xanthan Gum - stabiliser
                                   with light diffusing qualities
                                    Pine Bark Extract - strong antioxidant

                                                                                         Retail tips:
                                 Retail tips:                                                Creates definition of the eyes
                                     The perfect combination of shades to mix               Crease free, smudge proof and long lasting colour
                                    or use alone                                             Up-sell with Longest Lash Mascara and Lash
                                     A crease-free and long-wearing eye                  Conditioner
                                                                                         CODE S14904
                                      Up-sell with jane iredale Lid Primer and           RRP $39
                                    Longest Lash Mascara

                                 CODE EST13517
                                 RRP $51

                                            NEW Aquamarine 24-Karat Gold Dust
                                            This delicate shimmer powder uses mica to make eyes pop for a look that is
                                            Key Ingredients: Bump up your every day makeup or keep it tucked away
                                            sexy, yet sophisticated.                                                                    POSTAGE
                                                 24-Karat Gold Leaf
                                            for that special occasion.
                                                 Mica - provides shimmer and easy gliding                                                 TOTAL
                                            CODE GD11208
                                            RRP $27

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