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MERINO/BASELAYERS                                   FLEECE                                            ACCESSORIES                                         PACKS
4-6   Merino                                        22-25 Thermal, Windproof                          40    Mountain Designs Socks                        54,55 Source® Hydration Packs
7     KÜHL Merino                                                                                     41    Horizon Socks                                 56    Mammut Packs
8     Mission Playground Merino                     SOFTSHELL                                         42    Headwear                                      57    Keen Bags
9     Deluxe, Polypro, Kids                         26,27 Softshell                                   43    Gloves
                                                                                                                                                          SLEEPING BAGS
LIGHTWEIGHT                                         SHELLWEAR                                         PACKS                                               58,59  Down Sleeping Bags
10-12  Travel                                       28,29 Shellwear                                   44      BAR Harness System                          60     Synthetic Sleeping Bags
13     Trekking                                     30    Travel, Urban                               45      Alpine                                      61     Adventure Stories
14,15  Active                                       31    Insulated                                   46-48   Travel
16,17  Climbing                                     32,33 Designing, Developing & Testing             49      Travel, Hybrid                              TENTS
18     Organic Cotton Tees                                                                            50      Outdoor                                     62,63 Sub Atomic, Overland
19     KÜHL Apparel                                 FOOTWEAR/WALKING POLES                            51      Urban
20     Columbia Apparel                             34,35 Source®                                     52      Adventure Racing, Hydration                 CLIMBING
21     Partner                                      36    Columbia                                                                                        64     Mountain Designs Heritage
                                                    37    Keen                                        ACCESSORIES                                         65     Singing Rock Climbing
                                                    38    Raichle                                     53    Towels, Totes, Travel Accessories             66, 67 Mammut Climbing
                                                    39    KOHLA poles                                                                                     68     Terms & Conditions, Store Addresses

Summer approaches. Are you ready?
The temperatures are rising, and cool chill of      introduce some leading international brands       Mission Playground, that will keep you looking      inspired to tackle the outdoors! So whether you
Winter is fast becoming but a distant memory.       exclusive to Mountain Designs, such as Kühl,      good and living well.                               are a gear junky or just enjoy getting out there,
And with the new season’s warmth comes a            Mission Playground and Source®. Source®                                                               sit down relax and check out our new exclusive
new world for us to discover once more. The         hails from Israel and as a company has a goal     Summer brings us much excitement here at            gear for places you’d rather be…
playground of the outdoors is alive yet again and   to produce reliable, environmentally-friendly     Mountain Designs as we have been engineering
willing us to explore it.                           products with the longest possible life-span      and testing many new products that we will be       As we all know life is short so at Mountain
                                                    and the best value for money. Whatever your       launching this season. From our robust new pack     Designs we hope to inspire you to get out there,
Just like you, we love exploring, and we have       destination in the outdoors or wherever your      range, which has been tried and tested to the       get amongst it, and really live!
traveled the continents to discover the best        active lifestyle takes you, we know you’ll love   limits, to innovative new fabrics incorporated in
new products for you. We are very excited to        our new exclusive merino ranges from Kühl and     our clothing lines, we know that you too will be
                        QUALIT Y GUARANTEE                                                                                                                Technologies, Inc. The KEEN logo is a registered trademark of KEEN LLC. HybridLife™ and Hybrid.Transport™ are
                        Since our inception, Mountain Designs have been manufacturing outdoor gear of unequalled function and quality.                    trademarks of KEEN LLC. KüHL is a registered trademark of Alfwear Pty Ltd. Mission Playground is a registered
                        Products bearing our label carry our warranty against material and component defects and faulty workmanship.                      trademark of Mission Playground inc. Horizon is a registered trademark of Horizon Leisure Products Ltd. Kohla Tirol is a
                        We reserve the right to repair or replace genuine claims made by the original purchaser, at the discretion of the                 registered trademark of Ibex Sport Equipment.
                        Mountain Designs manufacturing division.
                        The Mountain Designs Warranty does not cov damage caused by accidents, mechanical damage, improper care, fair
                                                                    cover                                                                                 THANKS
                        wear and tear, and natural breakdown beyond the reasonable life of the materials, workmanship and components.                     Printing: Kudos Colour
                        GORE-TEX® garments are covered by the global GORE-TEX® “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®“ promise.
                                                                    glob                                                                                  Creative and Studio Photography: mediamerchants
                                                                                                                                                                                                             l   d   ii
                                     Mountain Designs have a policy of continued development to improve all products seen in this catalogue.
                                                        We reserve the right to alter designs, colours, specifications and prices without notice.         WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
                                                                          All prices are RRP and GST inclusive. All weights are based on mid-             Send your story and photos to, and if we use them in our catalogues or newsletters, we’ll
                                                                                   sized models and should be used as a guide only.                       send you a $100 gift voucher. Visit the Club section of our website for contribution guidelines.
                                                                                     This catalogue is just a sample of the many products we
                                                                                     stock. Visit your nearest Mountain Designs store to see              PAPER & PRINTING INFO
                                                                                   our full range.                                                        The inside catalogue pages are RePrint 100% recycled offset paper which is 100% recycled fibre of which 90%+ is
                                                                                                                                                          derived from post consumer waste. This paper is ECO Mark Accredited and produced from Forestry Stewardship
                                                                             LEGAL                                                                        Council Accredited Mills (FSC). The cover Neo Satin material is Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.
                                                                              The Mountain Designs logo is a registered trademark of Mountain             Paper is a big consideration in the environmental-friendliness of a print job, however it is only part of the production
                                                                           Designs Pty Ltd. The Repel™ logos are trademarks of Mountain                   process. Ink, coatings, production techniques and waste management also play a major role.
                                                                      Desig Pty Ltd. GORE-TEX® ProShell, PACLITE®, WINDSTOPPER® &
                                                                      Designs                                                                             Our printer, Kudos Colour, uses only soy-based inks. Soy ink is a helpful component in paper recycling, as it can be
                                                                  “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®” are registered trademarks of WL Gore                      removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-inking process of recycling. The waste that is left from
                                                               & Associate Polartec®, Powerstretch® & Climate Control Fabrics® are registered
                                                                 Associates.                                                                              the soy ink during the de-inking process is not hazardous and it can be treated easily through modern waste treatment
                                                            trademarks of Polartec®, LLC. COOLMAX® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for               processes. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gasses from ink during the printing process. This is
                                                       performance fabric LYCRA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for premium stretch
                                                                      fabrics.                                                                            typically 15-20% using regular mineral-oil-based inks and the lithographic printing process. The soy-based inks and
                                                   fibres & fabrics. CORD
                                                                      CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics. CoCona,          printing methods used by Kudos reduce VOC emissions to under 3%.
                                               Inc. is a privately held Col
                                                                        Colorado company. All products that Mountain Designs have tagged or               This level is considered to be lower than that likely to have any impact on the environment. Kudos recycles all paper
                                            labelled with a UPF fabric ratrating has been independently tested by the Australian Radiation Protection     waste, aluminum printing plates (which are processed using recycled water), empty plastic ink cartridges, and wash
                                        and nuclear safety agency (ARP (ARPANSA) to ensure the UPF Rating. Woolmark® is a registered subsidiary           solvents.
                                    of the Australian Wool Innovation L     Limited. The Mammut & Raichle logos are registered trademarks of
                                Mammut Sports Group AG. Green Dot ™ Guarantee, A.R.T.2 ™, A.R.T.3 ™, A.R.T.4 ™, Glass Like ™, Bacteria                    WARNING
                             Free ™, Care Free ™, Taste Free ™, Grun Guard ™, Z-Valve ™, Storm-Valve ™, Widepac ™, Storganizer ™,
                                                                       Grunge                                                                             Rockclimbing, mountaineering and abseiling are potentially hazardous and dangerous activities.
                         Fast access ™, Weave Covered ™, Cool-dyn Cool-dynamic ™ are all trademarks of Source® Vagabond Systems. Source                   Before using any of the climbing gear in this catalogue:
                        ®, X-Strap ®, Durabag ® are all registered trade
                                                                      trademarks of Source® Vagabond Systems. X-Strap™ Strapping System,                  1. Make sure you fully understand the correct method of use.
                        Durabag ® Hydration Technology, Z-Valve™ a Storm-Valve™ are US and International registered patents of
                                                                            and                                                                           2. If written instructions are provided, make sure you read, understand and apply them correctly.
                        Source® Vagabond Systems. Minim Rip ™, O           Omni-Fresh ™, Aquatooth ™, Packus Ridge ™, Ocanto Peak ™, Pagora               3. If further advice is needed, make sure it is given by a certified instructor.
                        Mid ™, Beartooth ™, Ludaman Pass ™, Silve Ridge ™ and Cape Kiwanda ™ are trademarks of Columbia Sportswear
                                                                       Silver                                                                             4. Beware of any restrictions that may apply to certain activities in some areas.
                        Company. Omni-Tech ®, Omni-Grip® and Om         Omni-Dry® are registered trademarks of Columbia Sportswear Company.               Use of gear, without the relevant skills and instruction, could result in serious injury or death.
                        Vibram ® is a registered trademark of S.P.A of Italy. Dri-lex ® is a registered trademark of Faytex Corporation. Hydrofil         Use of gear is at your own risk.
                        ® nylon is a registered trademark of AlliedSigna Performance Fibers. AgION ® is a registered trademark of AgION

                                                                                                                      Store Addresses
                        QUEENSLAND                           ALBURY                                VICTORIA                              TRARALGON                       BUNBURY                                 CANBERRA DFO                      NEW ZEALAND
                                                             490 Dean St                                                                 Shop 1 South Side Central       21A Stephen St                          OUTLET
                        BRISBANE                                                                   MELBOURNE                                                                                                                                       AUCKLAND
                                                             (02) 6021 0133                                                              (03) 5174 4877                                                          Shop 139,
                                                                                                   373 Little Bourke St                                                  (08) 9791 9888                                                            Shop G20 Westfield
                        109 Albert St                                                                                                                                                                            337 Canberra Ave
                                                             BONDI JUNCTION                        (03) 9670 3354                        MOORABBIN                                                                                                 Downtown
                        (07) 3221 6756                                                                                                                                   CLAREMONT                               Fyshwick
                                                             Shop 6012 Westfield                                                                                                                                                                   (09) 373 9831
                                                                                                                                         896-900 Nepean Hwy              Shop 6 Bayview Centre                   (02) 6112 6301
                        BRISBANE DFO                         Shopping Centre                       COLLINGWOOD
                                                                                                                                         (03) 9553 3970                  (08) 9286 2866                                                            CHRISTCHURCH
                                                             (02) 9389 9113                        132 Smith St
                        OUTLET                                                                                                                                                                                                                     656 Colombo Street
                                                             CHATSWOOD                             (03) 9417 5300                        KNOX CITY                       FREMANTLE                               SOUTH
                        Shop 59, 1 Airport Dr,                                                                                           SHOPPING CENTRE                                                                                           (03) 377 8522
                                                             Shop 536/537 Westfield                                                                                      Shop 3 Queensgate                       AUSTRALIA
                        Hendra                                                                     COLLINGWOOD                           Shop 3213/425 Burwood
                                                             Shopping Centre                                                                                             Centre, William St                                                        NELSON
                                                                                                   OUTLET                                Hwy, Wantirna South                                                     ADELAIDE                          28 Halifax St
                        (07) 3305 9240                       (02) 9412 4111                                                                                              (08) 9335 1431
                                                                                                   412 Smith St                          (03) 9801 8825                                                          Basement 187 Rundle St
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (03) 548 8208
                        FORTITUDE VALLEY                     KATOOMBA                                                                                                    HILLARYS                                (08) 8232 1351
                                                                                                   (03) 9495 6766                        WESTERN                                                                                                   ROTORUA
                        120 Wickham St                       131 Katoomba St                                                                                             Shop 291 Westfield
                                                                                                                                         AUSTRALIA                                                               TASMANIA
Visonik, photographer

                                                             (02) 4782 5999                        GEELONG                                                                                                                                         1215 Eruera St
                        (07) 3216 1866                                                                                                                                   Whitford City
                                                                                                   171–181 Moorabool St                                                                                          HOBART                            (07) 348 7880
                                                             NEWCASTLE                                                                   PERTH                           (08) 9402 5022
                        TOOWONG                                                                    (03) 5229 6000                                                                                                111 Elizabeth St
                                                             Cnr King & National                                                         862 Hay St                                                                                                WELLINGTON
                        27 High St                                                                                                                                       NORTHBRIDGE                             (03) 6234 3900
                                                             Park Sts                              HAWTHORN                              (08) 9322 4774                                                                                            78 Mercer St
                        (07) 3870 8387                                                                                                                                   Rockface Cimbing Gym,                                                     (04) 499 9230
                                                             (02) 4962 3311                        654a Glenferrie Rd                    ALBANY                                                                  DEVONPORT
                                                                                                                                                                         63B John St
                        NEW SOUTH                            WARRINGAH                             (03) 9818 0188                        1/222 York St                                                           2 Rooke St
                                                                                                                                         (08) 9841 1413                  (08) 9328 5998
                                                             Shop 164 &165 Warringah
                        WALES                                                                      CHELTENHAM                                                            ACT                                     (03) 6424 8699
                                                             Mall Shopping Centre                                                        BOORAGOON
                        SYDNEY                               Cnr Old Pittwater Rd &                Shop 3075/A Westfield                 Shop 1 Garden City              BRADDON                                 LAUNCESTON
                        499 Kent St                          Condamine St, Brookvale               Southland                             Shopping Centre                 6 Lonsdale St                           120 Charles St
 68                     (02) 9267 3822                       (02) 9939 3822                        (03) 9584 7062                        (08) 9315 3699                  (02) 6247 7488                          (03) 6334 0988

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