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2010 DIAP Conference by pengxiuhui


									2010 DIAP Conference
Tell Me What’s Working

Photos courtesy of Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau

                                                             February 24–26, 2010
                                                            (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)

                                                                     Atlanta, Georgia
                      Agenda                                           Keynote Speakers
Wednesday, February 24                                                     Patrick Johnson has been working with
                                                                           church leaders for more than five years,
1:30 p.m.    Preconference Workshops                                       helping them grasp the generous church
             (for additional fee)
                                                                           concept. He developed the Church
             New Development Officer Workshop
                                                                           Strategy for Generous Giving—helping
             Senior Chief Development Officer Workshop
                                                                           churches spread the transformational
4:30 p.m.    Break                                                         message of generosity—in 2003. Johnson
                                                                           also created the Generous Church
5:30 p.m.    Complimentary Hotel Reception
                                                                           Toolkit from the best-selling book, The
6:30 p.m.    Dinner and Opening Session                                    Treasure Principle, and worked with
             “Don’t Waste a Good Crisis:                 Leadership Network to form Generous Church Leadership
             60 Great Ideas in 60 Minutes”               Communities. Johnson moved to The National Christian
             John V. Puotinen, Senior Vice President     Foundation in 2007 to oversee its church strategy. He has
             for Advancement, University of Dubuque      worked with Saddleback Church to develop the Saddleback
             Theological Seminary                        Giving Funds and Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach
                                                         to develop the Christ Fellowship Foundation as well as
Thursday, February 25                                    other churches who have a desire to serve high-capacity
6:00 a.m.    Complimentary Hotel Breakfast Buffet        givers through their own foundations. Johnson has also
                                                         created Generous News and Generous Videos—online
8:00 a.m.    Morning Prayer                              aggregation services for all things generous related to the
8:45 a.m.    Peer Panels                                 church. He spearheaded the creation of Generosity—a thirty-
                                                         day devotional with author Gordon MacDonald that is
10:00 a.m.   Beverage Break                              being used by churches across the country.
10:30 a.m.   Best Practices Workshop
12:00 p.m. Lunch                                                             John V. Puotinen has served as senior
                                                                             vice president for advancement at the
1:45 p.m.    Talk of the Trade Workshops
                                                                             University of Dubuque Theological
3:00 p.m.    Beverage Break                                                  Seminary since May 2005. Most recently,
                                                                             Puotinen was vice president of the
3:15 p.m.    Denominational Peer Connections
             •   Evangelical Schools
                                                                             foundation for Lutheran Homes &
             •   Methodist Schools                                           Services based in the Chicago area. A
             •   Presbyterian Schools                                        graduate of Augustana College, Rock
             •   Roman Catholic Schools                                      Island, Illinois, and Luther Seminary,
                                                                             St. Paul, Minnesota, Puotinen’s ministry
5:00 p.m.    Evening free for Networking                 has included calls as a parish pastor as well as with several
5:30 p.m.    Complimentary Hotel Reception (optional)    church-related organizations as a planned giving officer,
                                                         and later as director of development.
Friday, February 26
6:00 a.m.    Complimentary Hotel Breakfast Buffet                            Cheryl Tupper has served as program
8:00 a.m.    Morning Prayer                                                  director, religion and healthcare for
                                                                             the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
9:00 a.m.    Encouragement for Those                                         since 2003. Tupper’s career in higher
             Trying to Encourage Generosity                                  education has included serving in
             Patrick Johnson, Vice President                                 various administrative roles in colleges,
             of Church Services, The National                                universities, and seminaries throughout
             Christian Foundation
                                                                             the country. Her work has focused
10:00 a.m.   Beverage Break                                                  largely on program and resource
                                                                             development including fundraising
10:15 a.m.   Foundation Support                          and grant writing. Tupper has held theological education
             of Theological Education:
                                                         positions at ATS, the Graduate Theological Union, Union
             Looking to the Future
             Cheryl Tupper, Program Director,            Theological Seminary in New York, and Pittsburgh
             Religion and Healthcare, Arthur Vining      Theological Seminary. Her current position involves
             Davis Foundations                           managing the awarding of nearly $3,000,000 in grants
11:45 a.m.   Adjournment
                n    Fee
    Regis 75                 Preconference Workshops
                       Wednesday, February 24, 1:30–4:30 p.m.
                      New Development                                             Senior Chief Development
                      Officer Workshop:                                           Officer Workshop:
                      Maximize the Success                                        You Can’t Go Forward Looking
                      of YOUR Development Program                                 in a Rear View Mirror:
                                                                                  Separating the Urgent from
                      Kim Till, Vice President                                    the Important—A Structured
                      for Advancement,                                            Conversation
                      Dallas Theological Seminary
                     Whether you are starting from                              Priscilla Deck, Vice President
                     scratch or revamping an existing                           for Institutional Advancement,
program, this high energy preconference workshop                           Andover Newton Theological School
will help you build a comprehensive development
plan with a focus on major gifts from individuals             Development officers are under enormous pressure
that will achieve results in both the short and the           to produce unrestricted income for our institutions.
long term and actively engage an organization’s               This urgency absorbs most of our energy. Equally
entire constituency. Participants will benefit from           important, however, is our ability to evaluate our
both “real-life” examples and nuts-and-bolts                  institution, assess its responsiveness and nimbleness
strategies for the annual fund, capital campaign, and         in the present economic context, and tell its story.
major donor development. A hands-on session at the            Through stakeholder mapping, the use of logic
close of the workshop will help participants prepare          models, and a unique application of assessment tools,
outlines of development plans for use in their own            we will collaborate to develop a set of dashboard
organizations.                                                indicators to help us recognize success beyond
                                                              today’s dollars. Understanding our own institutions
                                                              will enable each of us to separate the important from
An experienced fundraiser of twenty-seven years, Kim          the urgent and tell our own story more compellingly.
Till has served as a national-based consultant and as a
development officer for a private university, secondary
                                                              An experienced educator and institution builder, Priscilla
school, social service agency, and healthcare system.
                                                              Deck has guided capacity building and institutional
Till currently serves as vice president for advancement
                                                              adaptability in nonprofits for more than twenty years. She
at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), where she leads
the seminary’s advancement team in raising $7 million         has worked in higher education both as an administrator
a year for annual operations. During the twelve years         and as faculty. A few years after completing her PhD, Deck
she has been with DTS, the seminary completed its first       earned a second master’s degree in theological studies and
comprehensive capital campaign, raising $35 million.          now focuses on institutional advancement at Andover
Known as a speaker, trainer, and consultant in the            Newton Theological School. She frequently consults to
fundraising field, she is a certified fundraising executive   Boston area nonprofits and is in high demand by churches
with the Association of Fundraising Professionals.            to speak on stewardship and financial planning.

              Don’t Waste a Good Crisis: 60 Great Ideas in 60 Minutes
              Helping your school raise money during these challenging economic
              times will be the focus of the opening dinner session Wednesday eve-
              ning. “Don’t Waste a Good Crisis: 60 Great Ideas in 60 Minutes” will be
              an interactive time for development officers to share fundraising strate-
              gies that have been working. If you have a great idea(s), please email
              it(them) to Mary McMillan at ATS. We will be using sixty of them for
              the presentation and hope the creators of those ideas can be present for
     DIAP Workshop Opportunities
Thursday 8:45–10:00 a.m.                                    Session 1                                    Peer Panels
1A What’s Up In Canadian Seminaries                                 Paul Rasmussen, Director of Development for
    Are you finding your development work                           the Annual Fund and Youth Theological Initiative
    challenging because it’s difficult to get ideas                 Anne Marie Tirpak, Director of Development,
    and relevant information specific to Canadian                   Catholic Theological Union
    seminaries? The issues we face as development and               Dawn West, Director of Annual Fund,
    advancement professionals in Canada are unique                  Ashland Theological Seminary
    to our geography, culture, and educational systems.
    This all-Canadian peer panel is designed to provide
    you with the experience and expertise of three               1C “Atlanta All-Stars”
    professionals with diverse fundraising experiences
                                                                    Veteran development colleagues discuss fundraising
    who will address the top issues they are facing and
                                                                    in tough times.
    what they have done about them. This is a ‘must-go’
    workshop for all Canadian development officers!                 Wes Brown, Associate Dean for External Relations,
                                                                    Duke University Divinity School, Moderator
    Lisa Watson, Director of Development,
                                                                    Mary Lou Greenwood Boice, Associate Dean
    Knox College, Moderator
                                                                    of Development and External Relations,
    Patricia Webb, Director of Advancement,
                                                                    Candler School of Theology of Emory University
    McMaster Divinity College, Moderator
                                                                    Richard DuBose, Vice President
                                                                    for Institutional Advancement,
                                                                    Columbia Theological Seminary
1B Annual Fund/Giving                                               Stephen Lewis, National Director
                                                                    of Calling Congregations, The Fund
    Planning a successful annual giving campaign is                 for Theological Education
    the cornerstone of every development program.                   James L. Waits, former executive director,
    The challenging times we find ourselves in make                 The Association of Theological Schools
    this more of a challenge now than ever! Need some
    fresh ideas that work? Want to know about online
    solicitation? How can your annual fund be strong
    even in tough times? We’ll explore what is working
    from a panel of experts and invite your participation
    with a moderated question and answer period.
    Betty Visconage, Vice President for Advancement,
    St. Mary’s Seminary and University, Moderator
    Carolyn Cranston, Director of Alumnae/i and
    Church Relations, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Thursday 10:30–11:45 a.m.                                   Session 2                                 Best Practices
The format will include presentation (2/3 time) and interaction (1/3 time).

2A Institutional Viability                                          real data and resources to see how theological
   in Economically Turbulent Times                                  schools are seeking to navigate these next several
    Even in moments of institutional stability,                     years. Participants will be better prepared to help
    theological schools can be challenged to generate               themselves and their institutions seek economic
    sufficient revenues to cover their expenditures.                viability in these economically turbulent times with
    Development Officers and CFOs are on the                        this information and interaction.
    frontlines of the institutional tightrope to balance            Chris A. Meinzer, Director,
    revenues and expenditures. When theological                     Finance and Administration,
    schools find themselves in the turbulence of these              The Association of Theological Schools
    economic ups and downs, the tightrope gets
    thinner and thinner. This workshop will provide
     DIAP Workshop Opportunities
2B Taking Donors Seriously®—                                      2C Fundraising 101 for Theological Schools
   Effective Case Statements                                         What are the basic practices for successful
    A presentation by representatives from The Focus                 fundraising? How does an institution present its
    Group on the key elements of a successful case                   mission and needs in the most compelling ways?
    statement for your annual fund, capital campaign,                What details are often overlooked with small staff
    or planned giving program. The session will include              development operations? How do relationships with
    discussion of the relationship of your strategic                 churches and denominations offer advantages and
    plan to the case and illustrations of sample case                challenges? How may print and online resources
    statements.                                                      be used most effectively? Veteran consultant Rob
                                                                     Townes brings his longtime experience and expertise
    Ted Rodgers and Thom Skinner,                                    to present these and other fundraising fundamentals
    Senior Consultants, The Focus Group,                             from the annual fund to gift planning to capital
    Austin, Texas                                                    campaigns in this workshop that will be useful to
                                                                     those who have recently come to development for
                                                                     theological schools as well as those who are seeking
                                                                     fresh ideas and inspiration.
                                                                     Rob Townes, Executive Vice President,
                                                                     Sinclair, Townes & Co., Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday 1:45–3:00 p.m.                                      Session 3                             talk of the trade
The format will include a specific topic of interest (1/2 time) and the exchange of ideas and experiences (1/2 time).

3A Taking Donors Seriously®—                                      3C “Great Expectations: Auburn’s Research on
   Prospect Strategies, Research, and Management                     Theological School Development”
     A presentation by representatives from The Focus                This report looks at the special challenges and
    Group on identifying and managing your prospects,                opportunities theological schools face in fundraising.
    including research strategies and the effective use of           Analysis of data from schools that are members of
    volunteer leaders with major donors, as well as key              The Association of Theological Schools shows the
    components of the gift “asking process.”                         growth and, in some cases, decline of donations
                                                                     during the last twenty years. As denominational
    Ted Rodgers and Thom Skinner,                                    and local church support of seminaries has declined,
    Senior Consultants, The Focus Group,
                                                                     schools have become much more dependent
    Austin, Texas
                                                                     on donations from individuals. Finding and
                                                                     befriending those donors has become central
                                                                     to a school’s mission and survival. Institutions
3B What are We All A-Twitter about?
                                                                     frequently mount special or capital campaigns to
    Are we talking channels or messages or mediums?                  raise funds for their physical plants or to build their
    In a world of way too much information and access,               endowments. How much can a school hope to raise
    let’s focus on the things that are important, timely,            in such a campaign? Using data from eighty schools
    and useful. This open discussion session will                    that have engaged in campaigns, some parameters
    explore where we are today and where we’ll get to                are given that may prove useful for a school’s initial
    tomorrow in a social network-too much information-               predictions.
    not enough time-who’s on the line-world that we
    live, work, and play in.                                         Anthony Ruger, Senior Research Fellow,
                                                                     Auburn Center for the Study of Theological
    William Edward Laity, President, DVA Navion,                     Education
    Atlanta, Georgia
      DIAP Mission Statement                                              Registration Fees
                                                             Registration deadline: February 1, 2010
T   he Development and Institutional Advancement
    Program (DIAP) of The Association of Theological
Schools seeks to educate and support professional
                                                                 For this year, ATS has reduced registration fees.

development officers and staff who are engaged in          Registrations received ON or BEFORE February 1, 2010:
theological education.                                        Preconference Workshop: $75 per person (was $130)
                                                              1st institutional representative: $295 (was $385)
Development professionals in theological education            2nd institutional representative: $250 (sent at same time)
have a unique calling to explore the religious and                                                              (was $335)
spiritual dimensions of fundraising and institutional         Canadian currency at par
advancement. Development leaders are an integral           Registrations received AFTER February 1, 2010:
force in enabling theological education to achieve its        Preconference Workshop: $75 per person
mission of:                                                   All representatives: $325
•    educating called men and women, lay and
     ordained, to lead the church in the twenty-first      Accompanying spouse/guest fee: $50
     century so that the redemptive message of God’s          (includes all conference meals)
     love transforms lives, teaches moral values, and         Please indicate his/her name on the registration form.
     creates caring communities that reach out to all;
                                                           Make checks payable to:
•    enabling scholars to expand human knowledge             The Association of Theological Schools
     and strengthen human faith through research and
     publication; and                                      Mail registration form with your check to:
                                                              DIAP Conference Registration
•    preparing leaders to serve the larger society
                                                              The Association of Theological Schools
     through ministries of justice, peace, and
                                                              10 Summit Park Drive
                                                              Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1110
In fulfilling this mission, development professionals      Cancellation Policy: A refund of the registration fee will
interact directly with the external constituencies of      be provided upon written request. An administrative fee
their schools.                                             of $75 will be deducted from refund checks.
                                                           No refunds after February 17, 2010.
DIAP supports them in at least four ways:                                DRESS IS BUSINESS CASUAL.
1.   an annual conference that features leaders in the
     field of fundraising and theological education,                            Register Now!
     along with workshops on emerging as well as
     traditional fundraising techniques and strategies.
     The conference is designed for development
     officers from ATS member schools in the United
                                                           Hotel Reservation & Transportation
     States and Canada;                                    Reservation deadline: February 1, 2010
2.   regional and national ecumenical and                  You must make your room reservation directly with
     denominational networks of colleagues for             the Embassy Suites Atlanta Airport Hotel online or by
     professional expertise and support;                   calling the hotel at 404-767-1988. ATS has blocked a limited
3.   Colloquy, a publication with articles written         number of rooms—please make your reservation early.
     specifically to enhance professional development
     in theological education; and                         Room rates:
                                                           The room rates are $119, which includes a complimentary
4.   specialized workshops and seminars that focus         cooked-to-order breakfast and evening reception
     on particular aspects of professional institutional   (was $170 at last year’s hotel).
     advancement work.
                                                               Check-in time: 3:00 p.m.      Check-out time: Noon
All members of ATS are invited to participate in DIAP.
                                                           The Embassy Suites Atlanta Airport Hotel is located one-
                                                           half mile from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International
DIAP is self-supporting and is directed by a volunteer
                                                           Airport. The hotel provides a complimentary shuttle for
steering committee that reports to the ATS Board of
                                                           transportation to and from the airport. Follow signs to
                                                           ground transportation and hotel shuttles upon arrival.

                                                           Taxi: $10 one-way
   S                                                         DIAP Steering Committee
         ince its formation with Lilly Endowment
         support and affiliation with The Association
         of Theological Schools (ATS), the                 Gary Hoag, Chair
   Development and Institutional Advancement                Denver Seminary
   Program (DIAP) has grown as a collegial network          Littleton, CO
   representative of its more than 250 member
   schools in the United States and Canada. DIAP is
   known and valued as a peer organization, with           Elizabeth L. Visconage, Vice-Chair
   its peer education model serving as a template for        St. Mary’s Seminary and University
   other ATS programs. DIAP’s annual conference              Baltimore, MD
   and section of the Colloquy magazine focus on
   sharing “best practices” of raising awareness           Wesley F. Brown
   and funds in support of theological education. In        Duke University Divinity School
   doing so, we strive to be a community of practice        Durham, NC
   with and for one another rooted in the Christian
   faith and our common vocational pursuits.
                                                           Priscilla Deck
   “Tell Me What’s Working” is the title for the             Andover Newton Theological School
   2010 gathering, and we have added a significant           Newton Centre, MA
   amount of content to the agenda. We acknowledge
   that funds are scarce and have worked very              Greg Henson
   hard to locate this year’s conference in an easily       Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
   accessible airline destination city. The hotel           Lombard, IL
   costs and accessibility to the airport were also
   major considerations. ATS has also lowered the
   registration costs this year to help to make the        John V. Puotinen
   conference affordable to more schools in the              University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
   Association. We hope these considerations help            Dubuque, IA
   to make your attendance at the DIAP Conference
   possible—you will be encouraged by ATS peers            Leroy Solomon
   and uplifted by presenters who will share practical       Ashland Theological Seminary
   insights and ideas that are working in these              Ashland, OH
   challenging economic times.

                                                           Lisa Watson
                                                             Knox College
                                                             Toronto, ON

                                                           Patricia Webb
                                                             McMaster Divinity College
                                                             Hamilton, ON

                                                           ATS STAFF
                                                           Janice Edwards-Armstrong
                                                             Director, Leadership Education
                                                           Mary McMillan
Photo courtesy of Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau    Meeting Coordinator

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