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Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Companies and Deeds Online CADO by legalstuff4


									                       Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

        Companies and Deeds Online (CADO)
The Commercial Registrations Division, Department of Government Services, has
responsibility for registering, managing, preserving and ensuring the availability
of registered documents pertaining to personal property, deeds, companies, co-
operatives, condominiums, limited partnerships and mechanics liens registries.
The Registry of Deeds maintains records of registered real estate in the Province
of Newfoundland and Labrador dating back to the early 1800's.

Business Challenge                              Solution Features
Both the Registries of Deeds and                The new registry system—named CADO
Companies recorded information in an            (Companies and Deeds Online)—is a
electronic database in a VAX based              browser based application that runs on a
system. This system was developed in the        server with Windows 2003 and was
early 80’s for the division and was             developed using Microsoft’s ASP.NET
supported by the Department’s IT staff          technology which integrates with
with assistance from DocuCom.                   LibertyNet’s Document Management
                                                software, an Oracle relational database
xwave’s Solution                                and a file repository.
In April 2003, the Department of
Government Services obtained the                Benefits Summary
services of xwave to develop detailed           CADO is an excellent example of
requirements for a new registry system for      redeveloping an existing system—a legacy
the Commercial Registrations Division.          VAX-based system had been in use for
The scope of work included the                  over 20 years. Rather than simply
development and implementation of the           redeveloping the functionality that existed
new registry systems that would replace         in the new system, the opportunity was
the existing VAX based system and               taken to streamline many processes and
integrate with the new business processes       also replace many paper-based business
established for the Registry. The               processes with browser-based system
development of the new Registries System        functionality.
provided the Division with an opportunity
                                                “This system is a vast improvement for
to streamline existing business processes,
                                                the staff of the registries and searchers,”
increase the level of automation in
                                                Government Services Minister Dianne
business processes, move to a modern
                                                Whalen said. “It makes conducting
and more sustainable technology
                                                searches easier and less time consuming.
infrastructure and in turn, ensure high
                                                The old system, developed more than 20
system availability and acceptable service
                                                years ago, has been irritating customers
levels to its clients.
                                                and staff for some time because it tends to
The Intranet functionality was deployed in      break down. Property transactions have
June, 2004 and has enabled the                  increased by 40 per cent in the last three
department to decommission the legacy           years, putting increased pressure on the
VAX-based system. Building upon this            antiquated system.”
functionality, an internet development
phase was implemented in early 2005.            Contact Us
The internet components provide online          For more information:
searching of the Deeds repository,              Visit our website at
electronic filing of corporate annual           Call toll free: 1-877-449-9283
returns and basic corporate filing activities   Email:
such as name reservations and document

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