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combined skive-burnishing tools save time and money

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									maTerial remOval macHine TOOls

     combined skive-burnishing
     tools save time and money
     he patented OMEGA skiving head cuts          rDO, rUO and riO tools for                        mm were bent on the in-feed end into a polygo-
     the inner surface to the exact size and      larger diameters                                  nal shape with roughly three sides, in which the
     form required, while the roller head bur-    Large diameter tubes with relatively low wall     diameter varied in a range from 1 – 1.7 mm.
nishes it. Through cold working, this process     thickness exhibit greater irregularities in            After bending, the tubes exhibited irregu-
achieves a large surface contact area, low sur-   their circular form due to cold drawing or the    larities in circular form of up to 1.7 mm. After
face roughness and increased hardness.            straightening process. Conventional skiving       skiving with an RDO tool, the infeed end of
     ECOROLL’s combined skive-burnishing          heads can correct these irregularities only       the tubes demonstrated a maximum irregular-
tools provide a cost-efficient, one-step method   in certain circumstances. After such a con-       ity of just 0.07 mm. At 150 mm from the in-
for machining the inner diameters of cylinders.   ventional machining process, spiral-shaped        feed end (6 mm from the tube’s opposite end)
This line of tools includes types RDS and RDO,    waves may appear along the entire length of       the maximum circular form irregularity meas-
the innovative OMEGA skiving head system          the cylinder’s inner surface, creating a so-      ured just 0.02 mm. Positive results in produc-
and the brand-new RUO and RIO lines. The          called rippling effect.                           tion continue to confirm these trial results.
combined skive-burnishing tools are designed          The RDO, RUO and RIO skive-burnishing
to finish seamless or welded cold drawn pre-      tools equipped with the OMEGA skiving head        OmeGa skiving head
cision tubes after counter boring (including      offer an innovative solution to this problem.     technology
welded and drawn DOM tubes, seamless cold         While the OMEGA skiving head cuts the cylin-      The OMEGA skiving head is equipped with
drawn DIN EN 10305-1 tubes, or hot rolled         der’s inner surface to the exact size and form    two, three or six floating knives arranged to
steel tubes). And, when compared to honed         required, the roller head burnishes it. The si-   work in concert. The knives center themselves
tubes, the skive-burnished cylinder surface       multaneous skiving and burnishing process,        automatically so that each removes chips of
has better sliding and wear properties.           together with increased cutting performance       nearly the same thickness regardless of cylin-
     ECOROLL skive-burnishing tools can           (cutting speeds up to 300 m per minute and        der form deviation. Thus, tools with OMEGA
be used with specially designed cylinder          feeds of 3 – 6 mm per revolution), result in      skiving heads skive the tube clean without re-
processing machines or trepanning machines        substantial cost savings.                         moving large amounts of material. This innova-
with BTA boring systems. In addition, special                                                       tive knife arrangement markedly improves the
versions are available for use with alternative   successful trial and results                      tube’s circular form while preventing the for-
thread connections, including Sierra threads.     Cylinder tubes with dimensions 156 mm x 8.5       mation of ripples and polygon-shaped bores.

36   AustrAliAn    manufacturing         technology March 2007
maTerial remOval macHine TOOls

     The skiving knives are available in two       The skiving head and the rolling head are con-   speeds while ensuring a better surface quality
versions. The standard design, Version M,          nected through a new interface. The complete     after skiving. Improved chip breaking elimi-
has two cutting inserts arranged one behind        skiving head can be removed by unscrewing        nates long chips. The plate material and the
the other. With a cutting insert in front and a    two set screws even while the RDO tool is        cutting edge geometry are adapted for each
support insert behind, Version Q works espe-       still mounted in the machine. Machine down       specific skiving process. The chip conductor
cially well for cross holes. The support inserts   time is significantly reduced by exchanging      is designed for better chip discharge, even
improve the cylinder’s form by:                    the complete skiving head at once (when cut-     with a large depth of cut. In addition, there is
l Guiding the knives at the beginning of the       ting edges or guide pads are worn).              no “shadow formation” and significantly less
   skiving process                                                                                  erosion and free-form abrasion damage to the
l Limiting the oscillation of the knives,          new reversible cutting plates                    skived and roller burnished surface.
   thereby reducing rippling along the length      for higher feed rates and
   of the cylinder                                 cutting speeds
l Supporting the knives over the cross             ECOROLL’s new reversible cutting plates
   holes                                           (WSP) enable higher feed rates and cutting

                                                                                                       FiceP secures
                                                                                                      extensive Order
                                                                                                         in adelaide
                                                                                                          on Mack Machinery is pleased to an-
                                                                                                          nounce that Bianco Structural Steel in
                                                                                                      Adelaide have placed a very significant
                                                                                                      order for several FICEP CNC processing
                                                                                                      lines for structural steel, to be located at
                                                                                                      Bianco’s new ‘state of the art’ 17,000m²
                                                                                                      structural steel processing division in
                                                                                                      Adelaide. After making an exhaustive se-
                                                                                                      lection process, including several inter-
                                                                                                      national visits to machinery manufactur-
                                                                                                      ers and leading steel processing centres
                                                                                                      around the world, Bianco concluded that
                                                                                                      FICEP & Ron Mack Machinery were able
                                                                                                      to offer the most technically advanced
                                                                                                      solutions available in the world today.
                                                                                                           All programmes will be prepared in
                                                                                                      Bianco’s technical office using Winsteel
                                                                                                      software. The 4 x CNC lines will process
                                                                                                      all the steel profiles before transferring
                                                                                                      by conveyors to in-line blasting systems
                                                                                                      prior to the fabricating area followed by
                                                                                                      painting systems. Each FICEP machine
                                                                                                      will have onboard cameras so that the
        Want something new from Karnasch Australia?                                                   operator can monitor the machine under
                                                                                                      production as well as FICEP’s innova-
                                                                                                      tive and patented scribing system. The
                               Watch this space........                                               new factory, to be commissioned in mid
                                                                                                      2007 will be one of the most innovative
                                                                                                      steel fabricating facilities in Australia and
                                                                                                      will be a virtual FICEP showroom with a
                                                                                                      viewing gallery incorporated into the pe-
                               Phone 1800 773 538                                                     rimeter of the building design above the
                            Email                                                crane level.

38   AustrAliAn     manufacturing         technology March 2007

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