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									Job Description:

Senior Flash Developer
Job Type:       Full Time
Location:       Mississauga, ON, CANADA
Job Category:   Computers
Contact Email:
Experience:     5

Synergex Digital Media is a newly established innovative “Out of Home” Digital Signage platform. We are implementing Digital
Signage Networks in Canada and US, with future deployments worldwide. Our main focus is Digital Signage development,
management and content creation, with the integration of SMS and Bluetooth mobile applications. We are looking for a
Java+Web developer, with experience in content development for Mobile Platforms (cell phones and PDA applications)
Gaming Industry and interactive web development experience an asset.

The Sr. Flash Developer builds Flash pieces using Macromedia Flash for Web-based, desktop and wireless delivery. Using the
Macromedia Flash authoring tool, senior developers architect, design and execute the framework, components and script
that compromise Flash projects. Working closely with project teams that include creative members (such as art directors,
designers and copywriter) in addition to technical members (such as web developers, application developers and database
administrators), the Sr. Flash Developer works to balance technical requirements with creative needs. The Sr. Flash Developer
leads Flash-based projects, overseeing flash developers as well as Flash designers and animators. The Sr. Flash Developer is
expected to code with re-usability in mind, research and implement innovative scripting techniques and be up to speed on
the latest Flash enhancements and versions.


•   Collaborating with creative and technical team members to determine the most appropriate, robust implementation of
•   Working closely with art directors and designers to ensure that creative intent and results are achieved at the highest level
•   Working closely with Web and application developers as well as database administrators to ensure technical integration
    and the meeting of requirements
•   Interacting with project teams to understand business and user requirements to determine minimum specifications for
    Flash development
•   Authoring technical briefs for client approval and project development
•   Maintaining high coding standards and practices and exercise quality control on all aspects of Flash development
•   Breaking new ground, researching and implementing innovative Flash techniques and features
•   Problem-solving in all areas of Flash development

Mandatory Skills:
JAVA (3 years); ActionScript 2 (4 years); ActionScript 3; ASP or PHP (3 years)
• At least three to five years’ experience as a Flash developer in an agency environment
• Expertise in Flash development methodologies (i.e. ActionScript OOP implementation, component development, XML
   communication, etc.) and quality assurance
• Comprehensive knowledge of the Adobe product range and competing toolsets.
• Flash animation, video and design knowledge and expertise
• Creative toolset knowledge and expertise (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
• Web technology knowledge and expertise (i.e. XML, HTML, DHTML, server side scripting and applications, databases, etc.)
• Excellence in communicating Flash’s technical and creative prowess acting as a bridge between both worlds
• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and effectively juggle diverse demands
• Proven aptitude for quick creative and technical thinking with acute attention to detail within demanding deadlines
• A natural leader who will develop team relations that foster both learning and excellence
• Mobile Gaming (Flash Lite) and Flex is an asset

About Synergex Corporation:
Synergex Corporation (“Synergex”), TSX:”SYX”, is an innovative B2B company, providing value-added services and
technology solutions to help our customers optimize their business-customer relationships. Our core services focus on the
commercialization of novel technology platforms and RFID solutions, complete supply chain management solutions & logistics
primarily within the video game industry, and a variety of other complimentary services. Synergex is a rapidly growing public
company, currently employing over 175 people.

For more information on Synergex Corporation, please visit our website at <>

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