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									coffee bar & cold drinks
 coffee                                          reg | lrge
 espresso/short black                            2.80
 long black                                      3.00
 double espresso                                 3.50
 cappuccino                                      3.00 | 4.50
 flat white                                      3.00 | 4.50
 café latte                                      3.00 | 4.50
 short macchiato                                 3.00
 long macchiato                                  3.50
 vienna: chocolate, mocha, coffee                4.50
 mocha                                           3.30 | 5.00
 vanilla chai latte                              3.50 | 5.20
 hot chocolate                                   3.30 | 5.00
 affogato/ 8ball                                 3.90

 loose leaf teas | pot for one or two            one | two
 english breafast                                3.00 | 5.00
 earl grey                                       3.00 | 5.00
 chamomile orange pekoe                          3.00 | 5.00
 jasmine green                                   3.00 | 5.00
 peppermint                                      3.00 | 5.00

 coffee & tea extras
 decaf, extra shot, soy, take away               0.50

 soft drinks                                     reg | lrge
 pepsi, pepsi max, solo, gringer ale, lemonade   3.00 | 4.20
 soda & tonic water
 lemon lime bitters                              3.50
 red bull                                        6.00
 chinotto (italian cola)                         3.50

 orange, pineapple, apple, cranberry, tomato     3.50 | 4.50

 san pellegrino mineral water                    3.00 | 4.50
 cool ridge                                      3.00 | 4.50

 icy drinks
 iced chocolate, iced coffee, iced mocha         4.00
 iced tea: lemon, raspberry, peach               4.00
 fruit smoothie: strawberry, banana, mango       5.50

contact us
 Cnr William & Francis St Northbridge

 Phone: 08 9227 9087

 Fax: 08 93284259
entrees                                                                              mains
 haloumi                                                                      14.9
 Greek cheese grilled served with oil and lemon wedges.
                                                                                      atlantic salmon                                                             29.9
                                                                                      Lightly marinated then seared fresh Atlantic Salmon, resting on a freshly
 minestrone di verdure                                                        10.9    made avacado risotto finished with tomato basil and olive oil.
 A traditional italian vegetable soup, accompanied with a dinner roll.

                                                                                      snapper fillets                                                             29.9
 garlic prawns                                                                16.5
 Tender tiger prawns sauteed in a creamy garlic sauce served with rice.               Sitting on a garlic mash potato, spinach, topped with lemon butter.

                                                                                      garlic prawns                                                               27.5
 salted spiced calamari                                                       15.9
                                                                                      Tender tiger prawns sauteed in our special garlic sauce and served with
 Squid lightly dusted in our special seasoning served on a bed of greens
 topped with aioli.                                                                   steamed rice.

 crumbed prawns                                                               16.5
                                                                                      salted spiced calamari                                                      24.9
 Tender Tiger Prawns lightly crumbed served with fries, creamy mayo sauce
 and lemon wedges.                                                                    Squid llightly dusted in our secret seasoning served on a bed of greens,
                                                                                      topped with aioli.
 fried white bait                                                             13.5
 Served with lemon wedges and tartare sauce.
                                                                                      spaghetti marinara                                                          27.5

 mezzo plate with turkish bread                                               14      Spaghetti with assorted seafood and a tomato based sauce.
 turkish bread with a selection of olives, chorizo, feta and dips
                                                                                      chicken tortellini
                                                                                      Freshly cooked chicken and mushroom tortellini in a creamy mushroom,
                                                                                      bacon and spring onion garlic sauce.
 pita bread                                                                  6.9ea
 Accompanied with Taramasalata, Garlic (Tzatziki), Oilves and Fetta Cheese
                                                                                      penne con salsiccia                                                         22.9
 french bread                                                                  4.5    Penne tossed with Italian Sausage, Olives, Roast Capsicum, in a Chilli
 Accompanied with butter, balsamic and oilve oil.                                     Napolitan Sauce.

 bruschetta                                                                    8
 Tomato, spanish onion and basil on freshly toasted crostinis.                        mediterranean cannelloni (vegetarian)                                       19.5
                                                                                      Ricotta, Sun dried tomato, mushrooms and olives canneloni with a
 garlic bread                                                                  6      napolitana sauce and finished with parmesan cheese.
 Three slices of our freshly toasted Garlic Bread.

 bowl of chips                                                                 4      scotch fillet                                                               32
                                                                                      A generous 300gm fillet served with creamy mash potato topped

garden fresh
                                                                                      with demi glaze.

                                                                                      fillet harvey beef                                                          33.9
 garden salad                                                                  8.5
                                                                                      Harvey Beefs Best eye fillet simply served on our creamy mashed potato,
 A lightly tossed salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, snow pea
 sprouts and dressed with a balsamic vinegarette.                                     topped with greens and finished with a rich red wine jus.

 caesar salad                                                                 14.5
                                                                                      chicken parmigana                                                           24.9
 Our tradional Caesar Salad.
                                                                                      Crumbed chicken fillet with napolitana sauce and melted mozzarella and
 greek salad                                                                  14.5    parmesan, served with chips and salad.
 Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, fetta cheese dressed with a
 balsamic vinegarette
                                                                                      risotto of the day                                                          29.9
                                                                                      Please refer to wait staff for today’s creation.
 vulture caesar salad                                                         18.9
 Our traditional caesar salad with cajun chicken
                                                                                      vultures poor boy                                                           25.9
 steamed vegetables                                                            7.9
                                                                                      Spicy chicken breast with tiger prawns, avacado and cajun mayo served
 The most fresh vegetables steamed then seasoned
                                                                                      on a toasted foccacia and wedges.

lighter lunch | 11 - 3 only                                                           eggplant grattini (vegetarian)
                                                                                      Two slices of chargrilled eggplant with a tomato salsa and cheese then

 steak sandwich and chips                                                    13.5     topped with a parmesan grattini.
 served with carmelised onions, tomato and lettuce

 toasted turkey sandwich                                                       8.5
                                                                                      seafood platter for 2                                                       64.
 served with cheese, avacado and cranberry relish                                     2 fillets fish, garlic prawns, crumbed prawns spiced calamari, white        32.ea
                                                                                      bait served with greek salad and chips.
 vultures caesar salad                                                        19.5
 served with our traditional Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken or Salmon
                                                                                      ocean to outback                                                            31.9
 new yorker                                                                    7.5    Kangaroo Fillets cooked medium-rare with prawns, mussels and baby
 served with a triple decker BLT with cheese                                          octopus with a creamy cointreau sauce and rosemary potatoes.

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