Checklist for Responsible Owners k My dog has regular flea by lindahy


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Checklist for Responsible Owners
The Dog Act 1976 (as
WMy dog has regular flea and worm
treatments, health checks, heartworm
tablets and vaccinations.
WMy dog is registered with the Shire. It
wears the Shire's registration tag and a
disc with my name and address and
telephone number on its collar.
WMy dog does not wander because I have
adequate fences or a compound on my
'»f My dog does not cause a nuisance to rny
neighbours because of its barking,
aw My dog is exercised and takes part in
family activities.
-1WMy dog is bathed and groomed regularly,
aw My dog has an owner who is prepared
to learn how to care for its health and
understand its behaviour.
amended) requires your
dog has a current
registration tag and a
separate disc with your
name and address details.
Every day after three days
*GST Inclusive
All fees are payable at the Shire Office and a dog
must be registered prior to the collection of your dog.
Except on the weekend and public holidays where
fees and registration can be made at the pound.
Proof of registration and sterilization
must also be provided.
Dogs will not be released to owners if the owner does
not have an adequate leash when collecting the dog.
Hours of Pound Operation
Monday to Friday 12 noon to 1.00pm
Saturday to Sunday Si Public Holidays by
Shire of Bus_selton
Further Enquires
Please call Ranger & Fire Services on
(OS) 97S1 0444 during office hours.
Southern Drive, Busselton, Western Australia
Telephone: (08) 9781 0444
Facsimile: (08) 9752 4958
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30am 4.30pm
Shire of Busselton
cjec£> Avl\e
It is a sad reflection on our
community that many dogs are
destroyed each year because
they are unwanted or cannot be
controlled. This brochure is
designed to provide information
on dog ownership in the
Busselton Shire.
your dog. Your name and correct residential
address and telephone number must also be
inscribed on a disc attached to the collar, this will
allow for quick identification of your dog.
Dog droppings are a health risk and a source of annoy¬
ance to other users of footpaths and recreation areas.
Permitting your dog/s to excrete on a street or public
place and failing to remove or adequately dispose of
such excreta constitutes an offence under the laws
of the Dog Act 1 976.
These provisions apply equally to prescribed dog ex¬
ercise areas.
able from the Shire Office FREE OF CHARGE.
Dogs must be kept on a leash in all
public places, except prescribed
dog exercise areas. However, in a
dog exercise area a dog must be
accompanied by a person who is
capable of controlling the dog/s at
all times. A leash is to be carried
by that person for the purpose of
controlling the dog/s if the need arises.
Disposable "Poo-ch Pouches" are avail-
All dogs over three (3) months of
age must be registered. Dogs should be registered
with the Shire where they normally reside. Should
you move within the State, you do not have to re¬
register your dog, but the change of address must
be provided to the Shire in writing where the dog
was previously registered.
All registrations are due on the first of November
each year and are current for either one year or
three years.
Persons holding a Pensioner or State Concession
Card may register their dogs for half the normal
fee. Registration helps you to recover your dog if
lost and assists the Shire to encourage responsible
dog ownership and provide services to dog
owners for the benefit of the whole community.
A person under 18 years of age may not lawfully
register a dog in his or her name. A parent or
another adult who will then be regarded as the
lawful owner must register the dog.
Persons wishing to register a dog must make a
declaration to certify that the fences and gates at the
premises where the dog is kept are capable of
confining the dog within those premises,
must have effective self-closing mechanisms.
>-» Unfortunately dog attacks are
V,/ increasing. They can vary greatly in
Y ,he degree of severity. You should
be aware that an attack need not
involve the dog actually inflicting a
wound. Allowing a dog to attack or
chase a person, animal or bird
owned by or in charge of another
person, whether or not injury occurs, may incur a
penalty of $10,000. The penalty for urging or setting
a dog to attack a person, animal or bird is $10,000 or
12 months imprisonment, or both.
Dogs that are found wandering away from their
homes may or will be caught and impounded.
•	Lions Park, William Drive
•	Craig Street to King Street (Busselton Beach Area)
•	Barnard Park, Geographe Bay Ro3d
•	Signal Park, Queen Street
•	Holgate Road to Alan Street (Busselton Beach Area)
•	Hester Street Reserve
•	Glenleigh Road Reserve
•	Hale Street Reserve
• Vasse River Reserve (between Causeway Road &
Strelly Street
Barking is a dog's natural means of communication
and often signifies its alertness to danger or intruders.
However a dog which persistently barks in a manner
which is not considered to be normally habitual in
dogs constitutes a nuisance,
continually without reason the cause
may be lack of training, insufficient
exercise, loneliness, inadequate shelter,
ill health or deliberate or unintentional
provocation by people or roaming dogs.
Owners have a responsibility to ensure j
that their dog/s do not cause a nuisance
due to excessive barking.
Guerin Street (east to Freycinet Drive - Beach Re¬
serve only)
Newton Beach Rd, to Harness St (Beach Area)
Per Annum
3 Years
Sterilised Dog $10.00
Unsterilised Dog $30.00
Concession Card Holders '/2 the normal fee
V4 the normal fee
Geographe Bay Road, Quindalup (East of Public Boat
Rarnp to Campion Way East End)
Geographe Bay Road, Quindalup (East End) to Toby's
Inlet, Marybrook
If a dog barks
Working Dogs
• Geographe Bay Road, Quindalup ((Between Burt Court
Sf Dunn Bay Road Beach Area)
When you register your dog, you will receive a
plastic tag with the name of the Shire you have
registered it with and a registered number printed
on it. This tag must be attached to the collar of
• Caladenia Close to Rocky Point Beach Reserve only
• Dawson Street steps to southern most portion of Rab¬
bits Car Park.

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