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Cheat Sheet (Working Paper) by lindahy


Cheat Sheet (Working Paper)

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									         Instruction Sheet (Working Paper)
         A working or discussion paper circulated publicly or among a group of peers.
         Certain disciplines, for example economics, issue working papers in series.
         Working or discussion papers may form the basis for a Journal Article or
         Conference Paper.

         Depositing items

         NOTE: Tool tips are provided in all fields. To view these, hover your mouse over
         each data entry field.
         Please look for relevant fields for ‘Working Paper’ in box on right.

• Log in to the DigiTool-Deposit module using your            Fields relevant to Working Paper
  University username and password.                           (*Mandatory fields)
                                                              All mandatory fields must be filled in to save
• Select ‘New Deposit Activity’ (top left of screen).         the record as a draft prior to submission.

• Select ‘Type of Object’ (single or multiple files).         *Title (Use sentence case)
• On the ‘Descriptive Information’ screen, fill in as         Additional Authors/Creators
  many of the fields as are relevant to your item. Note       *Year Produced/Published
  that all the fields with an asterisk(*) are mandatory.      Keywords/Subjects (Strongly encouraged)
                                                              Abstract (Strongly Encouraged–Max.1500 char. with
• After reviewing the ‘Access Rights’, click to accept
                                                              *Research/Thesis Type
  the terms. Acceptance is required to continue
                                                              *Work Creator Category (academic staff, student
  inputting.                                                  or professional staff)
                                                              Document Version (Pre or post print or publisher's
• Upload your file/s by clicking ‘Browse’ to open your        version)
  file directory. Select the file required.                 Language
                                                            Publication Status (Strongly encouraged)
• Add the title to the ‘Label’ field. If required, a brief  *Peer Reviewed or Non Peer Reviewed
  note can be added for the approver. This is not visible Alternative Location
  to the public.                                            *Faculty/Department
                                                            Faculty/Department (not covered by listed depts.)
• The ‘Brief Information and Confirmation’ screen will *Institution
  display. Check that all the relevant details have been    Other Institution
  filled in and that the correct file/s have been uploaded. Version Succeeds
  If changes need to be made, go ‘Back’. If everything is Further Information
  done to your satisfaction, click ‘Submit’. If you do not Access Conditions (please give reason for
  have time to complete your deposit, choose ‘Save’.        restriction in comments field)
  This allows you to come back to your deposit later to     Comments/Suggestions/Access Conditions
  complete.                                                 (this information will not be displayed publicly)
                                                            *Depositor Name
• Please note you will have to end the session by           *Depositor Contact Details
  clicking on the door icon in the top right hand corner.

• You will receive an email confirming your

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