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					Drug Addiction and Social Malevolence
Author: Kh. Atiar Rahman
Suffice it to say that the decadent limit of social life as prevalent in our country may possibly find out the identity as a great interference
for overall opulence and fiscal accuracy in our country. It is certitude that the gregarious evils like teen labor, acid sadism, dowry system,
strangling maids, raping, and pollutions environmentally, corruption and drug addiction are mammoth constraints as commingled with our
blood and bone. However, the following evils are explicit, as the simulacrum of social immoral forces in question. Drug craving and
Alcoholism are the causes of social disorder for which a society may be congested from all sorts of progression strategy and remain
abstained from flourishing world. In the case of personage prospect, drug obsession is atrocious work, which mingles many other
casualties like cancer, coronary, and phthisis, the one inflict health hazard as a tremendous flow. Drug addict is such phenomena with
which a person fails to achieve his bright lot, being laden with superstitious and mentally being disrobed, he becomes then unable to get
rid of such bottleneck. Drug addiction is not only bad habits but also an evil force that spoils the men's life in question.

There is no suspicion that the young people are found more to be addicted as compared to other evil forces that tremendously affect
people to go to dogs and miscarriage. They are somehow influenced to take drugs like heroine, chorus, phencidel, wine cigarettes,
alcohol and many other addicted materials very harmful for health and hygiene. When a person somehow leaves hope of life, he thinks
that drug addiction is only the way for which he can survive on earth and as such in the next course, he takes drugs after drugs and
become addicted. When in one time, he becomes addicted; he cannot be able to give up those addictions because he remains in the
state of hallucinations and mentally distortions. Hence Alcoholics do not drink simply for pleasure, but because they guess that they
cannot face life's problems without alcohol. That is to say, they become dependant upon alcohol without realizing it and as such for the
first time, pleasing effects are produced by one or two drinks, but soon larger and larger amounts are needed to yield these effects, until
self control is unduly irrevocable.

It is a significant fact that more road mishap results from unwieldy ingestion than from any other cause. This is due to the fact that alcohol
slows down reflexes, interferes with concentration and distance judgment, and increases recklessness. As has been stated above that
heavy drinking can cause cancer of the mouth, gullet, stomach, and liver. It upsets the digestion and reduces blood cell formation,
causing anemia. Suffice it to say that alcohol causes shrinkage of the brain, reducing the powers of abstract reasoning, and it destroys
liver cells causing this organ to store abnormally large amounts of fat. In severe cases, alcoholics suffer numbness and paralysis of the
limbs. Some alcoholics suffer a disorder known as delirium tremens when forced to stop drinking and besides this, vomiting occurs and
the whole body begins to shake and in due course, it is followed by hideous and often ghastly visions. A drug can be defined as a
chemical material that affects the mind and only the so-called hard drugs are irresistible. These include the opiates: opium, morphine,
and heroine. A drug addict comes to depend upon a drug so that life is no longer bearable without it. Addiction occurs because, like
alcohol, more and more of the drug is required to produce its desired effects. Furthermore, if the drug supply is out of the blue cut off an
addict suffers withdrawal symptoms and these can be drastically lethal.

Marijuana and hashish are those drugs produced from the plant Indian hemp and accordingly, visible effects of the drugs including
reddening of the eyes caused by distention of blood vessels, and enlargement of the pupils. Effects on the mind vary and in general
visual awareness is increased and ideas flow more quickly. These drugs are not addictive and there is no evidence that they harm the
body. There is a danger, however, that the drug taker's sense of judgment will be distorted so that reckless or foolish behavior can result.
Lysergic acid DI-ethyl amide (LSD) is an example of a hallucinogenic drug, so called because it gives rise to dramatic eccentricity. The
effects of LSD trip are erratic and seem to depend upon the mood of the user without more ado before taking the drug. It could for
instance intensify awareness and perception to the point at which the user undergoes mystical experiences or it may intensify a
depressed, fearful or agitated mood with horrifying results. Another problem with LSD is that very small quantities have powerful effects,
and since illegally produced drugs vary in quality drug takers can never be sure how much they are taking. An overdose of LSD can
result in insanity or death.

Another problem with LSD is that very small quantities have powerful effects, and since illegally produced drugs are extracted from the
seed capsules of the opium poppy. Opiates are medically important as painkillers. But drug takers use them because they give rise to
feelings of well beings, contentment, and power. Unfortunately when the effects wear off the taker becomes anxious and depressed and
is tempered to take another dose to restore a good mood, a course that can lead to addiction. Morphine, heroine, and other drugs that
are often injected involve the risk of infection from dirt hypodermic needles. Besides this, Barbiturates and amphetamines are used
immediately to relieve anxiety and as sleeping pills. But they are dangerous because the dosage must be continually increased to be
effective. Barbiturates are often used in combination with amphetamines and other stimulants. These reduce the sleepiness induced by
barbiturates with a feeling of mental alertness. Amphetamines harm the health by reducing the appetite, by causing sleeplessness, and
by reducing the body's ability to fight infection. Hence it is clear that the drug as have been reflected so far is illegal unless they are used
under medical supervision. The illegal use or sale of these drugs can result in colossal punishment under the enactment of the
government as implied.


There is a tremendous amount of evidence that various dreadful diseases occur often in smokers than non-smokers and these diseases
are: Lung cancer; emphysema causing thinning and weakening of lung tissue; cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, gullet, bladder, and
pancreas; coronary thrombosis causing blockage of arteries to the heart; angina pectoris causing pain due to narrowing of arteries to
the heart; and chronic bronchitis with phlegm. Furthermore, Smoking appears to delay the healing of stomach ulcers; it reduces the
senses of smell and taste; slows down reflexes which causes making smokers more prone to accidents; and gives the breath, clothes,
and homes of smokers an unpleasant smell. Very recent research shows that smokers endanger the health of non-smokers. Pregnant
women smokers tend to have smaller babies than non-smokers, and their babies are more likely to be born dead or die a few days after
birth. Besides such tremendously adverse affects, the children of smoking parents have more lung infections in the first years of life than
the children of non-smokers. During one hour in a smoky room, a non-smoker can inhale as much cancer-causing substances as some
one smoking 15 filter-tip cigarettes. Illness related to smoking is very expensive. In U.K. and USA, it results in the loss of about 50
millions working days a year, treatment costs several hundreds thousands dollar a day, and it causes the death of over a thousand
people a week. However, those who give up smoking greatly reduce their chances of developing diseases as mentioned above in
question. Even though, smoking cigarettes have been discouraged by making enactment of prohibition of smoking cigarettes in broad
day light in our country, but no one is careful about its adverse effects but to the extent, the conscious people have been greatly aware
not to take cigarettes and as such it is optimistic that the number of chain smokers have been reduced. Not only in our country, but also
through out the world, has a grand awareness been critically fortified.

• Sleaze :
God has boosted people to the terrain with all crucial things fundamentally imperative for their endurance. God has also bestowed upon
them some rules for leading their lives controlled and cleanly and as such he has accordingly bestowed upon some rules and regulation
so that human beings can lead his life by following these instructions like complete code of every well beings of eternity virtually and
ideally. If they go out of these rules, they become flummoxed what to do. Corruption lies in rendering services in the field of both private
and public sector. When a man degenerates himself, he stigmatizes himself by entering into the world of diffuseness as well as fallacious
from where he can never get rid of. He commits crime, such as smuggling, robbing, murdering, snatching and dilapidation etc. Failure
waits for him everywhere. Even if, he is attracted by innumerable but deadly forbidden things. Being educated, he becomes addicted to
evil works in society. He knows that it is the transient and allusion of worldly affairs, which has no eternal value in the real sense. In many
times, it is observed that he becomes ambitious and many harmful activities are performed in social life. He knows that being corrupt
and heinous work, the society cannot consider him as an evil person; never the less; every body is in the way to run after such outlawed
things. In many times the terror leaders welcome him and encourage him to do the forbidden things. Thus a person becomes the leader
of the country and occupies a very influential position in the society by doing all the forbidden things like bribing, mal practicing and
thieving. Hence forth, it is seen that from every branches of the Government corruption is a common phenomenon for which the nation
would like to lead a healthy life. Bangladesh is a highly colonized country and as such the double entendre among her resources and
needs are prevailing every time to a great extent. Due to spinelessness of wealth, here one-fourth people cannot satisfy their daily needs
for which no one is satisfied with his family life. It is a very difficult doohickey for someone to get a job, as there are fewer vacancies in
offices, industries and so on. When people cannot find any occupation or job for earning their livelihood, they do not get any alternative
measures except committing crimes. So unemployment is a reason for being a criminal and the opportunist apply this sense in evil
manner and influence him to do the job of mischievous and heinous deeds for which he remains depleted through out his whole life.

 Corruption:

In this world everyone needs a companion to live with society, friendship and love. That is why, people make friendship in the hope to
have good fortune to deal future life. But every friend might not stand beside another friend in weal and woe. He sometimes pushes him
towards danger and inspires him for doing anti-social activities, which is called ‘crime’. Therefore, being a criminal, he may be
infected with the misleading people. Suffice it to say that due to frustrated socio-economic conditions prevailing in our country, our
society of youths is leading very miserable life. They are creating hindrance and preventing the people from dealing normal life as they
are sometimes no longer lost to play a role of terrorists as well as miscreants. Due to the fact that poverty is the indispensable reason for
doing criminal assault on the part of the youths. Any person belonging to a poor family has to pass his days through hard struggle. He
surely wants to develop his condition. On the other hand, for being poor, he does not get opportunity to be educated properly.
Consequently, he cannot have any respectable occupation. At last, finding no other alternatives, he commits crime as his profession. If
we are able to reach our goal as expected, it is universal that glory of success must wait for us in future. But we must have to work
arduously for that golden opportunity. Otherwise our all hopes and aspirations will be nipped in the bud. No one cannot get salvation of
ideal love and peace from God by following the path vices and misfortune. Dr. Faustus was an uncommon genius but by committing
seven deadly sins with the exchange of his soul into the hell by taking 24 years kingdom in the eternal world had been thrown to the hell.
Lucifer, the owner of the hail grew jealous of him for his talent and geniuses and made a deed by way of Mephistopheles with Faustus.
Later, Faustus became lamented but due to his colossal crime, he was thrown to the hell for his misdeeds for long 24 years. That is to
say, if a man is addicted to bad habits during childhood, he cannot get rid of from such criminal assault for which he has to repent on
through out his whole life. Y   outh is the best season of good harvest and as such it is like mild mud and henceforth, he needs to proceed
his life very carefully. Mainly for these three reasons, we are loosing many brightly illuminated resource personnel to place them on the
basis of 'Right man for the right place' of our country. We need to end all these frolicsome activities. We must come across some way to
get rid of mischievous debris and save the bewildered people of our country. The Government also should take actions against such
awful activities. First of all, the people here should be aware of the explosion of population and they must not possess more than two
children. Secondly, we need to be careful about making friendship, so that we don’t have any bad company. And at last, we must
have to recognize the importance of education. No matter how poor we are, we have to try our level best to gain knowledge. In this
context, Socrates said," Knowledge is virtue, from knowledge, virtue and goodness flourish; from ignorance, he said, all that is evil."

• Environment Pollution:
According to Commoneous," What comes from God is true and with the touch of human beings, it becomes untrue". Again, in this
context, Keats says," The truth is beauty and beauty is truth ". Hence all the sources of beauties and the truth are this world. The world we
live in is the most attractive place with striking landscapes and features, wild and domesticated animals, and a variety of odoriferous
flowers, evergreen trees and the most wonderful creation of the Lord- the human beings. The world has been created for the human
beings so that they would applause the Lord for his power and preserves these natural beauties with undiminished care. But ever since,
the world began; man has been doing the opposite thing bit by bit. He has been making progress in science and industry; great deals of
landscape and wild life are being abolished day by day. Over population in small areas has given birth to traffic jam and poverty, which
destroys the people. Trees have been cut down to make way for construction of modern buildings. Waste disposal is discarded on land
and water, which spread mosquitoes. Mosquitoes enter the household and sit on food and spray dirt on the food from the waste and
many more harmful activities for which man has started to destroy the beauty of the world. In clearing forests to create fields for farming
and constructing new houses, man destroys the native animals and takes away their sources of food. His domestic animals kill them or
man haunts them for meat, ivory or furs. Consequentially, the numbers of those haunted animals are minimized and a few numbers of
these animals' lives are at stake. The contaminations are common phenomena through out the world causing a great crisis against our
healthy environment in question. Our environment is greatly being polluted every time due to air and water pollution. Air is mainly being
polluted from smokes. When the bricks are burnt, unbounded smokes are created. The compositions of such smoke particles are
nicotine, thiophin, phuran, phosgene, sulfur dioxide and pyridine. These particles pollute the air tremendously. The smokes are also
created when different vehicles ply over along the streets. For these reasons, all the streets are filled with the smokes that adversely
affect the human health conditions. Burning poisonous gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, nitric acids and sulfuric acids, again
create the smokes. These particles make the air heavy and polluted. In order to construct buildings, dams and embankments, lots of
plants and trees are cut down and subsequently these are burnt for bricks for which air is polluted to a great extent. In the winter-based
country, the plants and trees are being planted in the artificial manner by storing sun light under some restricted environment. The things,
which are being done in the green house, are the increasing of carbon dioxide, which affects the environment adversely. We need to
ensure the proper use of carbon dioxide by growing the plants and trees adequately without which congenital atmosphere for our survival
on earth would not have been possible.

Atmospheric pollution:

The problems of green house effects are throughout the world for which we should find out ways and means to solve the impediments,
which create health hazards in our every day life. The CFC gas is the product of tremendous effects of greenhouse chattels and as a
result, our environment is being polluted creating a great health hazard in question. The fact is that due to tremendous increase of CFC
gas and carbon dioxide, ozone layer is consequently licked and the ultra-violet ray from the Ionosphere is in the way to hit the earth
directly for which the surface temperature is gradually increasing and the ice is melted and the depth of the sea is also being increased.
It is hoped in future that in course of time, the earth will be inundated under water. It has been observed in recent year’s survey that
due to tremendous indiscriminant use of poly-ethane bags, pollutions are occurring to a great extent. In the world, wastage is being
observed but these are being recycled in a developed process, which are the consequences of better technology and scientific
research. In order to remove such pollution, a better technology and strong recycling process are needed for which new bags are
possible to be made. Besides this, we need to be careful about dealing wastage for which prospective and alternative measures are
keenly emphasized in a systematic manner. We know that the plants and trees are vitally important in order to make our environments
healthy and sophisticated to live peacefully in the world. On the other hand, due to lack of trees, adverse situations prevail in the
atmospheric layer like increasing carbon dioxide and dust particles. If this type of gas is increased in the layer, our environment
becomes barren and unsuitable for living. We use oxygen in our inhalation and give out carbon dioxide as a general flow of breathing
function. Trees give us shadow and fruits for which our survival on earth becomes easy and comfortable. We need trees in order to make
our environment free from pollution. Hence, it is widely recognized that due to enormous use of plants and trees, we are always facing
the situations of health hazard and for which the government is careful to plant trees in place of the trees cut down. Since the plants and
trees are being cut down to a great extent, the amounts of lands have been reducing day by day for which the scarcity of cultivable lands
are being observed tremendously. As a result of being extinct the forests, the number of animals, birds and other creature living in
woodland are being reduced to a great extent. The main weapon to fight against extinction is self-awareness and consciousness. It has
to come within everybody that we have to possess the feelings of responsibility and environmentalism, in order to build a better world -a
world full of evergreen beauty and spirited animals and for these purpose, the following steps may be taken in due course.

• Hunting and whaling should be absolutely prohibited
• Deforestation needs to be counteracted
• The use of ivory and furs needs to be declared as a punishable crime imposing an exemplary penalty in question.
• National parks and nature reserves should be created
• The natural habitats of endangered species should be preserved.

If these plans of actions are executed immediately, then it may be expected a positive result that a man can see the dawn of a new era in
the history of the world, which will be even more attractive if we are interested to be intimated with one another by forsaking all sorts of
enmity and quarrelsome activities from the social life. Hence Somerset Maugham says,

“It is difficult to pass over the razor's edge
But the wise say, the path to salvation is hard"

From the above discussion it is clear that the problems which are increasing day by day needs to be sorted out first in order to have a
better situation for our survival on earth and by doing so, we need to chalk out ways and means to get rid of all sorts of adverse factors
readily creating confusion for solving the constraints beset with our social and cultural life. In order to save ourselves from smokes, we
need to think alternative measures like giving up cigarettes and using other lubricants in place of petrol and diesel from which no smoke
particles grow. In comparison to other western world, the numbers of chain smokers have been greatly reduced but in our country it has
been increasing day by day. By utmost feelings and realization, we should dedicate ourselves for the cause of real peace and tranquility
of life.
 Child labour:
In this context, Child labour has been a great impediment for flourishing the prospects of building good citizen in our country. Due to the
fact that due to poverty, the parents are compelled to send their children to work in order to maintain their family. There is no denying the
fact that modern civilization has been flourishing day by day by constructing buildings, dams, and embankments and over bridges for
various purposes. There is a good ground for every development works in the world for which the limitless efforts, men's hardihood and
persistent feelings are involved significantly. Indeed, all sorts of educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities and every
project and offices profiles have been constructed by enormous using sufficient bricks, trees and soils. Formerly, the world was full of
forests and there were uneven soils like ragged mountains and hills. In course of time, the people felt needs to enter into the world of
civilization. To speak the truth, they learnt the techniques of cultivating the land, making fire and fuel for preparing their foods and
ultimately, they became conversant with the useful things very convenient to them by conquering the world of science and technologies.

In this momentary world many uncommon talents came out and made the world astonished by miracle discoveries and inventions. The
world is immensely beautified by her unbounded nature where the forests and the animals, hills and mountains have been flourished by
the best ecosystem with relevant ecological balances with the factors of climate and weather. In the world, as the antidotes of medicine
to cure diseases, the poisonous chemicals are being used up to manufacture the same. In this connection, it is important to mention that
the dreadful diseases like cancer, coronary, blood cancer and aids etc., are no longer a problem or dreadful impediment to human
beings. If we look around the world, we will find that the environment is being polluted every time from water pollution when mosquitoes
lay eggs on standing water of the river, ponds and pools etc. When dirty and unused ingredients are thrown into water, the water is
polluted tremendously. In Great Britain, the various chemicals are used in different large plants and projects; consequently, acid rains
occur frequently. Suffice it to say that various poisonous gases are being produced to a great extent by tremendous use of poisonous
chemicals and burning bricks for which the world around us is being polluted to a large extent. In all these phenomena, child labour has
been a great manpower to contribute to work extensively. We should save them by creating awareness in social life in question.

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Kh. Atiar Rahman who was born in Mherpur in 1955. He had written thousands articles and many of them have been published in local
news paper. he is serving as Counter Part Officer1st 12 storied Government Office Building
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