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					                                Beekeeping Supplies

                                         Buzzing with Value!

                                Call us on 01691 672869 or visit our
                                web site at

                                                       Located in Oswestry, Shropshire. We
                                                       can supply all your beekeeping needs
                                                       including Wooden Hives, Hive Tools,
                                                       Smokers, Gloves, Bee Suits, Feeders,
           Buy Online                                  Bees and much more.

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         01691 672869

                                Fragile Planet Ltd (Adopt-A-Hive) on the
                                Alan Titchmarsh Show, with star British
                                actress Emilia Fox – 8 October 2009.

                                                  Our MD receiving the prestigious ‘Golden
                                                  Green Apple’ award 2009 from Dr David
                                                  Bellamy for outstanding environmental best
                                                  practice in retail.

                                                  For more information on the award please see

           Welcome to Fragile Planet
    Please see our separate price list for up to date
         prices, special offers and new items

Catalogue Index                                        Pages
About Us                                                         2
Hives, Bees and kits etc….                                 3,4,5,6
Hive Equipment                                               7,8,9
Gift Certificates                                                9
Frames and Foundation                                          10
Honey Extracting                                           11, 12
Feeding your Bees                                              13
Feeding Tips                                                   13
Treatments                                                     14                  Fragile Planet Ltd
Protective Clothing                                    15, 16, 17                     Units 13/14
P&P, Refunds, VAT, Price Policy, Images                        18                    Radfords Field
Contact us                                                     19                   Maesbury Road
                                     About Us                                          Oswestry
                      Fragile Planet Limited started in 2006 in a                      SY10 8RA
                      500 sq ft unit. We have since expanded twice
                      and now occupy 2,500 sq ft (and the boss
                      says we are not moving again!).                              Tel: 01691 672869
                                                                                   Fax: 01691 672870
                     We aim to use as much reclaimed/recycled
                     material as possible in our products, using             Web:
reclaimed wood, reclaimed aluminium sheets for hive roofs and               Email:
recycled food tubs for feeders and honey
storage. We even recycle cardboard
packaging    when    sending    out   our                            We are normally open 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday
products.                                                                               to Friday.
Next time you are passing through North
Shropshire pop in for a friendly welcome
and a look around our shop - we
normally have the kettle on!

                                2                                                          19
                                                                                          Hives, Bees and kits etc….
Postage & Packing                                                           Complete British National Wooden Hive
All orders over £100 are P&P free
We endeavour to despatch all orders within 2 working days, except for       Made from white wood using reclaimed sources
Complete Hives with Frames, these items are normally despatched within      when available.
10 working days.

All orders are despatched via second class post, parcel post or Collect+.
Heavier items will be delivered on a pallet.                                •      Open Mesh Floor with Entrance Block
                                                                            •      Brood Chamber fitted with DN4 frames
Clothing Repairs                                                                   and foundation
                                                                            •      Super Chamber fitted with SN4 frames
We offer a repair service - please contact us for details.
                                                                                   and foundation
                                                                            •      Crown Board with 2 Porter Bee Escapes
Refund Policy                                                               •      Queen Excluder
Fragile Planet operate a refund policy. The item must be returned unused    •      Gable roof
in its original packaging. No postal charges are refunded. This does not
affect your statutory rights.                                               Please note that each of the above components can be purchased
                                                                               separately if required—please see our price list for details.
VAT is included in all prices at the standard UK government rate. VAT is    The Floor is timber framed with galvanised mesh. The Floor, Brood,
deducted for customers who qualify by reason of a valid UK VAT              Super and Roof have been externally painted in our usual green with a
exemption (copy to be supplied) or by domicile (Channel Islands etc).       bee friendly preservative. The Roof is covered with reclaimed aluminium.
For further details contact us by phone.
                                                                                Please note a Hive Stand is not included and can be purchased
Price policy
The prices displayed on our web site are our
current prices. Please also see our separate price list for up to date      New British National Wooden Hive
prices, special offers and new items.                                       As above but this time the Brood and Super chambers are empty, i.e. no
                                                                            frames and foundation
All images used in this brochure are for illustration purposes only and
                                                                            British National Super with frames and
may differ from the item actually supplied.                                 foundation
                                                                            Part of our standard British National Wooden Hive. Fully fitted with
                                                                            Premier Quality SN4 frames (Hoffman self spacing), premier wired
                                                                            foundation and painted in our usual green. Just right to extend your
                                                                            British National Wooden Hive.

                                                                                           Free P&P on all orders over £100.00

                                     18                                                                        3
British National Brood with frames and                                                Child’s Beekeeping Smock
                                                                       A smock with a removable hood. Large chest pocket.
Part of our standard British National Wooden Hive. Fitted with DN4     Elasticated sleeves. Designed to hold veil away from
Hoffman Brood Frames and Premier Foundation and painted in our         your face. Quick and easy to put on. Fits a child up to
usual green.                                                           11 years old.

Galvanised Varroa Mesh                                                 Waist to veil 50cm (18”) , Chest 120cm (42”)

Galvanised Mesh 460cm x 460cm (18” by 18”) for Varroa Floors. Make
your own mesh floors - National size.

                                                                                      Child’s Trousers
Hive Stand                                                                            Elasticated Waist 56cm (20”),          elasticated   round
Wooden Hive Stand. Painted in our usual green.                                        ankles— trouser length 59cm (22”)
Approx 18 inches high. Our Open Mesh Floor sits
snugly on top so the Varroa fall right through.

Beginners kit - British National Wooden Hive                                  Complete Beekeeper (Suit) kit
Complete British National Wooden Hive fully fitted with Premier        Kit comprises of a Small, Medium, Large or Extra
Frames and Foundation and painted in our usual green.                  Large Bee Suit (round hat style), Stainless Steel
Also includes:                                                         Smoker, Stainless Steel Hive Tool and Gloves (S, M,
                                                                       L, or XL).
     •     Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Bee Suit (round hat
     •     Soft Leather Gloves
     •     Deluxe Stainless Steel Smoker
     •     Stainless Steel Hive Tool
     •     Bee Brush                                                                    Complete Beekeeper (Smock) kit
     •     3 Litre Plastic Feeder
     •     Stainless Steel Uncapping Fork
                                                                                        Kit comprises of a Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
     •     Book - ‘Bees at the Bottom of the Garden’
                                                                                        or XXL Bee Smock (round hat style), Stainless Steel
                                                                                        Smoker, Stainless Steel Hive Tool and Gloves (S, M,
This kit comes fully assembled in a box. Just unpack the box and add
                                                                                        L, XL).
your bees. We take 10 working days to make this order up.

 Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,                          Free P&P on all orders over £100.00
             special offers and new items

                                 4                                                                       17
Soft Leather Gloves                                                                         Complete Kit with Bees

Made from calf skin, which is soft and supple yet                                           As above but includes a 5 frame nucleus of
wear resistant. The open end of the sleeve has an                                           bees.
elasticated closure for snug bee resistant fit. They
are comfortable to wear with sufficient feel for                                            Please note when purchasing this kit the Brood
typical bee manipulations. Long cotton gauntlet                                             chamber will come fitted with 8 frames and
reaching over elbow. Thick pad on wrist to prevent stings.                                  foundation. The remaining frames will arrive
                                                                                            with the Nucleus of bees.
Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. All dimensions
approximate.                                                                                                       5 Frame British Standard
       Size                 Middle Finger Length               Length around glove above
      Small                    9.5cm (3.75”)                         21.5cm (8.5”)                                 Despatched from May onwards each year -
     Medium                    9.5cm (3.75”)                         22cm (8.75”)                                  weather dependant. Supplied with a marked
                                                                                                                   Queen with eggs, brood and flying bees. Bees
      Large                      10cm (4”)                            22.5cm (9”)                                  are treated for Varroa before despatch.
   Extra Large                10.75cm (4.25”)                        23.5cm (9.25”)
                                                                                            5 Frame Ply Nucleus Box
                           Beekeeping Smock
                                                                                            Solid 18mm Ply painted in our usual green with
                           Simple 1 pocket pullover smock with elasticated                  Open Mesh Floor.
                           waist and round veil with hat.
                                                                                            12mm Ply Roof. Includes Correx Crown Board.
                           Sizes - Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.
                                                                                            Just add 1 of our Plastic 1.5 litre Nucleus
                           A smock with a removable hood. Large chest                       Feeders and some frames with foundation and
                           pocket. Elasticated sleeves. Designed to hold veil               raise your own nucleus.
                           away from your face. Quick and easy to put on.

   Sizes           Small        Medium              Large            XL              XXL
                                                                                                                         Ply Super self assembly
Waist to Veil    56cm (20”)    59cm (22”)         62cm (24")      65cm (26")   68cm(28”)
                                                                                                                         18mm Ply with softwood rails, all the
                                                                                                                         nails and complete instructions. Flat
  Chest at       124cm(44”)    128cm(48”)      132cm (52")       144cm (56")   160cm(60”)
                                                                                                                         pack and unpainted.

                                                                                                                            Free P&P on all orders over
   Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,                                                                         £100.00
               special offers and new items

                                             16                                                                              5
Ply Brood self assembly                                                                               Protective Clothing
18mm Ply with softwood rails, all the
nails and complete instructions. Flat
                                                                                         4 Pocket Full Polycotton Bee Suit
pack and unpainted.
                                                                                         Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
We’ve been using ply broods in our
hives since 2006 and find them                                                          These suits are comfortable and easy to work in.
excellent.                                                                              They have two deep breast pockets, and two deep
                                                                                        trouser pockets. The cuffs and legs are elasticated.
                                                                                        The waist is partly elasticated. The double zip starts
                                                                   from the crutch, up into the removable hat and veil, which is attached
Ply Hive Self Assembly with all the bits                           to the suit with a single zip.

                                                                    Sizes (approx)        Small        Medium          Large        Extra Large
     •      Open Mesh Floor (Unpainted) for                        Crutch to Veil zip   78cm(30”)     81cm (32")     89cm (35")     92cm (36")
            self assembly
     •      18mm Ply Brood (Unpainted) for                             Inside Leg       74cm(28”)     76cm (30")     84cm (33")     89cm (35")
            self assembly                                               Chest at        126cm(48”)    128cm (50")    142cm (56")    152cm (60")
     •      Plastic Queen Excluder                                     underarm
     •      18mm Ply Super (Unpainted) for
     •      Correx Crown Board with Porter                                          The ‘Deputy’ Deluxe Bee Suit
            Bee Escapes
     •      Ply Roof (Unpainted) for self                          Top quality, 10 pocket, Deluxe Suit, available in
            assembly with recycled aluminium                       Medium, Large and Extra Large.
                                                                   A very high quality cotton suit with all the trimmings
     •      12 Hoffman Brood Frames (DN4) - self assembly
                                                                   •    Thumb straps
     •      12 Hoffman Super Frames (SN4) - self assembly
                                                                   •    Reinforced knees
     •      12 Deep Wired Foundation sheets and 12 Shallow Wired
                                                                   •    Ankle zips
            Foundation sheets
                                                                   •    Fully detachable fencing style hood
     •      Pack of Gimp Pins for use when making up the frames
                                                                   •    Elasticated waist
     •      Assembly instructions included

                                                                    Sizes (approx)       Medium           Large       Extra Large
         Our Cheapest Hive - all you need to get started
                                                                   Crutch to Veil zip   81cm (32”)      85cm (33”)     88cm (35”)
Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,
                                                                      Inside Leg        84cm (33”)      88cm (34”)     90cm (35”)
            special offers and new items
                                                                       Chest at         124cm (48”)    132cm (52”)    137cm (54”)
            Free P&P on all orders over £100.00
                                                                                     Free P&P on all orders over £100.00

                                 6                                                                         15
                         Treatments                                                             Hive Equipment
                       Api Life Var                                      25cm (10”) Steel Hive Tool

                       The organic solution for the treatment of         This handy tool is a must have for any beekeeper.
                       Varroa.                                           Hive Tools are specially designed levers with
                       Ingredients consist of Thymol, Eucalyptus Oil,    scraping edges and other features that aid the
                       Menthol and Camphor.                              dismantling of beehives and the removal of frames from supers. This
                                                                         hive tool is made from quality hardened, tempered and brightly coloured
                                                                         stainless steel so is easily found when dropped in the grass. It has a
               Thymol Crystals 100 gms                                   keyhole shaped hole for removing nails.

With Varroa being such a dangerous parasite, we                                               27cm (10.5”) Steel J-Tool
must treat our bees. Thymol is an excellent miticide
for use in early spring and after the honey season in                                       Another handy stainless steel hive tool, an
autumn. Full instructions provided.                                                         essential piece of equipment for all
                                                                                            beekeepers. Ideal for prying apart supers, crown
               Oxalic Acid Solution 250 ml                                                  boards, Queen excluders from the hive,
                                                                         removing and manipulating frames and scraping off unwanted brace
                                                                         comb from frames and the inside of the hive.
               Oxalic acid is the recommended miticide for use when
               there is no brood. It is supplied as a 3.2% solution as
               recommended by the BBKA. Full instructions and            Deluxe Stainless Steel Smoker
               syringe provided.
                                                                         Stainless steel high quality smoker. Perforated
   Apistan—Varroa control for bees                                       removable grid inside body to make sure it doesn't
                                                                         go out.
10 Apistan strips per pack (treats 5 hives). A slow
release polymer strip specifically designed for use in                   Measuring approximately 28cm (11") overall height
beehives for the control of the parasitic mite Varroa.                   x 10.5cm (4") inside diameter x 14cm (5.5") height
                                                                         inside body above perforated base.

                                                                         Nothing calms a bunch of angry bees like a good
               Certan B401 120ml                                         smoke, so it's no surprise that these devices have
                                                                         changed little over the years. Smoke is used
               Biological Larvicide—for prevention and control of wax    anytime a beekeeper needs to move bees, or get
               moth infestation in bee hives.                            into the hives to collect honey. The smoke makes
                                                                         the bees drowsy and less likely to sting. Bee
                                                                         smokers consist of a small metal canister attached
                                                                         to a set of bellows. A fire is built in the metal
 Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,               chamber, and the bellows blows the smoke all
             special offers and new items                                through the hive.
                                  14                                                                       7
Wooden Queen Cage                                                                           Feeding your Bees
Somewhere safe to keep the Queen while
you’re manipulating the colony. Can be used                           3 Litre Plastic Winter Feeder
when introducing a new Queen.
                                                                      6.5 cm (2.5”) Deep x 26 cm (10.4”) Wide x 36 cm
                                                                      (14”) Long. Easily fits in any super. Washable,
                                                                      refillable feeder for the winter and when giving a
                       Mouse Guard                                    top-up feed of sugar solution.

                       Metal Mouse guard for winter use. Stops mice                          1.5 Litre Plastic Nucleus Feeder
                       getting into the hive via the entrance.
                                                                                             5 cm (2”) Deep x 19 cm (7.5”) Wide x 26 cm
                                                                                             (10.4”) Long. A high quality robust feeder. Easily
Queen Marking Pen                                                                            fits in a nucleus box. Washable, refillable feeder
                                                                                             for building up a nucleus.
Use with the Queen Marking Cage below.
                                                                      Recycled Economy 4 Pint
Since honey bee colonies and Queen honey bees                         Contact Feeder
can survive a number of years a system of
Queen marking colours has been devised which,                         Food Grade tubs recycled from a jam factory. Lid
if followed, gives an indication of the age of the                    fitted with Stainless Steel Mesh. Fill with 2Kg white
Queen. The Queen is marked with a spot of paint                       sugar, 2 Litres Boiling water, Stir and leave to
on her thorax (between the head and abdomen) using the colour         cool. Invert over feed hole in Crown Board in an
scheme shown below for years ending with the following numbers:-      empty super. Bees will take down as much as they
                                                                      need over a few days.
   Blue         White         Yellow          Red         Green
     0             1             2             3            4
                                                                                    Bee Feed - Bakers Fondant 500g
     5             6             7             8            9
                                                                                    Bee Feed - Bakers fondant - In plastic bag ready to feed.
                                                                                    Cut the bag open, place it on top of the brood nest and the
                    Queen Marking Cage (Crown of                                    bees will love it.
                                                                                                        Feeding Tips
                    Used when marking the Queen with the
                    appropriate colour as above.                      Feed your bees with common white sugar, not brown sugar, treacle, or
                                                                      other form of sugar. White sugar is sucrose that the bees can convert to
 Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,            the same levulose and dextrose they derive from nectar. For late winter
             special offers and new items                             feeding, a heavy syrup of 2 kilograms of sugar to each 1 litre of water is

                                8                                                                         13
                     The X-Factor extractor Mk 2                            Nylon Bee Brush
                     Electric 2-frame tangential Honey Extractor.           Soft and flexible for brushing bees
                     Stainless steel & aluminium internals.                 from frames or Queen cells. Also great
                     Plastic Honey Tap.                                     for removing bees from your suit
                                                                            before going back into your house!
                     Powered by Standard Electric Screwdriver/Drill
                     (can be supplied at an additional cost).
                                                                                                Porter Bee Escapes
                     A super little extractor for a beekeeper with only a
                     few hives. Just add the uncapped frames, give it a                         Used when clearing bees from supers - insert
                     whiz for a few minutes, then reverse the                                   in the crown board - priced per escape.
screwdriver (as if unscrewing) and repeat. Fitted with a new very
strong hygienic aluminium cage.

Stainless Steel Honey Strainer
                                                                            Bees at the Bottom of the Garden
A cost effective double stainless steel strainer.
240mm diameter. Arms, when extended, open to                                Alan Campion’s witty and excellent book. Helpful for
420mm. All stainless steel construction. Coarse                             novices and experts alike. Complete with what to
mesh has an aperture of 1.5mm and the fine                                  do in the apiary every month. An excellent present
0.5mm. Depth of top strainer is approx 40mm.                                for the beekeeper in your life!
Just what you need when extracting. Remove those bee bits from your

                 Honey Settling Tank (40kg)                                 UK Pollen Chart

                 White Plastic Settling tank. Filter your honey through
                 our strainer into one of our honey buckets then pour                 Simple colour guide to the common pollen brought in to
                 into this settling tank and leave for 2 days in a warm               the hive by your bees.
                 room before jarring up. Hygienic and washable.

                                                                                                       Gift Certificates
    Fine Muslin for filtering honey, approx 1m square.
                                                                            £25, £50, £100 denominations. Give one of these as an Easter,
                                                                            Birthday or Christmas present to the beekeeper in your life!

  Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,                            Free P&P on all orders over £100.00
              special offers and new items
                                   12                                                                      9
              Frames and Foundation                                                 Honey Extracting

Premier Quality British National Hoffman                                 Stainless Steel Uncapping Fork
Frames (also fits a WBC Hive)
                                                                         As its name suggests it is a tool that was originally
We sell premier quality Hoffman Frames. Space                            used to remove cappings prior to extracting. Simpler
between the frames is important to give what                             to use than a knife, removes less wax and honey
                                                          DN4            leaving more wax for the bees and more honey for
is known as "Bee Space". This is the gap that
bees will use as a passage and not fill in with                          you!
more wax comb. In the past few years it is
evident that many new beekeepers are using                               It can also be used to scratch cappings on a frame in a hive where the
only Hoffman frames. They are certainly less                             beekeeper wishes to have the bees remove the honey and store it
fiddly to use.                                                           further up the nest.
These high quality frames are supplied in                                Another common use has developed since the advent of Varroa. Use one
packs of 10 or as single frames.                                         prong to uncap odd cells to establish the age of the larvae. When you
                                                                         find a group of drone cells that are at the pink eye stage, insert the
Either DN4 for brood or SN4 for Supers.                                  whole fork from the side so that the prongs will go through the thoraxes
                                                                         of the grubs. Lever out an area roughly 65 mm square. You can then see
                                                                         the Varroa as small red dots on the sides of the larvae. Or hopefully you
 For instructions on putting a frame together visit our website
                                                                         won't see the little pests! and download from our FAQ section

                     Premier Quality British National                                             Reclaimed Honey Buckets
      Brood          Wired Foundation (also fits a                                                With lids. Available in 30lbs and 60 lbs capacity.
                     WBC Hive)                                                                    Recycled from a jam factory.

                     Brood foundation—fits DN4 frames above.                                      Ideal for storing all the wonderful honey you
                                                                                                  have extracted from your hive.
                     Super Foundation—fits SN4 frames above.
                     Both are sold in packs of 10 or as single sheets.
                                                                                                Plastic Honey Tap
                                                                                              Red plastic honey tap 40mm.
                                            Gimp Pins
               100g Black pins for nailing frames together.
                                                                            Please see our separate price list for up to date prices,
       Free P&P on all orders over £100.00                                              special offers and new items

                                   10                                                                      11