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					                                                                                                              How Firecat
                Take action call FIRECAT on
                      9455 7772
                             to arrange a free consultation and quote.
                Our trained consultants will advise you on the most efficient number and placement
                of sprinklers to suit your home.
                                                                                                                can save your life
                Installing a FIRECAT Sprinkler System into an existing home is a straight-forward
                process for our qualified installers and licenced plumbers. They are experienced in fitting
                pipe-work into the roof-space and connecting FIRECAT to the existing water system.

                Of course, FIRECAT can also be readily installed in
                any new home under construction.

                Visit our website at to watch
                the dramatic 8 minute movie. This information could
                save your life!

             Alert everyone in the house. Calmly but quickly get out and stay a safe distance away.
                       FIRECAT supplies safety procedure sheets with every system sold.

                         Phone 000 - the emergency number for Fire Service
                           in Australia - and clearly give address details.

                Do not turn off the water supply or go back into your home until the Fire Service
                              confirms the fire is out and it is safe for you to return.                                            If this was your home,
                   Phone your FIRECAT installer to arrange replacement of used sprinklers.                                        you’d be GUTTED!

                                             “PROTECT WHAT YOU VALUE MOST”                                            “PROTECT WHAT YOU VALUE MOST”

             Unit 2/11 Panama Street, Canning Vale WA 6155 Phone: (08) 9455 7772 Fax: (08) 9455 2129
HOWA 01-07
    See how quickly a fire can dESTROY                                                                                       MYTHS and FACTS
      what YOU VALUE THE MOST!                                                                                Answers to all the important questions
                                                                                             MYTH: Fire sprinklers are needed in a hotel or                             MYTH: A little fire or smoke damage is better than
With a FireCat® System in your home...         WithOUt a FireCat® System in your home...     office building, but not in my home.                                       to have my whole house ruined by water damage
                                                                                                                                                                        if the sprinklers go off.
                                                                                             FACT: Actually, you are at a much greater risk of being injured
                                                                                             or killed in a home fire than in a hotel fire. In fact, on average, the    FACT: A home fire sprinkler uses only 50-100 litres of water per
                                                                                             majority of all fire deaths occur where most people feel the safest,       minute and operates early in a fire. A hose used by fire-fighter flows
                                                                                             in their own home.                                                         about ten times that amount, 500-1,000 liters a minute. If sprinklers
                                                                                                                                                                        are not present, fires can burn for an additional 5-15 minutes until
                                                                                             MYTH: Installing smoke detectors in my house                               the fire brigade arrives. Two things happen to cause more damage
                                                                                             should be enough to protect my home.                                       than sprinklers. First, more of your possessions have been exposed
                                                                                                                                                                        to fire and smoke before the fire brigade intervenes, and when the
                                                                                             FACT: Smoke alarms are excellent at detecting and alerting                 brigade attempt to suppress the fire you have 10 times more water
                                                                                             homeowners, and they should be installed in every home.                    being applied to what possessions are remaining.
                                                                                             With no smoke alarm you only have a 3% chance of surviving a
                                                                                             domestic home fire. With a smoke alarm you have a 53% chance               MYTH: Small things like burning a piece of toast
                                                                                             of surviving a fire in your home. But they are limited in their fire       could trigger my sprinkler system and ruin my
                                                                                             safety effectiveness as they provide only a warning of a potential         home.
                                                                                             fire; what they cannot do is suppress a fire. That’s where sprinkler
                                                                                             systems excel; they immediately and effectively suppress a fire in         FACT: Fire sprinklers are activated by high temperatures, not by
                                                                                             its early stages, before it can become larger and more dangerous.          smoke. Only a threatening fire can generate enough heat to operate
                                                                                             The combination of a FIRECAT Sprinkler System and smoke alarms             a sprinkler. Burning toast and smoking cigarettes will not trigger a
                                                                                             improve your chances of survival to 82%.*                                  fire sprinkler; only the smoke detector.

                                                                                             MYTH: Fire sprinklers could ruin my house if they                          MYTH: FIRECAT Fire Sprinklers put out Bushfires.
                                                                                             go off accidentally.
                                                                                                                                                                        FACT: It is important to know that the Firecat Home Fire Sprinkler
                                                                                             FACT: The chances that a sprinkler will accidentally discharge             System is an internal fire sprinkler system. This means that the
                                                                                             due to a manufacturing defect are extremely rare - 1 in 16 million.        sprinklers are installed in the home and will protect where they are
                                                                                             Sprinkler heads are the result of years of development and                 installed.
                                                                                             continuous improvement in manufacturing. In fact, they’ve been             Recently there has been a wave of bushfires throughout Australia.
                                                                                             used to protect lives and reduce property damage for over 100              This has made people more aware of the dangers of fire. However,
                                                                                             years! Trust FIRECAT to install only those brands with a proven            we must remember that as this is an internal system, it does not
                                                                                             reputation for outstanding performance, quality and dependability.         protect against external fires such as a bushfire.

                                                                                             MYTH: When a fire occurs, every sprinkler in the                           MYTH: Fire sprinkler won’t look nice in my beautiful
                                                                                             house will activate.                                                       home.
    Every single day in Australia fire destroys lives and personal property worth millions
    of dollars. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, last year more than 1500   FACT: By design, only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate.     FACT: Actually, most fire sprinklers are so small and unobtrusive,
                                                                                             Contrary to Hollywood movies, all the sprinklers in a sprinkler system     that you won’t notice them unless you are looking hard for them.
    people were injured, and tragically, over 70 people died                                 do not activate at once. When a fire sprinkler system activates, only      FIRECAT sprinklers come in four distinctive styles to provide the
                                                                                             the sprinkler that is closest to the fire discharges - and in 90% of the   best-looking protection for your home.
                                                                                             cases, one sprinkler is sufficient to suppress a fire.

    You can’t put a price on life!
    For less than the cost of buying a big-screen tv, or a new lounge suite or any other
    popular upgrade, a life-saving sprinkler system provides valuable peace-of-mind by
    protecting your home and family for many years to come.

    You can get a FIRECAT Home Sprinkler System installed from as little as $2,500.
    It’s like having a fire-fighter on duty at your home 24 hours a day!
                                                                                                      Dome Concealed                        Ceiling Pendant                     Side Wall Pendant                    Flat Plate Concealed
    There’s no better investment you can make to protect what you value most!
                                                                                                                                                                                                    *Scottsdale 15 Year Report, 2005, NFPA, USA.
                                                If this was your home, you’d be


Firecat Home Sprinkler Systems can be installed
into your home. (average 4 bedroom home)


Fire can be absolutely devastating!                                 You can’t put a price on life!
And if you think it can’t happen to you, look at the facts*:   With a FIRECAT system installed, sprinklers activate
                                                               within seconds, cooling the room and putting out
• Last year there were over 10,000 house fires                 the fire within minutes.
  in Australia resulting in the destruction of
                                                               Only those sprinklers in the vicinity of the
  millions of dollars worth of personal property               fire activate so the rest of the house
• There were more than 1500 people injured                     remains unaffected.
• Even more tragic, over 70 people died.
                                                               It’s like having a firefighter on duty at your home 24
   *Australian Bureau of Statistics: Home Fire Safety          hours a day!

 FIRECAT Sprinkler System installed at the Smart House at Whiteman Park.
   Take action now call
9455 7772    to arrange a quote.
 Visit our website at
  to watch the dramatic 8-minute movie.
    The information could save your life!                                 “PROTECT WHAT YOU VALUE MOST”

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