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					Judge’s busy schedule provides food for thought

                          By the time Justice Thinker in Residence Judge Peggy Fulton
                          Hora met the CAA’s Community Reference Group (CRG) in
                          September, she had already sent 125 emails to project
                          partners with ideas, research items and information.

                          In addition, she had posted 16 articles, writings and other
                          materials related to smart justice on the Thinker in Residence
                          website and had written 40 blog entries, attracting 100 readers
                          on some days.
Judge Peggy Fulton Hora

The energetic Judge from California told the CRG that she had met and spoken with
around 500 people including the key people from the CAA, Attorney-General’s
Department, South Australia Police, Legal Services Commission, the Social Inclusion
Unit, Department of Childrens Services, the City of Playford, Flinders and Adelaide
University Law Schools, the Department of Correctional Services and the
Commissioner for Victim Rights.

She said she had parted with more than 250 business cards, collected 75, had as
many hits on her website as there are days in a year, and had given interviews to a
diverse range of media outlets. In between times, she had reviewed a number of
reports, evaluations and other materials relevant to the SA justice system.

It was a special moment for members of the CRG to meet Judge Hora, as the CRG
came up with the idea of a Justice Thinker in Residence.

The CRG provides commentary to the CAA through the CAA’s Community Relations
Committee on CAA efforts to engage effectively with the community.

Judge Hora is a specialist in the fields of therapeutic jurisprudence and restorative
justice. She was among the first in the US to set up a specialist drug court, to link
court orders to the diversion of drug-addicted offenders away from prisons as much
as possible and into rehabilitation. In time, other similar court-based programs were
introduced, including courts that have a role in monitoring release of prisoners back
into the community.

The judge is known for her ability to initiate programs to meet specific needs in the
community and to encourage coordination of services.

Judge Hora’s residency covers a three month period divided into two visits. The first
visit began on 17 August and ran until 25 September 2009. She will return on 22
March and remain in Adelaide until 30 April 2010, after which time she will publish
her suggestions and recommendations aimed at enhancing delivery of justice in
South Australia.

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