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Brisbane to Fraser Island


Brisbane to Fraser Island

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									Brisbane to Fraser Island:
Suggested Itinerary

Run away from it all on this seven-day itinerary into an eco-tourists paradise. From
Queensland's dazzling capital Brisbane, with its big city lights, travel a few hours by car to
the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Allow Queensland's beautiful southern beaches to escort
you along this awe-inspiring route - there's adventure, relaxation, and plenty of new
experiences to be had.

Day 1 & 2: Brisbane – Noosa Heads

135 kilometres – 2hrs 10 mins – All sealed roads

Feel the sub-tropical flair as soon as you land in Queensland's vibrant capital city, Brisbane.
It presents some of the best shopping, food, wine, arts, and entertainment on offer.

Saunter through major art exhibitions, catch a symphony or watch the ballets latest show in
Brisbane's cultural hub. Cross over the river and discover a city oozing with heritage and
pride. Play at a boutique casino housed in a heritage-listed building or quicken the heart
beat and embark on an adventure climb of Brisbane's Story Bridge for a novel view of the
cityscape. Get an insight into the Brisbane way of life at the Museum of Brisbane, City Hall -
it's free. Wine and dine in one of the splendid restaurants preparing cuisine from across the
state or go continental visiting China Town, downtown from the city centre.

Follow the highway north to Caloundra, the entrance to the Sunshine Coast. Picnic by the
tranquil waters of the Pumicestone Passage then follow the coast road seeing some of the
Sunshine Coast's most popular beachside resorts.

Then it's onto Noosa! Spoil yourself dining at a street café by the sea before wandering
along the beach under the light of the moon caressed by a gentle sea breeze. Select your
accommodation from lavish resorts to a camp site by the sea.

Spend day 2 exploring Noosa. If you like a little of nature and the good life, then Noosa is
for you. Sit and sip on Hastings Street - a tree-lined promenade filled with boutique shops
and world class restaurants - as the waters of Laguna Bay lap the beach right next door.
Stroll the seaside boardwalk or catch the shuttle bus to the National Park at the end of the

Deliberate on taking a diversion and drive up into the hinterland. Over rolling hills, through
lush thick rainforests and pine plantations, the roads in the hinterland have hidden
treasures around each corner - it's a perfect journey for those who enjoy walking through
galleries, craft shops, and savouring good food and great wine.

Day 3: Noosa Heads – Hervey Bay

270 kilometres – 4hrs 35 mins – All sealed roads

Drive northwards through Gympie, 'Queensland's Golden City' and relive the days of the
first gold rush at the Gold Mining Museum. If it's August, you'll hear the tunes of hundreds
of country music and blues artists performing in Amamoor State Forest.
Head to the coast, for east is Rainbow Beach, just 78 kms north east of Gympie. Cross the
river and follow the road through the Great Sandy National Park. If you're in a 4WD then
access the beach and trek down 40 Mile Beach a real public road!

Pick up lunch from one of the take-aways at Teewah Village and cruise north to the
Coloured Sands - ancient sand cliffs displaying a magnificent array of over 74 various
colours! Take the walk up to Double Island Point Lighthouse and nearby look at the rusting
ship wreck of the Cherry Venture.

For further adventure, take a drive to the Carlo Sand Blow - a huge sand dune towering
high into the sky. Not only does it give an excellent view, for the more daring it's a great
platform for hang gliding or take a cardboard box, rip it open and try sand tobogganing -
there's no charge and the adrenalin rush lasts all day.

At Tin Can Bay see the dolphins when they come in each day to visit - what a splash!
Continue north to Hervey Bay, Australia's premier whale watching destination and the
stepping off point into World Heritage listed Fraser Island the largest sand island in the

Days 4 & 5: Hervey Bay – Fraser Island

Via ferry – Optional 4WD access

If your visit coincides with the migrating whales - July to November - then hop aboard and
get on out into the bay for an up close and personal experience with these enormous
mammals from the deep. Feel the spray of water as they breach just metres from the boat
- you can almost reach out and touch them they are so close.

See the sights around the coastal villages that make up Hervey Bay - there's over 40 kms
of beaches! This is a wheelie friendly location - there are 13kms of sealed waterfront tracks
and wheelies can also go for a dip as there's a plastic wheel chair free of charge - what

Now it's time for Fraser Island! Don't worry if you don't have a 4WD there's numerous hire
options and plenty of tours that can accommodate your visit. If you do have your own, load
it up as Fraser is a 4 wheel drivers Mecca.

This charming island surrounded by 120km of white sandy beaches has the perfect mix -
seclusion or adventure. It's easy for everyone to encounter its amazing array of natural
wonders with the island resorts and private operators offering a superb focus on tours
making sure no one misses out.

Float an hour or two away on a crystal clear fresh water lake, walk through ancient
rainforests or fish and fish until you drop. Kayak around the islands edge as dugong and
sea turtles feed on the sea grass beds below. Watch as humpback whales relax in the
sheltered waters of Platypus Bay. Play in the shadows of immense cliffs of coloured sands.

In spring watch the wildflowers blossom carpeting the forest and heath in colour. Wildlife
watch - this island refuge is home to 230 species of birds and many reptiles and mammals
including the Fraser Island Dingo, the purest strain Dingo left in Australia.
A little house keeping - if you have your own vehicle you must obtain a vehicle access
permit before departure to the island. Camping also requires a permit.

Days 6 & 7: Fraser Island to Bundaberg

125 kilometres – 1hr 50 mins – All sealed roads

Unleash yourself from this island's magical clutch and head on northwards to the delightful
town of Childers. Take in the brilliant moving display at the Palace Backpackers Memorial.
Admire the restored buildings lining the main street. Learn all about early medicine at the
Pharmaceutical Museum, then maybe wander through the Military and Memorabilia
Museum, tucked away down Ashby Lane.

Icecream buffs indulge in your fantasy at Mammino macadamia icecream factory or hear all
about our Australian reptiles along the same road at Snakes Downunder. Wine connoisseurs
- burgeoning wineries are ideal for a tipple.

From Childers either continue directly north to Bundaberg or steer the car to Woodgate - a
laid back little town on a wonderful section of beach. 4 wheel drivers an alternative route to
Bundaberg from Woodgate is through the Kinkuna Section of Burrum Coast National Park.

Then it's into Bundaberg - or Bundy as the locals say - the home of the bear on the bottle.
Mosey around this delightful city - see the huge whaling wall, Bert Hinkler House before
heading out to the seaside holiday resort of Bargara.

From November through to March each year, on the beaches around Bargara a natural
phenomena takes place - it is really worth the trip to see. Book in for a nightly tour at Mon
Repos, the largest Loggerhead Turtle Rookery on the Australian Mainland. Watch in
amazement as these giant ancient mariners come ashore to nest from November to
January and then from late January to March thousands of little hatchlings scrabble up
through the sand.

After a late-ish night you'll still be on a high from the night's previous experience with the
great sea turtles. Take the time out and discover the stunning ladies of the reef - pristine
coral cay isles just off the coast - it's the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Jump on a launch or
take a flight and visit Lady Musgrave Island - a back to wilderness island with no facilities
and wonderful scenery; Lady Elliot Island with its nature-based resort right on the reef.
Spend some time - snorkel, dive or just relax awhile.

From here choose your best option for the trip home. You can return your hire car and fly
back from Bundaberg or drive back to Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane to pick up a
flight home. Consider the leisurely option and drive back to Brisbane and deliberate
exploring the hinterlands and Bunya Mountains along the unhurried back roads. Escape to
the forested mountains scattered with waterfalls, pineapple plantations, galleries and many
spectacular views.

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