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									 Monkey bike safety standards                                          Product Safety Concerns

a) Throttle (accelerator)          c) Foot pegs                        Owners and potential buyers of      2) Steering assembly
All motorcycles shall be           All motorcycles shall be            monkey bikes who wish to use        The steering assembly may
                                                                                                                                                                             Safety concerns
equipped with an accelerator       equipped with foot pegs. Each       these vehicles on private           be excessively loose
                                                                                                                                                                             for monkey bikes
mounted on the right               foot peg must be capable            property should be aware that       resulting in lack of steering
handlebar and be self closing      of holding a static load equal to   there are serious concerns about    control at medium to high                                         Declaration of
in a clockwise direction to idle   the maximum carrying capacity       the safety of many of the models    speeds.                                                           dangerous goods
position after release of          recommended by the                  that are being sold.
hand.                              manufacturer. Where a                                                   3) Foot pegs (also known
                                   maximum carrying capacity is        Following investigations carried    as foot rests)
b) Braking systems                 not supplied by the                 out by Product Safety officers of   The foot pegs may fold under
All motorcycles shall be           manufacturer, each foot peg         the Office of Consumer and          the weight of the rider,
equipped with brake systems        must be capable of holding a        Business Affairs, a banning order   resulting in loss of balance.     Monkey bikes,
that are capable of acting         static load of 70kg.                has been placed on the sale of                                        also known as
on the front and rear wheels.                                          these products, unless they meet    4) Throttle (accelerator)         pocket or
With the exception of drum         d) Steering                         certain safety criteria.            The throttle may stick            mini-bikes, are
type brake systems, the brake      The steering head (head stem)                                           preventing deceleration,          scaled down
system must incorporate a          shall exhibit no free play and      Briefly, the five areas of          resulting in loss of              versions of
floating/sliding type brake        the steering must move freely,      concern are:                        speed control.                    motorcycles.
caliper, which compensates         under its own weight, from lock
for any increased movement         to lock with the front wheel        1) Front and rear brakes            5) Emergency stopping             The Office of Consumer and
of its components arising from     raised off the ground.              The brakes may not provide          Some bikes do not have            Business Affairs has detected
brake pad wear. The braking                                            sufficient stopping force and       an engine stop or ‘kill switch’   five areas of major concern
effort applied to the control      e) Supplemental engine stop         may be incorrectly adjusted.        that enables the rider to         with the safety of monkey
lever must be equally and          All motorcycles shall be                                                quickly stop the engine in an     bikes. The safety standards
automatically distributed onto     equipped with a functioning         Brake components may be             emergency.                        are provided in detail at the
each brake lining without the      thumb operated device located       incorrectly fitted.                                                   end of this fact sheet and
necessity for an adjuster at       on the right or left handlebar                                                                            consumers who own or who
the brake caliper.                 capable of stopping the engine.                                                                           are thinking of buying a
                                   The device shall be operable                                                                              monkey bike are strongly
                                   throughout its full range by the                                                                          urged to have the bike
                                   driver’s right or left hand                                                                               checked.
                                   without removal of the hand            Further information
                                   from the throttle. The device
                                   shall be clearly identified as         Consumer Affairs
                                   “Engine Stop” and have the             Product Safety
                                   words “Off” “Run” or equivalent        8 West Thebarton Road
                                   ISO symbols. The device and            Thebarton SA 5031
                                   identification shall be clearly        Telephone (08) 8152 0732
                                   visible and legible to the             Facsimile (08) 8234 1486                                                            
                                   seated driver.
    safetyconcernsfor  nkeybikes
                         e    e
Under SA’s road laws,             These monkey bikes are             What should consumers do?                                                What should suppliers do?
monkey bikes cannot be            characterised by their
ridden on any publicly-owned      potential high speed. It is this   Pre-ban purchases                    If consumers have the bike          Pre-ban sales                      Post-ban sales
property, including roads,        characteristic that arouses        Consumers who purchased a            checked by an automotive            Under both State and               Suppliers must ensure that any
bicycle paths, footpaths,         safety concerns when it is         monkey bike before the ban           mechanic after purchase and it      Federal fair-trading laws, any     monkey bikes they sell meet the
beaches, parks, forests and       combined with structural           order came into effect are           is clear that the bike did not      goods offered for sale must        safety standards set out in the
reserves.                         fragility or mechanical flaws.     strongly urged to have it            meet the minimum safety             be reasonably fit for their        ban order. It is immaterial if they
                                                                     checked by a qualified automo-       standards at the time of the sale   purpose. For example, a bike       purchased them before or after
A declaration of a dangerous      Battery-operated ride-on toys      tive mechanic, particularly in the   - that is, they were sold a         must be reasonably fit to be       the banning order was made.
good has been made in             intended to go at a walking        five areas covered by the safety     banned bike - it is the view of     ridden. If a consumer can          Suppliers are strongly advised to
respect to motorcycles            speed are not monkey bikes         standards. If the mechanic           the Office of Consumer and          demonstrate that a bike sold       have the bikes checked by a
powered by an internal            and are not covered by the         advises the bike is unsafe,          Business Affairs that the           to them is dangerous to ride,      qualified automotive mechanic.
combustion engine, not            ban order.                         consumers should ask the             supplier should give them a full    the consumer can ask for
intended for certification                                           mechanic to provide a written,       refund.                             repairs, replacement with a        If suppliers sell a bike that
under the "Road Vehicle                                              signed and dated opinion that                                            compliant bike, or for a           contravenes the ban, their sale
Certification System". This                                          details the faults. They should      The Office of Consumer and          refund. Proof of purchase          will be illegal. This offence has a
banning order includes those                                         then take the bike back to the       Business Affairs advises            and a letter from a qualified      penalty of up to $10,000.
motorcycles known as Mini                                            supplier, together with their        consumers to exercise common        mechanic can assist
Bikes, Pocket Bikes or                                               receipt, and request a repair or     sense if they are purchasing a      consumers in proving that a
Monkey Bikes that do not                                             refund. If the supplier cannot be    monkey bike.                        bike was dangerous.
meet the safety criteria within                                      located, consumers will              • Go to a supplier who appears
the schedule.                                                        probably need to undertake the       to have some expertise in
                                                                     repairs at their own expense,        recreational vehicles.
                                                                     unless they can identify the         • Check to see if the supplier
                                                                     company that manufactured the        knows about the ban and the
                                                                     bike and pursue the repair or        safety standards.
                                                                     refund request with them.            • Ask whether the supplier has
                                                                                                          had their bikes checked by a
                                                                     Post-ban purchases                   qualified automotive mechanic.
                                                                     Consumers who are considering        • Make an evaluation of whether
                                                                     buying a monkey bike should          the supplier appears to be the
                                                                     ensure that the supplier has had     kind of supplier who is likely to
                                                                     it checked against the minimum       still be around tomorrow, in
                                                                     safety standards before they         case you have a problem.
                                                                     purchase the bike. Consumers
                                                                     should also ask the trader to
                                                                     endorse their proof of purchase
                                                                     (e.g. receipt) to the effect that                                                               
                                                                     the bike meets the standards
                                                                     set out in the banning order.

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