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Beyond Fear - Sept Flyer 06


Beyond Fear - Sept Flyer 06

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									                                                           Thursday 21 September 2006
                                                           UN International Day of Peace

                          Creating a Culture of Peace
             Envisioning an alternative to violence in our
                           present culture!

•                                                                   Brendan McKeague will lead this
•                                                                   workshop.
•                                                                   He is the Australian Associate
•                                                                   member of the Pace e Bene
                                                                    Nonviolence Service

                                                                    Brendan provides inspirational yet
                                                                    practical and interactive workshops
                                                                    both throughout Australia and more
                                                                    recently in the United Kingdom.
                                                                    Brendan brings a rich background of
                                                                    experience and personal reflection.

                                                                    For more information:
            .                .                            

Return this Registration Form and payment by Friday 15 September to:
Br. Des O’Grady— 3 Bramley Court, Huntfield Heights SA 5163. [Phone 8186 6993] Email:
OR to Sr Elizabeth Morris—Catholic Theological College [Ph. 8416 8471]

Name: ______________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________                $50—lunch included

_________________________________Postcode: ___________               Please make cheques payable to:
                                                                     Pace e Bene Australia
Phone: _________________ Email: _________________________
NOTE: For Catholic school teachers, this is a “System Accredited Module” requiring a 1500 word
reflection paper, submitted to Sr Liz Morris by Friday 13 October.

         This is a repeat of the highly successful day held in May this year.

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