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					                               CITY OF MENDOTA

                             MINUTES OF MENDOTA
                         REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING

TUESDAY, January 25, 2005                                               6:12 p.m.

Meeting called to order by Mayor Riofrio
Roll Call
Council Members Present:       Rene Covarrubia, Yvette Quiroga, Robert Silva,
                               Joseph Riofrio, and John Flores (6:30 p.m.)
Council Members Absent:        None
Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Riofrio


   1. Adjustments to Agenda

Staff requested Check Nos. 22663 through 22665 to be added to the warrant list for a
Grand Total of $290,188.50.

Staff further requested Resolution No. 05-06 be replaced with the revised copy for
adoption. Grammatical changes were made by the City Attorney.

Council Member Quiroga requested to be added to council reports.

  2. Adoption of final Agenda
Council Member Quiroga motioned to accept the agenda with the above noted changes,
Council Member Silva seconded and the agenda was adopted on a 4-0 vote.


   1.      Cindy Merzon, facilitator to give presentation regarding Council goal
           setting/strategic planning workshop with the City Council and Planning
Staff reported that Ms. Merzon was unable to make the meeting. Staff further informed
council that Ms. Merzon was hired by EDC on a grant to conduct workshops with five (5)
individual cities. The workshop for Mendota is scheduled for February 15, 2005 at 6:30
p.m. This workshop will include planning and council.



        1.   Minutes of Regular Meeting of January 11, 2005.

City Council Minutes of Regular Meeting   1                                   1/25/05
        2. Notice of Waiving of the reading of all resolutions and/or ordinances
           introduced and/or adopted under this agenda.
Council Member Quiroga motioned to approve with a second by Council member Silva
and unanimously passed.


Mr. Ed Petry, 291 Fleming came before the council regarding the applicant, Ralph
Espinoza for the Planning Commission.


1.    JANUARY 11, 2005 THROUGH JANUARY 21, 2005
      WARRANT LIST 22612 THRU 22 662                 =            $110,160.61
      GRAND TOTAL FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL =                          $110,160.61
The warrant list was amended per the adjustment listed above. Council Member Silva
wanted to know if the Garcia Paving check was the final check and staff informed him it
was a progress payment. Mayor Pro Temp Silva motioned to approve the warrant list
as amended with a second by Mayor Riofrio. Approved on a 4-0 vote.

Lt. Dadian of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department came before the council to give
the monthly report. Discussion took place regarding graffiti being on the rise and the
motorized scooters. Further discussion took place regarding “pocket bikes” and that
they are subject to the Vehicle Code.

Council Member Flores arrived at 6:30 p.m.

     1. Appointment by the Mayor and ratification by Council of Applicant to fill vacancy
          on the Planning Commission.

The Mayor reported that three (3) applications were received and he spoke to all three
(3) applicants. The Mayor stated it was difficult decision and appointed Mr. Ralph
Espinoza as a planning commissioner. Mayor Pro Temp Silva motioned to agree with
the Mayor. Council Member Quiroga requested to see a copy of the applications before
a vote was taken. A copy was made and handed out to council. There was much
discussion regarding the applicants whereupon Miguel Arias came before the council
and requested his applicant be withdrawn and recommended to the council to ratify the
appointment of Mr. Espinoza. Mr. Arias further stated that his application was not
meant to cause such disagreement among the council.

The Mayor requested a recess at 6:59 p.m.

At 7:03 p.m. council reconvened. Council member Flores commented that Mr. Arias
would be a better candidate than Mr. Espinoza due to his knowledge and experience.

City Council Minutes of Regular Meeting   2                                      1/25/05
Council member Covarrubia stated that he would support the Mayor’s decision but his
decision of the 3 would not have been Espinoza. Mayor Riofrio seconded Mayor Pro
Temp Silva motion to appoint. Council member Flores abstained. The vote was 4-0.

2.     Adoption of Resolution No. 05-05: A Resolution Of The City Council Of The
City Of Mendota Requesting Fresno County To Relinquish Jurisdiction to the City and
Authorize The City of Mendota To Process Land Use Entitlements For The I-5 Social
Services Corporation Proposed Day Care Facility In The Unincorporated Section Of
Fresno County Adjacent To The City of Mendota.

Staff reported that a request was made by I-5 to relocate the day care center to the new
property. The present lease agreement expires October 2007 and is for $1.00 per year
but the lease has an “out” clause stating that the day care may relocate within the city
limits prior to the expiration of the lease. Discussion took place regarding conditions
that could be placed, if they were not honored. The Planning Commission would have
to approve a site plan after the county relinquished jurisdiction. Staff reported that the
City is awaiting the revised maps from I-5 and that July 2005 is targeted as a completion
date for the maps for the entire Master Plan Development.

Dr. Lar of I-5 Social Services came before the council stated that I-5 has plans to move
one modular unit and the three remaining modular units would revert back to the Unified
School District. It was his understanding the school district is planning to use them as
additional adult education classrooms. Discussion took place regarding the different
rolls of the individuals using the property. Council requested staff check into the history
of the property and the leases. Staff stated they would research and provide a memo.

The resolution was duly adopted based upon a motion to adopt made by Council
Member Quiroga, seconded by Council Member Covarrubia. The vote was 4-0 with
Council Member Silva abstaining.

3.     Adoption of Resolution No. 05-06: A Resolution Of The City Council Of The
City Of Mendota In The Matter Of Authorizing The Execution Of A Standard Agreement
And Any Amendments Thereto, And Any Other Documents Necessary To Secure A
Workforce Housing Reward Grant From The State Of California, Department Of
Housing And Community Development.

Staff reported that this Resolution is administrative in nature. Council Member Quiroga
moved to adopt Resolution No. 05-06, Mayor Pro Temp Silva seconded the motion and
Resolution No. 05-06 was duly adopted on a vote of 5-0.

4.  Council attendees at the February 9, 2005 League of California Cities General
Membership Meeting to be held at Cattlemen’s Restaurant, Selma, California.

Mayor Pro Temp Silva stated he would attend.

5.     City Manager to give State of the City report and Mid-Year Budget Review.

City Council Minutes of Regular Meeting   3                                      1/25/05
The City Manager reported on the mid-year budget. Revenue of $451,013 actual
expenses is $468,194 and we are a plus of 3% or 3% in the black. Special revenues:
Aviation actual revenue received $10,000 Actual expenses $80,460 because Garcia
Paving was issued a check while the city is awaiting reimbursement from FAA.
Regarding the Enterprise funds the adjustments regarding the bad debt write off for the
school district will be made at the end of the fiscal year for audit purposes. Overall our
total city budget is 18% in the black.

The City Manager gave an update on the City’s top priority by project, description,
current status and schedule.

Discussion took place between the City Manager and Joseph Amador regarding the
effect on the roads at the Federal Bureau should it not be annexed. The reason for
annexation would be for the increase in special revenues from the state. The county
has proposed that they want 100% of the increase of the revenue not to oppose the

The City Manager then gave the council an update on the ongoing priorities by project,
description, current status, and schedule.

The City Manager read into the record the accomplishments reached in the past 6

Ed Petry, 291 Fleming came before council regarding the new complex and the
placement of the trees.

Council Member Quiroga stated that she felt staff was working diligently and she felt
that staff’s hard work has been shown to payoff.

The Mayor requested that the city research possible grants the city would qualify for if
the city manager had the additional title of police commissioner. The Mayor
commended the city manager on his presentation of the state of the city.


   1. Fresno County Sheriff’s Department Monthly Report.

   2. City Engineer’s Report.

City Manager reported that the CDBG project is waiting for documentation from Fresno
County. A report was given on the Wastewater Treatment Plant and how some lines
were feeding storm water into the ponding basins. We are going to request emergency
release from the Water Quality. Mayor Pro Temp Silva asked about abandoned wells
on the H/S Development that could possibly contaminate our water due to the fact that
they were not abandoned properly. The City Engineer reported that the wells were not
abandoned improperly. Staff reported that the project has been rephased due to the
possible traffic due to the project. The railroad would not give another crossing at Bass
Avenue. It will require the City to acquire right of way for future widening of roads and
by rephrasing it will give the city time to work out the plans.

City Council Minutes of Regular Meeting   4                                      1/25/05
Joseph Amador, 241 Fleming, came before the council regarding the underground
testing that is being done at 500 Oller.

Staff reported on the Safe Route to School sidewalks on Belmont across 33 require an
easement but Caltrans requires a right of way acquisition agent.

Joseph Amador, 241 Fleming came before council regarding the 2nd Street Crossing.
Staff reported that at the next meeting a MOU will be placed on the agenda that outlines
that the railroad must give us access and the timeline is 2006 before the project is

   3. Public Works Director Report.

Staff added to his staff report that public works has been aggressively addressing the
pothole issues and the sweeper does not work in the rainy weather. Mayor Pro Temp
Silva asked about the pool park and maintenance. Mayor Pro Temp Silva inquired as to
why Mid-Valley Disposal had not sprayed for weeds during the alley clean-up. Staff
clarified that the City crew was responsible to spray the weeds with Roundup.

   4. City Manager’s Report.

City Manager went over this written report that was handed out.


Council Member Quiroga commented that she dropped a letter off at city hall and
placed it into the mailboxes of the council members. She felt that more communication
between the council members is needed. Mr. Riofrio commented that the minutes in
the envelope were unapproved minutes and he contacted the COG and requested the
minutes be corrected. He further stated that the mistake was Dottie’s. Discussion took
place between the council members regarding the COG. Joseph Amador came before
the council and stated that when he attends COG they still refer to him as Mayor.


There being no further business to bring before the City Council, the hour of 9:15 p.m.
having arrived and hearing no objections, Mayor Riofrio declared the meeting

Approved on February 8th, 2005.

Joseph Riofrio, Mayor


Brenda L. Carter, City Clerk

City Council Minutes of Regular Meeting   5                                    1/25/05