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be the judge
                         Who are we?
                         Mock Court International (MCI) is a corporate training provider specialising in experiential
                         programs on legislative compliance and business process improvement.
                         The two delivery methods employed by MCI are Mock Courts™ and hypotheticals.
    “The Mock Court
                         Traditional class-room style or on-line training is not offered. Our training is interesting,
 was fantastic. It was   thought provoking and involves significant audience participation.

exactly what our staff   Each course is facilitated by specialist, legally trained advocates to ensure realism and
                         credibility. MCI has an extensive panel of trainers and subject matter experts offering
    and management       collectively over 200 years in court room, training and consulting experience.

            needed.”     Our team includes Barristers, practicing and former defence / prosecution lawyers and
                         highly credentialed consultants with many years experience working with clients to
                         improve their businesses.
                     How does it work?
                     All the training is designed to be fast-paced, interactive and emotive to evoke the most
                     conducive learning environment.
                     The Mock Court™ training is usually undertaken in a court room and the courses
                     revolve around a case, based on a real life scenario. Witnesses are called and are
                     subject to cross-examination. Everyone in the audience becomes a “member of the
 Hypotheticals are   jury” and passes judgment on the accused. A judge’s verdict is then given, followed by
                     a group de-brief.
structured around    Hypotheticals are structured around real business challenges (involving legislative
     real business   non-compliance, business process failing, incident investigations etc) where audience
                     participants break into groups and represent the various stakeholder interests relevant
       challenges.   to the subject matter. Hypotheticals can be run on or off site, depending upon the
                     individual client’s requirements.
                     Learning outcomes common to all courses include a richer appreciation of practical
                     business processes and the implications to both an organisation and individuals of not
                     embracing those processes.
                        Who should attend?
                        Our unique delivery style ensures that each presentation has application from the
                        Managing Director through to front-line personnel.
                        We encourage clients to invite a cross section of their management team and direct
                        operational staff to highlight the important role each person can play when managing
                        risk and improving business systems. Alternatively, some clients opt for multiple
        O ur courses    sessions, each one tailored for the various levels of the company so the presentations
    engage audience     can be fine-tuned for more in-depth instruction.
                        Our Mock Court™ and hypothetical programs have a successful track record in both
interest immediately    Australia and overseas. Unlike traditional training approaches, MCI’s courses engage
        and generate    audience interest immediately and generate positive change, helping organisations to
                        more strategically and effectively manage and grow their businesses.
     positive change.
                        Our Mock Courts™ and Hypotheticals are successfully incorporated into Conferences,
                        Management, Board and Best Practice Forums and as part of corporate training plans.
                       What subjects are offered?
                       Mock Court International offer a broad range of mock court and hypothetical
                       subjects including:
                         • Environmental Compliance
                         • Employee Performance Management
                         • Law enforcement and expert evidence
                         • Loss Prevention
                         • Air Safety
         Mock Court      • Unfair Dismissal
                         • Counter Terrorism
       International     • Investigation Management
offers a wide range      • Court Preparation and Presentation
                         • Trade Practices Compliance
 of business-specific     • Grievance Management:
                             - Bullying
            courses.         - Harassment
                             - Discrimination
                         • Occupational Health and Safety – Please contact our partners at
                           The Brief Group on 1800 99 50 99
                   The next step
                   Our programs are all about delivering the right messages in an effective way. All courses
                   can be customised to reflect issues topical to your business aligned to your policies and
Better business    procedures.

  training can     Our courses are fun and informative and guaranteed to be a highlight of your training
                   calendar. Contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a written proposal.
     be fun too!
                   Call us on 1800 85 86 98 or email
Punish the guilty
How would your business cope if it was prosecuted or sued?
What is your personal liability?

Keep the innocent nervous
Our training starts at the crisis and works backwards to uncover the
importance of clear and effective business process and the role each
employee has under your systems.

Mock Court International Pty Ltd
ABN: 37 103 349 435
Phone: 1800 85 86 98

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