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					Karragarra Island • Lamb Island • Macleay Island • Russell Island

                                          Bay Island Blueprint
SMBI Integrated Local Transport Plan review

       for the
                                                                              Newsletter 1 February 2010

The need for improved              What is an ILTP?
transport infrastructure           An ILTP:
and services has been a            •   provides strategic direction for addressing local transport issues
long-standing issue for
                                   •   requires engagement with relevant government bodies and
the Southern Moreton Bay               transport operators to ensure an integrated approach.
Islands (SMBI) communities.
                                   In the broader context, it must fit within the framework of the South
Last year, Redland City            East Queensland Integrated Regional Transport Plan.
Council adopted a broad            For the new ILTP to be effective, it will require input and commitments
framework to tackle these          by the state government, transport providers and other key
and other SMBI issues              stakeholders to find solutions.
in partnership with the
community and other levels         We want you to have your say
of government – we called          We will be asking for your input into the review, to ensure the new plan
                                   is based on the most up-to-date information available.
it the Bay Island Blueprint.
                                   Importantly, we’re not starting from scratch. The review will build on
Part of our commitment             past input into other planning and community engagement processes,
to address island issues           including the Place Project, SMBI Planning and Land Use Study
is to review the SMBI              (2002), the Redland Bay Centre and Foreshore Master Plan and
Integrated Local Transport         Redlands 2030.
Plan (ILTP). This process          For the new ILTP to be effective, it must reflect the transport patterns
is now under way.                  and needs of the SMBI communities. It must also take into account the
                                   interests and issues of other key stakeholders.
This is the first in a series of
                                   To achieve this, we’ll be rolling out a comprehensive community
newsletters to keep you up         engagement plan over the coming months to ensure everyone who
to date on the review, and         wants to have a say will have the opportunity to do so at various
highlight opportunities for        stages of the review. (See page 4 for details)
community involvement.

For more information:               3829 8999
What is in place now?
An ILTP already exists for SMBI, but has not been reviewed or
updated since 2002. Before then, transport planning was based on
the strategic direction provided by the first Planning and Land Use
Study, released in 1999.
The ILTP was created by consultants GHD and was well received in           Social and economic
the community (GHD has been appointed to review the plan).
                                                                           impact assessments
It looked at the issues, goals, strategies and proposed actions for
the following topics:                                                      relating to transport
•   land use and transport integration
                                                                             to and from the
•   public transport
•   walking and cycling                                                     islands will also be
•   road network                                                            undertaken at the
•   travel demand management
                                                                             same time as the
•   transport and environment
•   recreational boating.                                                  ILTP review, and may
                                                                            influence decisions
Why are we reviewing it?
The existing ILTP is now eight years old and travel patterns,              regarding the Weinam
population and infrastructure demands of the island communities
have changed.                                                                Creek commuter
Community engagement on transport issues – particularly relating            terminal car park.
to the recently released Redland Bay Centre and Foreshore Master
Plan – has flagged an increased use of public transport from the
Weinam Creek Marina.
Community feedback and ongoing community debate has also
highlighted existing and future transport issues that will affect island
and Redland Bay communities.
               February: Community travel survey

     February: Community and Stakeholder Discussion Paper:
    Outlines key priorities and new and existing transport issues

  Key community groups:
                                            Government agencies
 SMBICAC; SMBI Forum etc.

          March: Community and stakeholder workshop/s
           Feedback and input into the discussion paper.

                        Key stakeholder and
                         community groups

     March: Consultation with key community groups to build
     on the outcomes of the workshop; Possible form: survey
                         based activity

                                                                    Turn etailver
                                                                          O on
                      Key community groups                           for
                                                                      how to have
                                                                         your say

       April: Survey based/mail out/online activity too seek
        feedback/prioritise outcomes from March activities.

   Community groups: Those
submitted to Redland Bay Centre             Wider SMBI community
 and Foreshore Master Plan etc.

           July: Release consultation draft SMBI ILTP –
                      submission requested

                           General public

              December: Release of final SMBI ILTP
Community involvement
 When                               What                                   Who
 Early 2010   Travel survey             Updating SMBI travel       Travellers/commuters
              (undertaken by            patterns                   between the islands
              consultant)                                          and mainland

 February     Community and             Outlining key priorities   Community groups,
              stakeholder discussion    and new and existing       government agencies
              paper released            transport issues

 March        Community workshop        Seeking feedback and       Community groups
                                        input on discussion

 March        Survey                    Building on outcomes       Community groups
                                        from the workshop

 April        Survey                    Prioritising outcomes      Broad community
                                        identified in March

 July         Draft ILTP released for   Inviting community         Broad community
              consultation              feedback

 December     ILTP adopted by Council

 SMBI transport planning – working with the community

For more information:          3829 8999

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