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Arizona Disabled Sports is a Non Profit organization that helps by legalstuff3


									Arizona Disabled Sports is a Non-Profit 501.C3 organization that helps athletes of all ages and abilities throughout the
Valley play and learn the game of baseball.

Becoming a full Sponsor helps keep registration fees low and allows those athletes who cannot afford the fees to

Each Sponsor that donates $300.00 or more will receive the following:

1. A beautiful plaque with the team picture displayed
2. Participation in the leagues’ Opening and Closing ceremonies
3. Your business mentioned on our web site

However, no matter how much you donate, you will be helping our baseball league and our children.

To contact us, please call Shelley Dunphy at 602-510-5758 or e-mail

Please keep in mind that any amount you chose to donate is tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 86-0643471.

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________________________

Zip Code ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone __________________________________________________________________

Contact Person ______________________________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to AZDS and mail to:

Shelley Dunphy, 23009 E. Ivanhoe St., Mesa 85212

Please attach a business card or graphics here (optional):

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