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					                                    SCIENCE TEST
                                     GRADE FOUR
A. Read the questions below and cross (X) the correct answer!
   1. Which of the following that is not source of sound?

        a. Bell ring                                     c. people sound

        b. Playing drum                                  d. People running

  2. Which of the following can transmit sound the fastest?

        a. air                                           c. water

        b. solid                                         d. gas

  3. Mother was cooking and she needed some bean paste. She could not open the

     bottle, which she had just taken out of the refrigerator. She decided to pour

     some hot water over the metal cap of the bottle. This helped because ………………….

     a. Heat reduces friction between the cap and the bottle

     b. Heat causes the metal cap to expand

     c. Heat causes the bottle to contract

     d. Air in the bottle expands and pushes the cap loose

  4. Which of the following statements about heat energy are true?

       a. Plastic can transfer Heat energy easily.

       b. Some matter can contract when heated.

       c. Heat moves from a colder to a hotter place.

       d. Our main source of heat is from the sun.

  5. The ice cubes in the glass will melt faster if we pour ……………… onto them.

       a. Boiling water                                 c. Cold water

       b. Syrup                                         d. Milk

  6. Which of the following statement is not saving energy?

        a. Watching TV all day

        b. Turn off the water tap if the tub is full

        c. Turn off the light if not use

        d. Close the window if using air conditioner (AC)

  7. Which one of the following things can be use as alternative energy to replace

     natural oil?

        a. The sun                                       b. coal
      c. petrol                                       d. gasoline

8. Which of the following about solid is not true?

      a. They have fixed shapes.

      b. They have weight.

      c. They have a fixed volume.

      d. Takes the shape of the container holds it

9. Which one of the following materials comes from animal?

      a. wool                                         c. metal

      b. wood                                         d. cotton

10. Metal used to make a frying pan because it is …………….

      a. strong and can conduct heat

      b. brittle

      c. strong and shiny

      d. hard and can conduct electricity

11. Which of the following material is come from the mine?

      a. wood                                         c. leather

      b. gasoline                                     d. plastic

12. Which of the following can cause pollution?

      a. rain                                         c. Cutting trees

      b. Smoke                                        d. wood

13. The following activities are not the way to reduce negative impact on the


      a. recommend                                    c. recycling

      b. reducing                                     d. reusing

14. Which one of the following circumstances is the environment change caused by

   the wind ………..

      a. erosion

      b. hurricane

      c. pollution

      d. forest fires

15. The environment changes caused by these factors, except ………

      a. sun

      b. rain
      c. air

      d. wind

16. The earth rotating on its own axis can cause ………………

      a. Periods of day and night

      b. High tide and low tide

      c. The sun’s eclipse

      d. Strong wind

17. The sun appears to move through the sky because ………………

      a. its position keeps changing

      b. it is spinning on its own axis

      c. we see its shadow appearing and disappearing

      d. the earth rotates on its own axis

18. High tides and low tides caused by ………………

      a. the movement of the moon around the earth

      b. the movement of the earth around the moon

      c. the movement of the moon around the sun

      d. the movement of the sun around the solar system

19. What is erosion?

      a. The soil washed away by the rain water

      b. The soil cannot absorb the rain water

      c. The soil movement

      d. Dried soil

20. The following are negative impact caused by using up natural resources, except ….

      a. pollution

      b. deforestation

      c. flood

      d. plantation or farm

B. Match

Write the letter of the term that best matches the definition.

1. Transfer heat rapidly/easily, for example metal. (       )        A. Hydro-electric

2. The main source of heat (      )                                     Power station

3. Power station that convert potential energy of water into         B. Conductor

     electricity (   )                                               C. Solar cell

4. Tools to convert sunlight into electricity (       )              D. Erosion

5.           This shape of the moon called ………….(     )              E. Deforestation

                                                                     F. Leather

6. The soil washed away by the rainwater (        )                  G. Rubber

7. Natural resources comes from animal skin (         )              H. Recycling

8. Material use as bag, shoes, that comes from sap of rubber tree.   I. Crescent

     (   )                                                           J. Sun

9. Activity to reduce negative impact of using up natural

     resources on our environment cause (     )

10. The clearing of large areas of forested land by cutting and

     burning down trees (   )


    1. List 5 sources of sound?


    2. Fill the table below!

No.   Activity                    Kind of alternative

                                  energy that used

1     Dry the clothes

2     Playing kites

    3. Mention 5 natural resources around us?


    4. What is the negative impact of using up natural resources?





Draw the phases of the moon and label each phase!


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