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DibbsBarker is a national law firm with
a reputation for consistently achieving excellence
for blue chip clients across diverse industries.

With more than 400 legal and support staff located in
four major capital cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra
and Perth – our firm is a collage of diverse people and
skills across numerous areas of practice. Yet, despite
our geographic differences, DibbsBarker people are
united by their sense of humour, their team spirit
and their attitude to work. They are professional,
commercial and responsive.

DibbsBarker people enjoy working with each other.
In fact, our recent employee opinion survey says as
much – almost 99% of respondents agreed with
the statement “I enjoy working with my colleagues”
and the same percentage agreed DibbsBarker was
a “good place to work”.

When you begin your career with us, you become
a part of a team that wants you to succeed. After all,
your success is our success.

          Our people work with clients
clients   who demand the best

          Our client relationships extend over many years;       Specialisation is what sets us apart
          we represent industry leaders, enabling us to
          focus our expertise in particular industry sectors.    DibbsBarker offers our clerks and graduates a
                                                                 high performance environment in which to work
          We go beyond merely assuming the role of advisor
                                                                 with prominent clients in dynamic areas of law.
          and applying our technical skills. Our commitment
                                                                 Our specialisations in the areas of Consumer Goods,
          to our clients is to adopt their business objectives
                                                                 Medical and Pharmaceutical, Financial Services,
          as our own. This means gaining an incisive
                                                                 Property, Insurance, Government and Franchising
          understanding of our clients’ businesses, developing
                                                                 enables us to delve beneath the surface, giving
          a vested interest in their continuous performance
                                                                 us a rare glimpse of what makes our clients tick.
          and sharing a common goal.
                                                                 Within each industry specialisation, we offer the
          The pride we take in our work yields outstanding       full range of legal services, including Commercial,
          client outcomes, while also being self rewarding.      Intellectual Property and Technology, Property
          No satisfaction is greater than that of working        and Projects, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial
          with people we genuinely believe in and                Services, and Insurance.
          successfully adding value to their business.
                                                                 For more information about our areas of practice,
                                                                 please visit us online at

DibbsBarker offers initiatives that
support and help staff take the
necessary positive steps toward
achieving their wellbeing

We encourage and provide the necessary time for our       We offer care as well as careers
people to pursue outside interests and priorities. This
                                                          Our personal development programs are designed to
does not mean we do not work hard or go above and
                                                          help build cohesive and resilient teams. Some of the
beyond when required. It is about ensuring one priority
                                                          areas we cover are career resilience, creating work/life
does not outweigh the other.
                                                          balance, time management, communication skills,
DibbsBarker has numerous initiatives to benefit,          stress	management,	managing	yourself	and	influencing	
support and reward our people including:                  others and how to think on your feet.

•	 Competitive	remuneration	and	bonuses.
                                                          Everyone is different yet equal
•	 Financial	assistance,	superannuation	advice	and	       We value diversity in the workplace and actively seek
   salary packaging.                                      to ensure people of different genders, ethnicities, and
                                                          ages become a part of the living, breathing fabric of
•	 Flexible	working	arrangements.                         our firm.
•	 Wellbeing	initiatives	such	as	flu	vaccinations,	       Rigid, structured environments are not what we are
   massages, Pilates and Boxercise classes, and health    about; we think they limit innovation and individuality.
   insurance discounts to promote health and vitality.    When you have the room to be yourself, we believe
•	 Mentoring	and	access	to	professional	and	personal	     you have the scope to approach problems with a fresh
   development programs that foster continuous            perspective and be a contributing valuable member
   improvement.                                           of our team.

•	 Excellent	potential	for	career	progression	and	the	
   provision of a clearly defined career path.

•	 Opportunities	to	give	back	to	the	community	
   through	the	DibbsREACH	pro	bono	program.
            You can
community   make a difference
            There are many opportunities for our people to
            make valuable and meaningful contributions to the
            community. By providing pro bono legal advice to
            individuals and charitable organisations, and making
            donations of time, expertise or money, depending on
            the need, our people strengthen their communities
            and their careers in tangible and practical ways.

            The	way	we	do	this	is	to	REACH	out.	REACH	
            (Responding	to	and	Encouraging	Awareness	of	
            Community	needs	and	Healthcare)	is	our	structured	
            pro bono and community involvement program that
            focusses broadly on supporting community needs and

            From	setting	up	charitable	organisations	to	providing	
            advice and legal representation, you will be able to play
            a valuable role in strengthening communities – and
            yourself – through a range of interesting and satisfying
            pro bono work.

            For more information about our pro bono
            programs, please visit us online at

         To grow the firm,
growth   you need to
         keep growing too

         We encourage and support our people to take control of their
         professional growth, embrace new challenges and actively
         participate in tailored learning programs to achieve their best.

         DibbSMART is smart learning
         Our	unique	professional	development	program,	DibbSMART	goes	
         beyond the traditional concepts of learning and development.
         As an umbrella program encompassing professional, personal and
         technical development opportunities, it helps our firm and people
         achieve excellence.

          personal &                         practice
          proFessional skill                 excellence
          It increases the capacity          It builds our internal share
          and job satisfaction of our        knowledge, reinforces our
          people, and prepares them for      values and culture and frames
          promotion opportunities.           our performance management,
                                             reward and promotion systems.

          Firm                               client
          building                           outcomes
          It creates extraordinary teams,    It seeks to deliver exceptional
          and enables our people to          client results.
          form professional and social
          networks within the firm.

Knowledge is power                         Lifelong learning is integral
– and fun                                  to our culture
We believe learning should be              Career development means always
enjoyable. So we offer opportunities       striving to be the best you can be,
that are innovative, effective, relevant   regardless of the career stage you are
and fun.                                   at. No one person learns or grows in
                                           the same way, so we offer a broad
Our DibbSMART programs range from          range of vocational development
Continuing Legal Education, seminars       opportunities and support for our
and conferences, on the job training,      people at various phases of their careers.
secondments and interstate exchanges
to induction training, mentoring           We understand, at times, the
and technology training, and further       choices available to you can seem
education, such as postgraduate study.     overwhelming. DibbsBarker uses
                                           career frameworks tied to individual
Our learning and development               performance to help you navigate the
opportunities are regularly reviewed       many options.
and enhanced to ensure they continue
to meet our people’s ongoing
developmental needs.

getting started

                  To succeed at DibbsBarker, you are going   You will have the opportunity to spend
                  to need a lot more than your academic      six months each in at least two of
                  record. University has its own rigors      our six principal practice areas –
                  and demands, but none will adequately      Commercial, Intellectual Property and
                  prepare you for your working life.         Technology, Property and Projects,
                                                             Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial
                  To give you the best chance of success,    Services and Insurance. These rotations
                  we surround you with people who offer      will allow you to acquire well-rounded
                  guidance, support and inspiration.         experience, exposure to numerous areas
                  At the same time, we will invest time to   of legal practice and an opportunity to
                  learn about you, your aspirations and      decide which area of law you seek to
                  goals, and what drives you to be the       specialise in.
                  best you can be.

                                                             Buddy up
                  Helping bridge the gap
                                                             To support you we allocate a buddy
                  When you join DibbsBarker Sydney’s         who is available to answer all your
                  Graduate Program you will gain             questions, no matter how small and be
                  exposure to our various practice groups    a friendly face as you navigate your way
                  and be allocated a buddy to show you       around the firm.
                  the ropes. You will also undertake
                  Practical Legal Training accredited by     You will also have the option of being
                  the College of Law.                        allocated a mentor; a senior level lawyer
                                                             who can offer career development advice.

As with most things     Get on board
                        Our Summer Clerkship program is an
in life, a successful   ideal way to gain exposure to the realities
career is about the     of working in a law firm over a short period
                        of time.
journey as much as
                        Our summer clerks participate in work
the destination         across all the firm’s practice groups to
                        explore their particular areas of interest.

                        Practice makes perfect
                        We aim for our clerks to continue on as
                        part-time paralegals during their final year
                        at university. In many cases, our paralegals
                        have progressed through to our graduate
                        program, entering the firm with a strong
                        foundation from their involvement as both
                        summer clerks and paralegals.

     how to apply
By now, you probably already know if        Above all else, you are the kind of person
you are the right person for DibbsBarker.   who has the energy and drive to achieve
But in case you have not yet got a          your full potential.
sense of what it takes to be a part         Ultimately, if what you desire is a high
of our team, read on further...             performance environment that can offer
                                            you stimulating work and continuous
It is not enough to purely possess an
                                            learning opportunities then DibbsBarker
excellent academic record. You will
                                            may be just the place for you!
also need an enquiring mind, excellent
communication skills and a common sense     For more details of our clerkship
approach. A dose of friendliness will not   and graduate programs, visit
hurt either.                      
You are a well-rounded person who seeks
to balance your working life with your
personal, social and community interests.

Level 8 Angel Place
123 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
GPO Box 983
Sydney NSW 2001
T 61 2 8233 9500
F 61 2 8233 9555

Level 14 120 Edward Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
GPO Box 67
Brisbane QLD 4001
T 61 7 3100 5000
F 61 7 3100 5001

Level 6 Canberra House
40 Marcus Clarke Street
Canberra ACT 2600
GPO Box 819
Canberra ACT 2601
T 61 2 6201 7222
F 61 2 6257 4011

Level 15 Septimus Roe Square
256 Adelaide Terrace
Perth WA 6000
PO Box 3014
Perth Adelaide Terrace WA 6832
T 61 8 9265 6000
F 61 8 9265 6099

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