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                                                                            News of Scripture Union New South Wales

Autumn 2006

In This Issue
     From the President

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                          Are you Ready?
04   Transmission         There is so much to be thankful for as we reflect
                          on 2005 and dive headfirst into 2006.
05   Transmission
                          What resonates? Children and their parents hearing         set new benchmarks in 2005, bringing communities
06   Leaning back,
     leaping forward
                          who Jesus is for the first time from a Beach Mission        together for the sake of young children. KidsGames
                          volunteer; An ISCF group getting together at lunch         will be kicking off in many new locations in 2006.
                          time to pray for their fellow students; Bike campers       Inside this edition you’ll get a glimpse of how the
07   The latest           resting after a day on the road to share what they         56 SU Mission teams impacted communities and lives
                                                                                     over summer.
                          know about life and Jesus; A church in Sydney’s
                          west recommitting to read the Bible daily with the
08   SU in schools
                          help of SU Daily Bible notes. There have been changes
                                                                                     The plans, programs, people and the precious fruit are
                                                                                     covered in the fingerprints of God. All that we’ve done
                          and challenges, the world had a very difficult year.
09   SU in schools
                          But a movement over 130 years young owes much of
                                                                                     and all that we’ll do centres on serving and honouring
                                                                                     our gracious God.
                          its longevity to responding to the unpredictable and
10   Vanuatu Mission
                          the adverse with wisdom and faithfulness. The SU in        Where do you fit into this picture? Flick through
                          Schools ministry is strengthening with the arrival of      the pages, read the stories, see the heart of SU in
11   People and Plans     a Sydney Schools Ministry Coordinator to oversee the       every word and every smile. As this year races into
                                                                                     the next, don’t just get encouraged, or educated,
                          expanding mission field of the biggest city in Australia.
                                                                                     or excited…get involved!
12   SU Resources         SU NSW is continuing to provide much needed
                          practical support for the multiplication of Scripture      Will you pray for the ministry? Will you invest in
                          Teachers employed to teach God’s Word in our state         young lives? Will you become a frontline volunteer?
                          High Schools, with great stories coming out of the         When it comes to mission, every corner of the globe
                          Newcastle and Far North Coast regions. KidsGames           includes your own backyard. Where do you fit?

                               Making God’s Good News known to children, young people and families
     su: from the president

          What Scripture Union Aims to Do
                                    Historically our Movement grew rather like       of scope included Sunday School materials, song books, work among
                                    Topsy! Initially it was a group in London in     non-churched youth, the nurture of rejected wives due to polygamy
                                    1867, seized with the vision to evangelise       in Africa, sports camps; a child guidance clinic, etc! Where would
                                    children. Some doubted whether children          it stop? Would new ministries go on in any and every direction?
                                    could or should be challenged to receive
                                    Christ as Saviour, but the new group called      It was from the time when the International Council was formed in
                                    itself the Children’s Special Service Mission    1960, that leaders from far and wide sat down prayerfully to consider
                                    (C.S.S.M). Special services of a shockingly      the aims and boundaries of the Movement, then 100 years young!
                                    attractive and informal kind began first in       Since regular bible-reading was at the heart of every activity, the name
       churches, but spread, in 1868, to the beaches. Many children came
                                                                                     of the total Movement was changed from C.S.S.M to Scripture Union.
       to know the Lord Jesus, and their nurture was first left
                                                                                     But what of the scope?
       to the churches. However, a teen-age C.S.S.M-er, Annie Marston,
       pestered the committee to adopt her schedule of daily Bible readings          The following statement was adopted in 1992:
       suitable for children. The leaders succumbed in 1879, and named
       it the Children’s Scripture Union.                                            Working with the churches, Scripture Union aims
       Children, however, have the irritating habit of growing up! It was            (a) to make God’s Good News known to children,
       not long before those who had been following up children, had to                  young people and families
       think about challenging adolescents. One of the earliest ventures,
       in the late Victorian era, was to organise holiday camps. This was
       even more shocking than children’s services, but its evangelistic             (b) to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily
       effectiveness was quickly recognised. Thus appeared the Varsities                 through the Bible and prayer
       and All Schools Camps (V.A.S.C).                                                  so that they may
       Hard on the heels of the camps came voluntary Christian groups,                   come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ,
       first in secondary, and later in primary schools. None of these ventures           grow in Christian maturity and
       were confined to England; some of them had spread quickly to Europe,               become both committed church members and
       countries with a British background, and to Japan. School groups were             servants of a world in need.
       named Inter School Christian Fellowships first in Canada, and later in
       Australia. Meantime, the bible-reading scheme had begun to provide            Dr Bill Andersen
       written aids which eventually covered the whole age-range. Hence the          President
       Children’s Scripture Union became merely Scripture Union. Expansion           Scripture Union NSW

       Encore: SU National Conference 2006
       Attention all SU volunteers!
       SU staff and volunteers from around Australia will gather on the Queensland Sunshine Coast from
       March 21-26 for Encore, the SU National Conference. A fascinating range of speakers will be sharing
       their expertise and opening God’s word, including Chairman of SU International Colin Sinclair and Darryl
       Gardiner, National Director of Youth for Christ New Zealand. The theme for the conference is Celebrating
       our Past, Shaping our Future, with an emphasis on 4 key areas of celebration and planning: The place
       of the Bible, our Mission, working with churches, and volunteer involvement.
       This is a great opportunity for all volunteers serving through SU ministries to gain insight
       into the wider movement, and contribute to its future.
       It’s not too late to register. For more information please contact SU House
       on 02 9760 2222 or register online at

                                                              Our mission is to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families

                                                              NSW President Dr William Andersen
                                                              Chair SU Board Rev. Peter Adamson

      For SU News enquiries please contact:                   SU House                                             SU Inverell Book Centre
      The Editor, SU News                                     98 South Street, Granville NSW 2142                  78 Otho Street, Inverell NSW 2360
      Locked Bag 11, Granville NSW 2142                       Telephone 02 9760 2222                               Telephone 02 6722 3772
      Email:                                    Facsimile 02 9760 2048                               Freecall: 1800 467 933
      Website:                              Locked Bag 11, Granville NSW 2142                    Email:

02   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                                                        su: support

The seeds are planted
But they desperately need water.
Scripture Union NSW as an organisation can only support the
ministry of the nearly 3000 volunteers serving in NSW each year
through the generous support of a faithful group of donors.
What is of real concern is that this group of       Whilst we are thankful for the sacrifice of
faithful donors is in decline. If we look at the    each and every volunteer, commitment is limited to the event
typical profile of a donor they are generally        or ministry they are involved in. If the current generation of ministry
over 55 years of age and were active Beach          volunteers do not take up the financial support challenge then our
Mission members, SU Camp leaders or ISCF            ability to facilitate and maintain the very ministries you undertake
members approximately 25 years ago. They            will be curtailed as our donor base continues to shrink over time.
captured and owned the SU vision, and
                                                    It is not Gospel sharing opportunities that are in decline. It is our ability and our capacity
believed in the importance of the ministries
                                                    to seize those opportunities that is under threat.
undertaken for the extension of God’s
kingdom. This motivated them to become              Will you prayerfully consider how you can financially support Scripture Union so that
financial supporters.                                the ministries you undertake can continue?

To be direct, our serious dilemma is that           Will you seize this opportunity to help the children and young people of New South
today’s volunteers do not seem to see the           Wales discover God’s love?
need to support the ongoing ministry,               Fill up the can and help water the seeds.
and sow into the future.
                                                    Geoff Williams
                                                    Director of Business and Marketing

                                                      over the years. Their involvement in my life                    important it is for young people to grasp
Why I support SU                                      during my school years definitely helped                         the meaning and purpose of this life. Firstly
“There are so many organisations and great            me in my walk and reminded me of the                            younger people are still forming their world
causes that we can financially support.                importance of being a Christian at school.                      view and secondly, how much more beneficial
I support SU for two main reasons.                    And that is kind of linked to my second reason                  for the kingdom is it for young people to
One is the fact that the work and activities of       - I heard once a sermon about children/young                    spend their whole lives dedicated to the
SU have had a huge impact on me spiritually           people’s ministry, and it convicted me of how                   work of the Gospel” - Mark, 23

                                                   A Mission Beyond
                                                   Your Lifetime.
                                                   If Jesus has had an impact on your life, you will want to see others enjoy the
                                                   same wonderful life-changing opportunities. With just a little planning, you could
                                                   make your money carry on working for God’s kingdom when you no longer need it.
                                                   SU has received some valuable bequests over the years which have been a powerful
                                                   blessing to the SU family and a real boost to the extension of God’s kingdom
                                                   through SU ministries.
                                                   Your Will could be a gift to future generations, allowing you to share your
                                                   faith beyond your lifetime.
                                                   Please seek the advice and assistance of your solicitor when preparing your Will.
                                                   If you would like further information on how you can include SU in your will,
                                                   please contact Geoff Williams on (02) 9760 2222 (ext. 114)

                                                   If you have made the decision to support Scripture Union in your Will, here is the suggested wording:
                                                   “I give to Scripture Union Children’s Special Service Mission and Inter School Christian Fellowship,
                                                   commonly referred to as Scripture Union NSW, currently located at 98 South Street Granville NSW 2142
                                                   (insert a, b or c),
                                                   a) The sum of $........ or / b) ….....% of my estate or / c) residue of my estate
                                                   to be used for the general purposes of the said organisation and I direct that the receipt
                                                   of the Accountant of Scripture Union NSW shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor(s).”

                                                                                                                                                autumn edition 2006
     su: transmission

     Transmission 05/06
                                                Confronting. Unique. Unforgettable.
                                                It takes a year of prayer and preparation to mobilise the 56 SU
                                                Mission teams reaching out to the people of New South Wales
                                                over summer. It is a spectacular logistical exercise. It is a physically
                                                demanding, mentally draining, and spiritually challenging experience.
                                                It’s the largest evangelistic outreach of its kind in Australia. It’s a
                                                life-changing, fun, faith building way to spend 10 days.
                                                And it’s…it’s…over. (Well, until next year!).

                                                Here’s the tip of the transmission 05/06 iceberg.

      Good times. God Times.
      One of the great things that SU Missions               times, as you could imagine, but it was
      provide is the opportunity for so many                 the GOD times that we were all praying
      different families to have fun together.               for and it was these times that were the
      SU Missions have been doing this for many              most memorable.
      years as a way of breaking down barriers by
                                                             One Mum saying to me “Where can I get
      providing a common experience, in the hope
                                                             enough faith to believe?”, and another
      that relational bridges can be built
                                                             mother who had been coming for years,
      and friendship evangelism can occur.
                                                             realising “I am like that guy who needs to
      Operating in a local school, The Entrance              step out of the boat” and prayed with our
      Family Festival performs a different puppet            Adults leader to accept Jesus. We were
      show each day at 10am and 7pm. Central
                                                             blessed as a team this year to see many
      to the show is a “sketch and tell” Bible story
                                                             GOD times with people of all ages, from
      from Graham Wade (with plenty of fun
                                                             kids to adults, saying yes to Jesus and being
      programmed in). This year the good times
                                                             invited to a local church the very next Sunday.
      were cranked up a gear with the introduction
      of the GTB (Good Time Ball), a life size puppet        Glenn Coombs
      who came out at each show to run a wacky               The Entrance Family Festival
      new game. Now there were plenty of good                An SU Urban Mission

      Cappuccino? Espresso? The mocha is nice.... Maybe something cold?
                    That was just the start of               school for the afternoon session. They were            parenting advice and put any faith questions
                    the hospitality I received               obviously feeling very welcome and joined              they might have into the question box.
                     (and it got even better!) at            with the kids in the hall for the singing,
                                                                                                                    Meanwhile, the laughter and shouts of fun
                     the newly launched Tuggerah             puppets, a Bible story and memory verse.
                      Family Festival.                                                                              from the young teens as they raced about
                                                             The young leaders were bright, energetic
                                                                                                                    the oval and play grounds was a good sign
                       The mums and dads and a               and enthusiastic. The settings weren’t
                                                                                                                    they that were loving it all.
                        few grandmas were arriving           overly elaborate, but I was impressed by
                        with the kids at the local           the back lit projection screen set into                Some of the team members were from
                                                             the (painted plywood) tree and the well                the church that meets in the school, so there
                                                             constructed puppet theatre integrated into             were some good ongoing connections made
                                                             the jungle settings. It all added to the feeling       with locals. However, like the majority of SU
                                                             that “these people care”. Everything was               Missions, most of the team were from ‘all
                                                             given everything.                                      over’ and were growing and being stretched
                                                             When the children moved into section times             through the experience of living
                                                             for more fun and learning about Jesus, it              in community (they camped in the school).
                                                             was time for the adults to move to the “Q
                                                                                                                    This was a ‘brand new’ first-time mission,
                                                             & A” café. Here they could watch the littlies
                                                                                                                    and I was glad to have been there. Everything
                                                             from a discreet distance whilst enjoying
                                                                                                                    they did said “you matter.”
                                                             warm company, some craft (my gift pouch
                                                             will come in handy), and a great cuppa. They           Chris Campbell
                                                             had the opportunity to listen to some good             SU Director of Programs

04   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                                 su: transmission

Glowing in the Dark
Hundreds of voices buzzed with the excitement and anticipation of the New Year,
only hours away. Feet bounced on the sandy grass as over zealous teenagers and
slightly less zealous adults flung their bodies at white volleyballs.

                             Whistles blew.       the Gospel was still faithfully proclaimed.
                             Umpires yelled       As campers hung around, our speaker jumped
                             out scores.          onto an esky and - illuminated with a dozen
                             Then everything      torches – delivered a sharp, powerful talk,
                              suddenly went       challenging those present to consider their             opportunity God gives us to impact people’s
                              black and the       relationship with God – the creator of the
                                                                                                          lives by sharing with them the exciting news
                              Currarong           millions of stars that shone all that more
                              caravan park                                                                of Jesus. Three Christian campers shared with
                                                  brightly – in the New Year.
                              annual volleyball                                                           us how they and their families have grown
       competition was thrown into disarray.      While the campsite remained blanketed                   through their interaction with our team each
Kids high on caffeine and sugar screamed and      in darkness, many kids hung around and                  year and encouraged us to continue returning
ran around like crazy, while team members         enjoyed limbo by the light of glow sticks, and          to Currarong and building lasting relationships
scrambled for torches.                            the choruses of team members, who quickly               with both Christian and non-Christian
                                                  pulled out their guitars, bongos and clarinets          campers. Things may not always go to plan
At Beach Mission things rarely go completely      to provide some laid back entertainment. As
to plan. When Currarong lost its power on                                                                 but God continues to use teams such as
                                                  many campers and team members engaged
New Year’s Eve only a couple of volleyball                                                                ours to bring people back to Him. What
                                                  in conversation, we were reminded that
games were played and the much-prized                                                                     a wonderful commission!
                                                  the Light of the world shines powerfully in
trophy was never presented. Thanks to the         all situations. On the final night of mission            Leah Jessup
quick thinking of team members however,           our team was reminded of the wonderful                  Currarong SU Beach Mission

                “Tune in to BSU FM 77.7!”
This year at mission the Budgewoi team            the trailer” was a following of kids that grew          A highlight was the adult’s dinner where
went with a radio theme.                          each day as we led them down to our site.               95 adults came down for some dinner, live
                                                                                                          jazz and games. The 55 kids that were there
BSU FM (Budgewoi Scripture Union                  Each day our talk, drama, puppets and craft
                                                                                                          were looked after in style by a professional
Family Mission) 77.7 on the dial.                 were based on one aspect of a radio station.
                                                                                                          children’s entertainer.
During morning visitations two of the team        We linked choosing your radio station to
                                                  choosing a direction to live; we had a sports           The 11 days went sensationally well with
would ‘broadcast’ our radio station around
                                                  report on fishing that linked to a life with             over 40 commitments and re-commitments
the caravan park as “live from the trailer”.
                                                  Christ and the benefits of obeying Him; we               to Christ in each of our 5 sections, which
This was a great opportunity to plug
                                                  even managed to do a live interview at the              includes adults.
everything that was happening, give out
lollies to the kids and interact with the         Cross. The 7 days were set up as a journey              Gavin and Katrina Irvine
campers. One unplanned success of “live from      for the kids to get to know Jesus.                      Budgewoi SU Beach Mission

                                                  The Art of Beach Mission
                                                  This mission we tried really hard to think of ways to encourage whole families to be involved in our
                                                  activities, not just the kids. On our second last night of mission we held an Art Gallery night. The “art”
                                                  was the craft that the kids had made during section time. Our marquee was completely transformed!
                                                  Thanks to the creative mind of an architect on team, we were able to cordon off separate “rooms” for
                                                  each of the sections. Each “room” had a banner and a selection of craft that the kids had made during
                                                  mission. Leaders wrote blurbs explaining the significance of the craft. At the back of the tent we had
                                                  a movie theatre, complete with graduated seating! Instead of having a Gospel talk, we videoed the
                                                  kids talking about what they had been learning at Beach Mission and played it back on continuous
                                                  reel. Parents, of course, are always interested in hearing about what their kids are up to, so we had
                                                  a great turnout! In the tent next door we had face painting, balloon animals, clay moulding and
                                                  finger painting. Good fun!
                                                  The night was a huge success with lots of great conversations had. Many of the parents that
                                                  came along had not been to our site before so it was a great opportunity to build new relationships!
                                                  Lisa Thompson, Forster SU Beach Mission

                                                                                                                                        autumn edition 2006
     su: yesterday

      You don’t stand still.                                   Why would SU News?
           The people, places,
           programs and pages
           are different. But
           what we celebrate
           and honour in
           SU News will
           never change.                                 1988                                            1991
                                                         Australia’s bicentenary year. Duncan            Paul Keating is Prime Minister. Penrith
                                                         Armstrong wins Gold at the Seoul Olympics.      Panthers win the NRL premiership. Kevin
           JESUS CHRIST, THE                             Magnum PI is on TV. Bob Hawke is Prime          Costner is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
                                                         Minister. The Netherlands becomes the           Soviet Union officially ceases to exist.
           SAME YESTERDAY,                               second country in the world to connect          Steve Vizard gets the Gold Logie.
           TODAY AND FOREVER..                           to the Internet.                                Operation Desert Storm begins.
                                                         @SU: Chris Campbell becomes Schools             @SU: Inverell Book Centre is devastated
                                                         and Camping Coordinator. Ag Camps               by floods. Martin Dowson replaces
           The ever-evolving                             celebrate over 30 years of ministry. New        17 year veteran Helen Sewell as SU
           Newsletter for Scripture                      Missions start at Old Bar, The Entrance and     Missions Coordinator. CSSM, now SU
                                                         Burrill Pines. Over 250 children register for   Missions celebrates 125th birthday,
           Union NSW. Does it seem                       a post-Summer Mission follow-up program.        (there are 52 Beach Missions, 7 Theos
                                                                                                         Missions and 7 Urban missions).
           like yesterday?

                                                         SU Camps                                        SU in Schools
       Let’s                                             Please pray that the rising insurance costs
                                                         and associated requirements do not have
                                                                                                         The ISCF Groups, SUPA Clubs, and Scripture
                                                                                                         classes running throughout the year. Many

         pray                                            a negative effect on the camps ministry.

                                                         Encore SU National
                                                                                                         new students will be confronted with the
                                                                                                         Gospel. Give thanks for the many teachers,
                                                                                                         leaders and students committed to sharing
                                                                                                         God’s message of hope in our publicschools
      SU Missions                                        March 21-25. Celebrating our Past, Shaping      Morning of Prayer
      The thousands of children, young people and        our future. An opportunity for SU members
                                                                                                         Join with other members of the SU family
      families who crossed paths with the message        from all corners of Australia to gather in
                                                                                                         for a morning of prayer. Friday 10th March
      of Christ through SU Beach, Urban and Theos        one place, and work towards planning for
                                                                                                         at 10am. Contact SU House on 9760 2222
      Missions over the summer.                          the future of SU.
                                                                                                         for details.
      KidsGames                                          Financial Support                               SU Resources
      Existing KidsGames programs across NSW             May God continue to guide and provide
                                                                                                         The teams at the SU Inverell Book Centre,
      and for new locations running KidsGames            for the movement through the faithful
                                                                                                         the SU Glen Innes Book Centre and the
      for the first time in ’06. May churches and         generosity of SU supporters. Pray for wisdom
                                                                                                         Resources for Ministry national publishing
      communities throughout NSW work together           in responding to the decline in the number
                                                                                                         and distribution centre in Gosford; working
      for the growth of this unique sports based         of financial supporters.
                                                                                                         hard to encourage, challenge and assist
      ministry to children.                                                                              Christians in their approach to reading
                                                                                                         the Bible.

     “Safe?’ said Mr. Beaver...’Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”
     C.S. Lewis - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

06   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                           su: the lastest

As the world tells its story, let’s keep telling God’s story!

1994                                          1998                                            2003
Nelson Mandella becomes first black            Google is born. John Howard is the Prime        Australia wins Cricket World Cup. The
president of South Africa. Forrest Gump       Minister. Ian Thorpe arrives on the world       Iraq War begins. Roger Federer beats Mark
and The Lion King rule the box office.         stage and Cathy Freeman is Australian of        Philippoussis to win Wimbledon. Arnold
Brazil wins the soccer World Cup.             the Year. Titanic wins 11 Academy Awards.       Schwarzenegger becomes Governor of
Telephone numbers become 8 digits.            The final episode of Seinfeld goes to air.       California. Delta Goodrem tops the charts.
Pete Sampras wins the Australian Open.                                                        Makybe Diva wins her first Melbourne Cup.
@SU: Recession hits Australian economy,                                                       @SU: ‘A New Day’ is held at Regents Park
                                              @SU: SU Missions development initiates
SU supporters remain faithful with ministry                                                   Christian School, celebrating and showcasing
                                              SU Sportz, now part of the KidsGames
opportunities as strong as ever. Primary                                                      the core SU ministries. Rob Lamont joins the
                                              ministry. Umina SUFM begins. Over 140 SU
ISCF changes its name to SUPA Clubs. Huge                                                     SU team as Schools Ministry Coordinator.
                                              volunteers serve at the Tamworth Country
reunion for ISCF members & SU Campers                                                         SUFM returns to Ocean Lake after an absence
                                              Music Festival SU Mission, outreaching to
from 1930-1960. Peter Morphew joins                                                           of 6 years.
                                              around 10 000 people over 4 days.
the team as Field Ministry Coordinator.

                                              Camping Corner                                                         with Chris Campbell

                                              1957 was the first year that Camp Conqueror      stories to tell of how they walked in extreme
                                              set up tents on the banks of the creek          heat, then rain, then humidity then more
                                              south of Milton township. We’ve had             rain... who had the most leeches, who cooked
                                              the fingers and toes out, and calculated         the best meals, where were the best camping
                                              that the January ‘06 camp was the 50th          spots... and so on. They will have great
                                              summer camp! Among the many Conqueror           memories, newly forged friendships
                                              highlights over the years are the multi day     and stories to tell for years.
                                              bushwalks through the beautiful and rugged
                                                                                               (The first Ag. camp was in 1957 too,
                                              Budawangs, canoe trips downstream to
                                              Burrill Lake, beach trips, abseiling and, of    but more about that another time.)
                                              eternal consequence, the Bible studies, talks   Camps offer excitement, fun and the
                                              and testimonies. From that initial dose of      chance to do something different, interesting
                                              ‘conqueror fever’ has come Easter Conqueror,    and worthwhile during the school holidays.
                                              40 ways Around The Budawangs weekends,          Campers and leaders alike meet heaps of
                                              Winter Conqueror Cross Country Ski Camp         new people, make lasting friendships and
                                              and countless leader training weekends          have holiday memories that last a lifetime.
                                              and expeditions.                                Camps planned for 2006 include the regular
                                              This year’s thirty four Conquerors enjoyed      range of Agricultural Camps, Bike Camp,
                                              all the fun and challenge of the usual          HSC study camp, leadership training plus
                                              Conqueror activities. On arriving back at       a couple of other new camps we are hoping
                                              base camp after the four day Budawangs          to start. Check the SU web site regularly,
                                              expedition, three different contingents had     and follow the links.
                                                                                                                          autumn edition 2006
     su: in schools
                                                                                                     Mark Ohlmus
                      Seize the Opportunity!                                                         SRE Development Officer
                                                                                                     Far North Coast

                     A few years ago a team of         The obvious response to this great                    Bruce Fleming – Alstonville, Cameron Osborne
                      missionaries visiting from the   opportunity is the multiplication of                  – Guyra, and Mark Williams – Macksville.
                      USA served in our district.      Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers
                      These guys were dumbfounded      to take this message into the classroom               Vacancies: SRE Planned for 2006
                      by the opportunities they        and into young hearts. Scripture Union                Casino, Kingscliff, Guyra, Glen Innes,
                      were given to be involved with   NSW is working very hard to help SRE                  and Macksville (Replacing Mark Williams)
                    Gospel ministries in our public    expand into more and more public schools.
      schools. This is what they said,                                                                       New SRE Work in 2007
                                                       Here is the status of SRE teachers
                                                                                                             The following schools are most likely
      “God has granted this nation an opportunity      and locations on the Far North Coast:
                                                                                                             to be kicking off new SRE ministries in
      and freedom that we as Americans have lost.
                                                       SRE Established in 2005                               2007: Murwillumbah, Wollumbin, Kyogle,
      Being able to teach the Word of God in the
                                                                                                             Woodenbong, Evans River, and Nimbin
      classroom is a privilege and an enormous         Greg Hay – Ballina, Julie Warne – Southern
      ministry. Children are born into this life       Cross, Paul Smith – Woolgoolga, Mandy                 If you’d like more information on SU
      with a blank slate for the world to write        Sullivan – Orara, Stephen Lott – Coffs                in Schools ministries, please contact
      upon. Scripture in schools allows God’s          Harbour, Mark Muss – Mullumbimby, Terry               SU on 9760 2222 or visit the website
      Word to be written on their hearts.”             West – South Grafton, Sue Barnes – Grafton,           at

      Newcastle and the Hunter                                                                               HSC Study Camp
                                                                                                             October 2006
      The year ahead is looking very exciting for      “Launch”- The Careers Night:
      the Newcastle/Hunter region! It’s amazing                                                              In addition to the annual
                                                       August 16th 2006                                      SU HSC Study Camp at
      to look back over last year and see all that     Leaving school can be a daunting and
      God has done, but I am even more excited                                                               Camp Elim near Forster,
                                                       scary time. As a practical service to the             we will be running a second
      about what He is going to do this year.
                                                       young people of this region, SU will be               camp this year in this region
      Here’s a snapshot of some of the great
                                                       hosting a Senior School (years 10-12)                 at the Morisset WEK Camp. This will be
      things coming up in 2006…
                                                       careers night. This will be a night of                a great opportunity for Year 12 students
      School Ministry Launch: February                 information and inspiration as we provide             to get some solid work down prior to their
      23rd 2006                                        numerous options for young people to                  exams, chat with teachers who come to camp
                                                       explore for future training and employment,           to tutor students, and be inspired by a great
      Schools ministry volunteers and Christian
                                                       including the presence of Christian Colleges          speaker each morning. To register for the
      students right across our region will come
                                                       and Bible Colleges on hand to provide                 camp, or for information about helping as
      together for the launch of the 2006 school
                                                       students with plenty of information.                  a tutor contact me or check out the website.
      year. One of our local ISCF leaders will be
      speaking on the night and encouraging the        We’ll also be launching a prayer email                Kate Mole/SU Schools Ministry Coordinator
      other leaders to think BIG in their schools      help line for Year 10-12 students via the             Newcastle/Hunter
      this year.                                       website. Stay tuned for more information.

      SU in Schools Development
                                                       them for the year ahead. If you haven’t               I was reminded recently that whilst there is
      The Website is Here!                             received your pack yet, it’s on its way. If           a lot happening in the schools arena this year,
                                                       you haven’t registered yet…hurry up and               it is still all about the one. The one young
                                                       do so to receive your pack!                           person at a school who comes to a group for
                                                                                                             the first time, the one student who starts to
                                                       e-resources                                           ask questions about God and how to have a
                                                       A really exciting development this year               relationship with him, and the one teenager
                                                       is the launch of SUIS e-resources. These              who decides to take that radical step of
                                                       practical, helpful and free resources will be         launching into a relationship with Jesus
                                                       available from the SU website at the start            for life. Let’s not forget the one as we dive
      If you haven’t checked out the new SU website    of each month, kicking off in February. Some          into this year aiming to make a difference
      – YOU NEED TO! is up           great topics to look out for are “Answers to          for Jesus in NSW schools.
      and running and looks fantastic. But beyond      Difficult Questions”, “Standing Up for God in
                                                                                                             Kate Mole/SUIS Development Officer
      looking great it is changing the way we do       your School”, “How to Promote EXO in your
      schools ministry. All registrations for SUPA     school”, and an article on prayer in schools by
      and ISCF leaders, helpers and student leaders    the National Director of See You at the Pole.
      will now be done via the website. If you
      haven’t already registered for 2006 or if you    A SUPA DUPA DAY!
      are interested in starting a group, hop onto     In September this year we are exploring a
      the website and complete the registration        state-wide event for SUPA clubs to come
      form.                                            together and have a day of fun and
      Resources, resources, resources!                 connection. Stay tuned for details but
                                                       make sure you mark Saturday 30th
      When volunteers register for 2006 they           September on your calendar!
      receive a HUGE resource pack to equip

08   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                                      su: in schools

 Soldiers in the South
 God is continually drawing young people into his kingdom and establishing a whole new
 generation of disciples and servants. He is working through the prayers and the actions
 of people in the region, and making people like him - faithful and committed.
 It can be so easy amidst the ‘day-to-day’ to take for granted all that        for outreach and one for discipleship. What a great strategy
 God is doing. In my region at the moment there are faithful people            - an opportunity to reach children with the gospel, and an opportunity
 going into schools each week to proclaim the Gospel. They are building        to help Christian kids grow in their faith and service.
 relationships, and providing positive experiences of Christians and God’s
                                                                               - A lunch time group has been happening regularly in Dapto Primary
 Word. Kids and young people who might have no other contact with the
                                                                               school for 3 terms now… and they are considering expanding! This year
 church are regularly meeting together around God’s Word.
                                                                               the team is hoping to set up another group in a nearby primary school.
 - Harley Mills is a teacher at Barrack Heights Primary School and has         God is continually expanding his kingdom!
 been running a SUPA club in his school for the past 18 years. That’s 18
 years of praying, planning, teaching, giving up his lunch break and loving    God is continually drawing young people into his kingdom and
 children like Christ does. Praise God for Harley’s faithful service. Sadly,   establishing a whole new generation of disciples and servants. He is
 Harley is transferring to a new school in 2006, so please pray for another    working through the prayers and the actions of people in the region, and
 faithful servant to carry on the baton at Barrack Heights Primary school.     making people like him - faithful and committed. What a great God he is!

 - Kim Immisides and her team at Windang Primary school first started           Lynette Janetzki
 the SUPA club in 2005 and have been running a thriving fortnightly            SU Schools Ministry Coordinator
 outreach group. This year they are considering running two groups, one        Illawarra / South Coast

What have                                              An appeal on behalf of YOU.
you learnt at                                          Has your faith been fertilised by an ISCF Group,
                                                       or a SUPA Club, or a Scripture class?
SUPA Club?                                             Is helping young people understand who God is        SU in Schools ministry fund. Scripture
“About God and Jesus”                                  and what he has done for them something that         Union is the only organisation to have this
                                                       you want to be a part of? The door is very open.     type of opportunity to impact lives through
                                                                                                            lunch time groups in our public schools.
“Met more people”                                      The staff put it on paper and organise postage,
                                                                                                            It is a truly unique ministry, and a mission
                                                       but ultimately they are appealing for the funds
                                                                                                            well worth supporting.
“How to deal with snakes and                           that will keep you and your 3000 fellow SU
                                                       volunteers in those life-changing ministries.        Would you consider having Scripture Union
leeches”                                               The ministry of SU in Schools is recognised
                                                                                                            as the mission organisation that you support?
                                                       by the government as a valuable part of the          Contribute online at
“Learnt the things that God                            educational experience of students, offering         or fill out the supplied response slip.
                                                       tax deductibility on all donations to the
does to help people, and that
there is a promised place
where there is nothing bad,
that he will take us to”                                                                                              Schoolies
“That Jesus healed people”                                                                                                  Week in
“That God cares for                                                                                                   Vanuatu?
Shepherds too”
                                                                                                                        More on Page 10.
“How to cook marshmallows

Reflections from some of the SUPA Club
kids at Illaroo Public School.

                                                                                                                                    autumn edition 2006
      su: news

       Vanuatu Update
       The relationship between Scripture Union NSW and SU Vanuatu is exciting and gaining
       momentum. We are great friends and fellow workers for the extension of God’s kingdom
                                                           The relationship            funding it won’t be possible to send these plumbers, builders
                                                           between Scripture           and handymen, or supply the materials for the job.
                                                           Union NSW and SU
                                                                                       Do you have a heart for seeing children in Vanuatu reached with God’s
                                                           Vanuatu is exciting and
                                                                                       Good News? Can you make sure that a lack of finances and resources
                                                           gaining momentum.
                                                                                       don’t hinder the ministry of SU Vanuatu?
                                                           We are great friends
                                                           and fellow workers for      To support the Vanuatu Mission, please send monetary donations to:
                                                           the extension of God’s      ‘SU NSW Vanuatu Mission, Locked Bag 11 Granville NSW 2142.
                                                           kingdom. For over a         Or you can tick the Vanuatu box on the reply slip.
       year SU NSW has helped rebuild facilities at the SU Vanuatu campsite,           Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity to reach
       restoring a valuable ministry resource. The job is far from finished.            out in Vanuatu.
       Stage 2 of this project is now under way, with SU NSW set to send work
       teams in May to complete the rebuilding process. This can only happen           For more information please contact
       with your support. The workers are ready and willing, but without vital         SU House on 02 9760 2222

             Schoolies in Vanuatu
             In November this year I will be
                                                                                     KidsGames ‘06
             taking a team of Year 12 students
             to Vanuatu for a Schoolies week
                                                                                     Are you playing?
                                                                                                                     local venue such as a school, church
             like no other. The week will include
                                                                                                                     or community centre in a local suburb
             being involved in local schools, helping
                                                                                                                     or town. The program ends with a
             with some maintenance work at the
                                                                                                                     colourful festival like Closing Ceremony
             SU Vanuatu Campsite, visiting churches                                                                  for the whole community with other
             and of course some local sight seeing.                                                                  suburbs or towns coming together.
             This will be a great opportunity for Year
                                                                                                                     KidsGames started in Sydney in 2001
             12 students in 2006 to have a fantastic                                                                 with just 5 partnering groups and 150 kids.
             holiday, but also be involved in some                                                                   Its rapid growth has seen over 2000 kids
                                                                 KidsGames is a flexible program involving
             great mission work. A trip not to miss!             many groups across a city, suburb or region.        and more than 50 partnering groups
             Contact me for more information                     KidsGames integrates sports and games,              participating in NSW in 2005.
             or check out the website at the                     creative arts, experiential learning and            To explore getting a new KidsGames
             end of February – brochures will                    a fabulous curriculum. It is a fun and              started or for any other KidsGames
             be out soon!                                        wonderful opportunity for connecting                information, contact Carolyn Noack,
                                                                 with other groups in a unified partnership           the SU Worker facilitating KidsGames
             Kate Mole                                           to serve your community.
             Team Director: Schoolies in Vanuatu                                                                     in NSW on 02 9760 2222.
    / 0412 883 928                  In Australia, KidsGames has traditionally           Be sure to check out the website at
                                                                 been run as a 5-day holiday program at a  

010   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                                      su: news
                                      A Strategic Plan
                                      (Knowing where we’re going)
                                      The Christian ministry landscape is always evolving. It is challenging, exciting, and overflowing
                                      with opportunities to extend God’s kingdom.
                                      The day to day operations of managing and mobilising 3000 volunteers can be so consuming and
                                      overwhelming that the bigger picture, the long term perspective, can be squashed out of view.
                                      Since the SU staff retreat in October 2005, a small team has begun the process of turning a critical
                                      evaluation of the SU ‘big picture’ into practical plans for the future. The purpose of this strategic
                                      planning process is to reconnect with the SU vision and core values, and then identify and mark out
                                      what practical steps must be taken in the direction of that vision. We’re getting the maps out, ready
                                      for a great journey.
                                      Please keep this process in your thoughts and prayers. Scripture Union NSW must approach these
                                      changing opportunities with wisdom, prayer and of course, action.

                                      Tim Mander joins SU Queensland
                                      “I can’t think of a better place to be”
                                      Just months after being named the world’s             Tim, 44, completed his studies at the Bible
                                      number one Rugby League referee Tim                   College of Queensland with a Bachelor of
                                      Mander has taken on the role of CEO for               Ministries in 2003. Tim refereed the past two
                                      Scripture Union Queensland.                           Telstra Premiership Grand Finals, and was
                                      Tim said the career change was not a decision         named International Referee of the Year for
                                      made overnight. After a highly satisfying NRL         the 2005 Golden Boot Awards. He was also
                                      career and years of volunteer involvement with        2005 Queensland Father of the Year.
                                      SU Queensland, he said it was the right time          Outgoing CEO Duncan Brown said Tim was the
                                      to make the move.                                     right person to steer the movement through
                                      “With the full time siren blowing after 14 years      a period of continued rapid growth.
                                      as a NRL referee, I realised this was my chance
                                                                                            He said “In the past five years, SU Queensland’s
                                      to consider again the greatest passions in
                                                                                            services have skyrocketed in demand and
                                      my life – my family, my faith and my lifelong
                                      desire to support children and youth. I served        scope, and Tim’s passion, his top management
                                      as Deputy State Director for SU Queensland in         skills and his positive profile make him the
                                      the 1990s and as chairman of the board so I           ideal candidate for CEO”.
                                      feel as though I’m returning home. I can’t
                                      think of a better place to be.”

Breaking                                  The Team – Serving SU, Serving You.
News                                      President
                                          Dr William Andersen
                                                                      SU Staff
                                                                      Joint CEOs
                                                                      Glenn Coombs Director of Schools Ministry & Team Leader
After a long and prayerful                SU Board                    Geoff Williams Director of Business and Marketing
                                          Chair                       Chris Campbell Director of Programs
process, the SU Board are pleased
                                          Peter Adamson
                                                                      Regional Staff
to announce the appointment               Arnold Trewick              Dave Hall North Coast Regional Coordinator
                                          Simon Flinders              Glen Simpkins North West/Western Regional Coordinator
of Bruce Boyle to the position            Rob McKeown                 Bruce Boyle Sydney Schools Ministry Coordinator
of Sydney Schools Ministry                Richard Morrison            Kate Mole Schools Ministry Coordinator – Newcastle / Hunter
                                          Jackie Keenan               Lynette Janetzki Illawarra/South Coast Schools Ministry Coordinator
Coordinator.                              Ridley Smith                Mark Ohlmus Far North Coast SRE Development Officer
                                          Ken Allen                   Angelo Cavaliere Hunter SRE Development Officer
On behalf of the SU family,               Harry Cotter                Sue Morgan Manager Inverell SU Book Centre
                                          Graham Jones
welcome aboard!                                                       SU House
                                                                      Steve Windsor SU Missions Coordinator
For more information on Bruce                                         Lynette Gan Field Ministries Administrator
                                                                      Carolyn Noack SU KidsGames Facilitator
and the SU Staff team, please visit                                   Justin Kendall Communications & Church Relations Coordinator
                                                                      Michelle Phillips Accounts, Administration & Database                                                     Robert Cridland Accountant & Paymaster

                                                                                                                         autumn edition 2006
      su: resources

       SU Book Centre                                                                     On the
                                                                                                                     SU in Schools
                                                                                                                     SU Schools Ministry Launch: February 23rd

                                                                                                                     See You at The Pole: May 11th

                                                                                                                     National Day of Thanksgiving: May 14th
                                                                                                                     Children at Risk Day: June 4th
                                                                                                                     “Launch”- The Careers Night: August 16th
                                                                                                                     SUPA Gathering: Saturday September 30th
      The Bible                                                                                                      SU Missions
      in 90 Days
      By Ted Cooper
                                                                                          radar                      Regional Directors Day: March 4 | Directors
                                                                                                                     Training Day: June 3rd

      Jr (Editor)
                                                                                         SU Camps
                                                                                         There are a great range of camps coming up in 2006 including: HSC Study
      Hardcover 1120 pages.                                                              Camp Newcastle/Hunter and Camp Elim, Forster, Fishing and Diving Camp,
      RRP $24.95                                                                         Bike Camp, Camp Adventure, Cricket Camp, Conqueror Winter Camp.
      Yes! You can read through the                                                      Check the website at for dates and details
      whole Bible from cover to cover
      in only ninety days! The plan is
      simple: just read 12 pages each                                                    Check out for dates
      day from this specially prepared,                                                  and locations in 2006
      easy to read, large print NIV                                                      General
      Bible. The commitment is just 45
                                                                                         Encore: SU National Conference – March 21-26 Alexandra Park QLD
      minutes to an hour each day and
                                                                                         topUP 2006 Creative Kids Ministry Conference – April 21 – 24. Details at
      “start and end” markers let you
      know where to begin and finish each day’s reading.
                                                                                         Christian Resources Exhibition – July 5-7 The Dome: Sydney Showgrounds
      Taking the 90 Day Challenge would be a New Year’s
                                                                                         Reachout Conference – August 18-19 Katoomba Christian Convention Centre
      resolution that would grow your faith.
                                                                                         BlackStump – October Long Weekend
                                                                                           For more information on any of the above, please contact SU
                                                                                           on 02 9760 2222 or visit the website at
                                    The 360 Degree
                                        By John Maxwell
                                        Paperback 272 pages. RRP $16.95
                                        In The 360 Degree Leader John Maxwell
                                        answers an important question that he’s
                                         often asked: How do I apply leadership
                                         principles if I’m not the boss? Good leaders,
                                         Maxwell explains, are not only capable of
                                         leading their followers but also adept at
                                          leading their superiors and their peers!
                                           Regardless of your position on the ladder
                                           you can add value to your church or
                                           organisation when you learn how to
                                           exert influence up, across and down.

                 SU Inverell Book Centre
      To order your copy, contact the SU Inverell Book Centre on 1800
      467 933 (Freecall) or email the store at

                Making God’s Good News
                  known to children,
               young people and families

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