RASTA A Journey From the Middle East To Africa

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              RASTA: A Journey From the Middle East To Africa
Toronto, December 29, 2009 – In Search of Rastafari Inc., producer of the feature documentary In
Search of Rastafari: A Soul’s Journey is set to begin shooting the second phase on December 30, 2009.
The documentary, recently renamed “RASTA“, takes an in-depth look at Rastafari and its cultural and
historical links to other people and groups around the world. The production crew - including Donisha
Prendergast, Rita and Bob Marley’s granddaughter - will travel to Israel, South Africa and Ethiopia.

The film will feature interviews with some of today's most celebrated reggae artists, Rastafarians and
academics who have studied the Rastafarian movement. Scheduled interviews include reggae royalty,
Nations music group. The film will also feature Prendergast as she travels to new locations and invites
audiences to learn about Rastafari, the movement that inspired her grandfather, Bob Marley, to write
many of his most powerful songs. Given that Marley’s music and lyrics were informed by his Rastafarian
beliefs, it’s important for people to have a deeper understanding of who Rastafarians are today and the
impact the movement has had on peoples of the world.

Phase one of the documentary was completed earlier this year with a shoot in Washington, D.C., where
Prendergast visited the DISCOVERING RASTAFARI exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute. The
production team recently interviewed, famed Hasidic reggae artist, Matisyahu. The third phase of the
production is scheduled to begin shooting in March 2010 in England and India, while the fourth and final
phase will be shot in Toronto and Jamaica in June 2010.

 “RASTA” will be a ninety minute documentary produced by In Search of Rastafari Inc. and was
conceived by Patricia Scarlett, Marilyn Gray and award-winning Director, Stuart Samuels, who is also
one of the producers.

The production company and its crew invites you to travel along with them in real time as they set up
shoots in each country. To take part in the real time experience please visit the official website
(www.ReggaeJourney.com). ReggaeJourney.com allows users to communicate directly with Donisha
Prendergast through her interactive diary, Q&A sessions, blogs and Twitter updates
(http://twitter.com/rastadaughter ).

For all interviews and media inquires please contact:
FMA Publicist: Kirk Cooper – kirk@market-access.ca

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