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					AC Traction Power Supply
Reliable systems for economical operation

Transportation Systems
Electrification comes first
New impetus for traction power supplies of the future

         Benefit from our many decades of experience in engineering and in the installation and commissioning
         of AC traction power supply systems. As an innovative technology partner, we offer you all services
         from a single source – and help you to exploit numerous savings potentials.

Your benefit:                             Your benefit:                             Your benefit:
first-hand know-how                       utility-oriented innovation               we get energy moving
Siemens is one of the world‘s leading     We are a partner to all big railway       In our opinion, the electrification is
suppliers of electrical equipment – not   operators and we‘re driving techno-       essential to the future of railbound
only for railway systems. This means      logical development forwards – with       transportation because it is the only
our clients benefit from a level of        basic research into our own Global        way to generate the high levels of
know-how that extends far beyond          Network of Innovation – in cooperation    power required for faster speeds,
solutions purely for railways and inte-   with our customers, technical univer-     shorter service intervals and higher
grates all technical options available    sities and scientific institutes located   transport capacities. As your expert
nowadays to Transportation Systems        all around the world. So, what‘s our      partner, we supply you with tailor-
and Siemens as a whole. Not only do       goal? Greater utility for you. And        made and reliable electrification
we know how optimum contact lines         greater efficiency and profitability        solutions that live up to our motto,
and traction power supplies have to       through even more reliable systems        „Electrification comes first!“, in all
be designed, we also know what de-        and improved technical services.          respects.
mands rail vehicles make on these         Through energy-saving and highly
systems because we build them our-        reliable traction power supply systems.
selves – and have been for more than      And through engineering tools that
100 years! Put your trust in our know-    uncover potential, unresolved ques-
how so that good components can be        tions as early as the project analysis
turned into an even better system.        phase. In this way we find a suitable
                                          solution in good time and are in a
                                          position to eliminate difficulties right
                                          from the outset.

                                          Your benefit: global local presence
                                          Traction power supplies and contact
                                          line systems from Siemens are valued
                                          all over the world. One reason for this
                                          is the outstanding and consistently
                                          high quality of our products and sys-
                                          tems. Another reason is our close
                                          proximity and availability to our cus-
                                          tomers wherever they are in the world.
                                          And, with tailor-made services rang-
                                          ing from consulting and planning
                                          through implementation to mainte-
                                          nance and support, we offer every-
                                          thing you need for your AC traction
                                          power supply – both for regional and
                                          main-line traffic. Put your trust in our
                                          Sitras®, Siprotec® and Simatic®
                                          product families, which set global
                                          standards. High performance, high
                                          reliability and low costs. Our ideas
                                          make you successful.

Reliable traction power supply
Extensive experience and the latest technologies

        Benefit from a partner whose know-how enables him to take all eventualities into account from
        the word go. By providing you with top-class engineering and extensive simulations conducted
        under realistic conditions, we help you to avoid unpleasant surprises even before the official
        ground-breaking ceremony.

Your benefit: an economical basis          Your benefit: clear-cut statements        Your benefit: EMC simulation
We plan the number, positioning and        before investments are made               EMC planning with the aid of Sitras
power output of the substations fully      With Sitras Sidytrac, we have succeed-    EMF is an important part of our work
in line with your requirements because     ed in developing our own software for     to ensure the safety of persons and
this is the key to future economical       calculating the characteristics of your   equipment at all times. This includes
operation. It goes without saying that     AC traction power supply based on         working out the magnetic fields of
we also show you alternatives and          your vehicle movements. These system      your traction power supply system and
incorporate provisions for possible        calculations are based on simulated       if necessary weighing up appropriate
future capacity expansions into our        train operation that even takes into      measures. The goal is always to mini-
plans. Right from the planning phase,      account the interaction between           mize potential influences that could
we take into account all savings and       vehicle and overhead contact line         arise, for instance, where AC and DC
development potentials that reduce         system. The effects of regenerative       rail systems are run in parallel, but
life cycle costs. This means you invest    breaking on the national grid are also    also in research facilities, hospitals or
in a system that is perfectly optimized    simulated. In this way, we are able       signaling systems.
to your needs, both today and in the       to determine and evaluate the energy
future.                                    consumption, regenerative character-
                                           istic and energy-saving potential of
We base our calculations on your call      the systems being planned and put
for bids. The distances between sub-       your investment decision on a solid
stations are essentially determined by     footing.
the following parameters:
■ Voltage drop on the overhead             Your benefit: built-in safety
   contact line                            Planning the earthing and return
■ Availability of the line infeed points   current circuits is another important
■ Operation in the event of substation     part of the concept. The impedance
   outage                                  conditions are calculated and used
■ Loss reduction                           to determine the voltages that can be
■ Topographical conditions                 tapped. Apart from this, high- and
                                           medium-voltage systems are designed
                                           in line with requirements. Planning
                                           also takes into account the
                                           ■ Traction power supply
                                           ■ Low-voltage system
                                           ■ External lightning and surge
                                               voltage protection
                                           ■ Earthing of buildings, structures
                                               and infrastructure equipment

Economical traction power supply
Customized performance and safety

        Benefit from our extensive development expertise for your AC traction power supply. Irrespective of
        whether your power supply system is fed from the national grid or from your own high-voltage system,
        we integrate new and existing supply concepts to create a reliable and economical total solution.

Your benefit:                          Your benefit: perfectly matched           Your benefit: static frequency
AC substations for main-line traffic   primary and secondary equipment           converters of all sizes
The substations typically transform    The basic design of both feeding sys-     When using traction power supply
the supply voltage from the national   tems is identical. The high-voltage       with a frequency different from that
grid or the railway network‘s own      switchgear is connected to the national   of the national grid, three-phase
high-voltage power system to system    grid or the railway‘s own high-voltage    current must be transformed by a
voltages of 15 or 25 kV AC (6, 12 or   power system, a transformer converts      frequency converter to be suitable for
50 kV are also possible options). We   the voltage and the medium-voltage        use in the single-phase railway power
offer you custom-optimized systems     switchgear supplies the overhead          supply system. Our Sitras SFC frequen-
for both feeding systems so that the   contact line.                             cy converters have been developed
AC substations comply with the char-   Our primary equipment in the substa-      specifically to meet the requirements
acteristic requirements of main-line   tion provides reliable connection to      of AC traction power supplies. Take
traffic:                                the grid and guarantees the power         advantage from a particularly high
■ Large distances between stations     supply of your railway system. We pay     level of efficiency over the entire
■ High power ratings                   particular attention to ensuring the      operating range and from greater
■ High speeds in passenger traffic      connection causes as little system in-    availability. We rely on proven tech-
■ High total length of all routes in   terference as possible and if requested   nologies in production, the same
   the network                         coordinate the connections with each      technologies we use in the series
                                       individual public utility. To ensure a    production of our drive technologies.
                                       reliable and constant supply of current   The modular power blocks allow us to
                                       to the overhead contact line, we adopt    adapt to almost any demands made
                                       our proven Sitras, Siprotec and Simatic   by customers. Proof of this is to be
                                       protection and control systems.           found in Philadelphia, PA (USA),
                                                                                 where we have built the world‘s larg-
                                                                                 est static frequency converter for Am-
                                                                                 trak, which generates a single-phase
                                                                                 traction power supply with a frequency
                                                                                 of 25 Hz from 3 x 69 kV at 60 Hz.

Efficient traction power supply
Efficient power distribution – it‘s a question of the system

         Benefit from our many years of experience in the planning, design and installation of complex power
         distribution systems for railway networks. Our comprehensive analyses reveal the possible alternatives
         in substations, sectioning and paralleling points, autotransformer stations and booster transformers.

Your benefit: reliable systems                 Your benefit:                              Your benefit: secure investment
Even if there is a wide range of differ-       choose the best alternatives               We build your power distribution sys-
ent variants from which to choose              In AC railway systems, the return cur-     tem 100 % in line with your needs.
when designing your power distribu-            rent flows back to the substations via      It goes without saying that we work
tion systems, it‘s reliability – especially    the running rails and earth. The least     around existing infrastructures, build-
the reliability of supply – that we place      expensive alternative to this is a sys-    ings etc. For instance, we always erect
at the top of our list of system priorities.   tem with a 1 x 25 kV substation with       the substations as close as possible to
Only systems that function reliably are        additional return conductor cables on      the tracks in order to avoid long cable
efficient. Which system is the most             the poles. By contrast, the decision       runs and the associated energy losses.
suitable depends on the requirements           will fall in favor of the booster trans-   Thanks to the compact design of the
profile of the respective route. What           former system for routes with greater      substation equipment, we can install
power output has to be available? How          demands in respect of interference         substations in existing buildings, pre-
is the return current circuit configured?       voltages and low output requirements,      fabricated buildings and containers.
What restrictions apply with respect           while the 2 x 25 kV system with auto-      Containers are a particularly effective
to electromagnetic compatibility?              transformer stations is preferred for      way of lowering costs: installation
                                               high-speed and high-performance            and commissioning work on the con-
                                               routes.                                    struction site for the most part con-
                                                                                          sists solely of making the external
                                                                                          connections. What‘s more, container
                                                                                          solutions are also highly flexible solu-
                                                                                          tions with respect to time and location.

Powerful traction power supply
Perfectly matched primary equipment

        Benefit from our comprehensive range of primary equipment. As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers
        of transformers and high- and medium-voltage switchgear, we offer you engineering from a single source
        in which all technologies employed are perfectly matched to one another, for systems of all sizes, all of
        which provide maximum reliability.

High-voltage switchgear                      1-/2-pole medium-voltage                  Auxiliary power supply system
Depending on the substation output,          switchgear                                The auxiliary power system supplies
the connection to the 110 to 400 kV          The medium-voltage switchgear             power to the electrical equipment of
level is made via spur line or loop;         distributes the overhead contact line     the substation, such as lighting, access-
the high-voltage switchgear of the           voltage to the individual section         protection and monitoring equipment,
substation is usually limited to two         feeders and also ensures the system       as well as the workshop equipment.
incoming feeder panels, a busbar, a          shuts down in the event of a fault        In addition to this, we also supply all
bus sectionalizer panel and two trans-       (e. g. a short circuit). We offer you     other infrastructure systems for the
former feeder panels. The system             medium-voltage switchgears for out-       substation, all from a single source
can be set up either as an outdoor           door installations and air- and gas-      and matched to the individual require-
installation or as a space-saving,           insulated indoor installations. Due to    ments: washroom facilities, lightning-
gas-insulated indoor version.                their higher availability and reduced     protection, earthing and fire-alarm
                                             maintenance requirements, the trend       systems.
Traction power transformer                   world-wide is towards indoor installa-
Unlike in the public utility sector, trac-   tions such as the Sitras 8DA11/12 gas-    Power quality: a question of
tion power transformers operate with         insulated medium-voltage switchgear,      compensation and filters
a single phase and step down the             of which we have supplied and in-         We measure and evaluate the effects
high voltage to the contact line voltage     stalled more than 500 units as single-    of the traction system (interference)
of 15 kV or 25 kV. All transformers          or two-pole panels for railway applica-   on the national grid by carrying out
used are either self- or forced-air-         tions since 1997. This equipment          simulations during the planning phase.
cooled, oil-immersed transformers            complies with all international stan-     We naturally base our investigations
with typical power outputs between           dards and has already been approved       on the specifications of your rolling
5 and 85 MVA.                                by numerous railway operators. And        stock and on the data of the national
                                             even if you prefer air-insulated indoor   grid. If the grid operator demands
                                             switchgear, we can offer you the          filter and compensation systems, we
                                             right system in the form of our Sitras    can design and engineer them for
                                             ASG25 medium-voltage switchgear.          you. The effectiveness of the filter
                                             In this way, you can benefit from the      system is investigated just as inten-
                                             simple maintenance requirements of        sively as the necessary protection
                                             the systems – and continue to make        settings and all other requirements.
                                             use of the know-how of your own           This is how we guarantee the power
                                             service staff.                            quality.

Future-proof traction power supply
Safety and economy thanks to perfect secondary equipment

        Benefit from the safety of end-to-end solutions for secondary equipment, which only an experienced
        partner like Siemens can offer you. Our control and protective devices, as well as our station control
        system, set global standards. They help you to protect your valuable investments and make optimum
        use of them.

Your benefit:                               Your benefit:                           Your benefit:
transparency and safety                     safety with a proven system             prepared for all eventualities
Our Sitras SCS-AC station control sys-      Our protection concept is based on      The completely-numerical signal pro-
tem operates with proven and globally       deployment of our Siprotec 4 system     cessing of the Siprotec 4 protective
available Simatic S7 automation com-        family, the standard for numerical      devices guarantees high measuring
ponents, which makes it not only uni-       protection systems. The protective      accuracy and control over harmonics
versally deployable but also particularly   devices guarantee selective and fast    and transient processes. Thanks to
simple to parameterize thanks to the        switch-off of faulty overhead contact   their digital filtering and dynamic sta-
system interfaces. The great benefit         lines and traction power lines and      bilization of measured values, these
for you as an operator, however, is         protect transformers, cables and        devices offer maximum reliability in
to be found in the uniform nature of        switchgears. Moreover, these devices    detecting protection responses. In
the control, automation and protec-         can also control and monitor the        addition, device faults are quickly de-
tive equipment. It is this uniformity       switching devices of the respective     tected and reported by the integrated
that enables the following tasks to         switchgear panel, which means fewer     self-monitoring function. A graded
be combined in the station control          secondary components are required       protection concept ensures it is as
system:                                     and the amount of installation and      good as impossible for the protection
■ Switchgear control                        wiring work is reduced. The compact     system to fail completely in the event
■ Process visualization and                 design of the devices allows them to    of a line fault.
    information management                  be installed in the low-voltage com-
■ Automated substation functions            partment of the medium-voltage          Your benefit:
■ Monitoring functions                      switchgear.                             simple to parameterize
■ Recording of signals                                                              Outstanding characteristics of the
■ Systems and installation                                                          Siprotec 4 product family are among
    protection                                                                      other things its open communication
It goes without saying that the                                                     interfaces for remote control and pa-
system is open for interfacing with                                                 rameterization and the flexible scope
higher-level control systems, and                                                   of its functions. The individual functions
functions can also be conducted via                                                 are configured by being parameterized
a LAN or WAN.                                                                       by means of the operator control and
                                                                                    diagnostics software Digsi® or at the
                                                                                    device itself in line with the specifica-

Proven traction power supply
References around the globe

        Impressive service and quality are in demand the whole world over. The following list contains a
        selection of projects conducted in the AC traction power supply sector that clearly illustrate the wide
        variety of services we provide and the scale of our international experience.

Country             China                        Malaysia                   Thailand                   Australia

Project name        Harbin-Dalian                Express Rail Link          ARL Bangkok,               Southern Suburbs
                    Electrification              Kuala Lumpur – Klia        Suvarnabhumi               Railway (SSR) Perth
                                                                            Airport Rail Link and
                                                                            City Air Terminal

Customer            CTMC (China National         ERL (Express Rail          State Railway              Public Transport
                    Transport Machinery          Link SDN. BHD.)            of Thailand                Authority of Western
                    Import & Export Company)/                                                          Australia
                    MoR (Ministry of Railways)

Scope of services   Engineering, components      Turnkey incl.              Turnkey incl.              Engineering,
                                                 engineering,               engineering,               components,
                                                 components,                components,                installation,
                                                 installation,              installation,              commissioning
                                                 commissioning              commissioning

Scope of delivery   Vacuum circuit-breakers,     Gas-insulated              Gas-insulated              High-voltage components,
(main components)   protective devices           high-voltage switchgear,   high-voltage switchgear,   power transformers,
                                                 power transformers,        power transformers,        booster transformers,
                                                 gas-insulated medium-      gas-insulated medium-      air-insulated medium-
                                                 voltage switchgear,        voltage switchgear,        voltage switchgear,
                                                 protective devices,        protective devices,        emergency power supply,
                                                 station control system,    station control system,    protective devices
                                                 SCADA                      SCADA

Completion date     2002                         2002                       2007                       2006

Nominal voltage     25 kV; 50 Hz                 25 kV; 50 Hz               25 kV; 50 Hz               25 kV; 50 Hz; (booster
                                                                                                       transformer system)

Stations            17 substations               1 substation               1 substation               2 substations,
                                                                                                       4 sectioning points

Germany              Great Britain         Netherlands               Romania                    Hungary                 USA

Griebnitzsee         25 kV Switchgear      High Speed Line (HSL)     Bukarest – Campina         MÁV 3-Lines             Richmond/Philadelphia
                     Renewals Equipment    Zuid

Deutsche Bahn AG     Network Rail          Concession Infraspeed     CFR (Compania              Viacom Hungaria Rt.     Amtrak (National
                                                                     Nationala de Cai Ferate)                           Railroad Passenger

Engineering,         Engineering,          Turnkey incl.             Engineering,               Engineering,            Engineering,
components,          components,           engineering,              components,                components,             components,
installation,        commissioning         components,               installation,              installation,           commissioning
commissioning                              installation,             commissioning              commissioning

Gas-insulated        Container including   High-voltage              Gas-insulated              High-voltage            Static
medium-voltage       gas-insulated         components,               medium-voltage             components,             frequency converter
switchgear,          medium-voltage        power transformers,       switchgear,                power transformers,     (69 kV 3 AC 60 Hz/
protective devices   switchgear,           autotransformers,         protective devices,        autotransformers,       138 kV AC 25 Hz),
                     protective devices    gas-insulated             station control system,    gas-insulated           power transformers,
                                           medium-voltage            point heaters,             medium-voltage          station control system
                                           switchgear,               railway station            switchgear,
                                           protective devices,       equipment,                 protective devices
                                           station control system,   remote control

2002                 2006–2007             2006                      2005                       1997–2000               2002

15 kV; 16,7 Hz       25 kV; 50 Hz          2 x 25 kV; 50 Hz          25 kV; 50 Hz               1 x 25 kV; 2 x 25 kV;   12 kV; 25 Hz
                                                                                                50 Hz

1 sectioning point   24 substations        2 substations,            2 substations,             5 substations,          Frequency converters
                                           7 autotransformer         3 sectioning points,       2 autotransformer       5 x 36 MW
                                           stations                  1 phase isolation gap      stations

Siemens is truly at home worldwide         Information is only the start.
as a global player – as shown by our       Traction power supply projects call for
projects.                                  a reliable partner who can offer the
Our experience across all borders is the   right solutions – and who can provide
guarantee for smooth processing and        the resources necessary to complete
prompt execution – and the basis for       the required tasks on schedule and
the crucial leadership of our customers.   within budget.
What could underline our competence        A partner like Siemens.
better than satisfied customers world-
wide?                                      The direct way to contact to:
We have offered you a brief selection
of our successful systems. Contact
us to receive information on further       For more information, visit:
projects that match your specific 
requirements more closely.                 electrification


                                 Siemens AG
                                 Transportation Systems
                                 P.O. Box 32 40
                                 91050 Erlangen


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                                 The information in this document contains general
                                 descriptions of the technical options available,
                                 which do not always have to be present in individual
                                 cases. The required features should therefore be
                                 specified in each individual case at the time of
                                 closing the contract.

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