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					‘A LIST’ WHOLESALERS - Germany

        Company                 Key Product Contact           Company Size            SA Product                   Comments
BOTG Members                                                 13 independent      Adelaide, KI,          •   Inbounder: AOT
Germany                                          members in          Flinders Ranges,       •   Approx. 16,000 pax per year
Australia Pacific Travel   Mr. Peter Arp                     Germany, Austria,   Gawler Ranges/Eyre     •   Caters for mainstream and
Service                                                      Switzerland, the    Peninsula, Fleurieu        niches
                                                             Netherlands and     Peninsula, Barossa,    •   Most of the members have
Australia Plus Reisen      Ms. Christa Monshausen            Belgium             Murray River,              been to SA on holidays or
                                                             Most staff          Airsafaris, Hiking         famils
Cruising Reise (Berlin &   Mr. Marc Carriere & Mrs Myriam    members are         Tours,                 •   Good SA supporter
Wennigsen&Frankfurt)       Lambertz                          Australia           Selfdrives SA only,
                           (Hans Juergen Herr retired in     Specialists.        Great Ocean Road,
                           Oct07 but still works with BOTG                       Nullarbor, EW
                           as senior consultant!)          Largest direct
                                                           seller to the South   Also various self-
                           Myriam Lambertz went on South Pacific with a 212      drive EW, GSTR and
                           Australia PM Famil in Feb08     pages mutual          coach tours incl. SA
                           and was very enthusiastic about catalogue.
                           it !

Dr. Duedder Reisen         Mr. Dr. Dietrich Düdder is no
                           longer active because of health
                           reasons; product now surveyed
                           by Mr Minas Paliouras

Karawane Individuelles     Mr. Steffen Albrecht

Westtours-Reisen           Mr Holger Bregand

Members Austria:           Mr. Rainer Hartmann
Jet Touristik Austria      Mr. Jochen Jedek
Jedek Reisen
Member Switzerland :         Mr. Konrad Feusi
Australasia Travel Service   Mr. Dominic Eckert
Dreamtime Travel

(Aussie Tours –Belgium)
(Tasman Travel –

HO:                          Bernd Rösner – MD
Best of Travel Group
GbR                          Inka van Baal – Ass. MD
Ostwall 30
47608 Geldern
Ph.:+49 (0)2831 1332 09
Fax:+49 (0)2831 1332 12

Boomerang Reisen             Mr. Andreas Macherey – MD         14 offices           Very comprehensive     •   Inbounder: not available                                             throughout           South Pacific          •   Approx. 6,000 pax per year
HO:                          Mrs Christine Seichter – PM       Germany,             brochure.              •   Caters for mainstream and
Biewerer Str. 15             c.seichter@boomerang-             Switzerland and      Adelaide, Barossa          niches (work and holiday and
54293 Trier                                 Netherlands direct   Valley, Coorong            language study tours)
Ph.: +49-(0) 651-96680-0                                       seller               National Park, KI,     •   Great supporter of SA
Fax: +49-(0)651-96680-98     former PM Sandra Feustel left                          Flinders Ranges,       •   Partner in various joint
                             company in 2007; Christine has                         Coober Pedy,               promotions in 2007
                             very close relationship with                           Explorer´s Way and
                             SATC Manager CE                                        Great Ocean Road

                                                                                    Also various self-
                                                                                    drive and coach
                                                                                    tours incl. SA

DERTOUR                      Petra Fraatz – Product Director   DERTOUR, ADAC        Adelaide, Barossa,     •   Inbounder: C&E Tours                                                 and Meiers           KI, Flinders Ranges,   •   Approx. 32,000 pax per year
HO:                          Mr. Peter Just – PM               Weltreisen belong    Murray River,          •   Caters for mainstream and
Emil-von-Behring-Str. 6             to Rewe Touristik    Coober Pedy, Great         niches
60439 Frankfurt / Main                                         Group. DERTOUR       Ocean Road,            •   One of the best supporters of
Ph 49 (0) 69 95881005                                          i        i d         E l      ´ W ( lf
Ph.: +49 (0) 69 95881005     Peter has just been to SA on a     is recognised as       Explorer´s Way (self-     SA
Fax: +49 (0) 69 95881015     famil in Febuary (Flinders,        the market leader      drive and package     •   Realized several joint
                             Outback, Eyre Pen., K.I.,          in Germany for         tour)                     campaigns with SATC in
                             Adelaide) – very enthusiastic      Australia. ADAC                                  2007 to promote EW
                             about his trip !                   their sister           Also various self-    •   New co-op plans for FY 08/09
                                                                company is             drive and coach           – joint campaign for Southern
                                                                concentrating on       tours incl. SA            States (VIC, TAS and SA)
                                                                the self-drive

                                                                Sells through 350
                                                                company owned
                                                                retail branches and
                                                                over 8,500
                                                                licensed travel

Explorer Fernreisen          Ms.Sabine Beesgen – PM             Direct seller with 9   Adelaide, KI,         •   Inbounder: ATS Pacific
www.explorer-                Sabine.Beesgen@explorer-           offices in Germany     Flinders, Murray      •   Approx. 16,400 pax per year                          and a total of 90      River, Adelaide,      •   Caters for mainstream and
HO: Hüttenstraße 17          Mr. Andreas Neumann – MD           skilled staff – many   Great Ocean Road,         niches
40215 Düsseldorf                                                of them are Aussie     Explorer´s Way        •   Great supporter of SA
Ph.: +49 (0)211 – 99 49 02   Rolf Bienert – former owner and    Specialists                                  •   SA product expansion in
Fax: +49 (0)211 – 38 22      MD – has sold Explorer                                    Also various self-        2007/08
88                           Fernreisen to AER (Ticket                                 drive and coach       •   Joint Co-op in 2007
                             Consolidator) and will stay with                          tours incl. SA
                             the company for 2-3 years as
                             consulting expert.

FTI                          Mr Dietmar P. Schulz – PM          3rd biggest            Adelaide, Flinders    •   Inbounder: AOT                       wholesaler in          Ranges, KI, Murray    •   17.000 pax per year
HO:                                                             Germany for            River, Barossa,       •   Caters for mainstream
Frosch Touristik GmbH                                           Australia.             Great Ocean Road,     •   Good supporter of SA
Friedenstraße 32                                                                       Explorer´s Way,       •   FTI famil went to SA
81671 München                                                   Sells only through     Coober Pedy,              (Nullarbor Route) in Sep07
Ph.: +49 (0)89 – 25 250                                         licensed travel        various SA Outback
Fax : +49 (0)89 – 25 25 –                                       agencies and their     Tours
65 65                                                           own retail chain
                                                             TVG, as well as        Also offer various
                                                             online TV channel      self-drive and coach
                                                             “Sonnenklar TV”.       tours where SA is

Gebeco / Dr. Tigges         Mr. Michael Drengenberg –        One of the leading     Various group tours    •   Inbounder: Own Incoming               Area Manager                     wholesalers for        incl. SA.                  office – APTC
HO: Holzkoppelweg 19                     group travel – long    Adelaide, Murray       •   Approx. 1,600 pax per year
24118 Kiel                                                   haul specialist with   River, KI, Flinders    •   Caters for group travel and
Ph.: +49 (0)431 – 54460     New PM: David Kaiser             a small FIT            Ranges, Great              FIT market
Fax: +49 (0)431- 5446111                    program for            Ocean Road             •   Good supporter of SA
                            Jeanine Lünenschloss had to      Australia. Very                               •   Offer special interest tours
                            leave company because of         active with ad hoc
                            health reasons                   groups.

                                                             Belongs to TUI
                                                             Group, the largest
                                                             WS group in

Kangaroo Tours              Mr. Otmar Lind – MD              Small wholesaler       Coober Pedy,           •   Inbounder: AOT     representing also      Flinders Ranges,       •   Approx. 2,500 pax per year                                       Horizont               Adelaide, Kangaroo     •   Caters for mainstream and
HO:                                                          Fernreisen and         Island, Barossa,           upmarket clientele
Westring 25                                                  Benecke´s              Murray River, Great    •   Fair supporter of SA
44787 Bochum                                                 Reisewelt.             Ocean Road
Ph.: +49 (0)234-3252530
Fax: +49 (0)234-3252540

Kiwi Tours                  Mrs Isolde Stengel – PM          Leading                Various group tours    •   Inbounder: Australian           wholesaler for         incl. SA                   Splendor
HO:                         currently on maternity leave     group tours to                                •   Approx. 3,000 pax per year
Franziskanerstr. 15         new PM during her absence:       Australia                                         Caters for group travel and
81669 Muenchen              Birgit Eck                                                     special interest niche markets
Ph.: +49 (0)89 -746 625 -   (very close contact to German                                                  •   Fair supporter of SA
61                          SATC Manager!)
Fax: +49 (0)89 -746 625
908                          Mr. Guenter Wrede – GM

Meier´s Weltreisen           Mr. Joachim Voss – PM             Belongs to the        Adelaide, Flinders,   •   Inbounder: C&E Tours     Joachim.voss@meiers-              REWE Group            Great Ocean Road,     •   Approx. 7,000 pax per year
HO:                                     (DERTOUR,             KI, Explorer´s Way    •   Long-haul package holiday
Emil-von-Behring-Str. 6      Joachim joint PM famil to SA in   ADAC, Meier´s)                                  operator targeting the mid-
60439 Frankfurt              Feb08 and was is very             and is based in the   Also offer various        and upper-market as well as
Ph.: +49 (0)69-9588 3744     enthusiastic about his trip !     same office           coach tours where         providing study tour holidays
Fax: +49 (0)69-9588 3732                                       building like         SA is included.       •   One of the best supporters of
                                                               DERTOUR.                                        SA
                                                                                                           •   Joint consumer promotions in
                                                               Only sells through                              2007
                                                               licensed travel
                                                               agencies (10.000).

Studiosus Reisen             Thomas Graune – PM             Leading                  Various study tours  •    Inbounder: Great Aussie   wholesaler for              where SA is included      Tours
HO:                                                         cultural group                                •    Approx. 800 pax per year
Riesstr. 25                  Ms Kirstin Fundinger –         travel and study                              •    Offer up-market study travel,
80992 München                Contracting Manager            tours worldwide,                                   interested in aboriginal
Ph.: +49 (0)89 -500 60 270 mainly in the up-                                  culture tours, important “to
Fax: +49 (0)89 - 500 60      m                              market segment.                                    meet the people”, new ideas
100                                                                                                            of the beaten track – “The
                                                               Only sells through                              cultivated art of travel”.
                                                               licensed travel                                 Average groups size is 25
                                                               agencies (9.000).                               pax , average age is 56, very
                                                                                                               well educated clientele.
                                                                                                           •   Offers special interest and
                                                                                                               incentive travel espec. for
                                                                                                           •   Fair supporter of SA

Thomas Cook Reisen           Mrs Nicole Wittersheim – PM       One of Germany’s      Adelaide, K.I.,       •   Inbounder: not available
www.thomascook-              Nicole.wittersheim@thomascoo      leading WS;           Flinders Ranges,      •   Estimated pax: not available                                     produces Australia    Coober Pedy,              yet
HO:                          Nicole joint PM famil to SA in    catalogue since       Barossa, Limestone    •   Caters for mainstream
Thomas-Cook-Platz 1          Feb08 – very enthusiastic about   2007                  Coast,                •   Trying to find its niche among
61440 Oberursel              her trip!                                                                         the other WS, interesting
Ph: +49 (0) 6171 65 3451                                                                                       the other WS, interesting
Fax: +49 (0) 6171 - 65                                                                                         target for product
2168                                                                                                           presentation;
                                                                                                           •   Good supporter of SA

TUI Germany                Mr. Jesko Krengel – Director      Largest European      Barossa, KI,            •   Inbounder: APTC                 Product Development               wholesaler, only      Adelaide                •   Estimate approx. 6,000 pax
HO:                            sells through                                     per year
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 23     Jesko also looks after the        licensed travel       Various self-drive      •   Caters for mainstream
30625 Hannover             Airtours catalogue.               agencies.             and coach tours incl.   •   Strong ongoing changes in
                           He went to SA on February PM                            SA                          the company structure
Ph.: +49 (0)511-5 67-0     famil and was very enthusiastic   Market share for                              •   High end branch: Airtours –
Fax: +49 (0)511-5 671301   about his trip.                   Australia is rather   Australia is part of        fair supporter of upmarket SA
                                                             small compared to     the Asia/Pacific            products
                           Mr Melf Tuerkis –Contracting      other long-haul       brochure                •   Fair supporter of SA
                           Manager Long-haul                 destinations                                  •   Joint activity in 2007
‘A LIST’ WHOLESALERS – Switzerland

Dreamtime Travel           Mr. Dominic Eckert – MD        Member of BOTG       In addition to the      •   Inbounder: AOT                          BOTG catalogue          •   Approx. 700 pax per year
HO:                                                                            Dominic offers          •   Caters for mainstream and
Bruggerstrasse 55                                                              upmarket German             niches such as language
5401 Baden                                                                     speaking tours for          travel, backpacker and
Ph.: +41 (0)56 410 01 01                                                       small groups,               outback enthusiasts
Fax: +41 (0)56 410 01 04                                                       guided Outback          •   Dreamtime is THE Outback
                                                                               campervan tours             Australia Specialist in
                                                                               along the Explorer´s        Switzerland
                                                                               Way, Flinders           •   Very strong promoter for SA
                                                                               Ranges/Broken Hill      •   Joint activities in 2007
                                                                               Own brochure for
                                                                               backpacker tours as
                                                                               well as for language
                                                                               schools in Australia.
                                                                               New: special
                                                                               brochure for luxury

Hotelplan                  Ms. Gaby Ruch-Vögeli – PM      Hotelplan is an      Adelaide, Flinders      •   Inbounder: AOT          international        Ranges, Barossa         •   Approx. 4,500 pax per year
HO:                        Mr Daniel Oetterli – Product   company with         Valley, KI, Coober      •   Caters for mainstream and
Sägereistr. 20             Director                       branch offices in    Pedy, Great Ocean           group series
8152 Glattbruck                                           Holland, UK, Italy   Road                    •   Good supporter of SA
Ph.: +41 (0)43 2118 111                                   and France.
Fax: +41 (0)43 2229 666                                                        Various self-drive
                                                          One of the leading   and coach tours
                                                          wholesalers for      incl. SA
                                                          Australia in

                                                          Sells through
                                                          licensed travel
                                                          agencies only and
                                                          own retail outlets

Knecht Reisen             Mr. Chris Baerlocher – PM          One of the leading    Adelaide, KI,          •   Inbounder: Own inbound       wholesalers for       Barossa, Coorong,          office in Australia – KN Travel
HO:                                                          Australia with a      Flinders Ranges,       •   Approx. 7,000 pax per year
Rohrer Str. 100           Mr. Roger Geissberger – MD         large distribution    Gawler Ranges/,        •   Cates for mainstream and
5001 Aarau                                                   retail network and    Murray River,              niches
Ph.: +41 (0)62 8347181                                       14 own retail         Coober Pedy, Great     •   Offers also special interest
Fax: +41(0) 62 8347184                                       agencies.             Ocean Road,                and student tours
                                                                                   Explorer´s Way,        •   Very good supporter of SA
                                                                                   GSR                    •   Several joint campaigns with
                                                                                                              SA in 2007
                                                                                   Various self-drive
                                                                                   and coach tours
                                                                                   incl. SA

Voyage Plan               Martin Gallati – MD                Voyage Plan –
HO:                          direct seller
Grand-Rue 98              Nathalie Broyon – PM               belongs to Knecht
1820 MONTREUX                      and caters the
Ph. : +41 (0)2196644 11                                      French-speaking
Fax: +41 (0)2196644 19                                       part of Switzerland

Kuoni Reisen              Mrs Sandra Smith – PM based        Together with         Adelaide, KI,          •   Inbounder: ATS Pacific              in Sydney                          Knecht Reisen the     Coorong, Barossa,      •   Approx. 5,000 pax per year
HO:                       Kuoni_oz@           leading wholesaler    Flinders, Explorer´s   •   Caters for mainstream but
Neue Hard 7                                                  for Australia in      Way, Great Ocean           also groups and incentives
8010 Zuerich              Senior PM Colette Ernst is no      Switzerland.          Road                   •   Good supporter of SA
Ph.: +41 1 277 4663       longer responsible for Australia                                                •   Joint activities in 2007
Fax: +41 1 272 6557       Product, new PM:                                         Various self-drive
                          Mr Thomas Graf – Senior PM                               and coach tours

Nova Tours                Mr. Marco Russo – MD               2 offices in        59 page brochure         •   Inbounder: Australian Sight &          Mr. Gino Albisetti – MD            Switzerland, one in                              Sight
HO:                     the German-         Adelaide, Flinders,      •   Approx. 1,200 pax per year
Rue du Valentin 34                                           speaking region     Barossa, Coorong,        •   Caters for mainstream and
1004 Lausanne                                                – one in the           KI, Coober Pedy,         niches
(Switzerland)                                                French-speaking        Gawler Ranges        •   Offers special interest tours
Ph.: +41 (0)21 311 50 40                                     region                 Great Ocean Road,    •   Outstanding supporter of SA
Fax : +41 (0)21 311 5043                                                            Explorer’s Way       •   Joint activities in 2007

                                                                                    Various self-drive
                                                                                    and coach tours
                                                                                    incl. SA

Flex Travel                Mrs Gunnel Burri – PM             TUI Suisse has a       Adelaide, KI,        •   Inbounder: not available        special brand for      Barossa, Coober      •   Approx. 3000 pax per year
TUI Suisse                                                   their modular          Pedy, Flinders,      •   Caters for mainstream                 Mr Christian Stöckli – PM         destinations which     Great Ocean Road,    •   Great supporter of SA
                           Chris left company in Oct 07 to   is Flex Travel.        Explorer´s Way,      •   Joint activities in 2007
HO:                        lead Flextravel Asian Inbound
Friesenbergstr. 75         office.                           Sells through          Various self-drive
8036 Zuerich                                                 company owned          and coach tours
Ph.: +41 (0)1 455 4628     Mr Matthias Huwiler – MD          retail agencies as     incl. SA.
Fax: +41 (0)1 455 4927                                       well as through
                                                             licensed travel

Skytours                   Mrs Silvia Zihlmann- PM           New WS for             Adelaide, K.I.,      •   Very good supporter of SA         Australia since late   Barossa, Murray,     •   Inbounder:
HO:                                                          2006, is               Flinders Ranges,     •   Several joint promotion
Freischuetzgasse 3         former PM Dorothea Schnieder      meanwhile well         EW, Eyre Peninsula       activities in 2007
PO Box                     left company in July 08           established in
8021 Zuerich                                                 Swiss market.
Ph: +41 (0)44 295 58 90                                      Catalogue
Fx: +41 (0)44 295 5880                                       launched in
                                                             summer 07, very
                                                             well received

Coco Weltweit Reisen       Mr. Herbert Frankenstein – MD 2 offices in Austria                                •   Inbounder: ATS Pacific          with a total of 8 staff      Adelaide, Adelaide     •   Approx. 3,000 pax per year
HO:                                                                                   Hills, Barossa,        •   Caters for mainstream FIT
Wilhelm-Boden-Gasse        Kathrin Schubert – PM                                      Kangaroo Island,           travelers and groups
6020 Innsbruck                                          Coober Pedy,           •   Good supporter of SA
Ph: + 43 (0)512 365791-0   Dieter Kraft –PM                                           Flinders Ranges,       •   Joint promotion and roadshow
Fax: + 43 (0)512 3657917                                        Explorer´s Way,            in 2007
                                                                                      Prairie Hotel, Great
                                                                                      Ocean Road

                                                                                      Various self-drive
                                                                                      and coach tours
                                                                                      incl. SA

Jet Touristik              Mr. Rainer Hartmann – MD         1 office in Innsbruck     Adelaide, KI,          •   Inbounder: AOT
(Member of BOTG)          with a total of 5 staff   Flinders Ranges,       •   Approx. 3,000 pax per                                                                 Gawler                 •   Caters for mainstream FIT
HO:                                                                                   Ranges/Eyre                travelers and groups
Maria-Theresien-Str. 21                                                               Peninsula, Fleurieu    •   Good supporter of SA
6020 Innsbruck                                                                        Peninsula, Murray
Ph: +43 (0)512 581 777                                                                River, Barossa,
Fax: +43 (0)512 581 777                                                               Airsafaris, Hiking
59                                                                                    Tours, fly/drives SA
                                                                                      only, Great Ocean
                                                                                      Road, Nullarbor,

                                                                                      Also various self-
                                                                                      drive EW, GSTR
                                                                                      and coach tours
                                                                                      incl. SA

        Company                Potential Delegate(s)         Company Size            SA Product                    Comments
Art of Travel             Mr Norbert Pokorny MD            Small wholesaler      No catalogue but        •   Inbounder: not available                                         focusing on the       high-profile            •   Approx. 150 pax per year
HO:                       Mrs Bettina Böttcher – PM        high end traveler,    promotion brochure          (very up-market clients)
Tal 26 / 2.Stock cooperation with      featuring luxury        •   Caters for high end segment
80331 München                                              BMW                   products.               •   Fair supporter of SA
Ph.: 089 – 2110760        Mrs Margot Deh – MD              2nd branch in         Sells tailor-made
Fax: 089 – 21107621                                        Switzerland           packages only.

                                                                                 Adelaide, Barossa,
                                                                                 Clare, KI, Flinders
                                                                                 Ranges, Coober
                                                                                 Pedy, Explorer’s
                                                                                 Way, Great Southern
                                                                                 Touring Route

Canusa                    Mrs Birgit Mussgnug – PM         Medium sized          Adelaide, Barossa,      •   Inbounder: not available           direct selling        KI, Flinders Ranges,    •   Approx. 2,000 pax per year
HO:                                                        wholesaler with 7     Coober Pedy             •   Caters for mainstream and
Nebendahlstr. 16          Mr Tilo Krause -Dünow – MD       offices throughout                                niches
22041 Hamburg                                              Germany who           Various self-drive      •   Good supporter of SA
Ph: +49 (0)40 22725346                                     have specialised in   itineraries and coach
Fax: +49 (0)40 22725353                                    motorhome             tours incl. SA
                                                           holidays in Canada
                                                           & USA to date.        No longer catalogue
                                                                                 – only online !

Australia Tours           Mr German Diethei – MD           Joint venture with    Adelaide, Barossa,   •      Inbounder: APTC         Tourconsult. Small    KI, Flinders Ranges, •      Approx. 1000 pax to
HO Australia Tours:                                        wholesaler            Coober Pedy.                Australia per year
Dieselstr. 3              Former PM, Uli Edelmann left     specialising on                            •      Caters for mainstream and
87437 Kempten             company in 2007, currently       Australia.            Various self-drive          niches
Ph: +49 (0)831 2540347    product is controlled by Mr                            itineraries and      •      Good supporter of SA
Fax: +49 (0)831 2540348   Diethei himself                                        coach tours incl. SA •      Joint promotions in 2007
Pacific Travel House          Mr Joerg Poppen – MD/Owner    Small company                                •   Inbounder: Australia One   j.poppen@pacific-travel-      with medium           Website only – no      •   Approx. 500 pax to Australia
HO:                                       potential mainly      longer produces a          per year
Bayerstr. 95                                                specialising in       brochure.              •   Caters for mainstream and
80335 Muenchen                Former MD Baerbel Lutz left   Pacific Islands and                              niches (i.e. Dive holidays)
Ph: +49 (0)89 5309293         company in 2007               New Zealand           Adelaide, Kangaroo     •   Fair supporter of SA
Fax: +49 (0)89 532152                                                             Island, Murray
                                                                                  River, Flinders

                                                                                  Various self-drive
                                                                                  and coach tours
                                                                                  incl. SA

Windrose Fernreisen           Mr Meinhard Hiller – PM       Medium sized          8 pages Australia in   •   Inbounder: Australia One        company selling       their 244 page long-   •   Approx. 150 pax to Australia
HO:                                                         up-market trips       haul brochure              per year
Neue Grünstraße 28                                          worldwide –                                  •   Caters mainly for groups,
10179 Berlin                                                medium potential                                 upmarket FITs and niches
Ph: +49 (0)30 2017210                                                                                        such as wine
Fax: +49 (0)30 20172117

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