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457 visa CHECK LIST for Candidatesdoc Business Long Stay

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					Business Long Stay (Subclass 457) Visas
Document & information checklist
Assignees & eligible dependent family members going to Australia

All non-citizens entering Australia require a visa. The Australian Department of Immigration and
Multicultural Affairs will grant a visa only where all requested information has been provided and each
eligible applicant is assessed to meet all legal requirements, including health and character.

The following items should be immediately available for the temporary visa application process.

                                                                                                             Spouse or        Dependent
                        Requirement                                                   Assignee
                                                                                                             Partner          children
                        Unexpired passport that has sufficient validity for
                                                                                      Essential              Essential        Essential
                        proposed date of travel to Australia.
                        Unexpired passport has at least one unused (blank) page
                                                                                      Essential              Essential        Essential
                        for the new visa label.
                        Trade, technical college or university awards, and
                        certificates for any completed vocational or post-
Education               secondary courses. Copies of any current licenses or
                                                                                      Essential              Not applicable   Not applicable
                        professional memberships.
                        Detailed CV/Resume with start and finish dates for every
                        position held since leaving High School, with business
                        name and locations (city & country) of current and all
                        previous employers. [Referees and their telephone, postal
Employment              and email contact details covering each job held in the
                                                                                      Essential              Not applicable   Not applicable
                        past 5 years AND written employer references covering at
                        least 3 out of the most recent 5 years of employment
                        experience are very likely to be sought.]
Spouse or partner       Marriage certificate, OR, documentary proof of current de
                        facto spouse or interdependent relationship.                                   Essential              Not applicable
                        Unabridged (full) birth certificate (shows names of both
                                                                                      Not applicable         Not applicable   Essential
                        If an interested party (other than the assignee and their
                        current spouse or partner) has or may have guardianship,
                        custodial or parental rights over the child: documents that
Birth & identity        (i) evidence those arrangements as lawful, AND, (ii)
                                                                                      Not applicable         Not applicable   Essential
                        confirm the express consent of the interested party for the
                        child to apply for and be granted an Australian visa
                        Evidence of name change, ONLY IF name changed other
                                                                                      Essential              Essential        Essential
                        than by marriage
                        Disclosure of any and all health conditions (including
                        physical, mental or psychological condition) that (i) has
                        ever required, OR, (ii) presently requires, OR, (iii) could
Health                  require treatment will be the subject of health assessment
                                                                                      Essential              Essential        Essential
                        – medical reports detailing the condition and its treatment
                        and its prognosis.
                        Police certificate, ONLY IF prior conviction for a criminal
Character               offence (whether a “spent” conviction or otherwise)
                                                                                      Essential              Essential        Essential
                        Military service discharge certificate, ONLY IF military or
Military service        Para-military service (of any kind) was undertaken.
                                                                                      Essential              Essential        Essential


Essential – an immigration officer may not grant a visa without this information. Not applicable – usually not required; however, an
immigration officer may require this information to clarify doubts or resolve questions; a visa may not be granted if requested
information is not provided. Additional information specific to individual applicants can be requested by the immigration department.

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